8 Best Earbuds Under 1500 in India (Updated List for 2024!)

If you’re on a budget and looking for the best earbuds you can get, you have come to the right place. The market is brimming with options that offer great sound quality, comfort, and durability, all under Rs 1500. So, let’s dive into some of the best earbuds under 1500 you can get without burning a hole in your pocket.

Our Top Picks:

Best Overall
boAt Airdopes 141
boAt Airdopes 141
These earbuds offer amazing sound and come at an attractive price, making it our top choice.
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Best for Calling
Redmi Buds 4 Active
realme TechLife Buds T100
These earbuds offer a crystal-clear calling experience so that you can have long, uninterrupted conversations.
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Best for Long-Time Use
realme TechLife Buds T100
Boult Audio Z40 Pro
With a long battery life of about 100 hours, these earbuds are perfect for long sessions of listening to your favourite music.
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Side-By-Side Comparison Table

Product NameConnectivity TechnologyPlayback TimeMaximum Operating DistanceIP Rating for Water ResistanceRating
boAt Airdopes 141Bluetooth 5.142 hours10 MetresIPX48/10
realme TechLife Buds T100Bluetooth 5.328 hours10 MetresIPX57.5/10
Boult Audio Z40 ProBluetooth 5.3100 hours10 MetresIPX59/10
Redmi Buds 4 ActiveBluetooth 5.330 hours10 MetresIPX47.5/10
Noise Buds VS104Bluetooth 5.245 hours10 MetresIPX58.5/10
pTron Bassbuds DuoBluetooth 5.132 hours10 MetresIPX47/10
Wings Flobuds 200Bluetooth 5.350 hours10 MetresIPX58/10
Blaupunkt BTW100 XtremeBluetooth 5.3100 hours10 MetresIPX59/10

List of the Best Earbuds Under 1500 in India

boAt Airdopes 141

Best Overall

1,299 ₹4,490
These boAt earbuds will redefine your audio experience with a blend of immersive sound, extended playtime, and seamless connectivity. 


Extended battery life
Low latency mode 
Quick charging capabilities
Water and sweat resistance


Does not show the battery percentage for the case
Microphone does not work that well

The boAt Airdopes 141 is the best overall earbuds under Rs 1500, offering an unbeatable combination of features and value. The exceptional 42-hour playback time is a boon for users who dislike frequent charging. Gamers will particularly appreciate the low latency ‘Beast Mode’, ensuring real-time audio sync for an immersive gaming experience. Also, the IPX4 rating ensures durability against water and sweat. 

Product Specifications:

Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth 5.17
Playback Time42 hours9
Maximum Operating Distance‎10 Metres8
IP Rating (For Water Resistance)IPX48
Special Features‎Sweatproof, One Touch Voice Assistant
Product Dimensions‎5 x 5 x 2 cm; 60 g
8Expert Score
CashKaro Rating

boAt Airdopes 121 PRO Earbuds are lauded for providing excellent value for money, boasting features such as quick charging, low latency, and superior call quality. However, some users have reported fit and comfort issues, which could potentially affect their long-term usability and overall satisfaction.

Key Features of the boAt Airdopes 141 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds:

  • Playback: Features an exceptional playback time of up to 42 hours, including 6 hours of nonstop playtime on the earbuds. Now you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment during long weekends or on-the-go journeys.
  • Beast Mode: Ideal for gamers, this low latency mode ensures real-time audio with low latency, elevating your gaming sessions for a more immersive experience.
  • Clear Voice Calls: Each earbud is equipped with a built-in mic and ENx Environmental Noise Cancellation tech, ensuring crisp and clear voice delivery during calls.
  • boAt Signature Sound: Immerse yourself in the distinctive boAt sound profile for an auditory experience that complements various music genres.
  • Charge: Experience convenience with ASAP Charge, offering up to 75 minutes of playtime in just 5 minutes of charging. The Type C-equipped carry case ensures swift charging on the go.
  • Instant Connect: Seamlessly connect to your playlist with Insta Wake N’ Pair technology. The earbuds power on as soon as you open the case cover.
  • Protection: The earbuds are protected with an IPX4 rating, ensuring resistance against water and sweat, making them suitable for workouts or outdoor activities.
  • Voice Assistant Support: Effortlessly access your default voice assistant with a single touch, enabling convenient voice commands for various tasks.

Amazon Rating: The boAt Airdopes 141 has received a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars from 198,089 reviews on Amazon. This rating reflects their popularity and general user satisfaction, indicating that a large number of users have found these earbuds to be a good fit for their needs. 

Price: Priced at ₹1,299, the boAt Airdopes 141 are positioned as an affordable option in the earbuds market. It is an attractive choice for those seeking quality earbuds with impressive features without a high cost. The price point is especially appealing to budget-conscious consumers who don’t want to compromise on sound quality and functionality. 

Personal Viewpoint: These boAt earbuds offer an impressive blend of features, including an exceptional playback time of up to 42 hours, low latency mode for gaming, and reliable Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. They are a commendable choice for users seeking a budget-friendly yet feature-rich audio companion, making it our top choice. 

Buy It If:

✔️ You desire extended battery life and low latency for gaming.

✔️ You seek water and sweat-resistant earbuds for active lifestyles.

✔️ You prioritise affordability without compromising on quality sound.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You need earbuds with a good-quality mic for a good calling experience.

User Testimonial:

Aryansinh Prabhatsinh Parmar wrote: “After approximately 2 months of usage, I am reviewing Boat Airdopes 141. It is very comfortable to fit in the ear, also having good battery life and sound quality…”

realme TechLife Buds T100

Best for Calling

realme TechLife Buds T100
1,399 ₹2,999
The realme earbuds redefine wireless audio, offering a blend of immersive sound, enhanced call quality, and gaming features. 


AI ENC ensures clear calls
Extended 28-hour playback duration
Quick 10-minute charging for immediate use
Low latency gaming mode for immersive gaming experience


realme Link App experience is not very good

The realme TechLife Buds T100 are a standout choice for the best earbuds for calling. They excel with their AI Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC), which significantly enhances call clarity by effectively eliminating background noise, making them ideal for clear and uninterrupted conversations. The earbuds’ 10mm dynamic bass drivers deliver real HD sound, ensuring an immersive audio experience for both calls and music. 

Product Specifications:

Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth 5.39
Playback Time28 hours7
Maximum Operating Distance‎10 Metres8
IP Rating (For Water Resistance)IPX59
Special FeaturesNoise Cancellation
Product Dimensions‎6.1 x 4.8 x 2.8 cm; 35 g
7.5Expert Score
CashKaro Rating

The realme TechLife Buds T100 impresses with a decent battery life of 28 hours and superior IPX5 water resistance, ensuring durability against water exposure. Bluetooth 5.3 enhances connectivity, but its lower playback time compared to other options impacts its overall rating.

Key Features of the realme TechLife Buds T100:

  • ENC: Eliminates background noise during calls for an uninterrupted listening experience.
  • Playback Time: Features 28 hours of playback time so that you can enjoy extended hours of connectivity. Now, you get the freedom to enjoy your favourite shows, playlists, or outdoor activities without frequent charging breaks.
  • Fast Charging: Just a 10-minute charge gives you up to 120 minutes of playback time, ensuring quick top-ups for uninterrupted usage.
  • Driver: Comes with 10mm dynamic bass drivers that deliver real HD sound with clear vocals and enhanced bass, ensuring an immersive audio experience.
  • Google Fast Pair: Enjoy instant connection with your phone, enabling quick setup and effortless pairing.
  • Gaming Mode: Features 88ms super low latency mode for precise audio and visual synchronisation for an enhanced gaming experience. This allows for seamless gameplay with minimal delay.
  • App Connectivity: Customise EQ settings, assign touch commands, and access more tailored functions through the realme Link App.

Amazon Rating: The realme TechLife Buds T100 have received a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars from 22,437  reviews on Amazon. A significant number of users are satisfied with the earbuds’ performance, particularly in terms of sound quality and features. 

Price: Priced at ₹1,399, the realme earbuds are positioned as a competitively priced option in the earbuds market. The price point is especially attractive for budget-conscious consumers who are looking for quality earbuds with advanced features like fast charging and gaming mode.

Personal Viewpoint: The realme TechLife Buds T100 offer a solid set of features for their price range, including AI ENC for clear calls, extended 28-hour playback time, and a low latency gaming mode. These earbuds generally provide good sound quality and functionality, making them a suitable choice for users looking for affordable, feature-rich earbuds.

Buy It If:

✔️ You seek budget-friendly earbuds with AI ENC for calls and low latency gaming mode.

✔️ You want customisable EQ settings and touch commands via the realme Link App.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You want earbuds that offer a good app user experience.

User Testimonial:

Kushal Das wrote: “The buds have a strong bass response in terms of sound quality... Regarding active noise cancellation, the buds’ ANC quality for low-frequency disturbances is good. The touch sensitivity is generally not bad but can be a little iffy with the triple clicks, where the third click fails to register at times... The fit is snug and comfortable, and they don’t pop out of the ear during a workout or a jog.”

Boult Audio Z40 Pro

Best for Long-Time Use

1,299 ₹5,499
These Boult earbuds are designed to offer exceptional endurance, crystal-clear communication, and immersive audio experiences.


Exceptional 100-hour playtime on a single charge
Quad Mic ENC for crystal-clear communication
Low-latency gaming mode 
Premium rubber grip case 
Feather touch controls for easy management
IPX5 water resistance for active lifestyles


Mic quality may not be very good
Quality of the bass may not be very good

The Boult Audio Z40 Pro earbuds are an excellent choice for those who want an uninterrupted listening experience. The standout feature is the remarkable 100-hour playback time on a single charge. This makes them ideal for extended periods of use, such as long journeys or outdoor adventures, without the need for frequent recharging. 

Product Specifications:

Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth 5.39
Playback Time100 hours10
Maximum Operating Distance‎10 Metres8
IP Rating (For Water Resistance)IPX59
Special Features‎Quad Mic ENC for Crystal Clear Calls, Sweatproof, Noise Isolation, Fast Charging
Product Dimensions‎6 x 2.7 x 4.8 cm; 50 g
9Expert Score
CashKaro Rating

The Boult Audio Z40 Pro stands out with an impressive 100 hours of playback, coupled with the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology and IPX5 water resistance. This makes it a top choice for users who prioritise long battery life and durability against water. While it’s a strong contender, potential concerns like fit and audio quality not detailed here prevent it from achieving a perfect score.

Key Features of the Boult Audio Z40 Pro:

  • Playback Time: Experience an astonishing 100-hour playtime on a single charge, ensuring uninterrupted music, podcasts, or calls for extended periods. This makes them perfect for long journeys or outdoor adventures.
  • ENC: Enjoy crystal-clear communication with the Quad Mic ENC technology, ensuring pristine voice clarity by eliminating background noise during calls and voice commands.
  • Gaming Mode: Delivers 45ms ultra-low latency mode for immersive gaming sessions with responsive sound, providing a competitive edge in gaming experiences.
  • Bass Drivers: Powerful 10mm bass drivers deliver deep, thumping bass for a rich and dynamic audio experience across various music genres.
  • Premium Rubber Grip Case: The earbuds come with a premium rubber grip case, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit while providing a luxurious grip.
  • Controls: Seamlessly control volume, tracks, calls, and voice assistants with gentle taps, offering an intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Type-C Charging: Supports ultra-fast Type-C charging, minimising wait times and ensuring more music playback time on the go.
  • Protection: With an IPX5 water resistance rating, these earbuds can withstand splashes, sweat, and light rain, making them suitable for workouts, runs, and outdoor activities.

Amazon Rating: The Boult Audio Z40 Pro has an Amazon rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars from 19,828 reviews. This rating reflects generally positive feedback from users but also indicates some mixed reviews. 

Price: Priced at ₹1,299, the Boult Audio Z40 Pro earbuds are offered at a competitive price point. This makes them an attractive option for those seeking high-quality earbuds with a range of features at an affordable price. The significant savings are particularly appealing for budget-conscious consumers who are looking for long-lasting earbuds with good functionality.

Personal Viewpoint: The Boult Audio Z40 Pro earbuds offer an impressive array of features catering to diverse audio needs. Equipped with Quad Mic ENC technology, these earbuds ensure crystal-clear communication, effectively reducing background noise during calls and voice commands. These earbuds offer 100-hour playtime along with ultra-fast Type-C charging for long-term use.

Buy It If:

✔️ You are looking for earbuds with an exceptionally long battery life and a low latency mode for gaming.

✔️ You have an active lifestyle and want water and dust-resistant earbuds.

✔️ You prefer earbuds with intuitive touch controls for convenience.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You want earbuds which have good microphone quality for a clear calling experience. 

User Testimonial:

Zaid Siddiqui wrote: “Overall Product is good, sound quality is best you can get on this price range with good bass, case is quiet attractive…”

Redmi Buds 4 Active

Best for Seamless Connectivity

1,099 ₹2,999
These Redmi earbuds present an immersive audio experience coupled with extended battery life, ideal for those seeking uninterrupted music, calls, and gaming on the move. 


Powerful 12mm drivers for immersive sound
Extended 30-hour battery life
Google Fast Pair for quick connectivity
IPX4 water and sweat resistance
Touch controls for easy management


Volume cannot be controlled with earbuds

The Redmi Buds 4 Active offers the best connectivity, especially for those seeking quality at an affordable price. The Google Fast Pair technology ensures swift and hassle-free Bluetooth pairing with Android devices, a feature that significantly enhances user convenience. The audio experience is enriched by powerful 12mm bass pro drivers, delivering deep bass and clear highs, ideal for an immersive listening experience. 

Product Specifications:

Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth 5.39
Playback Time30 hours7
Maximum Operating Distance‎10 Metres8
IP Rating (For Water Resistance)IPX48
Special Features‎Sweatproof, Lightweight, Environment Noise Cancellation, Fast Charging
Product Dimensions10 x 10 x 3.2 cm; 47 g
7.5Expert Score
CashKaro Rating

The Redmi Buds 4 Active boast solid features, including 30 hours of battery life and IPX4 water resistance. With the newer Bluetooth 5.3, it’s a strong contender. However, it’s slightly overshadowed by others with better ratings or longer battery life.

Key Features of the Redmi Buds 4 Active:

  • Drivers: Features powerful 12mm bass pro drivers that deliver an immersive audio experience with deep, rich bass and crisp, clear highs.
  • Battery Life: Enjoy the freedom of extended usage with up to an astounding 30 hours of battery life. This ensures uninterrupted music, podcasts, and calls throughout the day.
  • Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC): This feature offers crystal-clear conversations even in noisy environments. The powerful mic captures your voice with remarkable clarity while actively reducing background noise for an immersive calling experience.
  • Google Fast Pair: Enables quick, effortless Bluetooth pairing with Android devices in just one tap, ensuring seamless connectivity and easy tracking of the earbuds’ last known location.
  • Charging: With fast charging capabilities, get up to 90 minutes of playback time in just 10 minutes.
  • Protection: Have an IPX4 rating, providing reliable protection against water splashes and sweat.
  • Low Latency Mode: Experience ultra-responsive audio with a low latency mode of up to 60ms, catering to gamers, movie lovers, and music enthusiasts for real-time sound synchronisation.
  • Touch Controls: Manage music playback and call controls effortlessly with the touch control feature, adding convenience to your audio experience.

Amazon Rating: The Redmi Buds 4 Active have an Amazon rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars from 27,305 reviews. The large number of reviews highlights their popularity but also points to varied experiences among different users.

Price: Priced at ₹1,099, the Redmi Buds 4 Active are an affordable option in the earbuds market. The price point is particularly attractive for consumers who want quality audio features without a significant financial investment.

Personal Viewpoint: The Redmi Buds 4 Active offers an impressive array of features for its price range, catering to various audio needs. The earbuds deliver decent sound quality and ensure seamless connectivity with the Google Fast Pair technology. Also, the extended battery life and low latency mode make them suitable for general users and gamers on a budget.

Buy It If:

✔️ You seek budget-friendly earbuds with immersive sound quality.

✔️ Extended battery life and low latency mode are important features for your usage.

✔️ You want reliable water and sweat-resistant earbuds.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You want earbuds with a higher and more consistent user rating, indicating a more uniform and reliable customer experience.

User Testimonial:

Sreejan wrote: “Nice product, build and sound quality is good. The only thing I dislike is the ENC (environmental noise cancellation) which sometimes not work properly”

Note: If you’re looking for slightly more advanced features and are willing to stretch your budget a bit, check out our guide on the best earbuds under 2000 for an enhanced audio experience.

Noise Buds VS104

Best Design

999 ₹3,499
The Noise earbuds are designed to offer extensive playtime, seamless communication, and a comfortable experience for users on the go.


IPX5 water resistance 
Quick Instacharge feature for rapid top-ups
Low latency for gaming without audio lag
Customisable colourful ear tips for personalised style


Bass quality may not be optimal
Noise cancellation quality may not be very good

The Noise Buds VS104, with their striking mint green colour and customisable ear tips, stand out for their exceptional design. These earbuds offer a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, featuring a remarkable 45-hour playback time that caters to users who enjoy long music sessions without the hassle of frequent recharging. 

Product Specifications:

Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth 5.28
Playback Time45 hours9
Maximum Operating Distance‎10 Metres8
IP Rating (For Water Resistance)IPX59
Special Features‎Fast Charging, Environmental Noise Cancellation
Product Dimensions‎35 x 2 x 1 cm; 35 g
8.5Expert Score
CashKaro Rating

The Noise Buds VS104 impresses with a robust 45 hours of battery life and a superior IPX5 rating, perfect for extensive outdoor and exercise use. Enhanced call quality through ENC and slightly better tech specs contribute to its higher rating, making it a solid choice for users seeking reliable performance and durability.

Key Features of the Noise Buds VS104:

  • Playback Time: Offers a 45-hour playback time so that you enjoy a prolonged music experience, ensuring a day filled with music without constant recharging.
  • ENC: Have clear conversations regardless of your location, thanks to the Quad Mic technology that effectively minimises background noise during calls.
  • Instacharge: 10 minutes of charging provides an impressive 200 minutes of playback, ensuring quick top-ups for uninterrupted usage.
  • Low Latency: Offers up to 50ms low latency for gaming sessions, as the earbuds promise minimal audio lag for an immersive gaming experience.
  • Driver: Features 13mm drivers for well-balanced sound, ensuring quality audio performance across various genres.

Amazon Rating: The Noise Buds VS104 has garnered an Amazon rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars, based on 24,983 reviews. This rating reflects a diverse range of user experiences and opinions, indicating that most users are satisfied with its performance.

Price: Priced at ₹999, the Noise Buds VS104 stands out as an exceptionally budget-friendly option in the earbuds market. This competitive pricing makes it an attractive choice for consumers seeking feature-rich earbuds without a hefty price tag. 

Personal Viewpoint: The Noise Buds VS104 offers an extensive array of features, providing good value for its price. The mint green colour, with its sleek design, looks pretty aesthetic. Additionally, the earbuds deliver prolonged playtime, clear communication, and low latency mode, suitable for those looking for budget-friendly earbuds with decent performance.

Buy It If:

✔️ You seek earbuds with extended playtime for a day filled with music.

✔️ You want affordable and reliable earbuds that last a long time.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You are looking for earbuds that offer great noise cancellation for uninterrupted conversations.

User Testimonial:

Mukesh Yadav wrote: “Its voice quality is good. You can also hear clearly. Charging support lasts for a long time.”

pTron Bassbuds Duo

Best Comfort

699 ₹2,599
The pTron Bassbuds Duo Earbuds offer extended playtime, touch control functionality, and IPX4 water resistance, catering to users looking for a budget-friendly yet feature-rich option.


Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity for stable connections
Clear call quality
Smooth touch controls
IPX4 water resistance for active lifestyles


Sound may not be the same in both earbuds, even in mono

The pTron Bassbuds Duo earbuds stand out as an excellent choice for those prioritising comfort in their earbuds. Designed with a lightweight and compact build, they ensure a snug and secure fit, ideal for prolonged use without causing ear fatigue. These earbuds boast an impressive 32-hour total playtime, greatly reducing the need for frequent recharging and catering well to users who enjoy extended listening sessions. 

Product Specifications:

Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth 5.17
Playback Time32 Hours8
Maximum Operating Distance‎10 Metres8
IP Rating (For Water Resistance)IPX48
Special FeaturesPassive Noise Cancellation, Compact Charging Case, Wide Compatibility
Product Dimensions6.1 x 4.5 x 2.2 cm; 43 g
7Expert Score
CashKaro Rating

The pTron Bassbuds Duo offers reasonable features with 32 hours of playback and a basic IPX4 rating. However, it’s rated lower due to the older Bluetooth 5.1 and less competitive features compared to others with similar or slightly higher prices.

Key Features of the pTron Bassbuds Duo:

  • Playback Time: Enjoy an impressive total playtime of 32 hours, ensuring extended usage without frequent recharging.
  • Connectivity: Features Bluetooth 5.1 for stable and efficient connectivity with devices, ensuring a seamless audio experience.
  • Touch Control: Delivers stereo audio output and touch control functionality for convenient usage.
  • Calling: Equipped with a built-in microphone for hands-free calling and voice assistance support for added convenience.
  • Protection: It comes with IPX4 water resistance for protection against sweat and light splashes, making it suitable for workouts and daily activities.

Amazon Rating: The pTron Bassbuds Duo has achieved an Amazon rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars, accumulated from 199,654 reviews. This mixed feedback highlights the earbuds’ appeal to a budget-conscious audience while also pointing out some potential shortcomings in their performance.

Price: At a price of ₹699, the pTron Bassbuds Duo positions itself as an extremely affordable option in the earbuds market. This aggressive pricing strategy makes it an enticing choice for consumers who are looking for functional earbuds without a significant financial investment. 

Personal Viewpoint: The pTron Bassbuds Duo provides impressive playtime, touch control, and water resistance at an affordable price. Featuring Bluetooth 5.1, the Bassbuds Duo provides stable and efficient connectivity, enhancing the overall seamless audio experience. Also, the snug fit ensures comfort so that you can use it all day long.

Buy It If:

✔️ You’re looking for budget-friendly earbuds with decent playtime.

✔️ Touch control and water resistance are important features.

✔️ You prioritise affordability over premium features.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You are looking for earbuds that offer balanced and immersive sound.

User Testimonial:

Shivam Kapahi wrote: “Overall this buds are good but when we use it for gaming its sound gets fluctuated and we can’t focus in the game. So if anyone wants to buy for normal song listening they can buy it but not for gaming.”

Wings Flobuds 200

Best for Gaming

Wings Flobuds 200
999 ₹2,499
The Wings Flobuds 200 earbuds boast an elegant and sophisticated design, offering an immersive audio experience.


Elegant and stylish transparent case design
Smart ENC for improved call and music clarity
Long total playtime of up to 50 hours
Touch controls for convenient operation


Wireless range is limited

The Wings Flobuds 200 earbuds are an excellent choice for gamers seeking a blend of style, performance, and affordability. These earbuds distinguish themselves with a unique transparent case design, adding an element of sophistication to their aesthetic. The low latency mode offers up to 40ms response time, ensuring a lag-free and responsive gaming experience. The earbuds boast an impressive 50-hour total playtime, including 10 hours of continuous playback, ideal for extended gaming sessions.

Product Specifications:

Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth 5.39
Playback Time50 Hours9
Maximum Operating Distance‎10 Metres8
IP Rating (For Water Resistance)IPX59
Special FeaturesQuad Mic, Sweatproof, Foldable, Fast Charging
Product Dimensions‎5 x 4.4 x 2.8 cm; 39 g
8Expert Score
CashKaro Rating

The Wings Flobuds 200 provides excellent overall value with an impressive 50 hours of battery life, the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology, and robust IPX5 water resistance. It’s a strong contender for individuals seeking a perfect balance between performance and price.

Key Features of the Wings Flobuds 200:

  • Design: Features a transparent case design that showcases the earbuds’ aesthetic appeal.
  • Drivers: Equipped with 13mm high-fidelity drivers to deliver rich and detailed sound quality for an exceptional listening experience.
  • Smart ENC: Offers superior sound clarity by minimising background noise during calls or music playback.
  • Game Mode: Provides a low latency of up to 40ms for a responsive and lag-free gaming experience.
  • Long Playtime: Provides up to 50 hours of total playtime, including 10 hours of continuous playback on the earbuds themselves.
  • Protection: Comes with IPX5 sweat and water resistance, making them suitable for workouts or outdoor activities.
  • Touch Controls: Allows for easy control of playback, volume, and access to voice assistants with touch-sensitive controls.

Amazon Rating: The Wings Flobuds 200 has received an Amazon rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars from 3,071 reviews. This rating indicates a generally positive reception among users, with a variety of opinions and satisfaction levels. The rating suggests that while many users are pleased with the earbuds’ design and functionality, there may be some concerns, particularly regarding the Wi-Fi range. 

Price: Priced at ₹699, the Wings Flobuds 200 positions itself as an affordable option in the wireless earbuds market. This pricing makes it an attractive choice for consumers looking for stylish and functional earbuds without a high cost. The combination of an elegant design, good sound quality, and a budget-friendly price point makes it a compelling purchase for cost-conscious buyers.

Personal Viewpoint: From my perspective, the Wings Flobuds 200 stand out for their elegant design that is offered in an attractive price range. Equipped with 13mm high-fidelity drivers, they deliver rich and detailed sound quality, enhancing the gaming and music listening experience. The Smart ENC technology minimises background noise during calls or music playback, providing superior sound clarity.

Buy It If:

✔️ You appreciate earbuds with a stylish and transparent case design.

✔️ You seek earbuds which offer a balance between design, sound quality, and affordable pricing.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You prioritise longer individual earbud battery life.

❌ You are looking for earbuds which have a wide connectivity range for a seamless connection.

User Testimonial:

Rishabh Raj wrote: “Reviewing after four months of usage, sound and bass are good, Earbuds battery last 8 hours and case battery fully charges the earbuds 3 times.”

Special Recommendation: For all audio enthusiasts looking for additional features, superior sound quality, and an overall enhanced listening experience, our guide on top earbuds available under 5000 is a must-read. Have a read and let us know if you find it helpful.

Blaupunkt BTW100 Xtreme

Best for Noise Cancellation

1,299 ₹3,999
Blaupunkt features an exceptional 99 hours of playtime and Quad Mic technology for improved call quality and immersive sound. 


Exceptional 99 hours of total playtime
Quad Mic technology for clearer calls
Crispr ENC minimises background noise
Dedicated gaming mode
Voice assistant support


May lack features found in higher-end models

The Blaupunkt BTW100 Xtreme earbuds are our top choice for earbuds that offer the best noise cancellation. These earbuds deliver high-definition sound, ensuring a rich and immersive audio experience for music, movies, and gaming. The addition of Crispr ENC further elevates call quality, reducing background noise for crystal-clear conversations. 

Product Specifications:

Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth 5.39
Playback Time100 hours10
Maximum Operating Distance‎10 Metres8
IP Rating (For Water Resistance)IPX59
Special FeaturesQuad Mic, Crispr Enc Tech, Gaming Mode, Environmental Noise Cancellation
Product Dimensions‎10.2 x 4.2 x 10.2 cm; 90 g
9Expert Score
CashKaro Rating

Similar to the Boult Audio Z40 Pro, the Blaupunkt BTW100 Xtreme also boasts an impressive 100 hours of battery life, alongside modern Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and excellent IPX5 water resistance. Its combination of extensive battery life and durable design makes it an ideal choice for long-term use, earning it a high rating on the list.

Key Features of the Blaupunkt BTW100 Xtreme:

  • Playtime: Offers an impressive 99 hours of total playtime, ensuring extended usage on a single charge.
  • High-Definition Sound: Provides stereo high-definition sound, promising a pleasant and immersive listening experience.
  • Quad Mic Technology: Equipped with four microphones (two per earbud) for clearer sound quality during calls.
  • Crispr ENC: Enhances call quality by reducing background noise, ensuring clearer communication.
  • Gaming Mode: Features a gaming mode for reduced latency, enhancing the gaming experience.

Amazon Rating: The Blaupunkt BTW100 Xtreme has achieved an Amazon rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars based on 8,721 reviews. The mixed feedback suggests that the earbuds are well-received for their exceptional playtime and sound quality, but they may lack some features found in higher-end models.

Price: At a price of ₹1,299, the Blaupunkt BTW100 Xtreme stands out as a highly affordable option in the wireless earbuds market. This competitive pricing makes it an attractive choice for consumers seeking earbuds with long battery life and reliable performance without a hefty price tag. 

Personal Viewpoint: The Blaupunkt BTW100 Xtreme impresses with its 99 hours of total playtime. The addition of Crispr ENC for clearer calls and a dedicated gaming mode further adds to its appeal. Also, these earbuds enhance call quality by capturing clear sound and minimising background noise, facilitating effective communication during calls or voice commands. 

Buy It If:

✔️ You need extremely long playtime on a single charge.

✔️ You prioritise clear call quality and immersive sound experience.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You prefer a smaller and more compact earbud design.

❌ You want earbuds which offer high-end features found in higher-priced models.

User Testimonial:

An Amazon Customer wrote: “Good product and best price. Very good in bass and voice clarity. Very good in battery backup. Sometimes flickering noise comes when moving in bus.”

How Do We Choose the Best Earbuds Under 1500 for You?

Whether you’re a bass enthusiast, a style-savvy individual, or someone who values functionality, there’s something for everyone in this budget range. Curious about how we pick the top earbuds under 1500 just for you? Check out the factors below!

Great Sound Quality

We made sure to choose earbuds with a well-balanced sound, offering clear highs, mids, and bass. Plus, we considered ones with noise-cancellation technology. They block out unwanted noise, making your listening experience even better.

Comfort and Fit

Since you might wear these earbuds for a while, comfort is super important. We picked earbuds with comfy designs for that perfect fit. Nobody wants earbuds that are uncomfortable or keep slipping out!

Battery Life

We made sure to include ones that give you lots of hours of music or talk time – at least 20 hours. So, no need to keep charging them every now and then!

Sturdy Build

Your earbuds should handle everyday use. We checked for durability and even looked at whether they could handle water or sweat. We included models that are IPX4 water- and dust-resistant, especially for users who are active or love using them during workouts.

Easy Controls

Struggling with music controls? Nope, not with our picks! We focused on earbuds that connect easily, pair smoothly, and have simple controls. Volume, changing tracks, or handling calls – it should all be easy-peasy.

Brand and Warranty

A good brand usually means good quality. We preferred brands known for satisfying customers. A solid warranty is a sign that they believe in their product – just like we believe in our recommendations.

User Reviews

What’s better than hearing from real users? We took into account real experiences from users to understand how these earbuds perform over time. Their feedback helps us know how satisfied users are with these picks.

Criteria For Rating

1. Battery Life

  • Rating scale based on hours of playback:
    • 10/10: Exceptional (90+ hours)
    • 9/10: Excellent (50-89 hours)
    • 8/10: Very Good (30-49 hours)
    • 7/10: Good (20-29 hours)
    • 6/10 or lower: Average to Poor (<20 hours)

2. Connectivity (Bluetooth Version)

  • Rating scale based on Bluetooth version:
    • 9-10/10: Bluetooth 5.3 (latest standard, offering enhanced performance and backward compatibility)
    • 7-8/10: Bluetooth 5.2 (improved efficiency and features over earlier versions)
    • 5-6/10: Bluetooth 5.1 (solid performance with good range and connection stability)
    • Below 5/10: Older Bluetooth versions (5.0 and below), as they may lack the latest enhancements in speed and power efficiency

3. Maximum Operating Distance

  • Rating scale based on practical usability:
    • 8-10/10: 10 meters or more (standard for most Bluetooth devices, allowing sufficient range without dropouts)
    • 5-7/10: 5-9 meters (moderately convenient, but potentially limited for some environments)
    • Below 5/10: Less than 5 meters (restricted usability, particularly in open areas)

4. Water Resistance (IPX Rating)

  • Rating scale based on level of protection:
    • 9-10/10: IPX5 or higher (can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray, suitable for heavy sweat and rain)
    • 8/10: IPX4 (can resist splashes from any direction, suitable for light rain and sweat)
    • 6-7/10: IPX3 (can resist spraying water, less suitable for active use)
    • Below 6/10: IPX2 or lower (offers minimal protection, not recommended for active or outdoor use)

Final Word

Choosing the right pair of earbuds under Rs 1500 doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Our top choices for the best earbuds under Rs 1500 are boAt Airdopes 141, realme TechLife Buds T100, and Boult Audio Z40 Pro. Remember, the perfect earbuds are the ones that fit your lifestyle and your ears perfectly. 


Are there any good earbuds under 1500 with noise cancellation?

While active noise cancellation is rare in this price range, some earbuds under Rs 1500 offer passive noise isolation. They are notable for their snug fit and design that helps block out ambient noise, providing a more immersive listening experience.

How long do earbuds under 1500 typically last on a single charge?

Most earbuds in this price range offer around 20 hours of playback time on a single charge. Additionally, charging cases usually provide multiple charges, extending total usage time significantly.

Can I find earbuds with good microphone quality under 1500?

Yes, several earbuds under Rs 1500 come with decent microphones suitable for calls and video conferences. They offer clear voice transmission, reducing background noise effectively.

Are earbuds under 1500 compatible with all smartphones?

Most earbuds in this price range are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, making them compatible with a wide range of devices, including Android and iOS smartphones. Always check the Bluetooth version for compatibility.

Can I get earbuds with touch controls in this price range?

Yes, there are earbuds under Rs 1500 that offer touch controls for music playback and call management. Some models offer intuitive touch controls, allowing you to control your music and calls without reaching for your phone.

What is the sound quality like in earbuds under 1500?

With earbuds under 1500, you can expect decent sound quality with good bass and clear mids and highs. While they may not compete with high-end earbuds, these budget earbuds offer a satisfying listening experience for casual listeners.

Are there any earbuds under 1500 Suitable for Sports and Fitness?

Yes, there are earbuds designed for sports and fitness activities within this budget. Look for models with secure-fit ear tips and sweat resistance, which are designed to stay in place during workouts and resist moisture.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

At CashKaro, our highly skilled research team is committed to delivering the best online market advice. We meticulously analyse a wide range of products, comparing them on numerous aspects to compile a list you can rely on. It’s our hope that our top picks for earbuds under 1500 have been useful to you. We really hope that this list will guide you in making a knowledgeable choice.

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