Best Sneaker Brands
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Sneakers are durable footwear that are stylish and trendy at the same time. Standing at the cusp of casual and sports, these outdoor shoes keep the wearer comfortable for long hours. They are perfect for covering long distances, for working out, and for wear while playing light sports.

A pair of good sneakers is sure to make your day a lot better. Here are some of the best sneaker brands to help you make the right choice.

List Of 15 Best Sneaker Brands In India

1. Columbus

Best Sneaker Shoes Brands

Columbus is one of the best brands to invest in when looking for sturdy and durable shoes. It has several shoe collections, including canvas shoes, running shoes, and more. However, we adore its range of sneakers that are stylish and durable. Made with synthetic TPR material, these shoes feel absolutely lightweight when worn.

Each pair has a sturdy and rugged outsole that provides a better grip on the ground.

2. Sparx


A manufacturer of smart footwear, Sparx is known for having a range of best quality sportswear. True to its motive, the brand excels in building stylish pairs of shoes priced at a middle range. If you’re a fashion-forward shopper, check out Sparx’s collection of trendy footwear. From simple styles to rugged shoes, you’ll get them all here.

Do check out its range of casual shoes and sneakers that look cool with almost every outfit. The pairs are light in weight and also come in unisex variants.

3. Centrino

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Looking for an inexpensive brand to shop for quality sneakers? Centrino is your go-to option. This brand has a catalogue of footwear across formal and casual ranges. Check out its collection of sneakers that are sturdy and durable.

You get to pick from a range of classy shoes available in leather, canvas, synthetic, and more. The pair looks elegant when worn and are absolutely light in weight.

4. Bata


Bata is one of the oldest and most trusted footwear manufacturers in India. From being a go-to option for school shoes to having a range of formal ones, Bata has you covered from all directions. If you’re looking for an elegant, casual pair of shoes, check out Bata’s collection of sneakers.

Whether you want to buy slip-on shoes or ones that have a lace closure design, you’ll find them all here. They are extremely comfortable to wear and come in super cool designs that go with almost every outfit.

5. US Polo Assn.

US Polo Assn.
US Polo Assn.

US Polo Assn. is a brand owned by the United States’ Official Polo Club. The brand manufactures quality sportswear, including t-shirts, footwear and other fashion wearables at a value for money range. Take a look at their collection of sneakers that is nothing less than regal.

The pairs are made of synthetic material and suit well with casual outfits. You get to a rare mix of comfort, style, and premium quality that beats most brands offering footwear at this range.

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6. Levi’s


Levi’s is one of the most reputed and trusted brands globally, no doubt. Their sneakers are best and are available in waterproof variants. The brand is committed to bringing the best experience for their customers, which is why they manufacture sneakers that are light in weight. You get to pick from standard and muted shades, making them perfect for practical for every occasion.

7. Roadstag


Roadstag sneakers are highly preferred by those who love the outdoor vibe. They are suitable for both work and play, making them a versatile choice for the shopper. The shoes are made of good mesh nylon and soles from latex rubber. They are also known for their fit, making them one of the highest-rated pairs of footwear.

8. Essence


Essence sneakers are durable and tough. The brand has stylish sneakers that have all the qualities combined, making it a highly rated shoe brand. The brand has managed to carve out a niche for itself even when several other trusted brands already exist in the market.

9. Real Blue

Real Blue
Real Blue

Real Blue sneakers are low maintenance sneakers and provide great value for money. Be it a day out for a picnic or a casual day at work, these sneakers suit all moods and occasions. Those who love to build a collection are sure to find various desirable and durable styles.

10. Carrito


Carrito Sneakers have a wide range of options when it comes to style. This is one of the many reasons why numerous consumers favour it. Those who want to break away from the traditional mould of footwear and want to stand out will find Carrito sneakers standing up to their expectations. The brand has something for every taste.

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11. Bond Street

Bond Street
Bond Street

Bond Street by Red Tape believes in mixing style with substance. This is the perfect brand for those who prefer understated style and elegance, even with their sneakers. The footwear is made with new-age technology, which keeps common leg injuries at bay and seems to make the day extra comfortable, even if the wearer is on their feet throughout the day.

12. Knight Ace

Knight Ace
Knight Ace

Knight Ace sneakers are indeed the best shoes for modern men and women. If you are in love with the sophistication of the bygone eras, this brand is truly a go-to option for you. The shoes are sleek and stylish and have an aura around them, making them a great buy. Their durability ensures that they would stay in good shape for a very long time as well.

13. T-Rock


T-Rock Sneaker shoes are sturdy shoes that give extra leverage when walking on rough terrain. They are not just great for regular wear but can also take on pretty much any activity that puts additional pressure on the feet. The styles are equally varied, and they are just as great for lounging around with friends.

14. Beonza


Beonza sneakers come with extra padded soles and are made from high-quality mesh fibre that provides extra cushioning to the feet from all sides. The shoes offer great resistance during jumps, which is why they are popular among those who have a hectic lifestyle.

15. Butchi


Butchi sneakers are highly recommended by all its previous users because of the extra strength it lends to the feet. The USP of the shoes is that they are sleek and yet quite tough, without appearing to be so. They even offer comfort to the wearer while offering a good grip on the ground at the same time.

List Of Best Sneaker Shoes Brands In India With Price List

Best Sneaker Brands Price*
ColumbusStarting at Rs 599
SparxStarting at Rs 474
CentrinoStarting at Rs 399
BATAStarting at Rs 699
US Polo Assn.Starting at Rs 1,586
LevisStarting at Rs 1,399
RoadstagStarting at Rs 444
EssenceStarting at Rs 299
Real BlueStarting at Rs 599
CarritoStarting at Rs 488
Bond StreetStarting at Rs 599
Knight AceStarting at Rs 501
T-RockStarting at Rs 499
BeonzaStarting at Rs 474
ButchiStarting at Rs 400
Best Sneaker Brands

*Prices are subject to change.

FAQs Answered about The – Best Sneaker Brands In India

1. Which sneaker brand is the best?

Columbus, Sparx, Bata, Levis, and US Polo Assn. are the best sneaker brands in India. Each of these brands has a collection of trendy sneakers that range anywhere from inexpensive shoes to premium-ranged footwear without compromising on quality.

2. What is the most popular sneaker?

Sparx Men’s Sm-402 Sneakers, Centrino Men’s Sneakers, Bata Denim Sneakers, USPA Clarkin Sneakers are the most popular sneakers available in the market.

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