10 Best Camera Bags in India to Keep Your Equipment Safe

Cameras and their accessories are a valuable investment; hence, they must be protected properly. For this, camera bags work the best. They not only keep the gear safe but also add to the convenience of carrying them everywhere. Having a good quality bag will also allow you to stay organised on the go. While a camera bag is important, finding the right one is no less than a struggle. But here we are, with our list of 10 best camera bags in India that you can trust to keep your precious gear protected while travelling. 

Our Top Picks

Best All-Rounder
Smiledrive Waterproof DSLR Camera Bag
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Best Budget-Friendly Case
Amazon Basics Large Point-and-Shoot Camera Case
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Best for Professional Use
Canon Deluxe Backpack 200EG
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How We Selected the Top Camera Bags for You?

We wanted to make sure we found the perfect camera bags for our readers, knowing that photographers need a mix of protection, easy access, and comfort. Here’s how we picked the top options: 

Getting Your Photography Needs Right 

We’ve handpicked camera bags to match your photography style, like the Smiledrive Waterproof DSLR Backpack and the Fur Jaden DSLR SLR Camera Lens Shoulder Backpack. These options are versatile and provide easy access for all SLR cameras, ensuring we’ve got something for every photographer. 

Keeping Your Gear Safe and Ready

We understand that quick gear access is key for photographers. That’s why we’ve chosen bags like the Amazon Basics Large Point-and-Shoot Camera Case and the Canon Deluxe Backpack 200EG. They provide padded protection and speedy access to ensure you never miss a shot.

Picking Tough and Trusty Materials

We know that durability is a must for camera bags. That’s why we’ve picked options like the Digitek (DCB 001) Waterproof Camera Bag and the Sidrum WF-18 DSLR/SLR Camera Shoulder Bag. They’re built to last and provide excellent protection from the elements.

Creating Your Perfect Design

We believe in personalized packing. That’s why we’ve included bags like the Lowepro Toploader ZoomTM 50 AW II with adjustable compartments and the Amazon Basics Camera Sling Bag that offers flexibility for various DSLR setups. It’s all about making your gear fit your needs. 

Making Your Journey Comfortable

We prioritize your comfort when carrying your gear. The Wildcraft Shutter Bug Camera Backpack and the Vanguard Vesta Aspire 41 GY Camera Bag have ergonomic designs to keep you comfortable even during extended use. 

Getting the Most of Your Money

We’ve got choices to suit every budget, ensuring you get great value without overspending. Whether you prefer budget-friendly options like Amazon Basics or more professional-grade ones like Lowepro and Vanguard, there’s something for everyone. 

List of the Top 10 Camera Bags in India

Smiledrive Waterproof DSLR Camera Bag

Best All-Rounder

Smiledrive Waterproof DSLR Camera Bag
999 ₹1,599
A high-quality, made-in-India DSLR bag that is available in a backpack design for easy carrying.
High Quality
Spacious Compartments
Value for Money
Compartment paddings should be more sturdy

The bag provides enough compartments to store your equipment and allows you to adjust the padded dividers to carry your belongings safely. 

Key Features of Smiledrive Waterproof DSLR Camera Bag: 

  • It is a sleek and lightweight bag that is extremely easy to handle
  • Made of waterproof nylon and comes with an integrated rain cover
  • This bag has durable metal zippers to keep your equipment safe
  • Has separate space for lens, tripod, flashlight, and other accessories

Amazon Rating – With a remarkable 4.2 out of 5 rating from a whopping 2,270 enthusiastic reviews on Amazon, this product is clearly making waves and leaving customers delighted.

Pricing – At just ₹999, this bag offers exceptional value and unbeatable savings!

Our CashKaro team review

The Smiledrive Waterproof DSLR Backpack Camera Bag is such a cool and versatile bag! It’s just the right size to snugly fit your DSLR body, three lenses, an external flash, and all those must-have accessories. What’s awesome is that you can customize the compartments to fit your gear perfectly, and it even comes with a high-quality rain cover to keep your precious equipment safe and dry.

But that’s not all! This fantastic backpack also has a handy slot for your water bottle and straps for your tripod. So, whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just getting started, this bag is a real gem of a purchase.

User Reviews

Prakash Devadiga – Good quality and compact bag for camera.

Buy It If:

✔️ You want a bag that’s waterproof and dustproof to keep your gear safe in any weather.

✔️ You love the idea of well-padded compartments to hold your camera and all those nifty accessories.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You’ve got a ton of camera gear or some big lenses that just won’t fit into a compact bag comfortably.

❌ You’re a pro photographer who relies on heavy-duty equipment and needs a bag that can withstand extensive travel or rough conditions.

Fur Jaden DSLR/SLR Camera Laptop Backpack

Best for Students

Fur Jaden DSLRSLR Camera Laptop Backpack
1,000 ₹4,000
Fur Jaden presents a perfect companion for all your photographic adventures.
Smooth zipper closure
Provides enough space
Shock-proof material
Rain Cover Not Included

It offers a unique backpack that has an accommodative design to keep all your equipment safe. This bag is highly compatible with top cameras and provides space to accommodate DSLR bodies, lenses, and accessories.

Key Features of Fur Jaden DSLR/SLR Camera Laptop Backpack: 

  • Water-resistant polyester offers protection against drizzles and splashes
  • It has foam-padded shoulder straps for carrying the load comfortably 
  • Has multiple compartments that can be adjusted as per the device’s size
  • Available in three different colour options and has a capacity of up to 20 kg

Amazon Rating – With an impressive 3.9 out of 5 rating backed by the experiences of 2,923 Amazon users, this product has certainly made a significant impact in the eyes of its customers.

Pricing – At an incredibly budget-friendly price of just ₹1,199, the Fur Jaden camera bag for is your gateway to affordable photography bliss!

Our CashKaro team review

The Fur Jaden camera bag is definitely eye-catching with its variety of colour options! It’s roomy enough to carry a lightweight camera kit, which is awesome. However, it’s worth mentioning that it may not be your go-to choice if you’re looking for top-notch protection against the elements or impacts. Also, some people might find it a bit pricier when compared to more budget-friendly alternatives.

User Reviews

Amar – Great bag , the extra small belts are filmy, but rest Is ok, pads are also ok . Not heavy duty but std.

Over all good fit for entry-level camera users

Buy It If:

✔️ You have a light camera kit with a crop sensor body, a couple of lenses, and a flash.

✔️ You often carry a tripod for your photography needs, as it comes with a tripod holder.

✔️ You need a versatile bag with ample space for your camera gear, lenses, accessories, and even a 14-inch laptop.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You need strong protection for your camera gear against tough weather and impacts.

❌ You have a lot of camera gear or larger lenses that won’t fit comfortably in a compact bag.

❌ Rain protection is essential for you, as this backpack doesn’t come with a rain cover.

Amazon Basics Point-and-Shoot Camera Case

Best Budget-Friendly Case

Amazon Basics Camera Case
399 ₹899
If you are looking for a sling camera bag, this one from Amazon Basics is great to consider.
Perfect for small-medium cams
Practical design
Affordable bag
It is not water-resistant

It is a convenient-to-carry case that is perfect for mid-size cameras and other accessories. The bag is made of durable nylon that can withstand everyday use and lasts longer. 

Key Features of Amazon Basics Point-and-Shoot Camera Case: 

  • It is a soft-side design camera bag with a padded interior to ensure ultimate protection 
  • Features a zippered outside pocket to help you store cash, keys, batteries, or memory cards with ease
  • This camera bag comes in biodegradable and recyclable box packaging
  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 10.2 x 5.1 cm and weighs ‎68 g

Our CashKaro team review

The Amazon Basics Large Point-and-Shoot Camera Case is a budget-friendly and clever pick for small to medium cameras. It’s got cool features like a bright interior, a handy front zip pocket, and multiple strap options. Though it’s on the soft side and doesn’t have a tough shell for extra impact protection, and the interior lining might not be gentle enough for delicate lenses. All in all, it offers great value and practicality.

User Reviews

PRANAV MS  – The medium case is a perfect fit for sony wx500. There is a 3 cm space left after keeping the camera in the bag. The camera is having the length of 11.2 cm and it is fitting nicely…the cushioning is good. Quality of the bag is also good.

Buy It If:

✔️ You’ve got a small to medium-sized point-and-shoot camera, as this case is the perfect, versatile solution for carrying your camera gear.

✔️ You’re looking for a budget-friendly option.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You’ll be using your camera in wet or humid conditions, as this case isn’t designed for heavy rain or moisture.

❌ Your photography journey involves tough conditions like extreme temperatures, dust, or heavy impacts, as this case is better suited for everyday use.

Canon Deluxe Camera Backpack 200EG

Best for Professional Use

Canon Deluxe Camera Backpack 200EG
2,999 ₹3,999
Canon is a renowned camera brand that knows exactly how the bag should be to keep the device protected.
Wide shoulder straps
Enough storage space
Lightweight bag
Single colour available

It offers Deluxe Camera Backpack 200EG, which is a highly durable and easy-to-handle backpack to keep your cameras and accessories safe and secure. 

Key Features of Canon Deluxe Camera Backpack 200EG: 

  • This spacious bag can hold 1-2 camera bodies, 3-4 lenses, and accessories
  • It has a well-arranged divider system with multiple compartments and a mesh pocket
  • The bag is made of rugged nylon and has a urethane coating for extra durability 
  • Has padded shoulder straps and back for extra comfort and easy carrying

Amazon Rating – With an impressive 4.8 out of 5 rating, as rated by 14 reviews on Amazon, the Canon Deluxe Backpack 200EG is a rising star in the world of camera backpacks.

Pricing – At ₹2,999, the Canon Deluxe Backpack 200EG falls on the luxurious side, but it’s a true investment in your passion for photography.

Our CashKaro team review

The Canon Deluxe Backpack 200EG is a sturdy and thoughtfully designed camera backpack that offers plenty of room, perfect for Canon fans. However, it does come with a slightly higher price tag and might not have as many extra pockets for organization. It truly shines when it comes to safeguarding and transporting your camera gear, but it may not be the most budget-friendly or adaptable choice for photographers who use various brands.

User Reviews

ASHUTOSH PRADHAN  – It’s an awesome bag for DSLR camera with long lenses…

Buy It If:

✔️ You need a strong and well-crafted design that guarantees the safety of your camera gear while you’re on the move.

✔️ You need ample storage space for accommodating multiple camera bodies, lenses, and accessories.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ Your budget is limited, as the Canon Deluxe Backpack 200EG leans towards the pricier side.

DigiTek DCB 001 Camera Bag

Best for Ample Storage

DigiTek DCB 001 Camera Bag
1,298 ₹1,995
Now fit in your camera gears safely and travel in style with DigiTek DCB 001 Camera Bag.
Made in India
High-quality material
2-years Warranty
Rain cover quality could be better

It is a well-padded camera bag that is lightweight, waterproof, and water-resistant for keeping your device protected all the time. Also, this bag is compact in size which allows you to carry it anywhere easily. 

Key Features of DigiTek DCB 001 Camera Bag: 

  • It is a waterproof bag with a base zipper enclosure to keep the rain cover
  • This bag has an interior mesh compartment for storing small accessories
  • Designed with wide and adjustable shoulder straps for carrying the bag easily
  • Has two rubber grips on the base to provide extra protection for the gear

Amazon Rating – With a solid 3.7 out of 5 rating backed by insights from 1,151 reviews on Amazon, the Digitek Camera Bag stands as a promising choice in the world of camera bags.

Pricing – At just ₹1,298, the Digitek Camera Bag offers you an incredible opportunity to safeguard your camera gear in style.

Our CashKaro team review

The Digitek Camera Bag promises plenty of storage space and the flexibility to arrange your gear as you like, which is great. But here’s the twist: its build quality leaves much to be desired. Some users have received bags with damaged zippers right out of the box, and stitching problems have surfaced after just a few days of use. The bag’s claim of water resistance, along with the included rain cover, hasn’t quite lived up to expectations either. So, while it has potential, it might not be the best choice for keeping your gear dry in the rain.

User Reviews

Sandhya Rao – Very comfortable wearing and size also good

Buy It If:

✔️ You’ve got loads of camera gear to carry, and you need the space to accommodate it all.

✔️ You love the idea of customizing your gear organization to fit your unique needs and preferences.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ Smooth zippers are a must for you, as some users have found them less user-friendly.

❌ Heavy rain is a frequent concern, as this bag, although water-resistant, may not keep your gear fully dry. Consider other options for complete waterproofing.

Sidrum WF-18 Camera Shoulder Bag

Best Compact Bag for Mirrorless Cameras

Sidrum WF-18 Camera Shoulder Bag
699 ₹999
If you want a small, lightweight bag that can be carried everywhere, you must consider buying Sidrum WF-18 Camera Shoulder Bag.
Detachable divider
Zipper pouch inside
Mesh side pockets
Zippers aren’t very smooth

It is a medium size camera bag that can accommodate entry-level and mid-range digital SLR cameras, and its lenses of upto 70-300 mm.

key Features of Sidrum WF-18 Camera Shoulder Bag: 

  • Along with the camera and lens, you will get space for a charger, cable, filter, memory card, and other accessories
  • It comes with a waterproof rain cover to help you enjoy outdoor activities stress-free
  • Features a cushioned handle and wide shoulder straps for comfortable usage
  • Made of waterproof nylon and has a polyurethane coating for extra safety

Amazon Rating – Boasting a solid 4.4 out of 5 rating, as acclaimed by a community of 1,328 reviewers on Amazon, the Sidrum WF-18 Camera Shoulder Bag is a true standout in the world of camera bags.

Pricing – At just ₹699, the SIDRUM WF-18 Camera Shoulder Bag Case proves that exceptional quality and affordability can go hand in hand.

Our CashKaro Team Review

The Sidrum WF-18 Camera Shoulder Bag is a fantastic find for budget-conscious photographers. It’s not only versatile but also budget-friendly. Plus, it’s compatible with Nikon, Canon, and Sony mirrorless cameras. With its waterproof, breathable, and anti-shock features, it’s got a lot going for it. However, a few users have raised concerns about zipper and stitching durability. Nonetheless, given its affordable price, it’s a practical choice for those who want to safeguard their camera gear without emptying their wallets.

User Reviews

Nilay Kothari – It was nice quality with good space you can easily arrange things with other stuff.

Lowepro Toploader ZoomTM 50 AW II Camera Bag

Best for Outdoor Photography Enthusiasts

Lowepro Toploader ZoomTM 50 AW II Camera Bag
2,690 ₹3,151
This is another sling camera bag on this list that is a smart and versatile solution for all photography enthusiasts.
2 Colour options
Easy to carry
Has plenty of space
It is a bit expensive

The bag is designed with a built-in all-weather AW cover that provides excellent protection to the device from snow, rain, dust, as well as sand. 

Key Features of Lowepro Toploader ZoomTM 50 AW II Camera Bag: 

  • It has front and back pockets to store your charger, batteries, phone, wallet, etc.
  • You can easily fit in a DSLR with an attached lens of 70-200 mm in this bag
  • This bag can be worn in multiple ways with the help of a belt loop and chest harness
  • Comes with slip lock attachment loops and 2 D-rings for extra storage

Amazon Rating – With an impressive rating of 4.5 out of 5 by 750 enthusiastic reviews on Amazon, the Lowepro Toploader ZoomTM 50 AW II emerges as a top contender in the world of camera bags.

Pricing – At ₹2,449, the Lowepro Toploader ZoomTM 50 AW II may sit on the luxurious side of camera bags, but it’s an investment that’s all about safeguarding your photography passion.

Our CashKaro Team Review

The Lowepro Toploader ZoomTM 50 AW II is a versatile and well-padded bag for your camera and mounted lens, perfect for casual outings. It provides ample space and customization options. The outer pocket is handy, and the bag’s practical design includes a flat loop for belt mounting or attaching to another bag. While some users mention thinner fabric compared to older models, it’s still a valuable choice for minimalistic day trips dedicated to photography.

User Reviews

Mainak Halder – Awesome bag. Every thing fitted properly. My D90 camera with 18-1

05 mm lens, 50mm lens, charger, 2 filtets with case, brush, memory cards, card reader, i- card, keys all settled well.

Take your time and adjust it properly… Its indeed a good bag.

Buy It If:

✔️ You want a compact and modest bag for your camera and lens on casual outings.

✔️ You like customization, as the bag includes an internal pad for a snug fit.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ The price feels a bit steep, especially if you’re watching your budget.

Amazon Basics Camera Backpack

Best for Lightweight Traveling

Amazon Basics Camera Backpack
1,139 ₹1,590
Perfect for keeping your camera safe on a sightseeing tour, road trip, hike, or nature walk.
Excellent grip
Contrast lining
Minimalist Design
Size Limitations

It is a highly durable and sturdy bag that offers extra storage space with multiple compartments to organise your gear easily. 

Key Features of Amazon Basics Camera Backpack: 

  • The bag has a dedicated space for accommodating your laptop of up to 15 inches
  • Has an easy-to-reach side pocket to accommodate your water bottle
  • It has a padded back with wide shoulder straps for convenience and comfort
  • You will get extra space for keeping your memory card slot and tripod 

Amazon Rating – With a solid 4.1 out of 5 rating, celebrated through an impressive 3,049 reviews on Amazon, the Amazon Basics Camera Sling Bag has earned its place in the spotlight as a top choice for photographers.

Pricing – At just ₹1,139, the Amazon Basics Camera Sling Bag proves that quality and affordability can go hand in hand.

Our CashKaro Team Review

The Amazon Basics Camera Sling Bag is a real steal for its budget-friendly price. It’s got a solid build, comfy padding, and a clever design – a perfect match for beginners or folks on the move with compact gear. Just a small heads-up: it doesn’t have tons of extra room for accessories and might not suit the pros or gear enthusiasts. While it’s got decent waterproofing and damage protection for everyday adventures, it’s not a superhero for extreme conditions. All in all, it’s a dependable choice for those with specific needs, and it certainly brings a lot of quality for the price.

User Reviews

Manmohan – This is very quality product. The compartments are easy to manage. There is nice space for laptop along with camera. Couple of very well designed pockets for small accessories. I use side pocket for carrying a light weight monopod also. Overall, excellent product and value for money.

Buy It If:

✔️ You’re a beginner or looking for an affordable option to complement your starter kit.

✔️ You’re a traveller and need a practical bag with smart compartments for easy access on the go.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You have a lot of camera gear and accessories, as this bag may not provide enough space, especially for pros.

❌ You often face tough conditions and need extra protection, as this bag might not meet those demands.

Wildcraft Shutter Bug Camera Backpack

Best for Durability and Style

Wildcraft Shutter Bug Camera Backpack
3,400 ₹3,999
Tailormade for photographers who are on the go, this Wildcraft Shutter Bug Camera Backpack is the best choice for you!
Has a laptop holder
Value for money
Detachable waistbelt
Inner partitions should be more sturdy

It is an ergonomic bag with three layers of protection to keep your camera and its accessories safe and secure. It is a spacious bag that is highly sturdy and comfortable to carry.

Key Features of Wildcraft Shutter Bug Camera Backpack: 

  • It has a side pocket for keeping your bottle and a provision for a tripod attachment
  • This bag has thick foam at the base for shock absorbing and keeping the camera safe
  • There is a specially designed organiser to store all your camera accessories
  • Features contrast lining, dual colour buckles, and reflective tape for better visibility  

Buy It If:

✔️ You are looking for a bag with a waterproof exterior and extra padding for gear protection.

✔️ You want a bag with multiple compartments to keep your things organised

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You are on a budget.

Vanguard Vesta Aspire 41 GY Camera Bag

Best for Photography Beginners

Vanguard Vesta Aspire 41 GY Camera Bag
3,800 ₹6,000
For those who want a lightweight, innovative design camera bag, this one from Vanguard will be a perfect bet.
Water-resistant cover
Attractive, modern design
There is no space for a laptop

It is a well-padded and secure bag that provides extra protection to your devices and ensures comfortable carrying all around. Also, it has multiple pockets to keep all your essentials and stay organised. 

Key Features of Vanguard Vesta Aspire 41 GY Camera Bag: 

  • You can fit DSLR or mirrorless camera with up to 5 lenses and a travel tripod
  • This camera bag also has a space for keeping your tablet up to 9.7 inches
  • It has dual, full zip closures to ensure the utmost safety of your gears
  • You can quickly transform it into an everyday use bag by removing dividers  

Amazon Rating – With a notable rating of 4.3 out of 5, praised through 283 Amazon reviews, the Vanguard Vesta Aspire 41 GY Camera Bag has made a lasting impression on photographers.

Pricing – Priced at ₹3,704, the Vanguard Vesta Aspire 41 GY Camera Bag is a luxurious choice for photographers who demand quality, protection, and style.

Our CashKaro Team Review

The Vanguard Vesta Aspire 41 GY Camera Bag is a solid choice, especially for photography beginners. It’s well-constructed and roomy enough for your camera gear. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t come with a dedicated laptop compartment and isn’t the best pick for rainy days since it lacks water protection. So, it’s perfect for cameras but not the best bet for laptops or wet weather.

User Reviews

Sandesh Dixit – The bag is not small nor big, it’s just perfect.

Best quality. My crane M3, Sony camera, 1 lens, mobile gimbal, light, mic, cables, etc. fits perfectly.

Buy It If:

✔️ You’re looking for a bag that offers reliable padding to safeguard your camera gear while you’re on the move.

✔️ You’re just starting your photography journey, as it provides the right space and protection for your equipment.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You need a bag that can carry a laptop, as this one lacks a dedicated compartment for it.

❌ You expect to use the bag in wet conditions because it doesn’t provide protection against water spills or splashes.

Final Word

Whether you are a professional photographer or an enthusiastic hobbyist, these are the best camera bags for you. These bags offer style, durability, and functionality while providing optimal protection and comfort. While all of these options are great for your valuable assets, we really like camera bags from Fur Jaden, Amazon Basics, and DigiTek. Do let us know which ones are your top favourites from this list. 


Which DSLR camera bag is the best?

The choice of the best DSLR camera bag depends on individual preferences, needs, and the gear that is being carried. However, the above-mentioned are the 10 best camera bag recommendations that you can consider for your device. 

What is the best camera bag for street photography?

Amazon Basics Point-and-Shoot Camera Case is one of the best camera bags for street photography for its compact size and easy carrying.

What is the most expensive camera bag in the world?

Louis V camera bag is one of the most expensive camera bags in India. It costs approximately $3,500, i.e. ₹ 288,946.00 (INR). It is a strong and protective bag for small and medium-sized cameras with multiple useful compartments for accessories.

Is it OK to keep a camera in the bag?

Yes, it is recommended to keep your camera in a bag when not in use or during transportation. Camera bags are specially designed to protect the equipment from dust, scratches, and external shocks. So, you can store your device in it to keep it safe. 

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro boasts a team of dedicated and passionate researchers who love to analyse the market and provide users with reliable product recommendations. With rigorous evaluations based on a variety of criteria, we aim to provide a list of trustworthy products. In addition, we use transparent and unbiased practices to ensure that you receive the most value for your money. We hope our recommendations for the best camera bags in India have helped you in making an informed judgement.

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