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Whether you need to get your health in order or commute from one place to another, walking remains a constant. If you spend a lot of time on your feet daily, you must invest in good quality walking shoes. Walking can get tedious and uncomfortable if you don’t have the right pair of shoes. They can also cause injuries to your heel or ankles. When buying walking shoes, you should check if they offer the right fit and support your stride. Walking is an exercise that can burn a lot of calories if you remain consistent with it. So, here are the top walking shoes brands that you must check out.

List Of 17 Best Walking Shoes Brands In India

1. Derby Kicks

Derby Kicks Shoes
Derby Kicks

If you are looking for a brand that produces superb quality shoes at affordable prices, Derby Kicks can be a great option. Crafted with a high-quality mesh upper, these shoes are light as air and keep your feet sweat-free. The lightweight build and supportive insole offer you just the comfort that you need while walking. Whether you’re running errands for the day or going for a quick brisk walk session, Derby Kicks will not disappoint.

2. Puma

Puma Shoes
Puma Shoes

Puma is a brand that needs no introduction when it comes to shoes. It is one of the most reputed manufacturers of athletic products that also sponsors some of the best sportsmen worldwide.

Puma Softride is made with lightweight mesh and a durable rubber sole that keeps you steady while walking. Available in a variety of colours, these shoes look striking when paired with the right outfit.

3. Nike

Nike Shoes
Nike Shoes

Nike is one of the most renowned sports brands in the world. They are famous for creating stylish sportswear, which sets them apart from their competitors.

The Nike Explore Strada are highly durable and lightweight shoes, perfect for your evening walks. Its soft footbed offers immense support to your underfoot with every step you take. Its sleek and contemporary design lets you show off your style without compromising on comfort.

4. Red Tape

Red Tape Shoes
Red Tape Shoes

Whether you need a pair of sports shoes, formals, or casuals, Red Tape has a huge variety of products for you. It is a well-known brand, and you can find numerous variants ranging from affordable to expensive ones. 

Red Tape walking shoes are a popular choice due to their comfortable and lightweight design. The EVA padded sole makes these shoes perfect for a walk and even a vigorous running session. You can pair them with a t-shirt and jeans to complete your casual ensemble.  

5. New Balance

New Balance Shoes
New Balance Shoes

New Balance is a prominent name in the sports apparel industry. With millions of loyal customers from around the globe, this brand stays on top of its game. 

The New Balance 24/7 walking shoes can be your best friend for a quick morning or evening walk. Crafted with mesh upper and synthetic overlays, these shoes are lightweight and provide comfort. You can pair them with your regular outfits to create a chill and casual look. The honeycomb-patterned grooves on the sole prevent skidding or slipping.

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The number one Japanese athletic apparel producer, ASICS, is a renowned sports brand in the world. The brand name encourages the concept ‘Sound mind in a sound body’ and has lived up to its name.  

Made with synthetic material, ASICS running shoes offer comfort and keep your feet smelling fresh all day. It comes with a lace closure to give you the perfect grip for walking or running.  

7. Skechers

Skechers Shoes
Skechers Shoes

Skechers specialise in creating premium-quality footwear, and each customer is like a walking advertisement for the brand.  

Designed with a thick memory foam footbed, Skechers Nordic shoes offer long-lasting support to your feet. Especially if you’re older, buying these shoes can be a great option. The mesh upper allows your feet to stay dry and reduce sweat accumulation.  

8. Sparx

Sparx Shoes
Sparx Shoes

If you are looking for shoes created with doctor’s consultations, choosing Sparx can be a great option. The brand is known to produce the most comfortable shoes at highly affordable prices.  

Sparx running shoes are designed with a mesh upper which makes them supremely comfortable for all-day wear. It has a bouncy EVA sole that supports your feet while walking or running.  

9. Liberty

Liberty Shoes
Liberty Shoes

Liberty is one of the oldest and most famous Indian shoe companies. Started as a school shoemaker, this brand now offers a diverse range of footwear products. 

Liberty Diego shoes can be a great choice for those who don’t like the hassle of tying laces. Designed with convenient pull tabs, these shoes are very easy to wear. The upper is made of mesh which ensures that your feet don’t get too sweaty while walking. If you need comfort, affordability, and style in one pair of shoes, buy them today.  

10. Unistar

Unistar Shoes
Unistar Shoes

Unistar is a leading footwear brand that has evolved tremendously in the past few years. The shoes are quite affordable and offer the comfort that you need for various purposes.  

Unistar jogging and walking shoes are crafted with polyester, which makes them lightweight. They have a snug-fit design with lace closure so that you can adjust the fit at your convenience.

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11. Lancer

Lancer Shoes
Lancer Shoes

Lancer has emerged as a great footwear brand in India in the last decade. They are famous for creating durable products at highly affordable prices.  

Lancer running and walking shoes are made with an anti-microbial material that prevents bacteria and odour formation. It also comes with a ribbed collar to give you the perfect fit.  

12. Lotto

Lotto Shoes
Lotto Shoes

Lotto excels in creating top-quality products and staying on the affordable end simultaneously.  

Lotto walking shoes are made with extremely comfortable material and a mesh-like upper to enhance airflow. Whether you are going out for a run or just a walk, these shoes can be the perfect choice for you. The thick and soft footbed offers immense support and protects your feet from injuries.  

13. Krassa

Krassa Shoes
Krassa Shoes

Krassa is a well-known brand that creates footwear products exclusively for people who are into sports.  

The shoes are designed with an EVA sole which keeps your feet balanced while walking. It also comes with a soft and cushiony insole that offers comfort to your feet while walking. The shoes also help in alleviating pain or discomfort in your ankles. 

14. Reebok

Reebok Shoes
Reebok Shoes

Reebok is a popular choice for many due to the durability and different technologies they design their shoes with.  

The Reebok Inbound shoes can be the perfect choice for people who suffer from foot injuries. Its padded bottom helps support your underfoot and provides comfort. The shoes are designed with multiple holes on the upper to enhance breathability. 

15. Asian

Asian Shoes
Asian Shoes

Asian takes pride in being one of the finest Indian footwear brands, and their products say it all. The shoes are designed with the thought of matching international standards, and they make no compromise on quality.  

The Asian Casual Canvas shoes are made with light and breathable material to prevent sweat accumulation. They come with a soft and padded EVA sole to keep your underfoot comfort all day long.

16. Campus

Campus Shoes
Campus Shoes

Campus is a prominent casual and sports shoe brand in India. If you are looking for premium quality shoes without burning a hole in your pockets, check out their products.  

Campus Oxyfit shoes are designed with mesh which makes them very lightweight. Its phylon sole offers the right support and balances your feet on different terrains. 

17. Power

Power Shoes
Power Shoes

Power is a brand known for using lightweight and soft material in its footwear products to prioritize your comfort.  

Power Barefoot walking shoes come with a synthetic upper, which offers a sock-like fit around your feet. They also come with a soft and thick footbed which offers ample support to your feet and ankles. 

List Of Best Walking Shoes Brands In India With Price List

Best Walking Shoes BrandsPrice*
Derby KicksStarting at Rs 479
PumaStarting at Rs 1,850
NikeStarting at Rs 4,395
Red TapeStarting at Rs 4,899
New BalanceStarting at 1,749
ASICSStarting at Rs 1,574
SkechersStarting at Rs 2,850
SparxStarting at Rs 849
LibertyStarting at Rs 1,007
UnistarStarting at Rs 379
LancerStarting at Rs 599
LottoStarting at Rs 999
KrassaStarting at Rs 999
ReebokStarting at Rs 2,015
AsianStarting at Rs 999
CampusStarting at Rs 599
PowerStarting at Rs 1499
Prices are subject to change and may vary as per size

FAQs Answered about The – Best Walking Shoes Brands In India

1. What are the features of a good pair of walking shoes?

Every pair of shoes has something unique about it but you must make sure that your shoes are comfortable before anything else. Check if the shoes have a soft lining, thick underfoot padding, skid-resistant soles, and offers a snug fit. You should always buy shoes with thick collars to protect your ankle and support your feet with every step.

2. What are the most comfortable walking shoes brands?

Walking requires durable and comfortable shoes and there are numerous brands that produce them. Some of the most trusted brands are Nike, Skechers, Puma, and Reebok. In case if you are looking for something on the affordable side, you can opt for brands like Liberty, Campus, or Derby Kicks.

3. What are the best walking shoes for men and women?

Walking can put a lot of pressure on your feet, especially if you’re overweight. Whether you are a man or woman, you should buy shoes that are made with lightweight material and offer immense support to your feet. Choose something with high-quality insoles, and rubber outsoles to avoid the chances of skidding. A pair of good walking shoes will alleviate all the pressure off your feet so that you can enjoy long walking sessions.

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