15 Best Batting Gloves Brands in India

Cricket gloves are an essential part of cricket gear for anyone who loves to play the sport. If you’re willing to buy a pair of cricket gloves, here are the best cricket glove brands that you can pick from. For your convenience, we have compiled the relevant information you need, such as details about the company and the quality of the cricket gloves.

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How do we choose the Right cricket glove brands?

Whether you are a school-level cricket player or a professional-level player, cricket gloves can help you ace your game effortlessly. A pair of high-quality cricket gloves costs between Rs 300 and Rs 2,500. Here are some of the best cricket glove brands in India that offer high-quality products. Examining several aspects, including size, comfort, leather, mesh, price, and more, is essential when selecting the best cricket gloves. While identifying the best cricket glove brands in India, we’ve taken consumer feedback and product ratings from Amazon.

List of 15 Top Cricket Batting Glove Brands in India


Best Cricket Glove Brands
Whitedot Cricket Gloves

Whitedot Sports is a premium sports brand that has a huge online footprint. It has incredible designs of cricket gloves available for left and right-handed players. Each glove is made of leather and has a classic rugged look. They have nylon gussets for added ventilation and free movement of the hand.

Notable Features:

  • The additional leather patch further allows protection for the palm. It also has finger rolls made of PU and HD foam.
  • For protection, the first four fingers of the bottom hand have a thermoplastic polyurethane casing.
  • The palm is composed of high-quality leather, and the ventilation gusset is made of nylon.


  • Finger rolls made of imported PU and lightweight HD foam.
  • Extra leather patch on a high-wear location.
  • The bottom hand has a split thumb and three-piece sidebar protection.
  • Back with sponge-padded spacer mesh for greater fit and comfort.


  • Less availability at offline stores

Best Selling Whitedot Cricket Gloves:

Whitedot Dot 1.0 Cricket Batting GlovesMaterial– Leather
Colour– White
Sizes– 17 cm, 18.25 cm, and 20.75 cm
Rs 1,015
Whitedot Capital PU Cricket Batting GlovesMaterial– Faux Leather
Colour– Black and White
Sizes– Small, Medium, and Large
Rs 1,298

BAS Vampire

BAS Vampire Cricket Gloves
BAS Vampire Cricket Gloves

BAS Vampire is known for selling the best-handcrafted cricket bats and equipment. The brand focuses on the quality of sports equipment to bring the best-in-class products to sports enthusiasts. You get to pick from a range of sports essentials for rugby, volleyball, hockey, football, and more. It also has premium quality sports gloves for cricket enthusiasts.

Notable Features:

  • Made with thick PU and cotton padding, these gloves protect your hands on the field.
  • The cotton palm leather patching ensures ample ventilation, while the towelling wristband ensures a snug fit.
  • It is made of high-quality sheep and calfskin leather and offers unprecedented levels of impact protection.
  • The filling is made of high-density foam for maximum flexibility and comfort.


  • Both hands have high-density foam side protection.
  • Cotton towelling wristband with Velcro closure, cross-link base.
  • BAS Vampire makes some of the most beautiful gloves on the market right now.
  • It comes in different sizes for both right and left-handed players.


  • Stitching quality can be improved

Top Selling BAS Vampire Cricket Gloves:

BAS Vampire Magnum Batting GlovesMaterial– Thick PU and Cotton Padding
Colour– White and Blue
Sizes– Small and Medium
Rs 399
BAS Vampire PRO Other Batting GloveMaterial– Koren PU
Colour– White
Rs 1,830

New Balance

New Balance Cricket Gloves
New Balance Cricket Gloves

New Balance is an athletic footwear and apparel brand that prices its products affordably. If you’re looking for sturdy cricket gloves, New Balance should be on your list. The gloves have Korean PU finger rolls, premium sheep leather palm protection, and plastic inserts to ensure the overall safety of your hand. Here you can also check other Highly Rated cricket helmet brands & cricket ball brands in India.

Notable Features:

  • New Balance Gloves are made of microfiber palm that has been digitally embossed for improved grip.
  • Has a genuine leather heel patch of the highest quality.
  • Flexible, multi-purpose glove with an athletic fit, feel, and appearance.
  • For extra all-day comfort, a foam underlay is applied to the back of the hand.
  • The breathable fingers provide additional comfort.
  • Constructed of finger roll material and imported high-grade Korean PU with plastic inserts on two lead fingers.


  • They contain plastic shields on two panels on the palm of the lead fingers.
  • They have an 18 mm cross-link foam sweatband and superior sheep leather padding.
  • They contain high-quality stretchy and ventilated elasticated double-sided gussets.
  • The cross-link foam padding on the sidebars offers a compact feel and snug fit on the hand.


  • New Balance gloves are pricey

Top New Balance Gloves:

New Balance DC-380 Batting GlovesMaterial– Leather
Colour– Multi-colour
Sizes– One Size
Rs 1,199
New Balance DC-480 Cricket Batting GlovesMaterial– Korean PU Leather
Colour– White, Blue, and Green
Sizes– One Size
Rs 1,399


Thrax Cricket Gloves
Thrax Cricket Gloves

THRAX Sports is an Indian brand that builds premium quality sports equipment for those who seek perfection. Apart from manufacturing a range of cricket bats, badminton rackets, sports shoes, and kits, it also sells durable cricket gloves. They are made with lightweight foam cushioning and have PU foam for finger protection.

Notable Features:

  • Batting gloves are a part of the apparel used in bat-and-ball games.
  • They are constructed of a leather palm and nylon or other synthetic fabric back.
  • Rhinestones are made of long-lasting alloy metal.
  • They are easy to use and made with care and accuracy.


  • It is created with your preferences and needs in mind.
  • This will be a fantastic choice for you because it has been designed with the finest perfection.
  • The cushioned leather palm and side bolstering lend added protection while catching the ball.
  • You also get a cut finger design that ensures free movement while playing.


  • Complaints of elastic getting loose

Best Cricket Gloves from THRAX :

THRAX Aello X 2 Cricket Batting GlovesMaterial– PU Leather
Colour– Red and White
Sizes– Standard
Rs 945
THRAX Aello X 3 Cricket Batting GlovesMaterial– PU Leather
Colour– White and Green
Sizes– Standard
Rs 799


SS Cricket Gloves
SS Cricket Gloves

Sareen Sports Industries is a years-old brand and has secured its position as one of the world’s leading cricket manufacturing companies. We love its cricket gloves collection. The gloves have sheep leather palm protection that offers a snug fit and comfort. Their PU foam inserts contour the fingers to keep them away from injuries and shock.

Notable Features:

  • The mesh gusset provides ample ventilation, and an embossed wrist tab keeps them secure on the wrist.
  • Wrist tab with embossed design and 50 MM velcro.
  • Padded reinforced palm panel.


  • Snug fit and comfort with sheep leather palm.
  • Pre-shaped plastozote fingers with a light PU coating.


  • Mesh quality can be improved

Top Selling SS Cricket Gloves:

SS Platino RH PU Cricket Batting GlovesMaterial– Faux Leather
Colour– Multicolour
Sizes– 6″, 6.5″, and 9.8″
Rs 1,599
SS Super Test Batting GlovesMaterial– Faux Leather
Colour– Red and White
Sizes– 6″, 6.5″, and 9.8″
Rs 3,099


SG Cricket Gloves
SG Cricket Gloves

SG is one of the largest cricket gear and equipment companies in India. It manufactures some of the best cricket gear like gloves, helmets, thigh pads, and chest guards in the country. SG cricket gloves are well known for their longevity and superior quality. High-quality cotton is used for the palm and back of the glove. Looking for the best kinds of cricket kits? Here is our ultimate guide for you.

Notable Features:

  • Cotton-stuffed finger rolls. For further protection, use high-density foam reinforcement.
  • Polyurethane sponge-padded back for improved fit and comfort.
  • Extra finger protection is provided via a thermoplastic polyurethane insert in the lead hand’s first two fingers.
  • Made from high-quality PVC.


  • The gusset is made of cotton for breathability.
  • Elastic waistband with velcro closure for a secure fit.
  • PVC reinforcement on the palm’s hard-wearing sections and a high-quality cotton palm.
  • Premium PVC finger rolls and dual-density foam finger rolls.


  • SG gloves are expensive

Top Selling SG Cricket Gloves:

SG Ecolite RH Batting GlovesMaterial– Cotton & PVC
Colour– White & Green and White & Blue
Sizes– Junior, S. Junior, Youth, Adult
Rs 707
SG Batting Gloves Blaze LiteMaterial– Cotton & PVC
Colour– White & Blue
Sizes– Junior, S. Junior, Youth, Adult
Rs 599


Kookaburra Cricket Gloves
Kookaburra Cricket Gloves

Kookaburra was established in the 1890s and has since been engaged in the manufacturing of cricket gear. Kookaburra gloves have ergonomic finger chambers that give comfort and a better grip. The airflow mesh gussets allow better circulation in the gloves. The gloves are made of lightweight, breathable fabric.

Notable Features:

  • These gloves are made of genuine quality calf leather and soft brushed cotton lining for sweat absorption.
  • Kookaburra gloves have an added benefit as they have multidirectional flex pads.
  • Kookaburra max Flo ventilation is made from premium calf leather.
  • Soft brushed cotton square with soft foam fill.


  • Premium mesh and grade 3 protection.
  • Two-piece ‘Multi Flex’ with rounded fibre inserts.
  • Cotton ‘Multi Flex’ with rounded fibre reinforcement on one side.
  • Lining with traditionally formed finger chambers and multidirectional flex cushions.


  • Less availability at a local sports store

Top Kookaburra Gloves Recommendations:

Kookaburra Rapid 200 Batting GlovesMaterial– Cotton
Colour– White, orange, and black
Sizes– Youth and Adult
Rs 1,899
Kookaburra Kahuna 600 Cricket Batting GlovesMaterial– Cotton
Colour– White and Green
Sizes– Small and Adult
Rs 2,499


Spartan Cricket Gloves
Spartan Cricket Gloves

Spartan Sports has been engaged in the manufacturing of cricket gear and equipment for a long time. It is one of the most popular brands when it comes to cricket gear like cricket gloves. The gloves are made from durable material like PVC, which is both sturdy and flexible and offers a good grip on the cricket bat.

Notable Features:

  • The gloves are composed of high-quality PVC.
  • They include pre-curved-filled finger rolls for protection, flexibility, and comfort.
  • They’re constructed of synthetic leather on the palm, foam-filled calfskin on the back, and a cotton-towelling wristband.


  • The gloves have a distinct colour and an appealing appearance.
  • Mesh on the left side of the gloves for maximum airflow.
  • Offer superior finger protection, comfort, and impact strength.
  • They are sweatproof and provide excellent protection against severe hits.
  • The gloves also have two-piece sidebar protection and are made of light, breathable fabric.


  • Feels a little bit heavy

Top Spartan Gloves Recommendations:

SPARTAN MSD Eco Batting GlovesMaterial– PVC and Artificial Leather
Colour– White, blue, and red
Rs 499
Spartan Men’s Diamond Cricket Batting GloveMaterial– PVC and Artificial Leather
Colour– White
Rs 3,000


Duroplay Cricket Gloves
Duroplay Cricket Gloves

Duroplay is a popular cricket equipment brand in India and is famous for cricket gloves. The gloves are made of premium quality leather, and the fingers and thumbs are filled with raw cotton and high-density layered foam for better impact absorption.

Notable Features:

  • A more comfortable grip is provided by the multi-section back of the hand and the two-piece thumb.
  • The Ultimate Style Cricket batting gloves are designed for the player’s comfort and safety.
  • Because of the combination of high-quality PU and soft Pittards leather, these gloves are extremely durable and lightweight.
  • The finger and thumb portions are filled with high-density laminated foam and raw cotton for maximum comfort and flexibility.
  • These gloves’ smooth feel and good grip eventually increase player performance.


  • Thick Polyester mesh sides for excellent airflow.
  • Pittards leather perforated palm for increased durability and breathability.
  • Double-sided cotton elastic wrist sweatband with velcro clasp.
  • The wristbands are made of high-quality fabric and are flexible enough for better movement.
  • Authentic leather lines the palms for a better grip on the bat handle.


  • The grip can be improved

Top Duroplay Gloves Recommendations:

Duroplay Powerplay Batting GlovesMaterial– Polyurethane (PU) Soft Leather
Colour– White, Blue, and Orange
Rs 940
Duroplay Elite Cricket Batting GlovesMaterial– Foam and Cotton
Colour– White, Orange, and Silver
Sizes– Medium and Large
Rs 1,099


Adidas Cricket Gloves
Adidas Cricket Gloves

Adidas gloves are known for their comfy feel and flexibility. The gloves have a mesh gusset for air ventilation and use only the finest quality leather and high-density foam. The gloves are snug and comfortable, while the wristbands are made of superior-quality fabric for sweat absorption and unrestricted movement.

Notable Features:

  • These Adidas gloves offer great protection and safety while on the cricket field.
  • Pre-shaped fingers with a lightweight PU/PVC cover.
  • Sheep leather palm for a comfortable fit.


  • Gusset mess for air ventilation.
  • Wrist tab embossed with 50 mm velcro.
  • For extra protection, fibre is inserted on top of two front fingers.
  • It essentially provides you with comfort and safety.


  • Adidas gloves are expensive

Top Adidas Gloves Recommendations:

Adidas Cricket XT 5.0 Batting GlovesMaterial– Cotton
Colour– Blue
Rs 8,950
Adidas Incurza 5.0 Batting GlovesMaterial– Polyurethane and Leather
Colour– White and Black
Sizes– Large
Rs 7,025

Hans Rubber & Sports (HRS)

Hans Rubber & Sports Cricket Gloves
Hans Rubber & Sports Cricket Gloves

HRS was started in 1976 in Meerut as a cricket equipment manufacturer. Over the years, the company has grown manifold. It has bagged many export excellence awards by the State and Central government for its superior quality sports equipment. The HRS Cricket gloves are one of the best things you can own if you are a cricket player.

Notable Features:

  • The gloves have a superb multi-flex design for unmatched comfort and enhanced flexibility.
  • The gloves are lightweight but sturdy, made of breathable fabric, and have multiple sidebar protection.
  • Most of the gloves have high-density strong inserts, Premium PVC finger rolls, and multi-layered overlaps.


  • Cotton-filled finger rolls that are pre-curved for protection, flexibility, and comfort.
  • Cotton palm with a leather patch for a better grip and feel.
  • Side bar protection on many levels and overlaps with many layers.
  • Finger strengthened with high-density foam.


  • Complaints of poor packaging

Top Hans Rubber & Sports Gloves Recommendations:

HRS VY-9ULB-P6CR Cricket Batting GlovesMaterial– Polyvinyl Chloride
Colour– Multicolour
Rs 525
HRS Classic Batting Gloves Material– Leather and Cotton
Colour– White, Green, and Black
Sizes– Small, Medium, and Large
Rs 525


DSC Cricket Gloves
DSC Cricket Gloves

DSC is one of the largest and best cricket goods manufacturers in India. DSC gloves are lightweight and sturdy. The gloves have an airflow gusset for better ventilation, and padded finger rolls have high-quality PU and ultra-light foam for impact absorption.

Notable Features:

  • The palm is made of leather for a better grip and feel.
  • Slim, lightweight design perfect for club and youth players.
  • Cotton-filled finger rolls that are pre-curved for protection, flexibility, and comfort.
  • Pre-curved finger gloves of the highest quality and design.


  • FRP (fibre-reinforced protection) with fibre inserts in the lead fingers provides excellent impact protection while also allowing for maximum airflow in the palm.
  • Airflow gusset for ventilation and premium grade sheep leather palm for improved grip and feel.
  • The gloves are made of flexible material for unrestricted movement.


  • Cushioning can be improved

Top DSC Cricket Gloves Recommendations:

DSC Krunch The Bull Autograph Batting GlovesMaterial– Leather
Colour– White Orange
Rs 3,845
DSC Condor Surge 2.0 Cricket Batting GlovesMaterial– Leather
Colour– White, Blue, and Yellow
Sizes– Medium and Large
Rs 2,519


MRF Cricket Gloves
MRF Cricket Gloves

MRF is a trusted brand in India, with its cricket gloves being one of its most sought-after products. The gloves are made of authentic leather. They also have moulded fibre shells for the fingers and high-density plastazote foam for impact absorption.

Notable Features:

  • MRF gloves provide good ventilation and are ultra-flexible for better grip and movement.
  • While playing, make sure your hands have a firm grip.
  • It is long-lasting and guarantees that you get the most out of it.


  • Extra over flap on the first two fingers for maximum protection.
  • Super soft sheep leather palm for a comfortable fit.
  • Padded palm panel with reinforcements.


  • MRF gloves are pricey

Top MRF Cricket Gloves Recommendations:

MRF Batting Gloves Genius GrandMaterial– Soft sheep leather
Colour– White and Blue
Rs 2,865
MRF Weapon Batting GlovesMaterial– Leather
Colour– White and Red
Rs 3,005


NelcoCricket  Cricket Gloves
NelcoCricket Cricket Gloves

NelcoCricket was established in 1942 in Lahore and was re-established in 1950 in Meerut. It is one of India’s oldest and largest cricket gear manufacturers. The brand has three ranges of products – Traditional, X Lite, and Limited Edition. Its cricket gloves serve the dual function of protection and comfort on the cricket field.

Notable Features:

  • The finish is quite fashionable, with a Camo design on the back and good cushioning.
  • It is suitable for both beginning and advanced players.
  • Ping pong type rubber grip in the palm facing for better grip while wicket keeping.


  • Made of tough, long-lasting PU.
  • Rubberized anti-slip palms provide excellent grip.
  • On the inside of the cuff, there is a cotton lining.
  • All three types of cricket gloves are made using superior-quality leather and PU.
  • They have a nylon airflow gusset for extra comfort, and the wristbands are made of cotton for sweat absorption.


  • Less availability at offline stores

Top NelcoCricket Gloves Recommendations:

Nelco Gladiator Cricket Batting GlovesMaterial– Leather
Colour– White and yellow
Rs 1,887


Puma Cricket Gloves
Puma Cricket Gloves

Puma is one of the most trusted brands in India when it comes to sports equipment. The company was established in 1948 and believes that sports have the power to transform and empower everyone. Puma cricket gloves are one of the most popular products in India.

Notable Features:

  • Lightweight and substantial cushioning provide excellent protection and grip. Batting Gloves with a PVC-Free Leather Palm.
  • Authentic quality sheep or calf leather goes into the making of Puma cricket gloves. These gloves are ultra-flexible for your comfort.
  • Most of the gloves also have moulded casing protection for the first two fingers of the bottom hand for better safety.
  • Ideal for training, coaching, club play, and tournaments.


  • Ultra-light PU backhand.
  • Full split leather palm.
  • Traditional sausage finger construction.
  • Pre-bent full finger protection.
  • Mesh inserts and velcro sweatband closure for comfort and fit.


  • Puma gloves are expensive

Top PUMA Cricket Gloves Recommendations:

PUMA Future 20.5 BG Batting GlovesMaterial– Faux Leather
Colour– White and Black
Sizes– Medium
Rs 1,499
PUMA Future 20.2 Cricket Batting GloveMaterial– Faux Leather
Colour– White and Blue
Rs 1,650


Which brand is best for cricket gloves?

Kookaburra is one of the most premium brands of cricket gloves. Other than this, you can pick cricket gloves by New Balance, MRF, SG, or THRAX.

What do you look for when buying cricket gloves?

When buying cricket gloves, you look for a few things like its core, sidebars, sizing, foam material, inserts and casings, comfort level, flexibility, and type of outer material.
Type of Outer Material – Pick cricket gloves made of cotton/PVC or leather. These materials are both airy and comfortable to wear. They prevent the gloves from slipping off.
Flexibility – The gloves you pick must ensure that your hand is flexible and protected.
Core – The core should be as comfortable as the outer material. Usually, gloves have a cotton core.
Sizing – The gloves must have adequate sizing as per your hand. They must neither be too small nor too big.
Sidebars – Your gloves should have adequate foam protection over certain areas of your hand. Sidebars offer this additional protection to your hand and prevent it from difficult to handle bouncing balls.
Foam Material – Make sure that the gloves you pick have high-density foam as it absorbs impacts and shock to a great extent. They also reduce weight and ensure free movement of your hand.
Inserts and Casings – While HD foam is sufficient for most players, gloves sometimes require extra protection. In this case, a much stiffer material is used to cast glove inserts and casings to provide quality protection.

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