Every house has at least one member who lives and breathes cricket. From watching every single match to not missing a single weekend of practice at the nearby ground, there’s an aspiring cricketer in every such person. As the most popular sport in India, it is also one that is played the most by youngsters and adults alike. From wickets and bats to ball and gloves, there is nothing that you can miss out on if you want to make the most of the game. Whether you’re someone who is a fan of this international game, or just close to a cricket-fanatic, here are some of the best cricket kits to consider buying to ace the match the next time. Here you can also check best cricket shoe brands in India.

7 Best Cricket Kits to Ace Your Next Match

1. SUNLEY Wooden Cricket Set

Best Cricket Kits
SUNLEY Wooden Cricket Set

Looking for the best cricket kits for your young cricket enthusiasts? This Sunley Wooden Cricket Set might be the one for you. This kit contains a superior quality wooden bat, a wicket base, three stumps, two bails, and a lightweight tennis ball. The stumps and bat are both made from very durable and lightweight material, making it the ideal cricket equipment for kids.

What We Love

  • Available in different sizes for all age groups
  • One additional kit bag
  • Premium quality product for young players

2. Klapp Champion Cricket Kit

Klapp Cricket Kit
Klapp Champion Cricket Kit

This cricket kit contains all the necessary paraphernalia that you require for a safe game of cricket. The kit is inclusive of a sturdy bat made with premium quality willow and offers a good grip for easy handling and excellent swing capabilities. Besides, the kit also contains a cricket helmet, a pair of batting gloves, an abdominal guard, a pair of arm guards, a pair of thigh and leg guards, and a heavy-duty bag to keep them all.

What We Love

  • Suitable for practice matches
  • Five different sizes – Junior, Youth, Men, Boys, Sub-junior
  • Cotton and PVC batting gloves for better grip

3. SUNLEY Plastic Cricket Kit

SUNLEY Cricket Kit
SUNLEY Plastic Cricket Kit

Cheer up your little one this season with this SUNLEY Plastic Cricket Kit. One of the best cricket kits for kids, it is extremely lightweight and durable. With one cricket bat, four wickets, two base pieces, two bails, and one wind ball, this kit has got you covered for everything between gully cricket and a friendly match in the park. Available in a range of sizes, you can find one for each age group.

What We Love

  • Cricket bag makes it easy to carry around
  • Highly affordable
  • Crafted to withstand regular wear and tear

4. CW Bullet Cricket Kit

CW Bullet Cricket Kit
CW Bullet Cricket Kit

One of the best cricket kits for adults, this one features best in quality cricket gear. The bat in this kit is made with Kashmir willow and has a strong spine, suitable even for hard leather balls. The package also contains arm and thigh guards for complete protection, comfortable batting gloves made of leather, and leg pads of real PVC to offer flexibility and cover.

What We Love

  • Ideal for practice sessions as well as for tournaments
  • Cushioned pads for superior protection and reduced impact
  • Multi-pocket sports backpack to house all your essentials

5. MPRT Wooden Cricket Kit

MPRT Cricket Kit
MPRT Wooden Cricket Kit

If you’re stepping into cricket as a complete newbie, this cricket kit from MPRT might be the perfect choice. The thick-edges willow bat delivers superior power and control, while the lightweight tennis rubber ball reduces shock during practice matches. Ideal for outdoor and indoor use, the wooden wicket is very durable and makes for a suitable choice for long term use.

What We Love

  • Size 5; ideal for 12-14 years
  • Basic beginner’s kit
  • Suitable for gully cricket as well as routine practice
Klapp Cricket Kit
Klapp Speed Popular Cricket Kit

Not sure which brand offers the best cricket kits for young kids venturing into the gentleman’s game? You could not go wrong with this willow cricket kit from Klapp. With one cricket bat, three balls, four stumps, one stump base, and two bails, this kit offers everything an amateur could possibly need. Available in three sizes for different ages, the willow bat comes with a facing fish tape for optimum grip.

What We Love

  • Ideal for young boys; sizes 3, 5, and 7
  • Sturdy build
  • Tough cricket kit

7. SG Cricket Kit

SG Cricket Kit
SG Cricket Kit

If you like to play cricket professionally, this SG kit is one of the best cricket kits for you. Each kit contains a cricket bat with cover, leg guard, batting gloves, thigh guard, arm guard, abdominal guard, inner gloves, SG helmet, ball, and grip. The kit comes in a high-quality duffle bag made with heavy-duty nylon to carry all the gear. While the brand offers the kit in a range of sizes, this one comes in a size 6 and is suitable for 12-13 years.

What We Love

  • Heavy duty kit for tournaments and practice sessions
  • Kashmir willow bat
  • Comfortable and flexible padding; does not restrict movement

List of the Best Cricket Kits with pricing

Best Cricket KitsPrice*
SUNLEY Wooden Cricket SetRs 985
Klapp Champion Cricket KitRs 3099
SUNLEY Plastic Cricket KitRs 569
CW Bullet Cricket KitRs 4999
MPRT Wooden Cricket KitRs 698
Klapp Speed Popular Cricket KitRs 599
SG Cricket KitRs 5470
*Prices are subject to change. Price varies with the size of the kit and age group selection.

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