12 Best Grips for Badminton Rackets in India

Badminton is a fun as well as a competitive game. Whether it’s a hobby for you or you play professionally, you need to make sure that your badminton racket fits your hand and your style of the game properly. One key factor in doing so is finding the perfect grip for your racket. When you buy a racket, it obviously comes with a grip, but that isn’t always sufficient. You have to make modifications as and when needed to achieve the best grip. If you are thinking of buying grips for your badminton racket and are not sure which grip to pick or how to proceed, take a look at this list. It includes the top 12 grips for badminton rackets in India.

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How Do We Choose the Best Grips for Badminton Racket?

In order to know which grip is most suitable for your racket, we need to discuss a few things. There are two types of plays when it comes to badminton, control play and power play. Control play is about technique and accuracy, where one draws the opponent in long rallies with clears and drops. On the other hand, a player waits for a weak turn from the opponent and then uses a smash to score a point in the power play. So, it is more about strong shots than technique. 

With that in mind, evaluate the following factors before buying the best grip for badminton rackets.

Type of Grips

There are three types of grips. First is the replacement grip that takes the place of the original grip. It is quite thick and commonly made of polyurethane (PU). The second one is the overgrip that goes over the original or replacement grip. It is cheaper and thicker than the previous one. The third and final type is the towel grip. This grip is made of cotton and is thick and heavy. For power plays, thicker grips are better as they allow one to hold the racket firmly. If you indulge in power plays, go for the combination of an original and a replacement grip, an original and a towel grip, or an original, a replacement and an overgrip. For those with control games, thinner grips are preferable as they will allow a better technique. So, either the original, along with an overgrip or only a towel grip, will be best. 

Grip Weight

For those who seek more control over the game, the handle of the racket must be heavier than its head. On the contrary, the handle must be lighter than the head of the racket if you are into power plays. 

Player’s Sweat Level

The grip can be highly influenced by how much your palm sweats. If your palm sweats too much, the handle can slip, and there might be many mishaps. Here’s how you should approach this matter. If your palm has a normal sweat level, a full grip’s thickness will be helpful. In case your sweat level is low, a thick overgrip works perfectly. However, one with a high sweat level should go for the towel grip as it is the thickest and will absorb sweat easily. 

List of the Top 12 Grips for Badminton Rackets in India

Yonex Etech 902 Badminton Grips

Yonex Badminton Grips
Yonex Badminton Grips

Yonex is a renowned sports equipment manufacturing company. By successfully blending cutting-edge technology with timeless Japanese craftsmanship, the brand has produced an array of tools, improving the games of many players around the world. In its 60-year-long journey, Yonex has made a noteworthy contribution to the world of sports. 

Notable Features of Yonex Etech 902 Badminton Grips:

  • It is a pack of five grips in five different colours.
  • Polyurethane is used in making grips.
  • Each has a thickness of 0.6 mm.
  • They are 1,200 mm long. 
  • Due to Etech, the grips have a soft feel, making them comfortable for long games.


  • Super sweat absorption
  • Strong grip
  • Value for money

Why We Picked Yonex Etech 902 Badminton Grips?

This is an Amazon’s Choice product and is also among the best grips for badminton. This is because it provides a strong grip with a soft feel on the skin. 

Li-Ning GP-20 Overgrip Badminton Racket Grip

Li-Ning Badminton Grips
Li-Ning Badminton Grips

Former Olympic gymnast Li Ning created this Chinese sportswear and sports equipment company. In 1990, the company started operating to provide better quality goods to national athletes. Currently, it is manufacturing and selling products with global recognition.

Notable Features of Li-Ning GP-20 Overgrip Badminton Racket Grip:

  • This is an assorted pack of five overgrips. Each of the grips comes in a different colour.
  • These grips are made with polyurethane.
  • It has a length of 1100 mm and a thickness of 0.75 mm.


  • Ultra-thin
  • Dynamic-optimum frame
  • The high tensile slim shaft
  • Durable 
  • Affordable

Why We Picked Li-Ning GP-20 Overgrip Badminton Racket Grip?

Li-Ning is a trusted brand in India, and this pack of grips lives up to the trust. It is a quality product at a reasonable price

KONEX Alloy Steel Anti-slip Racquet Handle Over Grip

KONEX Badminton Grips
KONEX Badminton Grips

In the discussion of badminton equipment, KONEX’s mention is a must. This brand has been providing high-quality sports equipment and tools of different types. You will see some good grips for badminton rackets in its collection too.

Notable Features of KONEX Alloy Steel Anti-slip Racquet Handle Over Grip:

  • You will receive five overgrips in different colours.
  • It has a soft and comfortable touch while giving proper protection to the racket handle and power to your hand.


  • Anti-slip
  • High sweat absorption
  • Skid-proof
  • Good for long games
  • Easy on the wallet

Why We Picked KONEX Alloy Steel Anti-slip Racquet Handle Over Grip?

Overall, it is a great pick. But the high sweat absorption quality certainly makes this overgrip one of the best badminton grips for sweaty hands.

Silver’s Towel Superior Badminton Grip

Silver's Badminton Grips
Silver’s Badminton Grips

Silver’s is one of India’s leading racket manufacturing companies. It was established in 1965 and focused on producing rackets and shuttles for badminton, squash, and tennis. Technological development is a key driving factor for the company. 

Notable Features of Silver’s Towel Superior Badminton Grip:

  • It’s a 3-inch long towel grip. 
  • It has a thickness of 1.8mm.


  • Absorbs sweat quickly
  • Long-lasting
  • Soft on the skin
  • Good fit
  • Cheap

Why We Picked Silver’s Towel Superior Badminton Grip?

If you are looking for a premium quality towel grip from a reputed brand at a cheap price, this is your best bet. It will be comfortable to use and last long. 

Moreover, if you also don’t like your default badminton string, then we would recommend you to check our recent blog, where we have curated a list of top badminton strings available online in India.

Toyshine Badminton Tennis Racket Overgrip

Toyshine Badminton Grips
Toyshine Badminton Grips

Toyshine started its journey by selling toys from different national and international brands in India. Later, it used its understanding of the Indian toy market’s needs and began manufacturing its own line of toys. Along with that, it has many badminton racket grips as well.

Notable Features of Toyshine Badminton Tennis Racket Overgrip:

  • This pack is an assortment of four multicolour overgrips. They all are constructed with PU.
  • It is 0.075 cm thick. 


  • Sweat absorption
  • High-stretch felt surface
  • Water resistance
  • Anti-slip
  • No bad smell
  • Durable
  • Value for money

Why We Picked Toyshine Badminton Tennis Racket Overgrip?

This pack of grips from Toyshine comes with many alluring features. It not only prevents slip but also is highly stretchable. That is why we have added it to the list of the top badminton racket grips.  


VICTOR Badminton Grips
VICTOR Badminton Grips

VICTOR Textiles is one of India’s largest brands offering bed covers, dohars, and dewan sets. Its product line also includes cloth masks. 

Notable Features of VICTOR Cushion WRAP:

  • This product from VICTOR Textiles comes in a pack of two.
  • You can pick from three colour options. 
  • Each wrap is 70 mm long.
  • The wraps offer enhanced cushioning as a replacement grip. 
  • It helps adjust the racket’s balance point. 


  • Hygienic 
  • Easy to change
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Needs regular cleaning
  • A bit on the costly side

Arrowmax Professional Anti Slip Racket Grips

Arrowmax Badminton Grips
Arrowmax Badminton Grips

Arrowmax has multiple products on display on Amazon. Different types of sports and fitness accessories and tools are available. You will also find badminton rackets and related accessories like grips at this brand. 

Notable Features of Arrowmax Professional Anti Slip Racket Grips:

  • This product offered by Arrowmax is a set of three multicolour grips.
  • Skilled workmanship makes this a great product.
  • Superior-quality material like PU is used in these grips. 
  • It keeps the racket’s handle protected and increases its durability.
  • The grips have perforated and ventilated surfaces.


  • Long-lasting
  • Stretchable felt surface
  • Anti-slip
  • Attached adhesive pads
  • Good sweat absorption
  • Pocket-friendly

HEAD Super Tacky Replacement Grip

HEAD Super Tacky Badminton Grips
HEAD Super Tacky Badminton Grips

HEAD is a leading global brand of premium, high-performance equipment as well as apparel. It provides products to many players and athletes. It has come a long way since its foundation in 1950, using engineering excellence and cutting-edge design. Along with separate collections for men and women, the brand has a kid’s range as well. 

Notable Features of HEAD Super Tacky Replacement Grip:

  • You will receive a set of three replacement grips in multiple colours.
  • Polyurethane is used in the grips.
  • They all are super tacky grips, which will allow you absolute control.
  • They are 1100mm long and 0.55mm thick.
  • It allows maximum sweat absorption, keeping your hand dry.


  • Soft texture 
  • Shock absorbent 
  • Highly durable 
  • Optimum comfort
  • Reasonable pricing 

IRIS Super Perforated Absorbent and Anti-Slip Badminton Racket Grip

IRIS Badminton Grips
IRIS Badminton Grips

IRIS is popular for its home fragrances. It offers an array of fragrances in the form of incense, reed diffusers, aroma candles, room mister, and so on. It also provides sports and fitness accessories which include some good quality grips. 

Notable Features of IRIS Super Perforated Absorbent and Anti-Slip Badminton Racket Grip:

  • It is a pack of three overgrips, all in different colours.
  • The overgrips are made using high-quality PU+ and EVA keel material.
  • The perforated design of the overgrips helps with breathability. It provides a good sweat absorption effect as well.
  • The grips have a thickness of 0.075 cm.


  • Anti-slip 
  • Excellent grip 
  • Nice anti-seismic effect


  • A little on the expensive side 

Ashaway Round Grip

Ashaway Badminton Grips
Ashaway Badminton Grips

Ashaway has decades of history in which it has launched numerous products and has earned the trust of thousands. Badminton, racket, squash, and tennis equipment and tools are included in the brand’s product range.

Notable Features of Ashaway Round Grip:

  • Ashaway offers a pack of five multi-colour replacement and overgrips.
  • The grips provide superb control and a comfortable feel
  • They are made of Polyurethane. 


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Shock observant 
  • Inexpensive 

Gosen OG106 Super Tacky Grips

Gosen Badminton Grips
Gosen Badminton Grips

In 1951, GOSEN started the business with nylon synthetic thread manufacturing. From then to now, the brand has presented a host of sports equipment and accessories. It has always been focused on technology, research, and development to bring the best innovations. 

Notable Features of Gosen OG106 Super Tacky Grips:

  • This is a set of six grips in various colours. 
  • The grips are super tacky.
  • They are soft and comfortable on the skin. 


  • Durable
  • Affordable

Karakal PU Super Tribal Grip Box

Karakal Badminton Grips
Karakal Badminton Grips

Karakal was established in 1978 with a product range that included rackets and sports apparel. The brand is motivated by the mission of blending ideas, design, and technology to provide premium quality products. 

Notable Features of Karakal PU Super Tribal Grip Box:

  • This pack comes with an assortment of twelve replacement grips.
  • They all are in separate colours.
  • Good quality PU is used in these grips. 


  • High absorbent
  • Self-adhesive
  • Super tacky
  • Quite thick
  • Long-lasting


  • Expensive 

Final Word

These are all standard grips and can be a great pick. However, you can go with the grips offered by Yonex or Li-Ning if you want the most popular brands. The KONEX Over Grip is the best grip for badminton smash or power play among the twelve mentioned here. Also, there are many affordable options here. If budget is not an issue, you can consider Karakal’s grips. Eventually, you will have to buy the grip that you need for your style of game. So, check the list thoroughly and see which one suits your game the best. 


Which grip is best for badminton, towel or rubber?

Towel grips are the best in badminton, particularly for those who have sweaty palms. However, rubber grips are more long-lasting.

Which badminton grip is best for sweaty hands?

Towel grips are best for sweaty hands.

Is towel grip good for badminton?

Yes, a towel grip is good for badminton.

Should badminton grips be thin or thick?

Thin or thick grip depends upon personal preference and experience. Thicker grips are more durable and lessen the vibration while playing while allowing power-packed shots. But your palm size and playing style should also be taken into consideration when picking a grip.

How do I know my grip size?

You can measure your grip size by placing a ruler on the bottom crease of your palm. Align the ruler to the tip of your ring finger while keeping all fingers stretched and close together.

Does grip size matter in badminton?

Yes, grip size matters in badminton as it not only allows the player to get a good hold of the racket but also reduces sweat and strain on the hands and wrist. Thicker or thinner grips also allow you to choose between power or more technique focussed shots.

How thick should my racket grip be?

8.0 – 8.6 cm is often used by professionals, but you can decide what suits you based on your comfort, playing style, and preference.

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Sanskriti Mathur
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