13 Best Foot Scrubs in India for the Ultimate Exfoliation

When it comes to beauty routines and self-care, feet are probably the most overlooked part of our bodies. This mostly happens because they are tucked away in shoes or socks or just don’t come in sight of other people. As far as foot care is concerned, exfoliating them using some of the best foot scrubs in India is a brilliant step to keep your feet healthy, clean, and happy.

It is not too difficult and is something you can easily do from the comfort of your home. Foot scrubs can help you avoid building tough, ugly calluses, keep your pores from being clogged, and keep your feet fresh and clean.

Let’s have a look at the top foot scrubs to make your feet feel softer than ever before.

Our Top Recommendations

How Do We Choose the Best Foot Scrubs for You?

Using a foot scrub will leave your feet smoother and cleaner. In India, good quality beard colour costs anywhere between Rs 120 and Rs 450. Before you go through our suggestions of the best foot scrubs that are available in India, we would love it if you first go through the factors that we took into consideration while deciding on the best products for you.


The first thing you should consider while buying a foot scrub is its ingredients. The exfoliating component is what makes a good foot scrub so effective. There are several varieties, including those made of sugar, salt, nutshells or seeds, pumice, or even coffee. When applied to your foot, each of these substances produces friction that aids in the removal of dead skin.

While all foot scrubs function equally effectively, some are milder than others. For instance, a fine sugar scrub may be less likely than a coarse salt scrub to induce micro-tears in your skin. Because they dissolve rapidly, sugar and salt are ideal options for the shower.


Another aspect to take into account while picking the best foot scrub is the aroma. This is particularly if it comes from essential oils. One of the most popular essential oils used in foot scrubs is peppermint. This is because it has a cooling, calming effect and is naturally antimicrobial. However, if you don’t like the smell of peppermint, you may choose unscented foot scrubs. You can also go for alternative smells like lavender or chamomile.


We recommend that you look for foot scrubs with hydrating components, such as oils. Moisturising components stay on your feet even after you rinse the scrub off. Use caution while using them in the shower since they may make you slip.

List of The 13 Best Foot Scrubs in India

VLCC PediGlow Kit

VLCC PediGlow Kit
VLCC PediGlow Kit

Release the stress from your feet with the VLCC PediGlow Kit. One of the best foot scrub combos, this is your answer to a pocket-friendly pedicure at home. It keeps your feet clean, soft, and smooth while cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising, and protecting them. The luxurious formula is inspired by nature and has Ayurvedic roots.

Prominent Features of the VLCC PediGlow Kit:

  • The comprehensive foot care kit maintains your feet and keeps them clean and smooth
  • Each mixture is prepared with potent herbs, fruit extracts that exfoliate the skin, and oils produced from plants
  • For both men and women, the VLCC Pediglow Kit offers ideal remedies for any kind of foot issue


  • Combo of four products for complete foot care
  • Nature inspired formulation
  • Exfoliates dead foot tissue and stimulates blood circulation

Why We Picked the VLCC PediGlow Kit?

The VLCC PediGlow Kit cleans, exfoliates, hydrates, and protects your lovely feet. Enriched with the goodness of almond oil, cocoa butter and walnuts, it not only removes the dead skin from your feet but also moisturizes them.

Bella Vita Organic Exfoliate Coffee Scrub

Bella Vita Organic Exfoliate Coffee Scrub
Bella Vita Organic Exfoliate Coffee Scrub

With exfoliating granules, The Bella Vita Organic scrub sloughs away hard skin, revealing silky-smooth skin. It brings together the goodness of walnut, aloe vera, radish, and natural butter to nourish and soothe your feet. This scrub can also be used on elbows, knees, necks, and other body parts.

Prominent Features of the Bella Vita Organic Exfoliate Coffee Scrub:

  • Bella Vita Organic Exfoliate Coffee Scrub is a natural exfoliating scrub that removes all dead skin cells, blackheads, tan, and other impurities
  • Coffee acts as an antioxidant to ward off free radicals, eliminates tan and pollutants thoroughly, and gives a clear, polished skin
  • The natural skin barrier is protected by coconut oil, and the 84 natural minerals in rock salt assist in relaxing and soothing sensitive skin


  • Deep cleaning formula
  • Free from sulphate, SLS, parabens, and chemicals
  • Gentle on the skin

Why We Picked the Bella Vita Organic Exfoliate Coffee Scrub?

The Bella Vita Organic Exfoliate Coffee Scrub is the best scrub to remove tanning and give a brightening effect to your feet. It also adds much-needed hydration to your feet. Your skin will be polished by this coffee body scrub, leaving it smooth and utterly soft.

mCaffeine Exfoliating Coffee Scrub

mCaffeine Exfoliating Coffee Scrub
mCaffeine Exfoliating Coffee Scrub

Our list of best foot scrubs can not be complete without the mention of this top performer. The mCaffeine Exfoliating Coffee Scrub sloughs away impurities, dead cells, and dirt and keeps your feet feeling fresh and relaxed. The foot scrub repairs and exfoliates the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Prominent Features of the mCaffeine Exfoliating Coffee Scrub:

  • This scrub from mCaffeine assists in getting rid of tan and dead skin
  • The mCaffeine scrub is devoid of damaging chemicals, SLS, paraben, mineral oil, and anything else that might be detrimental to your skin
  • This scrub works just as well on regions including the neck, elbows, underarms, knees, and feet


  • FDA approved ingredients
  • Unisex product
  • Removes tan

Why We Picked the mCaffeine Exfoliating Coffee Body Scrub?

Coffee is a source of natural caffeine that tones the skin, and it is also rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals. Coconut Oil nourishes and hydrates the skin, while Coffee Body Scrub exfoliates and eliminates tan. This coffee-infused miracle is suitable for all skin types and is considerably more efficient than homemade scrubs.

BodyHerbals Foot Scrub

BodyHerbals Foot Scrub
BodyHerbals Foot Scrub

An amalgamation of essential oils like tea tree, lemon and vitamin C, the BodyHerbals natural anti-pigmentation foot scrub has antifungal properties. If you’re always on the go or in a hurry, this is the perfect foot scrub for you, as it takes barely a minute to work.

Prominent Features of the BodyHerbals Foot Scrub:

  • The fragrant mixture of herbs and essential oils blended with rock grains offers effective exfoliation and removes rough spots from hard-to-smooth feet
  • The scrub is specifically designed to lessen heel fissures and works as a treatment for cracked skin
  • The foot scrub aids in deeper layer exfoliation and buffing away of dead skin, eliminating flakiness and dry areas


  • Contains skin-loving ingredients
  • Cruelty-free formulation
  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties


  • Quantity may be less compared to the price

Why We Picked the BodyHerbals Foot Scrub?

The BodyHerbals Foot Scrub features integrated volcanic rock granules that help to slough rough, callused skin. Shea butter easily absorbs into the skin to make it nourished and supple. It has an aromatic blend of herbs with essential oils mixed with granules to provide powerful exfoliation.

Moreover, if you are also facing facial blackheads and pimples, then we would like to recommend you our blog, where we have mentioned some of the best face scrubs in India for glowing skin. Do check it out.

Lotus Professional Hand and Foot Scrub

Lotus Professional Hand and Foot Scrub
Lotus Professional Hand and Foot Scrub

This exfoliating scrub from Lotus Professional is great not only for pedicures but also for manicures. The scrub sloughs away hard skin, revealing silky-smooth results. It comes in a 300 g jar and will last you for quite some time.

Prominent Features of the Lotus Professional Hand and Foot Scrub:

  • The granules of this scrub are fairly small in size and are not abrasive on the skin
  • The foot scrub has a refreshing scent that lingers on for quite some time
  • Contains citrus and is ideal for all skin types


  • For manicures and pedicures
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Moisturising properties


  • Scrubbing granules may be small

Why We Picked the Lotus Professional Hand and Foot Scrub?

The Lotus Professional Hand and Foot Scrub suits all types of skin. It has a beautiful smell that stays for some time. It is not harsh on the skin and makes your skin feel soft.

Vaadi Herbals Foot Scrub

Vaadi Herbals Foot Scrub
Vaadi Herbals Foot Scrub

This specially formulated foot scrub from Vaadi Herbals rejuvenates rough and damaged foot skin while exfoliating dead foot tissues using priceless herbs and scrubs. It gives you very soft and clean feet. This unique foot scrub is thoughtfully curated with natural ingredients that exfoliate your feet gently to unveil smooth, silky skin beneath.

Prominent Features of the Vaadi Herbals Foot Scrub:

  • Rejuvenates rough and damaged foot skin while exfoliating dead foot tissues
  • Sloughs off dirt, dead skin cells, and pollutants while keeping your feet feeling clean and relaxed
  • Made without any chemicals and using natural components


  • Assists in the natural healing of foot skin
  • Repairs and softens dull skin
  • Deeply nourishes and moisturises the skin

Dr Foot Foot Scrub

Dr Foot Foot Scrub
Dr Foot Foot Scrub

Perfect for deep cleaning and exfoliation, this scrub is specially formulated for your feet. It boosts blood circulation in your feet and toes, which helps you relieve aches. Gently apply this scrub on wet feet and massage it in to reveal soft and supple skin free of tan. Dermatologically tested, this foot scrub has Ethyl Urea that soothes the skin and provides relief from dry, itchy skin commonly found on the feet.

Prominent Features of the Dr Foot Foot Scrub:

  • Your feet are kept smooth, supple, and free of cracks by using this foot scrub
  • Keeps the feet healthy and nourishes them with ingredients like tea tree oil and almond oil
  • All of their ingredients are non-toxic, dermatologist-tested, and free of cruelty
  • Dr Foot Foot Scrub also has almond oil that moisturises the skin


  • Prevents skin problems
  • Keeps calluses from developing
  • Paraben and cruelty-free
  • Pleasant fragrance

Jovees 2-in-1 Foot Care

Jovees 2-in-1 Foot Care
Jovees 2-in-1 Foot Care

The cream/scrub combination of Jovees 2-in-1 Jojoba & Sesame Foot Care Cream and Scrub is readily absorbed by the skin. Additionally, it aids in the recovery of even the roughest and dry feet issues.

Prominent Features of the Jovees 2-in-1 Foot Care Scrub:

  • To give your feet a smoother, healthier, and more radiant look, this special lotion also regenerates and revitalises damaged skin
  • This foot scrub works on cracked, rough, and dry feet to make them moisturised and healthy
  • The scrub contains Jojoba seed nuts, geranium oil, kokum butter, sesame, lemongrass oil, and rosemary extract


  • Keeps feet moisturised and healthy
  • Revitalises damaged skin
  • Gets easily absorbed


  • Beads in the cream may be hard to rub off

GemBlue Biocare Foot Scrub

GemBlue Biocare Foot Scrub
GemBlue Biocare Foot Scrub

It’s time to treat your feet just as well as you do your hands and face. With the Gemblue Biocare foot care scrub, pamper your feet with the goodness of apricot, jojoba, and organic rosemary. This foot scrub is enriched with natural ingredients and leaves your feet feeling silky smooth, and eliminates dry areas and flaky skin.

Prominent Features of the GemBlue Biocare Foot Scrub:

  • This foot scrub from GemBlue improves blood circulation while also cleansing and nourishing the skin
  • The scrub calms you and aids in skin renewal
  • It is amazing at exfoliating and has just the proper quantity of moisturising essential oils


  • Deep-cleaning, moisturising foot scrub that helps to remove dead skin
  • Effectively eliminates light foot odour
  • Gently exfoliates and moisturises your feet

Kazarmaa Anti-Fungal Lemon Grass Foot Scrub

Kazarmaa Anti-Fungal Lemon Grass Foot Scrub
Kazarmaa Anti-Fungal Lemon Grass Foot Scrub

The Kazarmaa Anti-Fungal Lemon Grass Foot Scrub works as an exfoliant to give you immediately spotless feet. Lemongrass maintains general foot cleanliness. It also offers freshness and a natural aroma thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal effects.

Prominent Features of the Kazarmaa Anti-Fungal Lemon Grass Foot Scrub:

  • The anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal characteristics help to maintain general foot cleanliness while also bringing freshness and a natural scent
  • This foot scrub also has deodorant effects and regulates perspiration and foot oiliness
  • Aids in keeping the skin moisturised by drawing water to the top layer of the skin


  • Controls perspiration of the foot
  • Free from parabens, silicon, and mineral oil
  • Anti-fungal properties

Inatur Glory Foot Scrub

Inatur Glory Foot Scrub
Inatur Glory Foot Scrub

For dry, cracked feet, the Inatur foot scrub is a nourishing, cleaning, and revitalising treatment. The foot scrub removes dead skin, leaving your feet feeling fresh, soft, and well-cared for. Regular use of this foot cream helps to avoid skin conditions that affect the foot.

Prominent Features of the Inatur Glory Foot Scrub:

  • The formula used in the Inatur Glory Foot Scrub is non-sticky and non-greasy and helps to hydrate and rehydrate fatigued feet
  • It is devoid of chemicals, paraben, sulphate, silicones, and animal fats
  • By delicately eliminating the dried-out, harsh, dull, and dead skin cells, the foot cream aids in exfoliation


  • Aids in skin purification and detoxification
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Exfoliates the skin

Vaadi Herbals Elbow Foot Knee Scrub

Vaadi Herbals Elbow Foot Knee Scrub
Vaadi Herbals Elbow Foot Knee Scrub

The Vaadi Herbals Elbow Foot Knee Scrub gives your knees, foot, and elbows the additional care they need. Aloe vera moisturises the skin, while walnut and almond extracts work together to exfoliate even heavy deposits of dead skin cells.

Prominent Features of the Vaadi Herbals Elbow Foot Knee Scrub:

  • The Vaadi Herbals Foot Scrub removes dirt, discolourations, and skin cells, making the skin healthy
  • Regular cleaning can get rid of your tan brought on by prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Moisturises the skin while gently exfoliating and removing collected dust particles from the skin’s layers


  • Hydrates the skin and calms it
  • Removes dirt and discolouration
  • Alcohol-free

7 Days Premium Foot Scrub

7 Days Premium Foot Scrub
7 Days Premium Foot Scrub

The 7 Days Premium Scrub work wonderfully to moisturise your skin and protect it from common skin issues, including acne, pimples, and fine wrinkles. This scrub makes your skin smooth, silky, and radiant while also being packed with the benefits of chocolate and natural oils.

Prominent Features of the 7 Days Premium Foot Scrub:

  • The 7 Days foot scrub thoroughly cleans the foot of dirt and pollutants while caring for the skin
  • Provides constant hydration and aids in relaxing and soothing the skin
  • Gives off a youthful glow and firms and tightens the skin’s texture


  • Helps with skin regeneration
  • Hydrating and calming
  • Makes skin firm

Final Word

You can have dry, cracked heels if you spend a lot of time on your feet or have a medical condition that produces dry skin. At times like these, a foot scrub is your best friend. Based on our research, VLCC PediGlow Kit, Bella Vita Organic Exfoliate Coffee Scrub, and mCaffeine Exfoliating Coffee Scrub are our top picks for the best foot scrubs in India. We also considered factors like ingredients, fragrance, and moisture while making our recommendations for the best beard colour brands in India. We would like to know which one worked out best for you.


Can I make my own foot scrub?

You can always create your own foot scrub if you like something DIY. Combine equal parts of sugar and brewed coffee grounds. Next, add one tablespoon of either coconut oil or olive oil. Rub the paste on your feet gently in circular motions, paying close attention to the heels and ankles as you go. After a few minutes, wash off.

What is the best way to exfoliate your feet?

After a hard day, bathe your feet in a baking soda bath to massage them and remove dry skin. Several teaspoons of baking soda should be dissolved in a bowl of warm water. You can then use a baking soda paste to gently clean your feet.

Are foot scrubs good for your feet?

Yes, foot scrubs are good for the feet. The scrub gets rid of dead skin cells to make your skin smoother. By removing calluses that might accumulate on the balls and heels of your feet, exfoliation also enhances the look of your feet. Additionally, it may aid in the alleviation of various foot issues, including athlete’s foot or dryness.

Can we use foot scrub daily?

No, you should not use foot scrub daily. To soften the skin and remove any calluses from your feet, use foot scrub at least twice per week.

Can I use an exfoliating scrub on my feet?

Yes, you can use an exfoliating scrub on your feet. Exfoliating your feet once or twice a week with a pumice stone massage can help avoid the formation of hardened regions and preserve the health of your feet.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Highly seasoned and qualified researchers at CashKaro work hard to supply you with the greatest market advice accessible online. To build a list of products you can trust, we examine numerous products and compare them based on a range of characteristics. We hope our recommendations of the best foot scrubs have helped you out. Using foot scrubs is mostly safe. However, if you have cracked skin or some other skin issue, talk to a podiatrist before utilising it. We genuinely hope that this list will aid you in making an informed judgement.

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