10 Best Tennis Shoes Brands - Complete Guide With Price Range

The game of tennis is undoubtedly not only one of the most sophisticated ones, but also one of the most glamorous. While not everyone can compete for the grand slams, at least one can try to always better their game and a good pair of tennis shoe is a must for that. They can really help with all the hours of running at the court and a good shoe will always keep the player nimble. Here are some of the most highly recommended tennis shoe brands with their prices and they are sure to impress the buyer.

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Here are the best brands for tennis shoes

1. Best Nivia tennis shoes

Tennis shoes from Nivia are highly favored by the professionals because of their firm grip during the play and because they are perfect for both grass and clay courts. The shoes provided extra added protection to the feet and are made from natural rubber latex. They are reasonably priced around Rs 1299 to Rs 1899.

2. Best Fila tennis shoes

Fila tennis shoes are made specifically for the avid tennis player and they are suitable for both the training as well as the game. Fila shoe brand is lightweight and breathable and they help the player to stay nimble on his or her feet. Both the men’s and the women’s shoes are much favored. The shoes are priced around Rs 16389 to Rs 3749.

3. Best Furo tennis shoes

Furo by Red Chief is a premium tennis shoe brand that makes the game of the player much player by providing him extra comfort and strength during the game. The shoes are washable and made from natural rubber and mesh and this makes them perfect even during intense heat. The shoes are available for a price of about Rs 1770 to Rs 3270.

4. Best Asics tennis shoes

Asics shoes are much popular among the players and they are very good for a beginner as well. Since players have to stay in the shoes for long hours, it is essential that they shoes remain comfortable and light on the feet, and Asics does just that. Priced around Rs 3728 and 5738 they are mid range shoes.

5. Best Vector X tennis shoes

Vector X is a top name among the brand of tennis shoes and not without a reason. The shoes are meant to improve the game by keep the player away from pain and injury during the game, making the player more confident. One can avail the shoes for a price of around Rs 1273 and Rs 2839.

6. Best Mizuno tennis shoes

Mizuno is a much loved brand among the players because the shoes are not just stylish but they are also quite comfortable and that is a great combination to be in the main court. The shoes up the style factor and also help in the game, making it a favorite among the player. The shoes are priced around Rs 3279 and Rs 6340.

7. Best Adidas tennis shoes

Adidas is a top name in the world of tennis shoes and the shoes are one of a kind. Everything about them is world class, which is why the top names in the sports world prefer them. These Adidas tennis shoes are truly a player’s delight and both the men’s and women’s shoes are highly favored. The shoes are priced around Rs 3279 and Rs 6390.

8. Best Fax Tennis shoes

Fax tennis shoes have been around for quite some time now and the shoes tick all the right boxes in terms of make and design. The brand has constantly evolved, trying to give the players the best shoe that would help them improve their game. The shoes can be had for a price range of Rs 399 and Rs 799.

9. Best New Balance tennis shoes

These shoes are one of the most reputed names worldwide and the shoes do not come very cheap either, priced around Rs 4729 and Rs 7360. The shoes are made from light weight material that makes those with leg problems play the game with ease. The shoes are one of a kind as they also have some of the most stunning designs.

10. Best Yonex tennis shoes

Yonex shoes are standard tennis shoes and those who want to build a collection will find a number of styles with them. The shoes are fun and functional at the same time and are extremely lightweight as well, greatly helping in improving the game. The shoes are available for a price range of between Rs 3623 and Rs 5720.

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