Best Sports Shoe Brands
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Whether you are a gym freak or a sports person, you always need the right pair of sports shoes. Sports shoes are sturdier and more comfortable, making them the ideal choice for most sports enthusiasts. So, if you’re looking for the best sports shoe brands to get a pair for yourself, here are some of the best picks.

Wearing the right pair of sports shoes will offer you great comfort, protect you from the risk of developing injuries, and let your feet breathe. While the market is filled with numerous brands and designs of sneakers, finding the right one may become a hassle for some. Check out this list of the 10 best sports shoes for men that offer maximum comfort and style.

List Of 10 Best Sports Shoes Brands For Men

1. ASIAN – Best Running Shoes for Men

Best Sports Shoe Brands

ASIAN brings you these best running shoes under 1000. The shoes have a comfortable ethylene vinyl acetate, a lace-up closure, and feel light when worn. The upper fabric is durable and has an elegant mesh-like design which makes them perfect for a casual pairing. This pair also has dampening protection and prevents them from soaking water.


  • Made with quality material
  • Durable and long-lasting

2. Nike – Best Running Shoes Overall


If you’re looking for the best Nike running shoes from the brand’s collection, Men’s Revolution is what you should pick. This collection has a whole range of colourful shoes, but this black shade has our heart. Made with fabric, these shoes have a sturdy build and smooth finish, making them ideal for fashion freaks. The dual-toned Nike logo further adds to the charm. These shoes, too, feature a lace closure and are perfect for outdoor activities.


  • Impressive quality and perfect fit
  • Comfortable to wear

3. Lotto – Stylish Sports Shoes for Men


Add a stylish, comfortable, and sporty look with Lotto’s men’s sports shoes. These sports shoes offer maximum comfort and style while indulging in sports activities. Besides, their corrugated bottom sole helps you get an easy grip while preventing slippage. These sneakers feature a soft footbed that is cushioned from inside, offering you all time comfort. Its lace-up design is easy to wear and saves you from the hassles of tying the lace of your shoe time and again.

If you’re looking for shoes best for badminton outfits, you can undoubtedly pick these.


  • It comes with a corrugated bottom sole for better grip
  • It has a soft cushioned footbed
  • These slip-on shoes save you from the hassle of tying a shoe lace
  • Best running shoes under 1000

4. Sparx – Budget Running Shoes for Men


Get utmost comfort and style with these superb black and white men’s sports shoes. The best running shoes from Sparx’s collection, these sneakers flaunt a cool striped design. They have medium width and are made with the finest black mesh that protects them from wear and tear. Each shoe comes with a comfortable cushioning that is light in weight and provides support to your ankles and toes during rigorous workouts. Available in UK sizes 6 to 10, these sports shoes are perfect for Indian men who love to keep a balance between style and comfort.

These sports shoes come with a PVC sole and lace-up closure ideal for sports activities, running and regular day trips.


  • Mesh to protect from wear & tear
  • Comfortable cushioning for ankle support

5. Adidas – Best Running Shoes


Nothing can beat the classy combination of blue, yellow and white. Hailing from the collection of best Adidas running shoes, this pair of shoes is super comfortable and light to wear. The brand brings you these amazing shoes perfect for physical activities. The elegant mesh upper makes it a go-to choice for most people who believe that workout and fashion can go hand-in-hand. The pait has lace closure and is flexible enough for all kinds of rigorous workout and sports activities.

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  • Made with material that stays free of flex marks
  • Decent fit
  • Superb quality

6. Lancer – Elegant Running Shoes for Men


Being one of the best sports shoe brands, Lancer designs its shoes keeping in mind the desired comfort and flexibility for a user. This pair features a durable navy-blue upper mesh that allows your feet to breathe freely while protecting the shoe from damage. Moreover, it has a thick and sturdy sole that provides stability while protecting your feet from impacts. The cushiony feel further offers ultimate comfort for your feet while indulging in sports activities and workouts.

These sports shoes have a sturdy sole that is ideal to be worn during gym sessions, sports activities, trekking and more.


  • Mesh material that lets your feet breathe
  • Thick sole to reduce the impact on feet
  • Cushioning for better ankle support

7. Reebok – Best Running Shoes in Premium Range


Looking for the best running shoes for men in the premium range? Reebok sports shoes must be on your list. These shoes sport a unique design with a synthetic upper and comfortable groovy sole. This pair has a lace-up closure, making it ideal for workout, sports activities, and to be paired with casual outfits.


  • Rounded toe for ample comfort
  • Premium quality worth the value

8. ASICS – Best Running Shoes for Men and Boys


ASICS shoes are defined by great fit and comfort. It is a popular manufacturer of the best running shoes for men and women. These premium ranged sports shoes come in various designs and colours to make the wearer feel light when working out. This design by ASICS is available in a combination of magnetic blue and white with a mesh upper that adds to its appearance. Its rubber sole offers enough comfort while indulging in rigorous activities and has a lace-up closure to keep the shoes put.

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  • Rounded toe design for maximum comfort
  • Performance-enhancing footwear
  • Best running shoes for athletes and sports enthusiasts

9. Puma – Best Running Shoes in Premium Quality


One of the best sports shoe brands – Puma brings you these unique sports shoes for men who like to keep it casual yet comfortable. This lace-up shoe design comes in a fabulous grey coloured mesh that allows your feet to breathe. It has a thick sole that is light in weight, making it perfect to wear during heavy workouts and sports activities. Apart from that, its casual design makes it a multi-purpose choice to be worn on regular days as well.

These sports shoes have a lightweight sole that helps you work out for longer durations without hurting your feet.


  • Mesh to protect the shoe from wear & tear
  • Best running shoes with light sole for comfort

10. Columbus – Stylish Running Shoes for Men


If you are looking for the best sports shoes for men, Columbus offers you affordable yet comfortable and stylish shoes. These shoes come with a mesh that ensures easy breathability while adding a classy appeal to them. The sole is lightweight, sturdy, and protects your feet from impacts during workouts and sports activities. Furthermore, it comes with a soft cushion insole that provides utmost support to your feet while making you comfortable throughout the day.

These sports shoes have a comfortable cushioning that allows you to work out for longer durations without hurting your feet.


  • Soft insole that provide comfort
  • Lightweight yet sturdy for running
  • Comes with mesh design for better breathability

List Of Best Sports Shoe Brands For Men With Price

Best Sports Shoe Brands*Price
ASIANStarting from Rs 499
NikeUp to Rs 3,695
LottoStarting from Rs 810
SparxUp to Rs 901
AdidasStarting from Rs 1,380
LancerUp to Rs 699
ReebokStarting from Rs 1,047
ASICSUp to Rs 4,049
PumaStarting from Rs 1,047
ColumbusRs 599
Best Sports Shoe Brands

*Prices are subject to change

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