Best Computer Tables in India to Make Your Life Easier

Whether you’re a gamer, a tech professional, or just someone who likes to spend long hours at your computer screen, a computer table is a must have for you. Getting a computer table is one of the most practical purchases for your home or office. While there are many options out there, the best computer tables are the ones that house your device comfortably, have enough space for essential stationary, and help keep your posture aligned.

Computer tables have additional storage for your tech gadgets or personal items. They come in very handy if you’re working from home. They are available in multiple sizes, colours, and variations, they simplify your life by helping improve your posture. With the wide variety of computer tables available in the market, picking the right one for your home can become quite a task. To help you make the neatest choice, here’s our list of the best computer tables to buy for your system this year.

7 Best Computer Tables

1. Nilkamal Leo Computer Table

Best Computer Tables
Nilkamal Leo Computer Table

The Nilkamal Leo computer table is made from powder coated medium density fibreboard, which means it is long-lasting, durable, and sturdy. One of the best computer tables for smaller spaces, it can fit into any compact spot with its 24 x 19 x 29 inches size. The table comes in an attractive dark brown shade that is highly versatile and compliments most of the furniture and woodwork in modern homes. The optimum height of the table helps maintain the right posture while working, and prevents slouching.

The table has a sliding slot wherein you can place your keyboard, and an additional lower shelf for other accessories. The casters on the base of this lightweight table allow you to move it around with ease.

2. Akshni Akria Computer Table

Akshni Akria Computer Table
Akshni Akria Computer Table

Bring home some old-world charm with this Akshni computer table. The 40 x 18 x 29.5-inch table is crafted from European engineered wood is water resistant, termite resistant, scratch resistant, fungus free, and dust proof. One of the best computer tables to have in your home, this table with withstand the test of time gloriously. With two accessory shelves and one full-sized cabinet, this table will house all your essentials and non-essentials.

Easy to assemble, this table can bear a load of up to 20kg, and has a classic walnut brown colour that goes with every setting.

3. Invisible Bed Computer Table

Invisible Bed Computer Table
Invisible Bed Computer Table

The best foldable desktop table, this unique computer table from Invisible Bed is perfect if you have limited space. Just mount your computer table top on the wall, and you are good to go. Its innovative design helps save you a lot of space in your home, without compromising on your work essentials. Made from medium density fibreboard, it comes in a glossy white finish that can double up as a whiteboard for scribbling ideas with a marker.

The 26.5 x 22-inch table top is perfect for compact spaces including study rooms, bedrooms, and office places. The premium quality engineered wood and sturdy brackets will make sure that the table lasts you a long time.

4. BLUEWUD Computer Table

BLUEWUD Computer Table
BLUEWUD Computer Table

Another unconventional computer table on the list, this BLUEWUD table is perfect for all your technological needs. One of the best computer tables for home use, this is made with the highest quality engineered wood for enhanced sturdiness. With a 45 x 22 x 28-inch size, it has a very high capacity and can bear heavy weight load. With enough leg room under the table, it is perfect for those who spend long hours working at the computer.

Easy to clean, this computer table is rustproof and waterproof, making it resilient to regular wear and tear.

5. InnoFur Meleti Minimalist Computer Table

Innofur Meleti Computer Table
Innofur Meleti Computer Table

If you are a fan of the minimalist aesthetic, the Innofur Meleti computer table is perfect for you. The best office table to have in your home-office or private study, it can fit into any corner of your house with its 34 x 34 x 25-inch dimensions. The table is made from carbon steel and medium density fibreboard, so it is super sturdy and has a smooth surface that can be easily cleaned. With a load-bearing capacity of 8kg, it can be used for computers and laptops alike.

Lightweight and easy to carry, you can use it anywhere around the house unlike your regular hefty desktop table. The foldable table comes with floor protectors to prevent scratching or skidding on your plush flooring.

6. Purple Furniture Elite Computer Table

Purple Furniture Computer Table
Purple Furniture Computer Table

There is nothing more fun than having your furniture customized according to your own needs. This computer table by Purple Furniture makes this come true. This DIY table is easy to assemble, and the middle shelf can be removed to customize your storage space as per your wish. Made from high quality engineered wood, this 29 x 24 x 14.5-inch table can be dismantled and assembled as frequently as you wish.

One of the best computer tables for kids, this one has a brown wenge finish that lends the table a vintage finish.

7. DeckUp Computer Table

DeckUp Computer Table
DeckUp Computer Table

The DeckUp computer table adds a touch of elegance to your contemporary home. It has ample amount of storage space for all your needs. Crafted from engineered wood with laminate, this table has a smooth top to rest your computer or laptop. Additionally, it has a lockup drawer and two shelving units under it to store books, wires, and other accessories. With a 46 x 22 x 28-inch size, this computer table is extremely easy to use and comfortable even for long hours of seating.

The matte brown computer table comes with a natural wood grain pattern, and can be cleaned easily with a dry cloth or microfiber duster.

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