Every badminton player desires a lightweight, durable, and tightly strung racket. A dependable racket is made using the latest technology to give you an edge over your competitors. It’s tough to handle the extremities of a challenging match if you do not trust the equipment in your hand. Whether you are a beginner searching for a reliable racket that feels light in your hands and on your wallet, or a professional who hates missing shots because of inappropriate head design or shaft strength, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the best badminton racket brands that will help you ace your game.

How We Tested Best Badminton Racket Brands?

Good badminton rackets come in between Rs 799 to Rs 3000. Although many rackets are also available in the local market at affordable prices, it is difficult to believe in their quality. That’s why we have taken many factors into consideration in choosing the best racket brand, such as their weight, distance, string quality, etc. All the products here have 4/5 ratings on Amazon. We have also taken into account user reviews and satisfaction while choosing the best racket brand.

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List of 11 Top Badminton Racket Brands in India

1. Nivia


Every sports lover in the country knows about Nivia and might have used its products. It is the most popular sports equipment in India and has its headquarters in Jalandhar, Punjab. The brand was founded in the year 1934 by Nihal Chand Kharbanda and has gained massive traction since due to its top-grade sports equipment.

Notable Features:

  • This racket by Nivia is designed with a strong alloy steel frame and features an isometric frame.
  • It has an ergonomic design and a handle that is super easy to grip while playing the sport.
  • If you’re an intermediate, this is the perfect racket for you.


  • Lightweight built
  • Alloy Steel frame
  • 22 lbs string tension

User Complaints:



Founded in 1946, Yonex is one of the finest sports equipment manufacturers based in Japan. The brand has gained a great reputation in the market for its durable and dependable products. You can find tennis Racquet, badminton, golf, and running equipment under this brand.

Notable Features:

  • YONEX ZR Series is a highly durable aluminium racket.
  • Its lightweight design provides a faster swing and is perfect if you are a beginner or an intermediate-level player.
  • It is one of the best badminton rackets by YONEX, it comes with a full cover and provides great value for money.
  • It is available in a range of colours, this racket features a PU grip cover that prevents slipping.


  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight 3D joint
  • Isometric frame
  • Low torsion steel shaft enhances performance

3. Decathlon


Decathlon is a name that every sports enthusiast in India is aware of. This French sports goods producer is known for its high-quality products which are priced very reasonably. The brand was founded in 1976 by Michel Leclercq and has its headquarters in Villeneuve d’Ascq, France.

Notable Features:

  • If you’re a beginner looking for a great quality racket, this is one of the best options you can find in India.
  • The lightweight handle and solid aluminium frame make it super durable for rough use.
  • It features a flexible shaft for the best hits without putting in much effort.


  • Flexible shaft for effortless hits
  • Lightweight design
  • Best for beginners

4. Feroc


Feroc is a leading sports equipment and accessories brand in India. It was launched in 2008 and has its headquarters in Jalandhar, Punjab. Whether you need cricket shoes, football shoes, Badminton Shoes or badminton rackets, you get it all under the same brand at affordable prices.

Notable Features:

  • It is one of the best badminton rackets for beginners and intermediate-level players.
  • Feroc rackets have a sturdy build and come in a pair.
  • It features a strong steel shaft and a firm grip handle that provides an excellent grip and offers complete control over your hits.
  • It is an excellent choice for beginners who want to enjoy a nice game of badminton with friends and family, this set comes with 2 rackets, 1 cover, and 3 feather shuttlecocks.


  • Aluminium frame for better stability and control
  • Budget-friendly set
  • Suitable for kids
  • Sturdy and durable


5. Li-Ning


Li-Ning is a Chinese sportswear and equipment company that has garnered a lot of attention in the Indian market today. The brand was founded in 1989 and its headquarters are based in Beijing, China. Li-Ning caters to a wide clientele and has numerous celebrity endorsements under its belt.

Notable Features:

  • This one is from a limited-edition signature series named after the ace Indian Badminton Player PV Sindhu.
  • It is a strong and durable racket that comes with safety headcases.
  • The head shape is isometric with a powerful frame, and the shaft is super stiff.
  • Its elasticity level is medium, which makes it one of the best rackets for beginners and intermediate-level players.


  • Widened stringing area at the hitting point; lends added bounce for high-power smashes
  • Aluminium alloy frame for better strength and stability
  • Impressive rebound and anti-torsion performance
  • Generates additional repulsion power without loss of control

User Complaints:

  • Made with cheap materials
  • Finishing must be improved
  • Made in China



Victor is one of the most popular sports equipment brands in the world. The company was launched in 1968 by Chen Den Li and is currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. After receiving a great response from Taiwan, the company expanded its business to various parts of Europe and Asia.

Notable Features:

  • One of the best badminton rackets for advanced-level players, Victor Brave Sword has a stiff shaft made from graphite and resin.
  • The frame is equally good and helps deliver accurate and powerful shots.
  • To endure high tension levels and improve elasticity, stability, and control, the string of the racket is made using Advanced Fiber Reinforced System.


  • Unique frame design minimises air resistance
  • High-end materials offer greater transmission power
  • Firm hand grip for better control
  • Highly flexible and elastic for better speed

7. Cosco


Cosco is one of the best Indian sportswear and equipment brands with a stellar clientele. It was launched in 1980 and is headquartered in New Delhi, India. Cosco is a sister company of the popular sports equipment producer Enkay India Rubber Company, Pvt. Ltd.

Notable Features:

  • Designed from a sturdy aluminium frame, this racket is highly durable, and an ideal choice for leisure plays.
  • Made from premium quality materials, this Cosco racket is extremely lightweight and will last you for years with proper care.
  • If you are looking for something affordable, reliable, and efficient, this might be one of the best badminton rackets for you.


  • Ideal for long term use
  • Additional headcover
  • PU grip prevents slipping and sweating
  • High-stability and low-tension design for amateurs

User Complaints:

  • Handle quality is not good
  • Strings get loose

8. Silver’s


Established in 1965, Silver Sports is a prominent sports equipment manufacturer in India. The brand specifically retails badminton, squash, tennis rackets, and shuttlecocks. With headquarters in Jalandhar and exports its products to several states across the country.

Notable Features:

  • This gutted badminton racket from Silver Sports is designed with a highly durable aluminium frame and a steel shaft that allows you to hit properly.
  • This set of rackets has a lightweight design that is perfect for beginners and intermediates.


  • Ideal for kids
  • Steel Shaft

User Complaints:

  • Shuttle quality is not the best
  • Grip is slippery

9. Apacs


Apacs is a leading sports brand that was founded in the year 2002. The company is based out of Malaysia but has well-spread business in several European, Asian, and American countries. You will find top-notch sports accessories such as badminton rackets, tennis and squash rackets, and sports footwear under this brand.

Notable Features:

  • This Z-Ziggler Badminton Racket by Apacs is one of the best options for dedicated sports enthusiasts.
  • It has an ultra-slim shaft and a graphite frame to offer enhanced durability to the racket.
  • It is super light in weight, it easily gives competition to the best brands available on Amazon today.


  • Medium flex
  • Compact frame
  • Lightweight build

User Complaints:

  • Metal quality is cheap
  • Bulky
  • It breaks easily

10. Sunley


Sunley is a sports brand that caters to people who like playing sports for leisure. The brand produces great quality sports equipment for beginners and intermediates. You can easily find its products online via sites such as Amazon. The best thing about Sunley is that all of its products are priced at cheaper rates and don’t compromise on quality.

Notable Features:

  • This Phantom Steel Racket Set is made with an alloy steel frame for enhanced strength.
  • It also comes with nylon shuttles to complete your game as you won’t have to buy them separately.
  • The rackets have a great quality handle that offers you a good grip to strike the best shots ever.


  • Premium and lightweight design
  • Comes with 6 shuttlecocks
  • Durable product

User complaints:

  • Made for beginners
  • String gets loose

11. Iris     


Iris is a leading sports company in India that makes top-notch equipment in India. This badminton racket is designed with carbon steel which makes it highly durable. It has a lightweight design and sturdy handle that makes it easy for you to hit smashing shots.

Notable Features:

  • Made with a combination of high-quality carbon.
  • It provides a stronger hold and better grip.
  • It is a very durable option.


  • Lightweight build
  • Carbon Steel frame
  • Comes with a covered bag


What is the best company of badminton rackets in India?

Brands like Nivia, Yonex, Decathlon, and Li-ning make the best quality badminton rackets in India.

Which brand is good for smash?

Yonex is the best brand out there for smash as it designs rackets for beginners, intermediate, and professionals. A lot of celebrity sportspersons use Yonex as their go-to brand.

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