10 Best Golf Ball Brands- Complete Guide with Price Range

Golf though still perceived as a luxury sport has been slowly gathering a mass appeal. Moreover, with the right kind of gear and equipment, you will fall in love with the sport. Here we have curated a list of the best golf ball brands that are available in India. Just take your pick, choose your ball and let the charm of the game captivate you.

Here is the list of top brands for Golf Balls:

1. Best Wilson Golf Balls

Wilson is a renowned company that is engaged in the manufacturing of sports equipment since 1989. The company manufactures all types of sports goods and gears pertaining to basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, football, volleyball and baseball. The brand’s product line includes protective gear, gear bags, gloves, shoes, rackets, strings, and balls to name a few. Wilson Golf Balls have a high powered core for maximum distance coverage and have a resilient cut proof Ionomer cover. These golf balls are available in India at a price of Rs. 1300 for a 2 ball pack to Rs. 15067 for a 36 ball pack.

2. Best Srixon Golf Balls

Srixon is a subsidiary brand of Sumitomo Rubber Industries and today it is one of the largest manufacturers of Golf balls and other equipments. Using innovative technologies and their expertise, the brand manufactures various types of golf balls, videlicet, Z Star Golf Balls, Z Star XV Golf Balls, Q Star Golf Balls, Q Star Tour Golf Balls, Soft feel Golf Balls, Soft feel Golf Balls- Super Sleeve etc. Expect to pay somewhere around Rs. 1170 for a 12 piece pack to Rs. 28,089 for a 100 piece mixed ball bucket for Srixon golf balls.

3. Best Callaway Golf Balls

With Callaway Golf balls, you can play class. Callaway is engaged in the manufacturing of high performance golf equipment for a long time now. A lot of innovation, use of high end technology and R&D goes into the golf balls manufactured at Callaway. The gold balls are available as Chrome Soft, Super Soft, Warbird, Superhot, Truvis and Women’s. The balls have a soft high energy core that ensures maximum flight, optimized HEX aerodynamics, trionomer cover and high spinning wedges that help you to stop the ball quickly. They are available in shades of white or yellow. Callaway balls are available in India at a price of Rs. 1145 for 15 balls a pack to Rs. 56,633 for one ball a pack.

4. Best Nike Golf Balls

Nike is a famous sports and apparel brand operating across the globe. Nike golf balls are one of the brand’s bestselling sports equipment. Nike golf balls have a softer faster core for covering longer distances along with a cut proof thin ionomer cover. They are extremely durable and offer a consistent, stable ball flight through the trajectory path. Nike golf balls are available in India for a price of Rs. 2220 for a one-ball pack excluding the delivery charge to Rs. 33,706 for 48 assorted recycled golf balls a pack.

5. Best Mizuno Golf Balls

Mizuno is one of the oldest leading sports equipment manufacturers located in Osaka, Japan. The company was established in 1906 and today it exports its products throughout the world. The golf balls are crafted with special emphasis on the distance travelled. The balls have a high repulse butadiene rubber blended core for swift and steady movement along with a repulsive ionomer blended cover. Generally the mid trajectory is 360 dimples but can vary depending on the ball.  Mizuno golf balls are available in a price range of Rs. 1695 excluding delivery for a two piece pack to Rs. 11,440 for a dozen balls.

6. Best Taylormade Golf Balls

Taylormade was founded in 1979 and made a breakthrough in golf with its first metalwood golf club. The company has since been engaged in the manufacturing of high performance golf clubs and gears. The golf balls have a fast react core that makes them cover long distances as the cores store and release energy swiftly. They have an iothane cover that is soft and efficient. Taylormade golf balls are available in a price range of Rs. 1390 for 12 balls a pack to Rs. 36,000 for a used ball bucket.

7. Best Titleist Golf Balls

Titelist was established in 1930 by Phil Young and produces one of the highest quality high performance golf balls in the world. The golf balls have a high initial velocity that makes them cover greater distances in no time. The centre of the core is well aligned so that they do not deviate from their intended trajectory and the balls themselves have a consistent and precise ball flight. You can own Titleist golf balls if you are prepared to shell out Rs 2223 for 12 pieces a pack to Rs. 44437 for a 100 recycled ball bucket.

8. Best Bridgestone Golf Balls

Bridgestone was founded in 1931 and produced the first golf balls in 1935. With its ingenuity and cutting edge technology, the company has been producing high quality products since its inception. Bridgestone golf balls have a gradational compression core that makes for a swift movement and with enhanced aerodynamics that helps the  ball to not deviate from the trajectory. The SlipRes urethane cover formulation provides the balls with an increased friction. Bridgestone ball can be yours at a price of Rs. 1470 for 12 refinished golf balls a pack to Rs. 38377 for a dozen golf balls in a pack.

9. Best Volvik Golf Balls

Volvik is one of the top-notch companies engaged in the manufacturing of superior quality golf balls and other golf equipment. Volvik believes that changing the colour (of the ball) can change the game altogether. Hence, you will find Volvik balls in multiple shades of pink to neon green and yellow. The Volvik balls are dual cored and lighter than other golf balls creating higher ball flight and carry distance. Volvik balls are available for Rs. 1400 for 12 balls a pack and Rs. 24,325 for 4 dozen balls a pack.

10. Best Pinnaclegolf Golf Balls

Pinnacle is one of the most eminent golf ball manufacturers in the world. The company produces two types of golf balls- Pinnacle Rush golf balls and Pinnacle Soft golf balls. The balls have a fast react core and are extremely durable. They also have a steady flight in the trajectory. You can get the balls at a price of Rs. 1600 for a dozen balls a pack and Rs 11,434 for 100 recycled golf balls.


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