Badminton Racquets
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Every badminton player desires a lightweight, durable, and tightly strung racquet. A dependable racquet is made using the latest technology to give you an edge over your competitors. It’s tough to handle the extremities of a challenging match if you do not trust the equipment in your hand. Whether you are a beginner searching for a reliable racquet that feels light in your hands and on your wallet, or a professional who hates missing shots because of inappropriate head design or shaft strength, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the best badminton racquets that will help you ace your game.

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7 Best Badminton Racquets to Ace Your Next Game

1. YONEX ZR 100 Badminton Racquet

Best badminton racquets
YONEX ZR 100 Badminton Racquet

YONEX ZR Series is a highly durable aluminium racquet. Its lightweight design provides a faster swing, and is perfect if you are a beginner or an intermediate level player. One of the best badminton racquets by YONEX, it comes with a full cover and provides great value for money. Available in a range of colours, this racquet features a PU grip cover that prevents slipping.

What We Love

  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight 3D joint
  • Isometric frame
  • Low torsion steel shaft enhances performance

2. Li-Ning G-Force Superlite 3600 Badminton Racquet

Best badminton racket under 2000
Li-Ning G-Force Superlite 3600 Badminton Racquet

Looking for the best badminton racquets for your next big match? Li-Ning G-Force offers the perfect solution for you. Made from military-grade carbon fiber, this racquet comes with enhanced rigidity for a more accurate attack point. The unique power frame distributes pressure evenly to improve balance and strength.

What We Love

  • Lightweight graphite frame reduces impact load
  • Offers low air resistance
  • Slim, elastic shaft for better rebound and reduced torsion
  • Additional full bag to store the racquet

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3. YONEX Muscle Power 29 Badminton Racquet

Best badminton racquets
YONEX Muscle Power 29 Badminton Racquet

The Yonex Muscle Power is a lightweight racquet that is suitable for beginners as well as for pros. Its isometric shape and muscle power frame (string is located on rounded archways to reduce friction) minimises air resistance to give increased head speed and more frame stiffness. The graphite frame and shaft, along with the lightweight T-joint increase stability and provide better control.

What We Love

  • Single pass grommet holes for sharp maneuverability
  • Tightly strung to reduce stress-load and fatigue
  • Isometric head with bigger sweet spot
  • High modulus shaft maximises performance

4. Feroc Badminton Racket Set

Best badminton racket under 1000
Feroc Badminton Raquet Set

One of the best badminton racquets for beginners and intermediate-level players, Feroc racquets have a sturdy build and come in a pair. They feature a strong steel shaft and a firm grip-handle that provides an excellent grip and offers complete control over your hits. An excellent choice for beginners who want to enjoy a nice game of badminton with friends and family, this set comes with 2 racquets, 1 cover, and 3 feather shuttles.

What We Love

  • Aluminium frame for better stability and control
  • Budget-friendly set
  • Suitable for kids
  • Sturdy and durable

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5. Li-Ning XP 901-PV SINDHU Signature Series

Best brands of badminton rackets
Li-Ning XP 901-PV SINDHU Signature Series

This one is from a limited-edition signature series named after the ace Indian Badminton Player PV Sindhu. It is a strong and durable racquet that comes with a safety headcase. The head shape is isometric with a power frame, the shaft is super stiff, and the elasticity level is medium, which makes it one of the best racquets for beginners and intermediate-level players.

What We Love

  • Widened stringing area at the hitting point; lends added bounce for high power smashes
  • Aluminium alloy frame for better strength and stability
  • Impressive rebound and anti-torsion performance
  • Generates additional repulsion power without loss of control

6. VICTOR Brave Sword 1900 G5 Speed Series

Best badminton racquets
VICTOR Brave Sword 1900 G5 Speed Series

One of best badminton racquets for advanced-level players, Victor Brave Sword has a stiff shaft made from graphite and resin. The frame is equally good and helps deliver accurate and powerful shots. To endure high tension level and improved elasticity, stability, and control, the string of the racquet is made using Advanced Fiber Reinforced System.

What We Love

  • Unique frame design minimises air resistance
  • High-end materials offer greater transmission power
  • Firm hand grip for better control
  • Highly flexible and elastic for better speed

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7. Cosco Cb-89 Badminton Racquet

Best badminton racket
Cosco Cb-89 Badminton Racquet

If you are looking for something affordable, reliable, and efficient, this might be one of the best badminton racquets for you. Designed from a sturdy aluminium frame, this racquet is highly durable, and an ideal choice for leisure-plays. Made from premium quality materials, this Cosco racquet is extremely lightweight, and will last you for years with proper care.

What We Love

  • Ideal for long term use
  • Additional headcover
  • PU grip prevents slipping and sweating
  • High-stability and low-tension design for amateurs

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