12 Best Chinos Brands in India That Offer Comfort & Style

Chinos are basically cotton trousers. They are often made with light, breathable fabric. These trousers are comfortable and make a great style statement too. Whether you need office pants or a trouser for casual outings, chinos are always reliable. Since so many people wear chinos on a regular basis, many brands in India produce and sell a wide variety of chinos. You definitely have an array of options to choose from. If you find any difficulty in finding the best one among so many, this list of the top 12 chino brands in India can help.

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How Do We Choose the Best Chinos Brands for You?

People often have favourite brands for their different clothing requirements. The deciding factors can be the quality certain brands provide or the style certain brands represent. When it comes to chinos, you can pick a favourite based on the following aspects.


The overall quality of the chinos matter. From the fabric to the stitch, you must check out everything. A brand that offers light, skin-friendly, stretchable, and breathable fabric is an ideal pick. The stitching the brand has on its chinos must be minute to enhance the looks and durability.


Chinos or any trousers, for that matter, can have a high-rise, mid-rise, or low-rise waist. The fit may be narrow or wide. There can be zippers or buttons or both. The best option is to opt for a brand that offers variety in terms of all these factors so that you never have any scarcity of options.

List of the Top 12 Chinos Brands in India

Amazon Brand – Symbol

Amazon Brand Symbol Chinos
Amazon Brand Symbol Chinos

Symbol, an Amazon brand, offers a variety of lifestyle necessities that make you look wonderful every single day and is based on the principles of authenticity, dependability, and accessibility. 

Notable Features of Amazon Brand – Symbol:

  • Symbol offers chinos or casual trousers made of pure cotton.
  • The chinos offered by this brand are super comfortable to wear and can be washed easily through a machine. Hand washing is not a necessity.
  • This brand’s chinos are ideal for daily wear; to enhance the style, combine them with a fashionable shirt or t-shirt.
  • This brand’s chinos include rear welt pockets and front scoop pockets.


  • Available in various sizes
  • A wide variety for you to pick from 
  • Value for money

Why We Picked Amazon Brand – Symbol?

The standard chinos from Symbol come in a variety of hues to keep you looking stylish and at ease. Each guy’s closet should include the brand’s classic pair of chinos since they are so versatile. It is possibly the best chinos brand in India right now. 

Urbano Fashion

Urbano Fashion Chinos
Urbano Fashion Chinos

The newest men’s fashion designs are brought to you by the youthful, innovative brand Urbano Fashion. It offers a large selection of stylish jeans, shirts, chinos, sweatshirts, jackets, and other clothing.

Notable Features of Urbano Fashion:

  • Through its comfortable chinos, the brand hopes to represent and achieve the ideal harmony between fashion and convenience.
  • The brand offers a range of slim-fit chinos that are perfect for every occasion, from a casual evening with friends to an office meeting. 
  • The chinos by this brand are made of premium, stretchable cotton and lycra fabric
  • The brand offers chinos in more than twenty colours and various sizes. 


  • Stylish side stripe pattern
  • Flat front style 
  • Affordable 
  • Wide variety 
  • Easy to wash 

Why We Picked Urbano Fashion?

Urbano Fashion is considered the best brand for chinos by many Indian men. Pair the brand’s chinos with any decent shirt and it will help you stand out from the crowd and give your clothing and personality more diversity.

Peter England

Peter England Chinos
Peter England Chinos

Peter England was established in Ireland in 1889. It entered the Indian marketplace approximately a century later. Since then, It has grown to become one of the most reputable foreign brands in India because of its steadfast commitment to originality and quality. 

Notable Features of Peter England:

  • Peter England is famous for its super slim fit chinos, which are made mostly out of superior quality spandex, with just the right blend of spandex.
  • It offers sleek and stylish-looking chinos in multiple colours for you to choose from. 
  • The brand has an impressive collection of chinos and each of them is of excellent quality. 


  • Easily washed 
  • Wide variety 
  • Many classic colours 


  • A bit expensive 

Why We Picked Peter England?

The casual chinos or pants provided by this brand, which are made for an ultra-slim fitting, would keep you comfortable and stylish throughout the day, regardless of whether you are at work or at a party. Inarguably, Peter England can also be named the best brand of chinos in India or even internationally. 


Levi's Chinos
Levi’s Chinos

The 1853-founded American apparel brand Levi’s is well-known around the world for its denim pants. The brand is a global leader in fashionable and stylish clothes for both men and women and one of the biggest garment manufacturers in the world.

Notable Features of Levi’s:

  • The low-rise, slim chinos made by Levi’s are known for their flawless blending of high-quality cotton, elastane, modal, and polyester.
  • This brand’s chinos are extremely soft and lean-looking, and offer enhanced elasticity for all-day comfort.
  • Additionally, Levi’s employs cotton that has been cultivated organically, which requires fewer chemicals than non-organic cotton throughout the growing process.


  • Made in India 
  • Available in a wide variety
  • Many formal colours
  • Machine wash 


  • On the expensive side 

Why We Picked Levi’s?

Levi’s is among the best chinos brands in India. Along with providing comfort and style through its premium quality chinos, It is recognised for utilising waterless procedures for manufacturing its chinos and other products, ensuring that every piece of clothing is produced with less water than conventional methods.

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Van Heusen

Van Heusen Chinos
Van Heusen Chinos

Van Heusen is a well-known online supplier of apparel for both formal and informal occasions. The company sells both men’s and women’s shoes, clothes, accessories, face masks, and other items.

Notable Features of Van Heusen:

  • The company is excellent at creating modern men’s chinos and pants that combine design and functionality.
  • With its high function and distinctive appearance, its assortment of cutting-edge materials and designs may definitely set it apart from the competition.
  • The brand has an excellent range of slim-fit chinos that go well with any occasion.
  • It offers trendy chinos made using spandex and cotton.


  • Has a wide variety of chinos
  • Many colours
  • Suitable for both formal and casual wear 


  • A bit heavy on pockets 

Why We Picked Van Heusen?

This brand is among the 5 top chinos brands in India, and while it may be a bit expensive, the designs and patterns offered by this brand are incomparable. Also, it has a wide variety of chinos, so it won’t be a problem finding something for yourself. 


Max Chinos
Max Chinos

Max was established in India in 2006. It provides clothing, accessories, and footwear for every member of the family, including ladies, men, and kids. Every season, it offers a great selection of styles in entirely new designs, shapes, and materials.

Notable Features of This:

  • The chinos provided by this brand have a solid surface, button fastening, belt loops, insert pockets, and welt pockets.
  • This brand sells fashionable-looking skinny-fit and regular-fit chinos made with the perfect combination of cotton and lycra.
  • You can pair the chinos with a striped shirt, shoes, and other stylish accessories to make a striking fashion statement.


  • Wide variety 
  • Good quality fabric
  • Easy to clean 


  • A little bit costly 

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Chinos
Tommy Hilfiger Chinos

One of the top designer luxury companies in the world, Tommy Hilfiger was established in 1985 and is well known for showcasing the best of classic American style.

Notable Features of Tommy Hilfiger:

  • The chinos sold by this brand contain organic cotton.
  • No synthetic substances, chemical fertilisers, or genetically altered seeds were used in the cotton’s cultivation.
  • This brand’s chinos are made from a lightweight, flexible cotton twill fabric with elastane for a sophisticated appearance and a cosy fit.
  • It offers basic men’s chinos in styles like tailored, slim or cropped.
  • Regardless of their style or fashion sense, this brand has chinos for almost every guy.


  • Available in a wide range
  • Lots of formal colours 


  • Some chinos require hand washing only 
  • Not light on pockets 

Being Human

Being Human Chinos
Being Human Chinos

In order to support the mission of Being Human, a nonprofit trust committed to wellness and educational programmes for India’s underprivileged people, Being Human Clothing was established in 2012.

Notable Features of Being Human:

  • The premium cloth used to make these brands’ chino pants is all a person could want for daily comfort and style.
  • Available in various designs, colours, and sizes, the brand’s chinos make a perfect addition to your wardrobe.
  • The chinos offered by this brand are suitable for any occasion, be it formal or casual. 
  • Made of cotton, this brand’s chinos are appropriate for everyday use and can be a perfect gift for a loved one.  


  • Offers a wide variety 
  • Value for money 

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer Chinos
Marks & Spencer Chinos

Marks & Spencer was established in 1884, it mixes convenience and elegance and every piece of clothing and article of apparel it sells features a chic design and elegant finishing touches. While speaking of the best brand for chinos in India, this brand deserves mention as well. 

Notable Features of Marks & Spencer:

  • This brand offers chinos for both men and women at reasonable rates.
  • It is famous for offering high-rise skinny-fit chinos for women.
  • It also offers active waist sleek chinos for men, which offers a flattering fit. 
  • It makes chinos using only quality fabric and with a blend of fabrics like spandex, elastane and viscose. 


  • Value for money
  • Machine wash
  • Impressive collection 


Neostreak Chinos
Neostreak Chinos

Men’s clothes and accessories are available from the well-known online brand Neostreak. In addition to chinos, the brand also sells t-shirts, shirts, boxers, and jeans.

Notable Features of Neostreak:

  • For males, the brand produces slim-fitting chinos that are somewhat fitted across the hip and thigh and become narrower from the shin to the ankle.
  • It offers stretchable chinos crafted with high-quality cotton, elastane and lycra. 
  • Within a reasonable price range, the brand also offers chino joggers that come with an elastic waist and are comfortable for day-long wear


  • Limited variety 
  • Available in different price ranges 



LABROZ, a producer of men’s clothing, including jeans, shirts, trousers, and t-shirts, was founded in 2015. The company strives to offer authentic products at fair prices.

Notable Features of LABROZ:

  • The brand makes sleek and comfy tapered-fit and slim-fit chinos for men. 
  • This brand’s chinos are constructed of pre-washed cotton, which doesn’t shrink after washing and does not cause any fitting issues in the back.
  • More than 30 hues are available in Labroz’s selection of fashionable men’s casual chino pants.


  • A good range of chinos
  • Multiple colours 


  • A bit pricey 


Arrow Chinos
Arrow Chinos

American brand Arrow, founded in 1851, has been providing clothing, footwear, and accessories for men and women. The primary objective of this brand is to meet the evolving fashion requirements of men in India.

Notable Features of Arrow:

  • This chinos brand is ideal for anyone searching for something elegant and comfortable.
  • To make them even more remarkable, they come with a lovely slub pattern.
  • The chinos are made using cotton, viscose and polyester.


  • Wide variety
  • Gives a formal look 


  • A bit costly 

Final Word

There are some famous names in this list and some new ones. Brands like Peter England, Levis, Van Heusen, and Tommy Hilfiger have earned fame and trust from many. On the other hand, Amazon’s Solimo is comparatively a new launch but it has already made a name for itself. That being said, quality is something that all 12 brands ensure. You will find options for various budgets as well. Feel free to go through this list and pick your favourite.


Which brand of chinos is best in India?

Various brands in India offer chinos. All the brands mentioned above offer great quality and styles when it comes to chinos. Some brands, like Symbol from Amazon, are more affordable than others.

Which colour of chinos is best?

Shades of beige, navy, khaki, black, and pastels are quite popular for chinos.

How do you pick the best chinos?

Look for the fit and fabric. Slim-fit chinos are more flattering, while the regular fit is a bit more formal. Depending on the occasion and season, you can pick the colours that you want.

Can you wear a t-shirt with chinos?

Yes, you can wear a t-shirt with chinos.

Are chinos formal?

Chinos are not completely formal. They are the middle ground of formal and casual wear. You can wear them to casual events or as business casuals, but not to black-tie or formal events where a suit is required and more apt.

Are chinos good for hot weather?

Chinos are lightweight and breathable and completely suitable for hot weather.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

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