Tennis is one of the most demanding & entertaining sports for all age groups of every gender. A lot of people play this game for fun. Some people play it for a regular workout & some play it professionally. And with the ever-increasing competition in the tennis world, everyone is seeking quicker and easier ways to get to the top. Here, the equipment one uses plays a pivotal role in attaining success.

There are various tennis brands out there in the market, but it can get a little confusing when choosing a suitable racquet, as different brands have different offerings in their portfolio. Hence, here’s a handy guide to the best tennis racquets so that you can get the racquet of your choice easily.

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How Do We Choose the Best Tennis Racquets For You?

Choosing the appropriate racquet may significantly impact your tennis performance on the court and help you advance to a higher level of play. In India, a good quality tennis racquet costs anywhere between Rs 1,200 to Rs 15,500. Before you jump into our recommendations of the best tennis racquets available in India, we suggest you go through the factors that helped us decide on the best products for you.

Size of Head

The size of the striking region inside the tennis racquet frame is referred to as the tennis racquet head. Tennis racquet head size and the power a player gets from their racquet go hand in hand. In other terms, a racquet’s head size determines how much power it can produce.

Because it offers a mix between power and control, beginners should choose a racquet with oversize or super large head size. More skilled, experienced amateur and professional tennis players should choose rackets with smaller heads, such as mid-plus or midsize.

Size of Racquet

An important factor you should look into while buying a racquet is its size. The leverage on a swing increases with the length of the racquet, giving a shot additional power.

Weight and Balance

The most crucial components of a racquet are its weight and balance. The feel of the racquet in your hand and, more significantly, how it feels when you swing are important. The weight distribution over the length of the racquet is known as the racquet balance. Tennis racquets employ one of three different balance distributions:

Racket with a Heavy Head: Less experienced players, who are more prone to have a shorter swing and less strength, should pick this style of racket since it will create greater power at the sacrifice of mobility.

Even Balance Racquets: These are for all-around players who come near to the net and play from behind the court.

Head Light: A more experienced player will be seeking spin and mobility from their tennis racquet. Head Light Racquets are perfect for creating these qualities. These racquets are preferred by experts and advanced players.

Stringing design

A stringing pattern is determined by the quantity of mains and crosses in a tennis racquet. More speed and spin are available with an open string arrangement, but string tensile strength is reduced. On the other hand, a string design with increased density will be more stable and last long longer.


When purchasing a tennis racquet, it’s critical to choose the proper size grip in order to avoid sprains and injuries. You must also ensure that the racquet is pleasant to hold and use while playing.

List of The Top 15 Tennis Racquets in India

1. Cosco Aluminum Tennis Racquet

Cosco Aluminum Tennis Racquet
Cosco Aluminum Tennis Racquet

Cosco India Ltd. is a highly reputed & popular sports goods manufacturer founded in the year 1980. It offers a wide collection of tennis racquets to buyers and is known for providing only the finest-built racquets. Their best-sellers are the Cosco Max Power & Action 2000D.

Prominent Features of the Cosco Aluminum Tennis Racquet:

  • The Cosco Tennis Racquet is made from durable aluminium and will give the best performance for a long time
  • The tennis racquet provides a comfortable grip so that it is easier for you to play with
  • The racquet is perfect for beginners and kids who have started taking an interest in the sport


  • Comfortable grip
  • Good quality construction
  • Suitable for beginners

Why We Picked the Cosco Aluminum Tennis Racquet?

The Cosco Aluminium Tennis Racquet is perfect for beginners who love the sport and want to try it out. With a comfortable grip, the racquet helps you take your best shots.

2. Yonex Ezone Tennis Racquet

Yonex Ezone Tennis Racquet
Yonex Ezone Tennis Racquet

Yonex is an internationally acclaimed tennis and badminton racket brand and sports equipment manufacturer. It was founded in the year 1946 by Minoru Yoneyama in Nagaoka City, Japan. Their company’s philosophy is to contribute as much as possible to the sports world through innovation & quality.

Prominent Features of the Yonex Ezone Tennis Racquet:

  • Tennis enthusiasts wishing to play on the court with more power and comfort may choose the Yonex Tennis Racquet
  • The racquet has a good grip, so you can play without any worries
  • The premium quality construction of the racquet from Yonex makes it durable


  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable grip
  • Suitable for both beginners and professional players

Why We Picked the Yonex Ezone Tennis Racquet?

Yonex is a well-known brand that is popular for its sports equipment. Bearing a good grip with quality construction, the tennis racquets from Yonex racquets are a must-have, no matter what your level of skill is.

3. Nivia G-21 Tennis Racquet

Nivia G-21 Aluminium Tennis Racquet
Nivia G-21 Tennis Racquet

Sh. Vijay Kharabanda founded Nivia Sports in the year 1962 under the banner of his father’s company FreeWill Sports Ltd. He had the ambition to become a leader in the sports industry in India. And his dream came true as Nivia is now one of the top sports companies in India.

Prominent Features of the Nivia G-21 Tennis Racquet:

  • The Nivia G-21 Tennis Racquet is durable and long-lasting since it is made from premium quality materials
  • The grip of the racquet is made from synthetic gut and therefore is comfortable
  • The racquet is strong but light in weight for ease of use


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

Why We Picked the Nivia G-21 Tennis Racquet?

The Nivi G-21 Tennis Racquet is ideal for both amateurs and professionals. Lightweight and sturdy, this tennis racquet is durable and easy to use. Therefore, use this amazing racquet on your tennis journey.

4. Wilson Hyper Hammer Tennis Racquet

Wilson Hyper Hammer Tennis Racquet
Wilson Hyper Hammer Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Sporting Goods Company is an American firm that manufactures sports equipment & accessories. They have been based in Chicago, Illinois, USA, since their inception in 1913. They are now a subsidiary of Amer Sports since 1989. They are a globally renowned brand and offer world-class quality tennis racquets at an affordable price.

Prominent Features of the Wilson Hyper Hammer Tennis Racquet:

  • Players with short, compact swings should choose a power frame like the Wilson Hyper Hammer Tennis Racquet
  • Greater authority is provided by a larger head of the Wilson Hyper Hammer Tennis Racquet
  • Greater power and spin is provided by the Wilson Tennis Racquet due to its open string pattern


  • Increased stability and momentum
  • Provides more power to shots
  • Comfortable grip

Why We Picked the Wilson Hyper Hammer Tennis Racquet?

The Wilson Hyper Hammer Tennis Racquet gives a head-heavy balance for more stability and propulsion with lighter frames. With a comfortable grip, the Wilson Tennis Racquet is perfect for adult competitors.

5. Head Tour Pro Tennis Racquet

Head Tour Pro Tennis Racquet
Head Tour Pro Tennis Racquet

Head UK Ltd. is a preeminent international manufacturer & retailer of premium sports goods, accessories, apparel & equipment. Their key products are used by a number of top athletes in today’s date. Some of their top racquets are the Graphene XT Speed & MX Spark Elite.

Prominent Features of the Head Tour Pro Tennis Racquet:

  • For recreational players of all ages, the Head Tour Pro Tennis Racket is a great option
  • The larger sweet spot produced by the head’s extra length is excellent for players still learning accuracy
  • The head-light balance of the adult tennis racket enhances stability while striking the ball and lessens vibration


  • Provides stability when hitting the ball
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Suitable for players of all age

Why We Picked the Head Tour Pro Tennis Racquet?

The lightweight tennis racquets from Head Tour are made with a long-lasting nano-titanium material. The company provides only the finest tennis equipment available for all levels of play.

6. Babolat Boost S Tennis Racquet

Babolat Boost S Tennis Racquet
Babolat Boost S Tennis Racquet

Babolat is a French sports equipment company, founded in 1875, that manufactures products specifically for tennis, badminton & squash only. The company is headquartered in Lyon & is well-known for its tennis racquets currently being used by various top players. The best-selling ones from Babolat are Pure Aero & Pure Drive 2018.

Prominent Features of the Babolat Boost S Tennis Racquet:

  • The tennis racquet is made from durable graphite material and is sturdy and long-lasting
  • Full graphite material makes up the frame of the Babolat racquet, which makes it sturdy
  • The racquet boasts a huge head size, allowing for a large sweet spot, resulting in crisper hits that provide more comfort


  • Comfortable grip
  • Sturdy build
  • Lessens the impact of shock

7. DSC Impulse Tennis Racquet

DSC Impulse Tennis Racquet
DSC Impulse Tennis Racquet

Deluxe Sports, or DSC is the largest distributor of top-quality international sports equipment in India, spread across a network of around 1000 dealers throughout the country. They have a highly trusted brand name in sports equipment distribution in India, with an ancestry going back to the 1970s.

Prominent Features of the DSC Impulse Tennis Racquet:

  • The DSC Tennis Racquet is intended for recreational players looking for a high-performance racket that is approachable and simple to use
  • Made entirely of graphite and has an oval frame which makes it sturdy
  • For durability, DSC Tennis Racquets are made of aluminium, and the handle offers a cosy grip


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Strong and comfortable grips

Moreover, if you are a badminton player, then you might also find choosing the right shuttlecocks hard. But don’t worry, we have created the only list of the best shuttlecocks you are going to need. Do check it out.

8. Prince Velocity Team Tennis Racket

Prince Velocity Team Tennis Racket
Prince Velocity Team Tennis Racket

Since the 1970s, the Prince brand has been continuously redefining the racquet sports industry by delivering the most innovative & future-ready products to the market. They offer industry-leading tech in their products that enhance the game of the athlete. The Textreme Beast Pro 100, Lightning 100 & Force Ti are some of their top draws.

Prominent Features of the Prince Velocity Team Tennis Racket:

  • The Prince Tennis Racquet provides a larger striking area for your ease
  • Improved cushioning, ventilation, and perspiration absorption is provided by the head cushion grip
  • Tennis balls are provided primarily to support players’ proper stroke development


  • Provides better control and more power
  • Its lightweight nature helps you avoid strains on your shoulder
  • Durable construction

9. Dunlop Srixon Tennis Racket

Dunlop Srixon Tennis Racket
Dunlop Srixon Tennis Racket

Dunlop Sport is a British sporting goods manufacturer, founded in 1910, that produces golf & tennis equipment. They have been manufacturing sports equipment since 1910 & are owned by SRI Sports, a subsidiary of the Japanese syndicate Sumitomo. Their best-sellers are the Biomimetic 600 & Blaze Pro 2.0.

Prominent Features of the Dunlop Srixon Tennis Racket:

  • Get more comfortable in your game and play with ease with the Dunlop Tennis Racquet
  • The Vibrotech grommets on the racket bridge serve to reduce vibration
  • The racquet is lightweight and is very pleasant to play with


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Provides control and power
  • Proper grip

10. Tecnifibre Tennis Racket

Tecnifibre Tennis Racket
Tecnifibre Tennis Racket

Thierry Maissant co-created the brand Tecnifibre with Hermano Da Silva Ramos in the year 1978 with an aim to provide tennis players with a suitable product according to their level. They are a leading innovator in the field of racquets & created the first ‘made in France’ strings in 1983. The top picks of the brand are T-Fight, T-Flash & the T-Fit series.

Prominent Features of the Tecnifibre Tennis Racket:

  • You can swing this racket with confidence while acquiring the perfect technique
  • The removable bumper enables a more head-light balance for amazing swing speed
  • Features solid aluminium head and a graphite core for optimum power


  • Easily provides spin and power
  • Reduces the shock
  • Increased comfort

11. J J Jonex Tennis Racquet

J J Jonex Tennis Racquet
J J Jonex Tennis Racquet

Started in 1968 as a manufacturer of cricket balls, Jonex is now a leading manufacturer of a wide range of sports items and equipment. They rely on high quality, durability, and reasonable pricing for their products. Their racquets have a sturdy build and are long-lasting.

Prominent Features of the J J Jonex Tennis Racquet:

  • The tennis racquet from JJ Jonex is expertly crafted from materials of the highest quality to amaze all players
  • The racquet is lightweight and simple to use since the frame is made of aluminium
  • The titanium strings give your game greater force and let you make more controlled, reliable strokes


  • Features attractive colours
  • Includes cover to protect your racquet from dents 
  • Durable and lightweight

12. Toyshine Tennis Racquet

Toyshine Tennis Racquet
Toyshine Tennis Racquet

From being an online storefront for kids’ toys to selling sports and fitness equipment, Toyshine has a product for both education and recreation of kids and adults. These racquets are designed with a unique aluminium integration moulding technology to handle hours of consistent play by beginners and professionals.

Prominent Features of the Toyshine Tennis Racquet:

  • The tennis racquet from Toyshine has the attribute of high intensity and durability thanks to the introduction of a one-piece moulded technology
  • The racquet not only combines a superb strike acceleration but also enough stroke control
  • The racquet uses aluminium integrated moulding technique to withstand numerous hours of use as young players learn the sport


  • Increased stability and flexibility
  • Suitable for kids and beginners
  • Durable and long-lasting

13. Vector X Tennis Racquet

Vector X Tennis Racquet
Vector X Tennis Racquet

One of the established brands of sports equipment, Vector X has a huge range of footballs, racquets, volleyballs and other sports gear available on Amazon. With a nationwide presence, they have partnered with several international brands as well. Their products boast high quality and are integrated with inventive technologies to render a superb user experience.

Prominent Features of the Vector X Tennis Racquet:

  • With these badminton racquets from Vector X, you’ll have more fun in a game of tennis
  • The racquets are durable and lightweight, so you can shoot your stroke without any worries
  • The Vector X Racquet features an elegant design and is functional as well


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable grip
  • Elegant design

14. Tennex Lawn Tennis Racquet

Tennex Lawn Tennis Racquet
Tennex Lawn Tennis Racquet

Tenex racquets come with a promise of durability, fine finishing and high quality. These racquets are lightweight and are made using aluminium. If you are an intermediate-level player and wish to excel in the game, this is the racquet of your dreams. Additionally, it is a huge bang for your buck, given its affordable pricing.

Prominent Features of the Tennex Lawn Tennis Racquet:

  • The Tennex Lawn Tennis Racket comes in an attractive cover to protect your racquet
  • The tennis racquet is made from high-quality materials which makes it durable
  • The racquet features a comfortable grip so that you can strike the ball easily


  • Sturdy material
  • Comfortable grip
  • Lightweight

15. Spinway Mini Tennis Lightening Racket & Tennis Balls

Spinway Mini Tennis Lightening Racket & Tennis Balls
Spinway Mini Tennis Lightening Racket & Tennis Balls

Spinway is a sports brand that deals in fitness and sports equipment of the highest quality for all age groups – men, women and kids. If your child wishes to learn tennis and stay on top of the game, Spinway tennis racquets are our favourite find for kids.

Prominent Features of the Spinway Mini Tennis Lightening Racket & Tennis Balls:

  • The Spinway Tennis Racquet is sturdy and lightweight and, thus, perfect for beginners
  • The racquet provides a proper grip which makes it easy to use
  • Also includes tennis balls  for lightweight rackets that are softer and larger than conventional balls


  • Durable material
  • Strong grip for comfort
  • Includes tennis balls

Final Word

Making an online tennis racquet purchase might be intimidating for a newbie. We hope that our curated list has helped you make a decision on the racquet you desire. Based on our research, the Cosco Aluminum Tennis Racquet, Yonex Ezone Tennis Racquet, and Nivia G-21 Tennis Racquet are our top picks for the best tennis racquets in India. While making our recommendations, we also took into consideration factors like the size of the head, size of the racquet, weight and balance, stringing design, and grip. Let us know which one worked out the best for you!


What are the best tennis racquets for advanced players?

Tennis racquets designed for advanced players are made using the best available technologies to improve the player’s game. The best tennis racquets for advanced players are Babolat Pure Drive and Head Graphene, which have an excellent spin and give great control.

What tennis racquets do pro Tennis players use?

If you are someone who wishes to use the same racquets as the likes of Novak, Andy Murray, and Federer, go for the frames by Head, Yonex, and Babolat.

Are expensive tennis rackets worth it?

Expensive racquets boast superior string work upgrading it to a high quality. Given the close contact between the string and the ball while playing, this might be worth an investment if you are a regular tennis player.

What is the most expensive tennis racquet?

Not exactly sports equipment, the most expensive racquet is actually a tournament prize trophy of the Proximus Diamond games. Last played in 2008, this trophy racquet is made of gold and has a tennis ball studded with diamonds. Valued at 1.3M dollars, this racquet is the most expensive out there.

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