Controlling a computer isn’t always handy with a keyboard. A mouse is an instrument that makes the task smoother and easier. It is a hand-held input device that helps to perform various operations on the computer single-handedly. A wireless mouse allows the user to have unrestricted access to the computer. We have prepared a list of the best wireless mouse in India to help you with your selection.

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How Do We Select the Best Wireless Mouse?

A mouse can cost you between Rs 300 to Rs 3,000. Several factors determine the pricing of the product and can also help you in selecting the best wireless mouse. Go through the list of factors mentioned below to decide which mouse will best suit your needs. 


Some wireless mouse have optical sensors, whereas some have laser sensors. However, the optical mouse can sense only the surface it is on and might be difficult to operate on uneven surfaces. A laser mouse works fine even on uneven surfaces. 

DPI and sensitivity

The DPI (Dot per Inch) plays an important role in the functioning of the mouse. The higher the DPI, the more sensitive the mouse is. 800 to 2000 is the normal DPI required for operation. If you need the best wireless mouse for gaming, you require a DPI ranging from 2000 to 6000. 

Shape and weight

The shape of a wireless mouse can make using it either comfortable or uncomfortable. The shape must be comfortable, and the weight must be light for long hours of use. In case the shape of the mouse is broader and heavier, it will be a hindrance within a few hours of use. 

Software features

Certain options on the market come bundled with special features that need to be installed once the mouse is connected to the computer. These special software features are required when you are operating two computing devices with a single mouse. 

List of Top 15 Wireless Mouse in India

1. HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse

HP Wireless Optical Mouse
HP Wireless Optical Mouse

HP is one of the first names we come across when we look for an ideal computational device. HP Z3700 wireless mouse comes from the house of HP. They are the leading brand for laptops, keyboards, mouse, monitors, and other computer-related accessories. It is the best wireless mouse brand in India for budget-friendly options

Notable Features of HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse:

  • The product has an optical sensor of 1200DPI for accurate performance. 
  • It has a 2,4GHz wireless range for a strong and reliable connection
  • It can operate for 16 months without a battery change, which makes it one of the best wireless mouse for long hours of work.


  • Lightweight
  • Can function well in both Windows and Mac OS
  • 1-year’s warranty
  • Long battery life


  • Slightly expensive

Why We Picked HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse?

The HP3700 wireless mouse is one of the best economic options. The product has a standard 1-year warranty. It has a blue LED technology that makes it convenient to use on different surfaces. 

2. Lenovo 400 Wireless Mouse

Lenovo Wireless Mouse
Lenovo Wireless Mouse

Lenovo is the best wireless mouse brand, especially for official purposes. The company originated in China and has taken over the industry of personal technology with a wide range of computing devices and accessories. The brand comes up with innovative devices available at pocket-friendly prices. 

Notable Features of Lenovo400  Wireless Mouse:

  • The product has an optical sensor with 1200DPI, ideal for regular official use
  • The battery life of this mouse is up to 12 months.
  • The mouse has 2.4 GHz USB connectivity that keeps connectivity strong. 
  • It is most suitable for Windows 7 and the later generations of the Windows Operating system (OS).


  • Lightweight
  • Mouse pad free with the product

Why We Picked Lenovo 400 Wireless Mouse?

This mouse is among the best wireless mouse for laptops and computers. It comes with a standard warranty to serve the Indian demography. The smooth function with ergonomic features offers the user a seamless working as well as a gaming experience. 

3. Dell WM118 Wireless Mouse

Dell Wireless Mouse
Dell Wireless Mouse

Dell is among the 10 best laptop accessory brands in India. The American MNC is leading the innovation game in the personal technology field. It offers some of the best wireless mouse for laptops and computers in India. 

Notable Features of Dell WM118 Wireless Mouse:

  • There is a trackball below the mouse for the sensor, and the optical sensor is 1000 DPI for comfortable navigation
  • It has 12-month battery life.
  • It has a nano Bluetooth dongle with a 2.4 GHz connection for effortless connectivity


  • Longer battery life
  • 1-year product warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Wide operating system compatibility

Why We Picked Dell WM118 Wireless Mouse?

The unique WM118 wireless mouse by Dell offers an effortless working experience. It has a wireless range of 10m to work in any comfortable position instead of a professional setup.

4. Logitech M350 Wireless Mouse

Logitech Pebble Wireless Mouse
Logitech Pebble Wireless Mouse

Logitech is a Swiss computer and laptop accessories brand that offers uniquely designed equipment intertwined with modern technology. The innovative features of each product offer a better working experience to its users.

Notable Features of Logitech M350 Wireless Mouse:

  • It has optical sensors. The DPI of the mouse is 1000, which is best for working.
  • The mouse can be connected using the USB port easily. 


  • Compatible with all OS
  • Long battery life of up to 18 months
  • Advanced design for silent click.


  • Expensive

Why We Picked Logitech M350 Wireless Mouse?

Logitech M350 is a wireless mouse that offers a minimalist, modern and sleek design. It is helpful in performing jobs and any computer functions. The product design reduces the strain on the hands and wrist, improving your posture and your productivity. For these reasons, it is counted among the best wireless mouse. 

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5. Microsoft Surface Mobile Wireless Mouse

Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse
Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse
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The American multinational venture, Microsoft is a household name that suffices the computational needs of the world. The company manufactures laptops, computer pads, and desktops. It also produces accessories like keyboards and mouse apart from software to ensure an effortless working experience. 

Notable Features of Microsoft Surface Mobile Wireless Mouse:

  • The mouse has 4 buttons.
  • The wireless feature makes it easy to carry around
  • Its slim design reduces the strain on the hands and wrists.


  • Long battery life
  • Smoother working experience


  • Expensive

6. Asus MW203 Wireless Mouse

ASUS Multi-Device Wireless Mouse
ASUS Multi-Device Wireless Mouse

ASUS stepped into the personal technology industry in 1989 in Taiwan. From its initial days, it has produced some of the most technologically advanced computing utilities. The brand specialises in laptops for work as well as gaming, monitors, keyboards, mouse, and other accessories to assist in computer operation. 

Notable Features of ASUS MW203 Wireless Mouse:

  • The wireless mouse has rubberised sides for a comfortable grip
  • It can be connected to 3 devices at the same time.
  • It is among the best wireless mouse for gaming as it has 3 modes of DPI to adjust and be precise according to the user.


  • 2400 adjustable DPI optical sensor
  • 6 buttons for advanced functioning
  • Silent mouse


  • Expensive

Why We Picked ASUS MW203 Wireless Mouse?

ASUS MW203 provides a seamless user experience with swift navigation and easy gripping. The wireless mouse offers advanced operation buttons and a smooth sensor with adjustable DPI to provide perfect user interaction.

7. Zebronics Zeb-Jaguar Wireless Mouse

Zebronics Wireless Mouse
Zebronics Wireless Mouse

Zebronics is an Indian electronic brand that specialises in speakers, sound bars, microphones, headphones, and earphones. The company is focused on providing excellent product design and quality. It also manufactures one of the best and cheapest wireless mouse that is accessible to all.

Notable Features of Zebronics Zeb-Jaguar Wireless Mouse:

  • It has optical sensors with a high precision sensor with 1600 DPI.
  • The mouse has connectivity of 2.4 GHz for strong networking. 
  • The product is one of the best wireless mouse for gaming, as it has advanced features to make the user experience exceptional.


  • Extra button for play and pause
  • Compatible with almost all platforms
  • Effective on any kind of surface
  • Ergonomic Design

Why We Picked Zebronics Zeb-Jaguar Wireless Mouse?

While Zebronics is known for offering some of the best wireless mouse for laptops and computers, the Zeb-Jaguar Wireless mouse offers advanced operating services at a comparatively lower price than its competitors. The mouse is designed to provide comfort and uninterrupted service to its user. 

8. Offbeat RIPJAW Wireless Mouse

Offbeat RIPJAW Wireless Gaming Mouse
Offbeat RIPJAW Wireless Gaming Mouse

Offbeat is a reasonably priced computer accessory manufacturer. The brand offers a range of wired and wireless mouse for the best gaming experience. 

Notable Features of Offbeat RIPJAW Wireless Mouse:

  • The mouse has an inbuilt rechargeable battery.
  • The mouse moves at the speed of 180 inches/sec.
  • It has a response time of 1 microsecond, which is apt for an advanced gaming experience. 


  • Noiseless clicks
  • Adjustable sensor speed
  • 7 advanced button
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Heavyweight 

9. iBall Free Go G50 Wireless Mouse

iBall Wireless Optical Mouse
iBall Wireless Optical Mouse

Founded in 2001 in India, iBall is a brand that manufactures computers and electronic accessories. Mainly offering sound bars and speakers, the wireless mouse of the company exceeded the expectations in the market and is one of the best wireless mouse when you have a low budget.

Notable Features of iBall Free Go G50 wireless mouse:

  • The product has an ergonomic design for comfortable use.
  • The mouse automatically switches off when not in use.
  • There is an option to select speed as per your need.
  • The nano USB receiver helps with easy storage and swift connectivity. 


  • Simplistic look.
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight

10. Coconut WM12 Wireless Mouse

Coconut Wireless Mouse
Coconut Wireless Mouse

Coconut offers a wide range of electronic products. Wires, internet devices, sound bars, mouse, and speakers, are some of the products from the brand. 

Notable Features of Coconut WM12 Wireless Mouse:

  • The mouse has an inbuilt 500 mAh battery.
  • The product has an adjustable sensor up to 1600 DPI.
  • It has a wireless transmission of 2.4GHz


  • RBG Mouse of professional grade
  • Silent clicks
  • Higher precision

11. Perixx PERIMICE-713N Wireless Mouse

Perixx Wireless Vertical Mouse
Perixx Wireless Vertical Mouse

Perixx is a German brand mastering computational accessory designs since 2006. The brand offers creative designs for mouse and keyboards to improve and handle the growing demand for personal and industrial usage. 

Notable Features of Perixx PERIMICE-713N Wireless Mouse:

  • The device has an optical sensor.
  • It has an operating range of 30 ft.
  • High-quality rubber coating has been done on the mouse for better grip.


  • Efficient usage
  • Smooth operation
  • Easily controllable with its swift scrolling wheel


  • Heavy weighted

12. iClever Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

iClever Bluetooth Mouse
iClever Bluetooth Mouse

iClever is a brand that offers an exceptional sound experience to the world by producing some of the best headphones. The company offers minimalistic designs in its products that improve your working experience and reduce the complexity of your jobs. With headset and speakers, it also produces accessories like keyboards and mouse. 

Notable features of iClever Bluetooth Wireless Mouse:

  • The product has an optical sensor.
  • It is carefully crafted to fit into your palm comfortably.
  • It has dual Bluetooth modes and 2.4GHz wireless technology.
  • The mouse can be used to switch between 3 systems at the same time.


  • 4 adjustable DPI setting
  • Can multitask on 3 computing systems.
  • Rechargeable built-in battery


  • Expensive

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13. Inphic Wireless Mouse

Inphic Slim Wireless Mouse
Inphic Slim Wireless Mouse

Inphic is a brand that offers premium third-party products for Mac OS. It has two broad ranges of products manufactured to suit your specific needs. The range includes mice and earphones with different variations. 

Notable Features of Inphic Wireless Mouse:

  • The product has a 400 mAh rechargeable battery inside.
  • There are three levels of setting in the mouse for the sensor.
  • The mouse has a classic design to match the sleek design of Apple computers


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Can be easily carried anywhere
  • Silent mouse buttons


  • Compatible only with Mac OS
  • Expensive

14. Vssoplor Type C Dual Mode Wireless Mouse

Vssoplor Cordless Mouse
Vssoplor Cordless Mouse

Vssoplor is a brand that specialises in keyboard and mouse designs. The company aims to provide maximum comfort to its users to ensure smooth navigation. 

Notable Features of Vssoplor Type C Dual Mode Wireless Mouse:

  • The product is compatible with almost all devices that support a USB connection.
  • It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can be charged when out of power.
  • The mouse has 3 adjustable DPI ranges to suit your needs. 


  • Additional Nano type C connectivity for compatibility with mobile phones.
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wide OS compatibility

15. Tecknet 2600DPI Wireless Mouse

TeckNet Bluetooth Wireless Mouse
TeckNet Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

TeckNet wireless mouse brand offers a limited range of computer accessories with a thrilling working experience. The company understands the needs of its users and narrows down its product into two zones, the gaming zone and the work zone making both work and gaming fun and exciting. 

Notable Features of TeckNet 2600DPI Wireless Mouse:

  • The product weighs 85 grams.
  • There are two basic buttons for functioning.
  • It has 5 variations of DPI that can be increased or decreased as per the need.


  • Long battery life of 18 months
  • Battery indicator for advanced notice of battery life.


  • Heavyweight
  • Expensive

Final Word

A mouse is a handy tool important to perform various functions on the computer. Therefore, it is necessary to select the best device that is durable and helps you complete your tasks efficiently. You can check our list of the best wireless mouse in India to make the right choice. 


Which company’s wireless mouse is best in India?

HP, Lenovo, Dell, Logitech and other brands on our list are some of the best companies that bring wireless mouse in India.

What is the most comfortable wireless mouse?

The choice for the most comfortable mouse may vary from person to person. While some prefer a vertical design, some may like a flatter mouse and some may like a claw-like grip. Many wireless mouse may specifically cater to left-handed or ambidexterous people, other than the usual right-handed mouse, which is also a factor on which you can gauge the comfort level of the mouse. Mainly, you should check if you can rest your hand comfortably on the mouse without putting pressure on your wrists or fingers.

Is Bluetooth mouse better than wireless?

Yes, a Bluetooth mouse is a better option as compared to a wireless mouse. You don’t need a USB port to use it, making it highly convenient. You can also easily move it from one device to another.

What is the most reliable wireless mouse?

HP, Logitech, Dell, and other brands on are list bring some of the most reliable wireless mouse.

How do I choose a wireless mouse?

Choose a mouse depending on your needs. You can then consider various factors like how ergonomic it is, its software features, DPI, sensors, etc.

Do all wireless mouse need USB?

Yes, almost all wireless mouse need a USB port.

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