10 Best Kettlebells Brands – Ultimate Guide With Price Range

Exercise & work out has always been a necessity in everyone’s life. The older generation people never took gymming seriously but the trend has changed now. With so many innovations coming up in the fitness industry, everyone is now taking their health seriously. And kettlebells are a minimalist gym equipment that is great for a quick & intense work out session at home or anywhere you like. Their advantage is that they can be used in a lot of various ways to work out the whole body with minimum hassle. But it’s essential to use only the right kettlebell for your work out. Hence, we have formulated a handy guide of top 10 kettlebells brands, with their price ranges, so that you can get the right type of equipment according to your likingness.

List of Best Brands of Kettlebells in India-

1. Best Physique Kettlebells

Physique Management Company Ltd. is a British based fitness brand that has been supplying sports as well as healthcare items to consumers, medical professionals & top sports teams since the last 20 years. Their products are renowned for having top-quality materials & designing, hence they last for a very long time, providing the same quality over time. Their kettlebells range from INR 3900 to 6000 in India & their prices are based on their weight.

2. Best Reebok Kettlebells

Reebok is an internationally recognized, American based fitness equipment & accessories company that operates as a sub-brand of the German sports giant Adidas Group. Reebok was founded in the year 1958 & came under Adidas in 2005. It has very cool-designed kettlebells in their collection, ranging from INR 1900 to 3000 & comes in a variety of colours, best suitable for stylish gym-goers.

3. Best Burn Rubber Kettlebells

Started with a small store in 2004, the now global brand Burn Rubber came a long way after Rick Williams & Roland Coit took over their ownership in 2007 & helped them win WDIV’s Vote for the Best in men’s shoes in the year 2008. Their kettlebells are very decently built & have quite a good rubber coating on them. They range from INR 2900 to 6000 on an average.

4.Best USI Kettlebells

Universal Sports Industries (USI) is owned by the Chadha Family, who are in the fitness industry since the 1920s. They are currently headquartered in Jalandhar, Punjab. They have a very highly esteemed reputation in India & are loved by all the fitness freaks. They are priced between INR 4140 to 12480 & provide great value for money.

5. Best Domyos Kettlebells

The Domyos brand is a subsidiary of the Decathlon group, a French sports goods retailing chain spread across over 1400 stores in 45 different countries. Domyos’ branded kettlebells are available for all the weight categories from 2 kg to 32 kg & are priced between INR 900 to 6000, depending upon their weight.

6. Best Co-Fit Kettlebells

The Co-Fit sports company has forever been the leader in fitness & exercise equipment manufacturing industry. This brand is highly recommended by trainers all around the world because of their outstanding features & durability. Their kettlebells can be bought for INR 2900 to 4500, depending upon their size category & can be used by both professionals as well as beginners.

7. Best Sanguine Kettlebells

Sanguine Sports Pvt. Ltd., previously named Yash Sports, was founded by Arun Kant Jain in the year 2002 with his son Sangeet Kant Jain. Their products are known for their distinctive styling & state-of-the-art tech used in their production. Sanguine’s kettlebells can be purchased for around INR 1000 to 6000, based on their weight.

8. Best Lonsdale Kettlebells

Lonsdale, a boxing & MMA clothing brand, was founded in 1960 by a boxer Bernard Hert in London, England & is headquartered there too since their inception. It is a well-trusted brand & offer only quality products to their customers. They have a wide collection of kettlebells, from all categories of weights that ranges from INR 1500 to 6000, depending upon their size.

9. Best Kobo Kettlebells

Kobo is a leading manufacturer & marketer of top-quality, professional sports & fitness equipment as well as accessories. It has an experience of over 50 years in this industry & works under the banner of M/s. Pan International, a global exporter of work-out equipment. Kobo’s kettlebells are priced between INR 900 to 7000 & comes in all the standard weights.

10. Best Vinex Kettlebells

Vinex brand is India’s biggest manufacturer, marketer & supplier of top-quality athletics & fields sports equipment as well as accessories. It is manufacturing more than 2500 products since 1957 & exports to over 150 countries of the world. It is very popular in India & its kettlebells are ranged between INR 2000 to 7000, depending on their size & weight.


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