16 Best Canvas Shoe Brands India

Canvas shoes are extremely comfortable and they are perfect for a casual day out. They are also washable in most cases which makes them easy to maintain and most often, they are also quite affordable. The best thing about canvas is that they come in a variety of colors and prints and they are perfect as daywear as well as nightwear when teamed with the right outfit. Here is a list of the best canvas shoe brands so that you can have your pick from a wide range of options, and the prices will help you make the best buys. Also, Here you can check: Best trekking shoe & salking Shoe brands in India.

List Of 16 Best Canvas Shoe Brands in India

1. Converse

best canvas shoe brands

Converse Canvas shoes by Nike are one of the best in this segment of shoes globally. The motto of the company is to do everything in its power to expand human potential and one of them is by definitely having the right footwear. Converse Canvas shoes come in a variety of design like the Courtland, Low- top- Lace shoe and Point Star shoe. The shoes are ranged between Rs 1,500 and Rs 4,890 approximately.

2. United Colors of Benetton

best canvas shoe brands
United Colours of Benetton

Canvas shoes from this brand come in a variety of options and buyers may have their pick from slip- ons, sneakers, and even the unisex design. The Men’s Derby is one of the more popular variants. The soles of UCB Shoes are extremely comfortable and the mesh design further adds to the comfort. The prices range from Rs 1,280 and can go up to Rs 5,400 approximately.

3. Sparx

best Sparx canvas shoes

Sparx canvas shoes are a great way to up your footwear game in a budget. They come in a variety of designs, colours and style to suit everyone’s palate. These shoes can be paired with your casual outfits for a cool look. Sparx canvas shoes are priced between Rs 799 and Rs 1,499 on the Amazon storefront.


best ALDO canvas shoes

ALDO is a name to be reckoned with when it comes to shoes and they are one of the best selling brands not on in the US but globally. The ALDO Giling Shoe, the Loffer, and the Nation 98 variants deserve special mention. The shoes start from a range of Rs 3,500 and the price can climb up to Rs 14,500.

5. Symbol

best canvas shoes

Symbol is the in-house brand of Amazon and teams impeccable quality with comfort in their casual canvas shoes. Additionally, these shoes are quality tested to check sole bond adhesion, endurance, outsole abrasion resistance to deliver a superior product. These shoes are priced in a range of Rs 969-1,019.

6. Puma

best canvas shoes

Puma has a wide range of canvas shoes and their designs are spectacular. There is something to suit everyone’s tastes and the shoes are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. They are perfect to be worn throughout the day and can help relieve a number of foot problems. Puma canvas shoes are mostly available from Rs 1,999 onwards and they can go up to Rs 6,700.

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7. Lotto

best canvas shoe brands

Started as a tennis shoe brand, Lotto has made its mark in the footwear industry with its huge range of sports shoes and casual shoes. These shoes are a product of years of research and are valued between Rs 699 and Rs 822.

8. Fila

best FILA shoes

Fila is a renowned brand of footwear and apparel and is a favourite find when it comes to classy yet smart casual dressing. Their canvas shoes have been in the market for long and are priced anywhere between Rs 1,159 – 6,300. Make a fashion statement on your casual outings and weekend getaways with the Fila canvas shoes.

9. Woodland

best Woodland Canvas shoes

From sturdy footwear to comfortable apparel, Woodland is a one stop solution for all your active wear – thanks to its exhaustive line of outdoor gear, performance apparel, and footwear. A functional yet fashionable pick, Woodland canvas shoes are one of a kind. They feature a textured patterned sole with a cushioned footbed.

10. Pro by Khadims

best canvas shoe brands
Pro by Khadims

Are you a fan of printed shoes? Then Khadims has a collection for you with their Pro canvas shoes. These shoes are available in a plethora of colours, sizes, and made with high quality canvas that requires zero maintenance that lasts longer than usual. High on comfort and style, these affordable shoes are priced Rs 500 onwards.

11. Roadster

Roadster canvas shoes are mostly casual in style and they are apt for Friday work wear or for college. They come in interesting design and patterns and they have striking colors for added visual appeal. The shoes start from about Rs 1,300 and they can go up to Rs 4,500 approximately.

12. DressBerry

This is one of the best brands when it comes to exclusive women’s canvas shoes. There can be nothing better to feel prettier in. The brand has shoes in pretty pastel shades, and the shoes come in floral patterns and in a variety of colors. The shoes are mostly priced between Rs 2,200 and Rs 5,600.

13. Diesel

Diesel canvas shoes are sure to help you make a statement as soon as you step out in them. There are few other brands that can help make canvas shoes so stylish and classic. The Stud V S variant and the Fashionisto are hot buys from the brand. The shoes are mostly available from Rs 3,500 and the price can climb up to Rs 10,500.

14. Lacoste

Lacoste shoes are one of a kind because of their innovative design. It is a French shoe company which has premium designs for all their shoes. The Lacoste Marice, Lerond and Fairlead variants are always popular and they are worn by some of the top names in the fashion world. The canvas shoes mostly come in soft, muted shades. The prices of the shoes range between Rs 2,500 and Rs 6,500 approximately.

15. Jack & Jones

Jack and Jones shoes are all-time favorites and they are always innovating their designs to make them more appealing to the younger generation. The casual canvas shoes are easily washable and will see you through a busy day at office or work. The canvas-laced shoes from their brands are extremely popular. They are priced mostly between Rs 1,350 and Rs 4,500.

16. Dorothy Perkins

One of the best brands in women’s shoes, the Dorothy Perkins canvas shoes are the best in the industry when it comes to fashion on a budget. As a British brand that also maintains the British sophistication in its designs, it has gained widespread acceptability right from its inception a century before and has never looked back. The canvas shoes are stylish and functional at the same time and are meant for the modern woman of substance. The price range lies between Rs 1,200 and Rs 6,800 approximately.


1. Is canvas good for shoes?

Besides being a fashion statement, canvas shoes are comparatively lightweight, and breathable when it comes to footwear. These multipurpose shoes come in different styles and can be cleaned easily without much hassle.

2. Are branded canvas shoes durable?

Made of canvas, these shoes are lightweight, cheaper, low maintenance, and offer a snug fit from day 1. However, they might wear out over time and if you are looking for a durable pair of shoes, go for leather or some other varieties.

3. Are canvas sneakers good for walking?

Canvas sneakers are meant for casual wear and they do not feature the kind of cushioning and support required for walking and running activities. Hence, it is advisable to wear sports shoes for your walks.

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