High heeled sandals may not be your go-to pick, more so because they can make you prone to lower back pain. Wearing heels and doing a particular activity for long hours such as standing or walking can aggravate heel stress. It can lead to soreness and cause pain in the heels. Working women or women who spend most of the time outside their homes should go for flat sandals, platform heels, or heels with a lower height. There are many brands in India who have stylish yet comfortable options in women sandals, so to help you clear your confusion we present to you the best sandal brands for women in India that are oh-so-comfortable! Go nail that OOTD, ladies!. Here you can also check: best brands to buy women flats & walking shoes in India.

List Of Best Footwear Brands for Women/Ladies

1. Woodland

Best Sandal Brands for Women

Woodland is synonymous with style and comfort. The Indian brand offers a number of styles, colours, and designs to choose from its flat or low-heeled range. Pick from synthetic leather for a classy outfit, or suede leather to make a bold style statement.

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2. Sparx

Sparx Sandals

Revel in your personal space of comfort and quality with Sparx. One of the most affordable footwear brands in the country, Sparx has a wide range of stylish sandals, flip flops, formal shoes, and house slippers for women who like to experiment with solid, vibrant colours.

3. Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper Sandals
Lee Cooper

Go for the uber-stylish Lee Cooper sandals for women. You will be spoilt for choice from a plethora of low and medium heeled options in sandals. Choose from the many different colours, styles, and designs, and find one new fit for every occasion in your life. With exceptional quality products, Lee Cooper has become of the best women sandals brands in the country.

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4. Nike

Nike Sandals

One of the most popular active sportswear brands in the country, Nike offers variedly styled shoes for cross training, weightlifting, running, as well as casual wear. With a limited number of styles available in sandals, the brand more than makes up for the same with unique lightweight designs and unparalleled comforts.

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5. Bata

Bata Sandals

Bata is a highly reliable and well-known shoe brand in India. Time and again the company has come up with innovations pertaining to fabric and design, keeping in mind the comfort factor. Bata makes viable branded sandals for women of all ages and professions. It offers stylish yet comfy sandals in an array of colours and styles.

6. Crocs

Crocs Sandals

Treat your feet with kindness with the Crocs’ range of vibrant, lightweight, and comfy sandals. Available in a range of colours and styles, all Crocs sandals are close variants of the classic, breezy sandals launched initially by the brand. All Crocs sandals are made from Crocs’ original Croslite foam which make them extremely durable and multiuse.

7. Mochi

Mochi Sandals

Mochi is a popular Indian shoe manufacturer who offers reliable and stylish products. Mochi’s top notch quality and uber-cool style has made it a household name in the Indian market. Available in a range of popular styles, Mochi sandals are a favorite among working women.

8. Tresmode

Tresmode Sandals

The perfect amalgamation of style and comfort, Tresmode sandals are favourite among women. Made from premium quality material, these sandals are the perfect fit if for the women who like to hustle a little harder than the rest. Worn by international celebs across the globe, this brand has found a sweet spot for itself in the Indian retail market as well.

With a wide range of styles, colours, and designs, you can have one pair for every occasion.

9. Trase

TRASE Sandals

From flats and heels to gladiators and thong sandals, there is nothing that Trase does not offer. High on the fashion quotient, their sandals are extremely reliable and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Ideal for long wear, the entire range is easy maintain and extremely versatile.

10. Paragon

Paragon Sandals

One of India’s most trusted footwear brands, Paragon has an extended range of footwear for men, women, and children. One of the best sandal brands for women, this brand offers options for regular wear, formal wear, as well as office wear. Not only are these sandals reliable, but also highly comfortable to suit the needs of the modern woman.

11. Mode by Red Tape

Mode by Red Tape Sandals
Mode by Red Tape

A leading retailer of apparel for men and women, Red Tape has ventured into the footwear industry with its in-house brand Mode. Practical, elegant, and stylish, the brand caters to the need of women across cities and generations. From open-toed heeled sandals to buckle-fastened flat sandals, the brand has something to support you in all walks of life.

12. Catwalk

Catwalk Sandals

If you like to leave a lasting impression wherever you go, Catwalk is the brand for you. From thong sandals and beach flats to 6-inch heels and towering boots, there is nothing that the brand does not offer. The premium choice of women who like to hustle hard and party harder, Catwalk sandals are a must-have in every wardrobe.

13. Clarks

Clarks Sandals for Women

This European ladies sandals brand has drawn itself a loyal fanbase across countries and continents. From platform sandals and wedge heels to formal ballerinas and fun flats, you can find all your evergreen favourites here. A premium quality brand for fashion-conscious women, Clarks Sandals is nothing short of a luxurious experience for your feet.

14. Metro

Metro Sandals

The friendly neighbourhood brand, Metro shoes has stores all over the country. With designer shoes for both men and women, this brand continues to stand the test of time through premium quality products and classy style. From partywear sandals to studded stilettoes, Metro has something for every woman.

15. Klaur Melbourne

Klaur Melbourne Sandals
Klaur Melbourne

If fashion and comfort had to be defined, Klaur Melbourne would top the list. One of the most stylish footwear brands in the country, Klaur Melbourne offers the hottest picks of footwear at affordable prices for all to buy. Not only do they have a wide range of designs and patterns available, but are also supremely sturdy and reliable.

16. Zapatoz


Make comfort your priority and flaunt your happy feet with the vibrant range of women’s sandals from Zapatoz. Made from best quality material for extended use, the brand offers affordable and stylish footwear for all occasions including party wear, office wear, casual wear, as well as formal wear.

17. Madam Glorious

Madam Glorious Sandals
Madam Glorious

Always looking to hop on to new fashion trends in the market? Checkout Madam Glorious. One of the most sought-after footwear brands, it offers a splendid variety of women’s sandals that are comfortable and affordable. From solid pastels to vibrant prints, the brand has something to offer for all your fun moods.

18. Denill

Denill Sandals

Walk an extra mile in the super-comfortable Denill sandals and let your confidence speak for itself. Designed for the modern-day go-getters, the brand has an exclusive line of bespoke footwear for women. From cushioned flats to strappy heels and summer flipflops, you can find the best of it all in one place.

19. Do Bhai

Do Bhai Sandals for Women
Do Bhai

Want to have a wardrobe full of high-fashion shoes but struggling with budget? Do Bhai presents the ultimate solution for you. Crafted especially for the women who like to keep up with the on-going trends, Do Bhai is a stylish, pocket-friendly brand that makes quality footwear accessible to all.

20. Quriozz

Quriozz Sandals for Women

Tired of looking for a one-stop store for your traditional, modern, and casual needs? Quriozz might be your saviour. From slip-on sandals to ethnic flats and low-heeled slippers, this brand offers a lush variety of footwear for women. Additionally, these pieces are highly comfortable and affordable.


Which brand is best for sandals?

All brands mentioned on our list are some of the best sandal brands in India. However, Bata has the reputation of being the finest of the lot. Bata sandals are very long-lasting and are very comfortable to wear.. Bata boasts of a large collection of sandals for men, women, and children.

What brand of flip flops are the most comfortable?

Crocs flip flops are super comfortable to wear and are made from skin-friendly material. Crocs flip flops are made keeping the customers in mind and offer a snug fit to your feet. The flip flops are appropriate for al weathers including monsoon as they are waterproof.

What are the most comfortable sandals for walking?

Sport sandals are the most comfortable sandals to wear for walking. They hold your feet in place and prevent them from twisting or injuring you. You can fasten the strap of the sandals for your convenience. Sports sandals also have a sturdy sole for added comfort while walking.

What sandals do podiatrists recommend?

A podiatrist is a doctor that takes care of your foot, ankle, and legs. Podiatrists recommend you to wear sandals that fit you well and have a similar soul to your foot. They also suggest wearing sandals that are lightweight and made from skin-friendly material. Sketchers’ sandals are highly recommended by them.

What are the best sandals for walking and hiking?

For hiking and walking it is best that you pick sandals that fit you well are the right size. This will ensure that you do not injure your foot or twist your ankle while hiking or walking. Woodland has some of the best sandals for hiking as they are sturdy and fit well. Woodland sandal soles are also thick

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