Playing with the best shuttlecocks can surely enhance your badminton skills by a great margin. A good shuttlecock is as important as a sturdy badminton racquet. If you’re looking to up your badminton skills, check out these top quality shuttlecock packs.

Importance of Having the Best Shuttlecocks in Badminton

High quality shuttlecocks are more durable, have a better flight stability, and offer a better trajectory. They are available either as feather or synthetic types, made with nylon or plastic. The performance of shuttles can also vary depending upon the temperature and altitude. For example, in hot weather and on higher grounds, speed of the shuttle will be higher as compared to cold weather and lower grounds. International badminton tournaments also factor in the shuttle speed for their games.

List Of 7 Best Shuttlecocks for Badminton

1. Yonex Mavis 350 Best Shuttlecocks

Best Shuttlecocks
Yonex Mavis 350 Best Shuttlecocks

This Yonex Mavis 350 pack of six shuttlecocks is exactly what a badminton lover needs. Each shuttlecock features a nylon skirt and a cork base that manage weight to ensure speed. It has a faster recovery time than an ordinary shuttlecock and can reach farther than most others, making the game even more exciting. The shuttlecock offers a stable trajectory and should be stored away from high temperatures with the cork side facing down for a longer life. Here you can also check List Of Tennis Racquet Brands

Material: Nylon

What’s Good:

  • Recovers in only 0.02 seconds after each smash
  • Performs almost similar to feather shuttles
    Budget-friendly shuttle cocks

2. Amifit Gold Series White Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks – Pack of 10

Amifit Gold Series White Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks - Pack of 10
Amifit Gold Series White Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks – Pack of 10

This cylindrical pack contains ten white feather shuttlecocks that can be easily pulled out one after the other. Each shuttlecock features a strong EVA based cork and strong yet light feathers for an excellent performance. This product is durable enough to be used multiple times and has an outstanding balance in the air.

Material: Feather

What’s Good:

  • Good quality adhesive to keep the feather and thread intact
  • Long lasting performance
    Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use

3. Franklin Shuttlecock

Franklin Shuttlecock
Franklin Shuttlecock

Built for competitive play, this pack of six shuttlecocks from Franklin will surely help you improve your game. Available in white, neon yellow, and bright blue colour options, these shuttlecocks are hard to miss while playing. Made from a sturdy plastic material, these birdies are long-lasting and strong. These shuttlecocks produce slow speed, which makes them easy to play with.

Material: Plastic

What’s Good:

  • Handles hard hits
  • Multicolour shuttlecock pack
  • Best shuttlecocks for beginners

4. Yonex Mavis 200i Best Shuttlecocks for Intermediate Badminton Players

Yonex Mavis 200i Best Shuttlecocks for Intermediate Badminton Players
Yonex Mavis 200i Best Shuttlecocks for Intermediate Badminton Players

Made with nylon skirt and synthetic cork, these Yonex shuttlecocks are durable and some of the best options in the market. The pack contains six shuttlecocks that each offer a stable flight path under different environmental conditions, are durable, and offer you an uncompromising gaming session. This is a cost-effective choice for your practice sessions. Made with high quality material and developed using the flight timing of feather shuttlecocks, they offer you better precision and recovery.

Material: Synthetic Cork Base & Nylon Skirt

What’s Good:

  • Fast recovery
  • Stable trajectory
  • The radium green color is radiant that makes it best for outdoor play

5. Arespark LED Shuttlecocks – Pack of 4

Arespark LED Shuttlecocks - Pack of 4
Arespark LED Shuttlecocks – Pack of 4

This pack contains four badminton shuttlecocks made with high-grade plastic that offers durability. The cork head further balances the shuttle in the air and provides it stability and an impeccable flight path every time. These are perfect for a game session during both day and night. These shuttlecocks come with red, green, and blue LED lights that can be turned on during the night.

Material: Rubber tips & feather

What’s Good:

  • Best shuttlecocks for night games
  • Real feathers
  • LED lights have an on/off button to conserve energy

6. Cosco Aero 727 Shuttlecocks

Cosco Aero 727 Shuttlecocks

These Cosco Aero 727 shuttlecocks are made of premium quality nylon and foam material. This pack contains 6 nylon shuttlecocks that are sure to amp up your badminton skills. They will provide complete control to you throughout the game and are extremely durable. These are the best shuttlecocks that are budget-friendly, coupled with excellent flight stability and great performance. It is ideal for both senior and junior players.

Material: Nylon

What’s Good:

  • It gives even balance for a light and consistent float
    Spring base delivers the right amount of impact and spring
  • Will not damage easily

7. Li-Ning All England Shuttlecock Pack

Li-Ning All England Shuttlecock Pack
Li-Ning All England Shuttlecock Pack

Made in England, this shuttle cock pack is renowned for providing a steady flight. The shuttlecock picks up pace and drops exactly where you planned for it to drop for that precise attacking moves. These shuttlecocks are designed precisely, and engineered for the best aerodynamic performance. It is believed that compared to regular shuttlecocks, nylon shuttlecocks provide 15% more accurate flights.

Material: Nylon

What’s Good:

  • Engineering grade nylon for extreme durability
  • For normal training conditions
  • The skirt becomes softer in hot weather conditions; less likely to break

List of Best Shuttlecocks for Outdoor

List of Best Shuttlecocks for OutdoorPrice
Yonex Mavis 350 Best ShuttlecocksRs 899
Amifit Gold Series White Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks – Pack of 10Rs 349
Franklin ShuttlecockRs 349
Yonex Mavis 200i Best Shuttlecocks for Intermediate Badminton PlayersRs 399
Arespark LED Shuttlecocks – Pack of 4Rs 5681
Cosco Aero 727 ShuttlecocksRs 450
Li-Ning All England Shuttlecock PackRs 550 – 1390 
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice

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