Wires and cables are the mediums through which electricity is transmitted. When buying a wire or cable, check its strength and durability, the amount of voltage it can handle, and its insulation capacity to handle overheating. In India, many wire brands bring quality cables and wires of different dimensions. To help you churn through the many options, we have made a detailed list of the 15 best Indian wire companies.

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How Do We Choose the Best Electric Wire and Cable Company for You?

To pick the best wire for home or for any other space, certain aspects should be prioritized. Whether it is domestic or for industrial purposes, the choices are many. You need to decide if you need a low carrying capacity or wire or a higher-capacity one. The type of wires like metallic, non-metallic sheathed cables, and so on should be chosen according to the necessity. 


The material used and the size of the wire are significant factors to consider as wiring is something we don’t change every now and then. Experts suggest aluminium or copper wiring for homes. These materials are easy to use and conduct electricity efficiently. Among the two, copper is a better option if you are looking for a stable option. Further, it conducts electricity better than aluminium or other metals. 

Three core layers of cables

You should always look for wire options that are high temperature, heat, and water-resistant. These three layers are crucial to determine the durability of the wire. 

Quality of the cables

Always opt for good quality wires regardless of the price. Know about the reviews and ratings and then decide on a brand. When you choose a greater quality product, it decreases electricity bills and helps in avoiding expenses related to damages. 

List of the Top 16 Electric Wire and Cable Companies in India 

1. Goldmedal

goldmedal wires cables 1

A wire is not just another electrical accessory – but a crucial part of your electrical systems and a life-saving device in case of adversity. Whether it is for home, office or industrial use, Goldmedal has a diverse variety of products available that will deliver power while ensuring your safety as well as that of your premises. The Goldmedal brand retails top-notch products that are highly functional and come with an assurance of excellent quality and durability.

Prominent Features of Goldmedal Wires:

  • The Flame Retardant (FR) grade wires have self-extinguishable properties, which ensures that in case of a fire, they do not act as fuel to the fire.
  • With a Limited Oxygen Content of 31%, these wires will resist catching fire till the amount of oxygen in the surroundings is 31% (normally, it is 21%).
  • In addition, it has a Temperature Index greater than 250C. So even in the case of very high temperatures, the FR wires will continue to resist fires!
  • Feature a 99.97% pure solid electrolytic grade copper for excellent operation
  • Come with top-quality polyethene insulation


Can be used for multiple purposes

Top-grade insulation

The wires are quite durable and resistant to damage

Why We Picked the Goldmedal Wires?

Goldmedal wires reach global standards in terms of quality and durability. The wires are created using machines by NIEHOFF, the world leader in lines and machinery for the wires & cables industry. Moreover, the most premium materials allow for perfect signal transmission. If you are looking for reliable wiring products, go for Goldmedal without a doubt!

2. Havells

Havells Cables
Havells Cables

Havells has emerged as one of the top FMEG companies globally. It has an extensive distribution network and manufactures some of the best branded electrical wires. The company shows its dominance in a broad spectrum of products like wires and cables, power capacitors, and electric water heaters usable for domestic as well as industrial applications. 

Notable Features of the Havells:

  • Havells produce wires with flame-retardant properties that are not seen in many cables.
  • The metal wires are coated with PVC to insulate the exterior of the cables. 
  • The wires are anti-termite and anti-rodent, so the chances of related damage are zero. 
  • The HrFr PVC insulated variety is one of its best products and is ideal for home wiring.


  • Multi-core cable sizes available on request
  • Long durability
  • Supply electricity to all electronic equipment
  • Sturdy


  • Slightly expensive compared to other options

Why We Picked This Wire and Cable Company?

Havells wires and cables are of international standards. They make every product abide by global protocols. Besides, these wires last much longer than the locally made ones. It also offers numerous ranges of wire made with different materials. 

3. Finolex

Finolex Cables
Finolex Cables

Finolex Cables Ltd is a reputed manufacturer of telecommunication and electrical cables. The company started its ventures with the production of electrical cables for industrial purposes. But now, they have expanded their endeavors by making numerous types of cables, including PVC insulated winding wires and high voltage power cables. 

Notable Features of the Finolex Company:

  • The wires manufactured by Finolex are flexible and easy to install.
  • All the cables are insulated by PVC to avoid electrical leakage and mishaps.
  • One of its best products is Finolex 2.5 sq. mm wire coil. It can be used for domestic wiring. 


  • High durability
  • Made with copper conductors


  • The products are slightly expensive

Why We Picked This Wire and Cable Company?

We have added Finolex to our list as the company has gained the confidence of thousands of customers through its establishment. The standardized procedures and the high-quality materials are the brand’s USP. 

4. Anchor by Panasonic

Anchor Cables
Anchor Cables

The electric wire company of Anchor by Panasonic has its niches secured among the top brands producing wires and cables in India. In over 50 years of its existence, the company has flourished in the industry by capturing the attention of people with its quality and innovation.  

Notable Features of the Anchor by Panasonic:

  • The wires are PVC insulated and are made of electrolytic grade copper.
  • Cables are made by Reach and are Rohs compliant.
  • It has a 30% oxygen index that complies with internal standards.
  • Among its many products, the advanced Fr 1 sq. mm 1100 voltage industrial cable is used by many offices and industries for long durability. 


  • Anti termite
  • Anti rodent
  • High insulation resistance


  • Expensive

Why We Picked This Wire and Cable Company?

Anchor continues to provide the best quality wires and cables without compromising on any integral factor. These are flexible with good outer insulation and greater internal conduction. 

In addition to this list, we have also created this amazing list of the best extension Boards in India. So, do check and let us know which one you choose and how was your experience using it. 

5. Syska 

Syska Cables
Syska Cables
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Syska holds one of the best wiring wire rankings in India because of its quality electrical cables and wires. Along with wires and cables, the company is renowned for the LED lamps that consume less electricity and keep rooms lighted for several years. Try their copper wire range of 1 sq. mm for happy forever lighting. 

Notable Features of the Syska Wires:

  • The wires made by Syska are PVC insulated.
  • These assure uniform power supply as they are made with good quality copper.
  • These have a high current capacity and save energy to a good extent. 


  • Anti-rodent and anti-termite material
  • Shock-resistant technology
  • Lead-free wires

Why We Picked This Wire and Cable Company?

Syska is continuously evolving to provide the best electrical services globally. The wires are made with copper, which has the highest conductivity. Besides, the cables are usably complying with safety norms. 

6. V-Guard Industries Ltd

V Guard Cables
V Guard Cables

V-Guard is an Indian wire company that provides simplified solutions for upscaling the interiors of your home with thoughtfully engineered electronic equipment. The smart solutions provided by this electrical wiring company are lighting the homes of thousands of Indians. Try their wires made for domestic use to have safe wiring at home. 

Notable Features of the V-Guard Industries Ltd:

  • The wires and cables are made at a high temperature and oxygen index.
  • The company mostly makes triple-layered wires that have high resistance to heat, water, and high temperature.


  • Anti-rodent and anti-termite materials
  • High insulation resistance 

Why We Picked This Wire and Cable Company?

V-Guard electric wire company made it to our list because its wires that are durable and safe to use. The materials used for making cables are of top-notch quality. 

7. Plaza Cables

Plaza Cables
Plaza Cables

Plaza cables is a major contributor to the wires and cables industry for over 40 years. It makes a comprehensive range of products that tremendously improve the quality of life. Presently, the company has also created a niche in the solar lighting industry and pledges to provide services at the best price. Plaza 1.5 sq mm wires are sold online regularly for multiple purposes. 

Notable Features of the Plaza Cables Company:

  • These are PVC-insulated wires made of electrolyte copper.
  • It has superior flexibility. Hence, the installation process becomes easy.


  • ISI marked cables
  • Anti-termite
  • Anti-rodent

Why We Picked This Wire and Cable Company?

The Plaza cables are of superior quality, setting standards in the industry for safety and finesse. The insulating wires are made adhering to the safety standards with flexibility and assured of quality. 

8. RR Kabel

RR Kabel Wires
RR Kabel Wires

RR cables make some of the best electric wires for houses. They employ the best-engineered equipment with advanced designs of wires. All the products are manufactured by complying with the REACH (Registration Evaluation Authorisation of Chemical Substances). 

Notable Features of the RR Cables:

  • The wires are insulated by Polyvinyl Chloride and the material is copper.
  • The material has 100% conductivity to electricity.
  • The wires generate less heat, so the electricity bills will be minimal.
  • One of the best products from this brand is the PVC insulated wires 1mm single core copper wire. It is ideal for domestic purposes.


  • Lead-free


  • No warranty

9. CP PLUS Cables

CP Plus Cables and Wires
CP Plus Cables and Wires

CP PLUS is an Aditya Infotech initiative existing since 1994. The company specialises in manufacturing cables especially for connecting CCTV surveillance systems. 

Notable Features of the Universal Cables:

  • They are suitable for all CCTV surveillance systems on an industrial scale.
  • The cables are submersible and thus can carry out the heavy duty.
  • Their pure copper solid wires are among the best sellers. 


  • Long-lasting

10. KEI Wires & Cables

Kei Cables and Wires
Kei Cables and Wires

One of the most sorted-after electrical wiring brands, KEI (Krishna Electrical Industries) Wires & Cables provides ample options of wires for different purposes. Since 1969, the company has been a manufacturer of rubber cables for household wiring. 

Notable Features of the KEI Industries:

  • The company makes numerous types of cables from low voltage to extra-high voltage. 
  • The wires are high insulation resistance.
  • They also have a really high capacity to transport current.
  • Presently, the company manufactures a wide range of wiring products. The KEI HOMECAB-FR 1.5 sq. mm insulated single wire is among the top products. 


  • Anti-rodent and anti-termite
  • Easy jointing and termination
  • Affordable

11. Orbit Cables

Orbit Cables
Orbit Cables

Primarily focussing on the wires and cables segment, this company has come a long way in its venture since 1996. Their FR PVC insulated single core 1 sq. mm wire is extensively used for both industrial and household wiring. 

Notable Features of the Orbit Cables:

  • The company sells several types of wires like power cables, flexible cables, multi-core cables and control cables. 
  • The products are terminated by a metal connector alongside wrapping in insulation. 


  • High insulation resistant
  • Flame retardant


  • Expensive

12. Rallison

Rallison Cables
Rallison Cables

Rallison manufactures some of the cheap and best cables and wires that are user-friendly. All the equipment produced by the company is ISO Certified. The house wire by Rallison made of PVC HRFR is bought frequently for domestic utility.

Notable Features of the Rallison:

  • The wires are made of copper which is of 99.98% purity. 
  • The PVC used to insulate the outer layer is of high quality.
  • It employs SCP technology that assures short-circuit protection.


  • Heat resistant
  • Flame retardant

13. Fybros Smart Electrical Creations

Fybros Cables
Fybros Cables

Fybros Smart Electrical Creations produces the finest cables and wires ideal for home as well as industrial use. The Fybros by Kundan Cab PVC Insulated 1 sq mm wire is one of its popular products available online. 

Notable Features of the Heilind Electronics:

  • The wires have a 29% oxygen index which makes them highly resistant to fire.
  • The products are made with pure CCU copper conductors.
  • They also have a high-temperature index.


  • Lead-free
  • Deliver 100% conductivity

14. Malla Cables

Malla Cables
Malla Cables

Malla has been selling household wires and cables since 1955. The company believes in evolving with time without depending on what the statistics say. The Copper wire with triple layer PVC coating is a commonly sold product by Malla. 

Notable Features of Malla Cables:

  • The wires can be used for small and large-scale purposes.
  • The cables are oxygen-free, which increases their durability. 


  • Lead-free
  • An excellent conductor of electricity


  • Little expensive

15. Aetrio Technology

Aetrio Cables
Aetrio Cables

Aetrio Technology is an eminent name in telecommunication and industrial electronics. It also makes electronic cables and wires that are of superior quality. Its FR PVC Copper wire single core flexibility house cable (90 m) is one of the top-selling products. 

Notable Features of the Aetrio Technology:

  • The cables can be used in industries as well as in homes.
  • PVC insulated copper is used in the cables.


  • ETP grade annealed copper used

16. Polycab Wires 

Polycab Cables
Polycab Cables

Polycab has been active in the electrical goods industry for many years. The brand manufactures numerous goods like LED lighting, electrical fans, solar products, and luminaires. It also has a Telecom division that is involved in producing ARP/FRP rods, OFCs, and IGFR yarns. 

Notable Features of the Polycab Wires:

  • Makes different types of wires and cables using different metals
  • The company’s PVC wires have high durability and are oxygen free. 
  • The wires are easy to peel and can be utilized for a diverse range of uses. 
  • The FR-LF PVC insulated copper wires pack by Polycab is one of its best products and assures safety at home. 


  • Long-lasting
  • Excellent conductors of electricity


  • Mid-ranged pricing

Why We Picked This Wire and Cable Company?

Polycab wires have been used for household purposes for several years. They last for a lifetime and are resistant to water and heat. They sell the best quality wires that are coated with PVC, the best material for guarding electrical wires. 

Final Words

Numerous companies manufacture cables and wires. Some are meant for domestic purposes only, while some can also be used for industrial purposes. In terms of positive reviews and popularity, Polycab gains the topmost position. But you should opt for a cable company as per your requisition. 

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