Tennis is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated and calculative outdoor games one can ever play. While not everyone can compete for the grand slams, learning tennis and playing it regularly can help shape your body and keep your mind healthy. The physical activity involved in playing the game is quite rigorous, making it essential for the players to use protective equipment and accessories like a headband, wristbands, and a perfect pair of shoes. Investing in the best tennis shoes brands will always be an excellent idea for those willing to indulge in this game.

They can help with running involved and keep the player nimble. Here are some of the best tennis shoe brands that are sure to impress you, owing to their impressive cushioning, comfort, and stability.

List of 15 Best Tennis Shoes Brands In India


Best Tennis Shoes Brands
ASICS Tennis Shoes

ASICS is a Japanese multinational known for its sports equipment and accessories. Popular among athletes and professional sports enthusiasts, ASICS designs innovative footwear for different kinds of sports.

Its range of tennis shoes has our heart. These shoes have an ergonomic design that allows comfort while lunging, chasing, diving, and jumping on the tennis field. They test each pair for support, grip, and cushioning for you to perform better in every match.

The brand uses a special Gel Resolution technology for most pairs that enhance the foot response.

2. Nike

Nike Tennis Shoes
Nike Tennis Shoes

This American multinational corporation has dominated the Indian sportswear industry since 2004. It is one of the international giants with a huge following and customer base who trust it for quality footwear.

If you’re looking for sturdy tennis shoes for yourself, you must stop here to look at the catalogue of designs it has. Each pair offers ample stability on hard courts and enough comfort for you to play and perform better. They have an advanced cushioning system that further adds to your efficiency.

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3. Vector X

Vector X Tennis Shoes
Vector X Tennis Shoes

Based in Jalandhar, Punjab, Vector X caters to the sportsmen who want to put their best foot forward in the field. The shoes are priced at an affordable range and have innovative and ergonomic designs. They have cushioned ankles and a padded footbed to ensure maximum comfort.

4. Lotto

Lotto Tennis Shoes
Lotto Tennis Shoes

Lotto is a global sportswear giant which competes with biggies like Adidas, Reebok, and Nike in this segment. This Italian brand has various designs and several colours to choose from. Pick any of its tennis shoes, and you’ll love wearing them while playing.

These shoes are lightweight and stable on hard tennis courts. Besides this, you get upward stability and multi-directional movement for comfortable play.

5. Wilson

Wilson Tennis Shoes
Wilson Tennis Shoes

A subsidiary of Amer Sports, Wilson Sporting Goods is based in Chicago, Illinois. It manufactures shoes for various sports, including basketball, badminton, golf, and more. But we love its tennis shoes collection.

These shoes have a high-quality built that are stable on the court. They are durable and control pivot movements to deliver efficient performance and enhanced comfort.

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6. Reebok

Reebok Tennis Shoes
Reebok Tennis Shoes

Reebok is a popular name in the Indian sportswear industry. The English-American brand has several outlets across the globe and even sells affordable men shoes online.

If you’re looking for the best tennis shoes for yourself, head over to Reebok’s catalogue of sports shoes for men and women. It has over 20 collections with unique designs and colour variants.

Reebok tennis shoes are popular among professional players and beginners due to their impressive on-ground stability and sturdy build. Since players must stay in the shoes for long hours, these tennis shoes also ensure ample comfort for your feet and prevent them from injuries.

7. Bata

BATA Tennis Shoes
BATA Tennis Shoes

Bata is one of the most trustworthy names when it comes to quality sports footwear. Used by professional athletes and school-level players, the footwear designed by this brand is known to be the sturdiest in the industry.

The shoes have a contemporary appearance and are made with textile to offer the feet enough breathability. They are lightweight, durable, and comfortable to wear. They are also suitable for walking and pairing with casual dresses. Meant to improve the player’s performance in the game, these shoes prevent all kinds of pain and injury while playing.

8. Nivia

Nivia Tennis Shoes
Nivia Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes by Nivia are highly favoured by professionals because of their firm grip during the play. The shoes deliver high performance and efficiency in both grass and clay courts.

They provide extra protection to the feet and are made from natural rubber latex. Shop from Nivia’s collection of tennis shoes and see for yourself. The brand combines rubber sole protection and adaptive collar padding to prevent your feet from slipping and twisting.

9. Fila

Fila Tennis Shoes
Fila Tennis Shoes

Fila tennis shoes are specifically made for avid tennis players. Its shoes are suitable for training and professional gaming. Fila, as a sports shoe brand, ensures that its footwear is lightweight and breathable.

The shoes keep the player nimble on their feet and have impressive abrasion resistance and stability. You can pick as you like from its vast collection of men’s and women’s shoes.

10. Furo

Furo Tennis Shoes
Furo Tennis Shoes

Furo by Red Chief is a premium tennis shoe brand that makes the game an absolute treat. The shoes provide the player extra comfort and strength during the game and contribute to the player’s performance. They are washable and made of natural rubber and mesh, making them perfect to wear even during intense heat.

11. Mizuno

Mizuno Tennis Shoes
Mizuno Tennis Shoes

Mizuno is loved by players at all levels because of its style and comfort. The shoes ensure unmatched performance and enable the players to deliver to the best of their abilities. They are light in weight, allowing the player to accelerate when needed and turn quickly without straining the ankle.

Most of its shoes are equipped with Mizuno’s signature technologies that offer benefits like durability, breathability, speed, resilience, cushioning and stability.

12. Adidas

Adidas Tennis Shoes
Adidas Tennis Shoes

Adidas is a top name in the sportswear industry. The German multinational has a range of shoes suitable for a variety of sports. However, its tennis shoes collection has our heart.

The shoes are one of a kind and made to provide world-class comfort. You can pick from its massive collection of shoes designed for clay courts or dig into its all-courts tennis shoes collection to find a pair for yourself. Each pair offers ample stability on the ground without compromising with lateral support needed to manoeuver on the court.

13. Yonex

Yonex Tennis Shoes
Yonex Tennis Shoes

Yonex is a Japanese sports equipment company that has a massive footprint in the sports industry. It manufactures sports equipment, including rackets, shuttlecocks, balls, bags, and footwear for badminton, golf, and tennis.

The shoes are perfect for those who want quality and comfort hand-in-hand. They are fun and functional at the same time and are incredibly lightweight, helping improve the game. Moreover, they have a cushioned footbed and sturdy upper material that protects the feet while playing. The shoes flex as per the player’s foot position, thus ensuring utmost comfort while speeding across the court.

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14. Fax

Fax Tennis Shoes
Fax Tennis Shoes

Fax tennis shoes have been around in the industry for quite some time now. The shoes tick all the right boxes in terms of build and design. The brand has constantly evolved to deliver the best shoes for players and improve their game. Each pair is made with strong upper material and has enough cushioning to prevent the player from sustaining foot injuries.

15. New Balance

New Balance Tennis Shoes
New Balance Tennis Shoes

New Balance is an American sports manufacturer that has a global following. Its shoes are available at premium prices and have top-notch quality. Owing to their lightweight and excellent build, they are used by many professional-level trainers and athletes.

We particularly love its tennis shoes collection as they are designed keeping in mind the bounce and manoeuver speed required by the player on the field. They are stable enough to keep a grip on the ground while providing the player with the best control and optimal support.

Top 15 Tennis Shoes Brands In India With Price List

Best Tennis Shoes BrandPrice*
ASICSRs 3,599 onward
NikeStarts from Rs 2,362
Vector XRs 850 and above
LottoUp to Rs 1,249
WilsonStarts from Rs 5,999
ReebokRs 2,759 and above
BATARs 399
NiviaStarts from Rs 894
FilaRs 1,499 and above
FuroRs 1,426 onward
ReebokRs 1,698 and above
YonexMinimum Rs 2,955
Best Tennis Shoes Brands

*Prices are subject to change.

FAQs Answered about The – Best Tennis Shoes Brands In India

1. What is the best brand of men’s shoes?

ASICS, Nike, Vector X, Wilson, and Adidas are the five best brands for men’s shoes. The shoes manufactured by these companies are high in quality and provide much-needed comfort while walking, jogging, running or playing.

2. How are tennis shoes different from sneakers?

Tennis shoes are designed for playing on hard and clay courts, while sneakers are built for running and sprinting. The material used to make tennis shoes is shock-absorbent and is carefully packed to prevent the feet from sudden injuries, while sneakers are made with canvas material or rubber. Other than this, sneakers and tennis shoes differ in the lateral support and cushioning level. While sneakers are designed with no lateral support and ample cushioning, tennis shoes have lateral support and comparatively lesser cushioning to ensure a safe play.

3. How do you choose the right tennis shoes?

Tennis involves physical activity and requires a lot of footwork to perform efficiently. Therefore, the footwear used while playing the game is made to provide ample comfort and grip on the court. Tennis shoes are specifically designed flat and have patterns on the sole. Compared to other kinds of shoes they are much sturdier and durable. Here are some of the pointers that can help you choose the right tennis shoes for yourself.

  • Fit: Tennis shoes must fit onto your foot comfortably. A distance of 13mm between the tip of your toe and the front of your shoe is considered ideal. Anything more or less than that can lead to blisters, injured calf muscles, and other foot injuries
  • Width and Toe Room: An ideal pair of tennis shoes must have the correct width and ample room for your toe to breathe and flex
  • Comfort: Tennis shoes must have a snug fit and feel comfortable on the ankle. The continuous movement of the foot leads to friction between the ankle and shoe, leading to ripping of the skin or bruises
  • Stability: A shoe that feels taut yet light on the foot offers perfect stability on the tennis court. The rubber sole further provides it the rigidity to nail the sharp and abrupt movements while also providing enough flexibility for the foot to move inside

4. What are the features of a tennis shoe?

Here are some of the features of tennis shoes:

  • Are flat compared to other kinds of shoes
  • Have designs on the sole for ample grip on the court
  • Have lateral support
  • Have strong upper material
  • Are equipped with shock absorbers
  • Have a stiff plastic layer in between to prevent the ankle from twisting

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