11 Best Ceiling Fans Brands in India that Deliver Quality and Comfort

Gone are those days of boring, old ceiling fans. Today, various brands bring the best ceiling fans to your homes. They come in various designs and blade shapes, with lighting attachments and colours. So many choices with each one claiming to be the best, what does one do? All you need to do is read this blog on the best ceiling fan brands in India, and you’re sorted. If you need more, you can even get the best ceiling fans with animated characters and other designs for the kids’ room.

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How Do We Select the Best Ceiling Fans for You?

We all need a great quality ceiling fan that offers us comfort and doesn’t interrupt our sound sleep at night, don’t we? Unfortunately, most of us end up making the wrong choices and buy a fan that may not be the best for us. In India, you can buy a good quality ceiling fan ranging from Rs 1,100 to Rs 3,500, depending on your needs and budget. We tried and tested the fans listed below on some important parameters that will be helpful to you.

Important Features

Generally, when we’re about to purchase a ceiling fan, we must consider factors such as the size of the fan, blade width, material, sweep size, the maximum rotations per minute (RPM), and its installation process.

Built & Wiring

We have also ensured to add fans with copper wiring to assure the safety of your appliance. The fans enlisted below are lightweight but not too much to prevent wobble and unwanted noises.

Most of the products listed below bagged great user reviews on Amazon and had an average rating of 4-4.5/5. If you’re looking for the right ceiling fan that may match your requirement, read on to find more below. Here you can also check the best standing fans & pedestal fan brands in India.

List of the Top Ceiling Fan Brands in India

Activa Ceiling Fan


Activa ceiling fans are simple in design and loaded with utilitarian features. What makes Activa one of the best ceiling fans brands in India is that their fans are capable of giving cool and refreshing air uniformly throughout the room. They are suitable for any home or office interiors and are available in various sizes to suit the needs of the room size. Easy to install, fast speed, and value for money, this Delhi-based company can be trusted by you.

Notable Features of the Activa APSRA 1200 Ceiling Fan:

  • Strong iron body
  • Has 5 start rating to minimize electricity consumption
  • Maximum rotations per minute are 390
  • Features High Flow technology
  • Heavy-duty motor works well


  • Aerodynamically-designed wide blades for high air delivery
  • Noise-free usage


  • Fan speed may not be suitable for bigger rooms
  • May wobble at times

Orpat Ceiling Fan


Based out of Gujarat, Orpat is one of the top electronic house appliances companies in India, and also has an international presence. With each of their products being manufactured within the country itself, you’ll find a lot of innovation and excellence in their ceiling fans that are built for long-term use.

Notable Features of the Orpat Air Flora:

  • Powerful alluminium blades
  • Maximum fan speed is 350-400 RPM
  • Features a 14 pole heavy duty motor
  • Simple yet elegant build
  • Wobble-free fan


  • Heavy-duty motor for proper air circulation
  • Sleek and solid design
  • Wobble-free fans that make no noise


  • May make some noise when you turn it on
  • Is a little on the expensive side

Why We Picked the Orpat Ceiling Fans?

Promising the perfect blend of design and superior quality, Orpat ceiling fans are light on the pocket. Their ceiling fans are durable, wobble-free, and noiseless. If you’re looking for superb built quality and durability, you’ll find a plethora of options under this brand.

Luminous Ceiling Fan


Luminous is a brand that focuses on customer delight by making their lives comfortable and efficient. This New Delhi-based company was founded in 1988 and has been a trusted brand for millions of Indians ever since.

Notable Features of the Luminous New York Brooklyn Fan:

  • Features a power-packed motor for excellent air distribution
  • Has 75 Watts of power consumption
  • The blade size is 120 mm and the maximum RPM is 350
  • Dust-repellant coating for optimum protection of the blades
  • Copper motor wiring for enhanced safety and longevity of the product
  • Comes with 5 fan speed options


  • Anti-dust coating protects the blades for getting dirty quickly
  • 12 pole motor makes no noise while working
  • Has a contemporary design


  • The fan can make a little noise when running on low speed
  • Airflow may not be enough for bigger rooms

Why We Picked Luminous Fans?

Luminous fans are ultra-stylish and modern and can be chosen according to room type, outdoors, commercial, style, and more. If you want to change your interiors or are looking for ceiling fans, Luminous is the brand to pick.

Khaitan Ceiling Fan


Khaitan is one of the leading brands in air management technology. Their innovations reflect in their products and they have spearheaded concepts such as fresh air fans and mini fans. Along with domestic, they also provide industrial fans and are diversifying their product categories. If you’re looking for beautiful and classic designs, check out Khaitan fans online.

Notable Features of the Khaitan Kraze Ceiling Fan:

  • It runs on 74 watts of power
  • Sweep size is 1200 mm and RPM can go up to 380
  • Fan can deliver 205m3/minute of air
  • Classic design with a glossy coating
  • Comes with 3 blades


  • Comes in two colour variants
  • Has 5-speed modes for your comfort


  • The design may look a little old

Why We Picked Khaitan Fans?

Khaitan is a popular name in many Indian households for its top-class coolers and ceiling fans. These fans are very energy-efficient and deliver optimum air to keep your rooms cool even on hotter days. The design is top-class and will add more value to your aesthetics in every way!

Havells Ceiling Fan


Havells is one of the largest companies that provide electrical equipment. Havells India was founded in 1983 and has products like, LED lighting, fans, switches, wiring accessories, induction motors, and more. Their ceiling fans blend perfectly with modern homes as they are stylish, silent, and aerodynamic.

Notable Features of the Havells Enticer Ceiling Fan:

  • Built with high-quality aluminium
  • Comes with an HPLV motor that delivers high power even in low voltage conditions
  • Dust-resistant blades that allow for less maintenance
  • Has 1200 mm sweep size and 390 revolutions per minute
  • HPLV motor that circulates enough air even in low voltage conditions


  • Comes in 13 colour variants
  • Rich and luxurious finish
  • Copper winding fan


  • May catch dust quickly
  • The fan motor may start making noises after a while

Orient Ceiling Fan


Orient Electric Limited is a part of the CK Birla Group. It has manufacturing facilities based in cities like Kolkata, Guwahati, Faridabad and Noida. Their fans have been bestowed with the ‘Superbrand’ status for 2017.

Notable Features of the Orient Electric Gratia:

  • Has a solid aluminium build which makes the fan reliable
  • Features a sweep of 1200 mm and maximum RPM of 320
  • Runs on 70 Watt power
  • Metallic construction with plastic trims for a stylish look
  • Copper insulation for efficiency and appliance protection


  • Comes with wide blade tips to deliver more air in your rooms
  • Comes with a company warranty


  • The maximum RPM can go down after some time
  • It may start making sounds after prolonged usage

Why We Picked Orient Fans?

These fans have a solid construction that is as functional as it is aesthetic. Orient ceiling fans are decorative, energy-efficient and come in a huge variety. Specifics in some designs like Glass shades, reversible blades and prints make them all the more unique.

Bajaj Ceiling Fan


Bajaj is an Indian conglomerate founded in 1926. The name has been an icon over decades since its presence. It is also the world’s fourth-largest two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturer. Bajaj ceiling fans have an aesthetic design that meets impeccably with functionality. Choose a Bajaj fan to beat the heat this summer.

Notable Features of the Bajaj Sabse Tez Fan:

  • 1200 mm sweep with up to 400 RPM
  • Runs on 74 watts of power
  • Features a quick-start powerful motor
  • Comes with 3 blades
  • Designed with aluminium which makes the fan lightweight and durable within seconds


  • The motor starts quickly and runs to its full potential
  • Simple and classic design that will suit well in most homes


  1. Risk of the motor getting burned in cases of fluctuations

Atomberg Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Technologies
Atomberg Technologies

Atomberg Technologies is an Indian company that is a culmination of a dream by a group of fresh graduates from IIT Bombay. Their vision was based on the idea of creating revolutionary products whilst solving India’s energy crisis. They also wished to give Indian customers a completely new level of comfort by making their lives easier. Atomberg ceiling fans are contemporary ceiling fans and almost all their models come with a complimentary remote that is loaded with smart features such as the timer, boost mode, speed control, etc.

Notable Features of the Atomberg Renese Smart Ceiling Fan:

  • Made with aluminium and is battery powered
  • Has smart features such as voice assistance and can be controlled with a remote/mobile
  • BLDC motor that’s powerful and reliable
  • Uses 28 Watt even at the highest speed
  • Rust-free body


  • Smart features such as voice assistant make it easy to use
  • No heating of motor results in extended lifespan
  • Runs 3x longer on an inverter as compared to other fans
  • Consumes very less electricity


  • Fan speed may not be sufficient for larger rooms
  • You may need tech help to connect the fan to your mobile phones

Crompton Ceiling Fan


Crompton is a leading Indian consumer company with a legacy of over 75 years. It is based in Mumbai and a part of the Murugappa Group. For the past 20 years, Crompton has been amongst the best ceiling fan brands in the country, in terms of sales. The brand has been setting a standard for product quality, durability, and performance. In fact, Crompton was one of the first large-scale manufacturers of household electrical appliances.

Notable Features of the Crompton New Aura Designer Ceiling Fan:

  • Made with Crngo steel for enhanced strength and durability
  • Dual-coat copper winding for protection of the appliance
  • Anti-dust technology results in 50% lesser dirt accumulation on the fan
  • Has 1200 mm sweep and maximum speed of 380 RPM
  • Features top-notch EMQ ball bearings
  • Has 74 watts of power consumption


  • Features Duratech technology for enhanced life of the fan
  • Lotus design looks very stylish and classy
  • Has copper winding


  • Can accumulate dust overtime
  • May make noises at times

Candes Ceiling Fan


Founded in 1990, Candes provides a wide range of quality home appliances under the brand name Candes. It is one of India’s leading home appliances companies headquartered in New Delhi. Inspired by the lifestyle of today’s dynamic users, most of their ceiling fans combine the best of efficiency, technology, and quality with unrivalled ease of use. Since its inception, Candes has constantly evolved its product line, so irrespective of your budget you’re sure to find a suitable ceiling fan for your home under this brand.

Notable Features of the Candes Florence Ceiling Fan:

  • 1200 mm blade size and 400 maximum RPM
  • Has 5 different speed settings for your comfort
  • Powerful motor with exceptional ball bearing
  • Aluminium body makes it lightweight and non-corrosive
  • Electrolytic grade windings wire in the motor


  • Wider blades for even and better heat dissipation
  • Beautiful design
  • Comes with a company warranty


  • May wobble and start making noises

Usha Ceiling Fan

Usha fans

Usha International Limited was founded in 1934 and became one of the most popular brands with its products like sewing machines, appliances, fans, water dispensers, and more!

Notable Features of the Usha Bloom Daffodil Ceiling Fan:

  • Made with alluminium for strength and durability
  • Has 3 blades and 1250 mm of sweep size
  • The appliance is coated with dust, oil, and moisture resistant lacquer
  • Has 4 speed settings and highest speed can go up to 380 RPM
  • Runs at 85 W power


  • Can work well even in low voltage conditions
  • Has polyurethane coating all over which makes it scratch resistant
  • Very easy to clean and maintain


  • May not be as dust-resistant as it claims
  • The fan may make some sound at times

Why We Picked Usha Ceiling Fans?

Usha ceiling fans can be a great choice if you’re looking for something aesthetically appealing. They distribute the air evenly and create a cool atmosphere in your room. They are very easy to install and some models also come with light settings and pull-chains for controlling the speed. You can choose from many designs online and select a ceiling fan that best suits your home.

Final Word

Ceiling fans are used on a daily basis so you must pick one wisely. It is advised to avoid going for cheaper options as they may not be very durable, resulting in loss of money and comfort. While we really love the Luminious and Orpat fans, you are free to choose any of the ones mentioned above as they all excel in terms of quality and durability.


Which is the best brand for ceiling fans?

Some of the best brands for ceiling fans are Usha, Havells, Orient, Atomberg, and Crompton amongst others. Apart from cooling, these fans give your room an amazing look as well.

Which is the most reliable ceiling fan?

In countries like India, where the temperature is moderate, hot, and cold, the best thing a person can rely upon a fan for some comfort. The most reliable ceiling fan brands are Usha, Havells, Crompton, Orpat, and Bajaj.

Which ceiling fan is best for cooling?

Ceiling fan models that provide the best cooling and comfort are:
Usha Bloom Magnolia Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan
Luminous Jaipur Tamra Ceiling Fan
Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm Smart Premium Ceiling Fan
Atomberg Energy Saving 1200 mm Ceiling Fan
Havells Leganza Ceiling Fan

Are 3 or 4 blade ceiling fans better?

The number of blades in a fan determines the cooling strength that it produces. Four-blade ceiling fans are less noisy and pair well in a room with air-conditioning to move the air around. However, four-blade fans may move air slower than a three-blade fan. For anyone looking for optimal cooling, a three-blade fan must be the first preference. They are also less expensive.

Is a ceiling fan better than a floor fan?

Floor fans or stand fans are easy to install, portable, and compact. Ceiling fans require installation but offer more airflow and come with more advanced features. They deliver more comfort.

Does running a ceiling fan use a lot of electricity?

Ceiling fans are a more energy-efficient cooling product as compared to air conditioners. Running a fan consumes a lot less energy and electricity than running an air conditioner. On average, ceiling fans take about 15-90 watts of energy.

Do ceiling fans get hot, and is that dangerous?

Ceiling fans are built using electric motors that turn energy into mechanical energy, most of which ends up as heat. With the enhancement of technology, modern ceiling fans do not get heated up to the extent of causing the potential hazard, and thus are safe to use. It is recommended to switch off fans when not in use to allow the motor a duration of rest.

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