Walking is one of the basic and the best form of exercise but a good pair of shoes is essential to keep walking without putting extra pressure on the feet and to prevent any kind of unnecessary injury. The walking shoes should be snug and comfortable and investing in a good pair of shoes can help in a number of ways, including a number of extra miles to your walking regimen and help you to shed a number of extra calories. Here are some of the best walking shoes brand available today in the market and they are listed with their prices.

Here are the best brands for walking shoes

1. Best Derby Kicks walking shoes

The comfortable pair of walking shoes can really want to make the user keep on walking with its comfortable make and super soft soles. The shoes are made from soft natural fabric and are very easy on the feet. One can buy them at a price of Rs 699 to Rs 1899 and there is a variety to suit every pocket.

2. Best Red Tape Nordic walking shoes

Those who face difficultly walking long distances will find immense comfort in these shoes because of their softness and because of the special technology that has been used to design the soles of the shoes. The shoes are one of a kind and are also good for the elderly and are reduced pressure on the feet. One can buy the shoes for a price of Rs 1713 to Rs 3210.

3. Best Puma walking shoes

Puma is one of the most reputed brands worldwide and the walking shoes are made from special shock absorbent formula that can add a lot of extra miles to the walking routine and make you look forward to the exercise. The soles are made from natural leather and are the shoes are available in a price range of Rs 1699 to Rs 5000.

4. Best Knight Ace walking shoes

Designed for the maximum amount of comfort, the shoes are meant for covering long distances in less time and they are highly breathable, making them one of the best options for the hot and humid climates. The shoes are available for both men and women and the designs are fun and colorful. One can avail them at a price of about Rs 449 to Rs 1299.

5. Best Power walking shoes

Power shoes are made from lightweight fabric material and mesh nylon and they have extra soft rubber padded soles. They are also made to fit snugly and gives ample support to the ankles, that is a must for long distance walking. One of the best mid- range shoes in the market, the users can have them for a price of Rs 1649 to Rs 1999.

6. Best Aorfeo walking shoes

Aorfeo is a premium walking shoe brand that has a lot of admirers especially among the youngsters. The shoes are made with a special combination of PU leather and rubber that provides extra support to the ankles and the shoes are especially designed for those with leg problems. One can have the shoes for a price of Rs 599 to Rs 1899.

7. Best Unistar walking shoes

Unistar is a premium shoe brand that has constantly evolved along with the need of the users and the changing dynamics of footwear. The walking shoes have been made with special consideration of the user feedback and this is what makes them one of the leading sellers of shoes even with so many brands already available. They can be bought for a price range between Rs 499 and Rs 2199

8. Best Sketchers walking shoes

Sketchers specialize in making premium and high quality walking and running shoes and they are highly rated from those who exercise regularly. The special shock absorbent technology makes them suitable for the elderly people who walk everyday for hours and it prevents any kind of straining or cramping. Priced a little higher, the shoes can be availed for Rs 4850 to Rs 6100.

9. Best Sparx walking shoes

Sparx is a well known brand for making some of the high end shoes in the world and they not just comfortable and trendy, but are made according to scientific methods recommended by the doctors. The shoes also use natural fibers as much as possible and that goes a long way in making them long lasting as well. They are priced affordably around Rs 849 to Rs 1900.

10. Best Kraasa walking shoes

Kraasa is a well known brand of shoe that makes it a great choice for those who want to exercise regularly and they facilitate in it. The soft natural rubber soles improves the blood circulation to a considerable degree and also reduced existing pain. The shoes are priced quite low at about Rs 448 to Rs 999.


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