In this technology-driven era, wherever we sit, we need more than one plugin point. While most modern spaces are designed keeping for it, a few old structures might not be as well equipped. Having an extension board within reach makes life so much easier. The best extension boards are feature-packed and quality tested for safety and usability.

Extension boards come with universal sockets that are suitable for different kinds of plugs. Some of the boards even have USB ports for smartphones, tablets, power banks, etc. With due safety features like surge protection, these boards safeguard your gadgets against power damages as well. If you have been looking for one, we bring you the list of the best extension boards to consider before buying.

The 8 Best Extension Boards for Your Devices

1. GM 3060 E-Book 4 + 1 Extension Board

GM Power Strip
GM 3060 4 + 1 Power Strip

GM 3060 is a beautifully designed extension board that comes in vibrant and punchy dual shades. It is a 4+1 power strip that offers 4 sockets and 1 master switch. The extension board comes with international sockets that can fit plugs from as many as 150 countries. Its ergonomic design provides adequate spacing in between the sockets so that the plugs to touch each other.

The 2-metre cable length and load-bearing capacity of 10A make it suitable for operating electronic devices. Its safety shutdown technology trips to power off the system, protecting all connected appliances in the event of severe overcurrent.

Why Do We Love It

  • Added safety features
  • 4+1 Power strip with international sockets

2. Belkin Essential Extension Board

Belkins best extension cords
Belkin Essential Extension Cord

With 700-joule energy rating, this extension board is a popular choice when it comes to the best extension boards. It is ideal for protecting devices like household electronics, computers, broadband modems, home theatre systems, etc. A response time of less than one nanosecond makes it an efficient voltage stabilizer. It delivers power to the devices through heavy-duty cables with a cord length of 2-metres.

This extension board by Belkin Essential comes with the maximum spike current of 13,000 ampere which makes it perfect for taking a load of different appliances simultaneously. Additionally, this heavy-duty extension board features 8 socket surge which allows operating multiple devices at a single time.

Why Do We Love It

  • Heavy duty board
  • Fast response

What’s Bad

  • Higher price point

3. Havells 6A Four-Way Extension Board

Havells Extension Board

This power strip comes with 4 universal sockets and a master switch. It has adequately spaced multiple plug tops bearing shutters to ensure child safety. The heavy-duty extension cord is built with ABS housing material to offer good chemical resistance and high impact. It comes with a replaceable fuse to provide protection against overload.

This value for money pick in our list of best extension boards comes with a stand and a carrier so that it can be easily fixed on tables or walls as per need.

Why Do We Love It

  • Replaceable fuse

What’s Bad

  • Below average construction

4. Goldmedal Curve Plus 205101 Extension Board

Best extension cords
Goldmedal Curve Plus Extension Board

Goldmedal brings you a power strip with 6 international power outlets to let you plug in multiple devices at a time. It comes with an edge-glow LED that takes it above a notch in style and appearance. The multi-socket extension board is manufactured using superior quality material to experience a minimal temperature rise. With its long-lasting surge protection, this cord can cater to all your household and office appliances, including televisions, computers, high-grade loudspeakers, to name a few.

One of the best extension boards, this extension cord boasts of adaptors equipped with fire retardant protection in the plastic parts to guarantee user safety.

Why Do We Love It

  • Superior build
  • 6 power outlets

5. GM 3041 2-Pin FlexBox

Extension cords in India
GM 301 Flexbox

This extension board that can hold 3 plugs at a time is a reasonable bargain. It has a 5-metre-long extension cord that makes it easy to use. The handy extension cord sports a compact design with a soft rubber grommet to provide insulation to the body. It has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 6A and operates on 240 V. It is suitable for television, DVD, or computer connections.

The board is designed with a grip handle and an ultra-smooth rotation mechanism to facilitate easy operation of the device.

Why Do We Love It

  • Affordable option
  • User friendly

6. Portronics Power Plate II

Extension cords
Portronics Power Plate II

Looking for a smart extension board? Check out this multifunctional model by Portronics that deserves a place on our list of best extension boards, and rightly so. It comes with a spike buster and surge protection circuits that offer ultimate safety while operating. A single plug can withstand more than 1600 plug insertions which means it can be used non-stop year after year without any problem.

The outer fireproof body with imported intelligent chips makes it powerful enough for connecting appliances like a computer, laptop, modem, speakers, refrigerator, mixer grinder, etc. This extension board has 3 international electrical sockets along with 3 USB ports. This makes it compatible to be used for charging mobiles as well.

Why Do We Love It

  • Fireproof body
  • 3 USB ports

7. Axmon Extension Cord

Best extension boards
Axmon Extension Board

Axmon brings you one of the best extension boards that boast multiple functions and is a feature-packed product. This uniquely designed extension board bears six outlets and two USB ports to charge everything from your mobile, power bank, iPod player, printer, camera, laptops, and projectors. It has a 1.8 m long thick wire made from high-quality material for superior conductivity and temperature resistance. The board is designed to conform to safety standards and is perfect for use in the home and workplace.

It features a sturdy design that is compact, lightweight and is laced with added safety for 100% safe charging and protection against the high-current flow, short-circuits, and overload.

Why Do We Love It

  • Thick power line
  • Multifunctional

8. Gongniu Extension Board

Gongniu Extension Board

Looking for the perfect extension board that gets the work done on a budget? This is the one for you. This final entrant on our list of best extension boards comes with universal well-fitted sockets suitable for multiple types of plugs with separate on/off switches. Gongniu extension power cord has a sturdy built and is made of fire-resistant polypropylene material. Its other features include a push-button with silver contact to ensure a longer life.

This Gongniu extension board has the world’s first of its kind – no wiring technology to reduce the risk of a short circuit. It has been successfully tested for 5,000 plug insertion cycles and 10,000 cycles on and off. The power strip is suitable for plugging in most of the household and kitchen appliances like fan, refrigerator, rice cooker, etc.

Why Do We Love It

  • No wiring technology
  • Quality tested
  • Best budget buy

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