9 Best French Door Refrigerators in India (Jan 2024)

Today, refrigerators are not just for storing and preserving perishable food items but have become an aesthetic quotient for the kitchen. They come in various styles and designs and are perfect for adding a touch of style to your space. And when it comes to modern-day kitchen appliances, French-door refrigerators have gained immense popularity in recent years. Their sleek design, spacious interiors, and convenience make them a perfect solution to all storage space problems. In this article, we will talk about the French door refrigerators from the top brands available in India that are a valuable addition to your kitchen.

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What is a French Door Refrigerator?

French door refrigerator is a type of double-door refrigerator that features two narrow doors side by side and a freezer drawer on the bottom. This style of refrigerator has gained immense popularity in recent years for its elegant and modern appearance, as well as functionality. They often have adjustable shelves, door bins, and crispers for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh and organised. Also, the wide opening of the door provides easy access and ample space for storing large items.

Benefits of Having A French Door Refrigerator: 

  • Wide shelves make everything visible clearly
  • Large-size compartments ensure easy storage 
  • Adjustable shelves allow easy customisation 
  • Narrow refrigerator doors take up less space

How Do We Choose the Best French Door Refrigerators for You?

If you are looking for a stylish upgrade for your kitchen, french door refrigerators can be the best addition. They are known for their elegant style, simplicity, and advanced features. Also, they save energy in the long run, making life much easier and more organised. In India, you can find a French door refrigerator on a budget of Rs 80,000 to Rs 1,50,000 and more. While these refrigerators are a bit expensive, they are worth the investment. Here are some factors that we considered while making the selection. 

Size and Capacity

French doors come in different sizes and capacities. You must purchase according to the available space in your kitchen. Also, consider the size of your family and your grocery storing habits for deciding what fridge capacity you require. In the given list, you will find options of different sizes and capacities in order to cater to different customer needs. 

Layout and Interior Structure

The number of shelves and compartments of a refrigerator also plays a significant role in making the right purchase decision. You must carefully examine the layout of the given recommendations and pick the one that offers sufficient space to meet your needs. 

Additional Features

The refrigerator options listed below are packed with great features to enhance convenience and functionality. They might have water and ice dispensers, water filtration systems, temperature control, smart connectivity, etc. Understand your needs and evaluate your budget to choose the best product.

List of the 9 Best French Door Refrigerators in India

Samsung Rf57A5032S9 French Door Refrigerator

Samsung Rf57A5032S9 French Door Refrigerator
Samsung Rf57A5032S9 French Door Refrigerator

Samsung Rf57A5032S9 French Door Refrigerator combines style and functionality effortlessly. It is a fast-cooling appliance with a Power Cool button to blow intensely cold air into the fridge and deliver rapid cooling performance.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 87,990
Capacity580 L
Energy Star4 Star
Product Dimensions76.5 x 81.7 x 177.6 cm
Weight97 kg 500 g

Prominent Features of the Samsung Rf57A5032S9 French Door Refrigerator: 

  • LED Lightning– It is equipped with a bright, energy-efficient LED light that brightens every corner of the interior 
  • Fingerprint Resistant Outer– Has fingerprint-resistant finish to prevent marks and smudges from appearing on the outer
  • Easy Access Control– It has an easy access control within arm’s reach for  better accessibility by everyone 


  • Minimalist design 
  • Saves up to 50% of energy
  • Multiple colour options 


  • Tech support by the brand could be better

Why We Picked the Samsung Rf57A5032S9 French Door Refrigerator?

This French Door Refrigerator by Samsung is an intelligent appliance that provides flexible storage for customising the space as per your changing needs. It has a convertible freezer and features large door bins for keeping bottles and jugs conveniently. 

LG GL-B257HDSY French Door Refrigerator

LG GL-B257HDSY French Door Refrigerator
LG GL-B257HDSY French Door Refrigerator

LG GL-B257HDSY French Door Refrigerator is a premium refrigerator that is crafted for luxurious spaces. It has a stunning design and is equipped with a smart inverter compressor for consuming less energy and saving more on electricity bills. 

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 1,20,699
Capacity655 L
Product Dimensions91.3 x 73.5 x 179 cm
Weight103 kg

Prominent Features of the LG GL-B257HDSY French Door Refrigerator: 

  • Multi-Air Flow– It has multi-air cooling vents that circulate air in every corner and ensures proper cooling 
  • Hygienic Bio Gaskets– The refrigerator has bio gaskets to prevent the buildup of harmful microorganisms and protect against seal distortion
  • Frost-free Refrigerator– It is designed with an auto-defrost function to prevent ice from building up


  • Powered by a smart child lock system
  • Door alarm that alerts when door left open
  • Smart diagnosis for easy troubleshoot

Why We Picked the LG GL-B257HDSY French Door Refrigerator?

If you are a family of 5 or more members and looking for an intelligent appliance, this GL-B257HDSY French Door Refrigerator is a great buy. It has a cutting-edge design and operates silently. Also, it is designed with multi-digital sensors to manage temperature and maintain it to preserve food quality. 

Haier ‎HRB-550KG French Door Refrigerator

Haier ‎HRB-550KG French Door Refrigerator
Haier ‎HRB-550KG French Door Refrigerator

This new Haier ‎HRB-550KG French Door Refrigerator is a frost-free refrigerator that comes with a brilliant design to level up your kitchen decor. It features freezer convertible mode that turns the refrigerator into a 100% fridge just by switching the temperature setting.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 1,28,990
Capacity531 L
Product Dimensions83.3 x 66.6 x 180.4 cm
Weight105 kg

Prominent Features of the Haier ‎HRB-550KG French Door Refrigerator: 

  • No Wall Partition– It has broader and more rigid shelves with no partition to store, organise and search utensils easily 
  • Digital Control Panel– Designed with a smart and simple-to-use control panel for optimising temperature and freezing settings
  • 10-Year Warranty– Comes with a 10-year assured warranty on the compressor for long-lasting use 


  • Humidity control
  • Child lock control panel
  • Toughened glass shelves 


  • The freezer compartment has no light

Why We Picked the Haier ‎HRB-550KG French Door Refrigerator?

A galore of features with a unique glass finish makes this Haier French door refrigerator a great addition to the list. It comes with smart cooling technology and has two humidity zones for keeping vegetables and fruits fresh for a long time. Also, it is energy efficient and consumes less than 1 unit a day, ensuring economical yet unbeatable performance.

Hisense RQ507N4SBVW French-Door Refrigerator 

Hisense RQ507N4SBVW French-Door Refrigerator 
Hisense RQ507N4SBVW French-Door Refrigerator 

If you are looking for an efficient cooling appliance with a longer lifespan, your search ends with Hisense RQ507N4SBVW French-Door Refrigerator. It is a smart yet affordable refrigerator that offers quick cooling with a touch of a button. 

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 87,990
Capacity507 L
Product Dimensions79.4 x 70 x 181 cm
Weight110 kg

Prominent Features of the Hisense RQ507N4SBVW French-Door Refrigerator: 

  • Triple Temperature Zones– It has three different temperature zones to prevent the mixing of the food smell between refrigerated and frozen food
  • Water Dispenser– Equipped with a sleek and smart water dispenser on the front to enjoy chilled water with ease 
  • Premium Design– This refrigerator has a stainless steel flat door and features aluminium alloy in the handle, frame, and shelves


  • Extra large door shelves
  • 6 freezer doors
  • Easy pull-out drawers


  • After-sale service could be improved

Why We Picked the Hisense RQ507N4SBVW French-Door Refrigerator?

Hisense RQ507N4SBVW French-Door Refrigerator is a premium black steel finish design appliance that is ideal for families with 5 or more members. It is designed with durable inverter technology and has spill-proof, toughened glass shelves. Beyond this, it has stainless steel rear wall for even air distribution.

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Samsung RF57A5232SL/TL French Door Refrigerator

Samsung RF57A5232SL/TL French Door Refrigerator
Samsung RF57A5232SL/TL French Door Refrigerator

Enjoy the rapid cooling performance with Samsung RF57A5232SL/TL French Door Refrigerator. It is a high-capacity appliance that is suitable for families with 5 or more members. This fridge offers plenty of room for fresh food and keeps it moisture free for long-lasting freshness. 

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 1,12,900
Capacity579 L
Product Dimensions76.5 x 81.7 x 177.6 cm
Weight98.5 kg

Prominent Features of the Samsung RF57A5232SL/TL French Door Refrigerator: 

  • Big Bottle Door Bins– It has deep door bins that provide enough space to keep big bottles and jugs conveniently
  • Twin Cooling Plus– This refrigerator optimises the temperature and humidity for protecting the flavours of the food
  • Modern Design– It is a neat and modern design refrigerator with fingerprint-resistant finish and a water dispenser


  • Conventional cooling system
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Seamless accessibility


  • There is no star rating for power consumption

Why We Picked the Samsung RF57A5232SL/TL French Door Refrigerator?

Samsung RF57A5232SL/TL is a strikingly beautiful French door refrigerator that offers refreshingly chilled, filtered water without opening the door. It comes with a 1-year warranty on the product and 10 years on the digital inverter compressor, ensuring long-lasting use. 

‎Amazon Basics ‎AB2019RF009 French Door Refrigerator

‎Amazon Basics ‎AB2019RF009 French Door Refrigerator
‎Amazon Basics ‎AB2019RF009 French Door Refrigerator

Amazon Basics, a private-label brand owned by Amazon, offers a wide range of daily-use products, including refrigerators. It offers one of the best French door refrigerators that come with triple cooling zones to store different food items at an optimum temperature. 

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 1,19,999
Capacity670 L
Energy Star4 Star
Product Dimensions72.5 x 90.8 x 178.5 cm
Weight128 kg

Prominent Features of the ‎Amazon Basics AB2019RF009 French Door Refrigerator: 

  • Frost-Free Refrigerator– Auto defrost technology circulates cool air evenly to prevent ice frosting
  • Ample Storage Space– Designed with multiple cantilever shelves and pull-out drawers for easy storage and access
  • Intelligent Cooling– It features a metal-based cooling system for quick cooling and maintaining the required temperature for a long time


  • Equipped with water dispenser 
  • LED touch panel
  • Aesthetically designed

LG GC-B22FTQPL French Door Refrigerator

LG GC-B22FTQPL French Door Refrigerator
LG GC-B22FTQPL French Door Refrigerator

This is another French door refrigerator by LG that is a significant investment. It is an energy-saving appliance that is designed with an inverter linear compressor that can help save up to 32% on the total bill. Also, it offers top-rate durability and has optimal temperature control to keep food fresh for a long time. 

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 1,58,490
Capacity594 L
Product Dimensions63.1 x 53.7 x 114.2 cm
Weight31 kg

Prominent Features of the LG GC-B22FTQPL French Door Refrigerator: 

  • Remote Settings Adjustment– It is compatible with smartphones and the LG ThinQ app that allows easy adjustment of temperature settings 
  • Hygenic Cooling– This refrigerator has an intelligent air filter that cleans up the air and removes bacteria up to a great extend 
  • Great Design– It has a premium design with slim fit doors, square pocket handle, and soft LED lighting 


  • 19% faster cooling 
  • Multi-directional airflow 
  • Prevents moisture


  • The glassy finish could be better

Panasonic NR-CY550QKXZ French Door Refrigerator

Panasonic NR-CY550QKXZ French Door Refrigerator
Panasonic NR-CY550QKXZ French Door Refrigerator

Are you looking to upgrade your refrigerator? If so, the Panasonic NR-CY550QKXZ French door refrigerator is worth considering. It is an inverter refrigerator that operates efficiently while saving energy. Also, it has ECONAVI sensors that detect and analyse the conditions inside the refrigerator, allowing the compressor to adjust the motor’s rotation frequency accordingly for optimal cooling performance.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 95,000
Capacity551 L
Energy Star3 Star 
Product Dimensions77 x 74.3 x 171.4 cm
Weight82 kg

Prominent Features of the Panasonic NR-CY550QKXZ French Door Refrigerator: 

  • Controls Humidity– The airtight structure of the refrigerator prevents moisture from escaping, and the manual humidity controller adjusts the humidity to keep fruits and vegetables fresh
  • Toughened Glass Shelves– It is designed with strong tempered glass shelves that can withstand heavy loads of up to 100 kg without breakage
  • Centre Positioned Veg Case– Unlike other refrigerators, it has a vegetable case in the centre that prevents you from bending down every time to take essential vegetable


  • Easy to organise 
  • Even air cooling
  • Keeps air clean 


  • Space is a little less

Electrolux EQE6000A-B French Door Refrigerator

Electrolux EQE6000A-B French Door Refrigerator
Electrolux EQE6000A-B French Door Refrigerator

Bring home Electrolux EQE6000A-B French Door Refrigerator and keep the food fresh for up to one week. This high-storage refrigerator has a modern, clean, and elegant look that blends seamlessly with your kitchen cabinetry and looks premium. It also has a taste guard deodoriser function that keeps the appliance fresh, hygienic, and free from unwanted odours. 

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 1,81,990
Capacity600 L
Product Dimensions78.1 x 89.6 x 172.5 cm
Weight113 kg

Prominent Features of the Electrolux EQE6000A-B French Door Refrigerator: 

  • Quick-Freeze Function– Designed with QuickFreeze functionality that adjusts the temperature to –230C for 90 minutes to preserve freshness
  • Flexstor Function– This refrigerator has flexible door bins and shelves to customise compartments effortlessly 
  • Twist & Serve Ice Maker– You can easily and quickly release the ice cubes into the storage container by twisting the knob 


  • Hygenic storage containers
  • Less energy consumption
  • Excellent durability 


  • Customer service is not so reliable 

*Prices are subject to change

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Difference Between French Door Refrigerators and Side-by-Side Refrigerators

BasisFrench Door RefrigeratorsSide-by-Side Refrigerators
DesignThey have a two-door design with a bottom freezer drawer. Upper doors are typically narrow and open from the centre. Side-by-side refrigerators have two vertical doors running from top to bottom, dividing the fridge into two compartments.
CompartmentsThey have a large and spacious freezer at the bottom, allowing for better organisation.  They have comparatively narrow compartments and provide lesser space for large items. But ensure better organisation. 
FreezerThey have comparatively narrow compartments and provide lesser space for large items. But ensure better organisation. They have a large and spacious freezer at the bottom that allows for better organisation.  
AccessibilityOffers better accessibility with a wide opening. It allows easy viewing and access to the content. Easy access to both the fresh food and freezer compartments as they are located at eye level. 
Energy EfficiencyConsumes minimum energy with separate cooling systems for the fresh food and freezer. Less energy-efficient with a larger surface area. 

Final Word

Whether you seek a spacious refrigerator, advanced technology, or a sleek design, French-door refrigerators are the answer for all. They are a perfect appliance for large families, saving electricity bills and looking aesthetically pleasing. Also, they make life much simple and organised. The above-mentioned are the best available options in the market that are carefully picked based on their storage capacity, energy efficiency ratings, dimensions, budget, etc. While Samsung Rf57A5032S9 and Hisense RQ507N4SBVW French-Door Refrigerators are our go-to options, let us know your top pick from the list. 


Which is the no 1 refrigerator in India?

Samsung Rf57A5032S9 French Door Refrigerator is one of the highly loved refrigerators amongst Indian customers.

What are the disadvantages of a French door refrigerator?

While French door refrigerators offer numerous advantages, there are a few disadvantages too. Here are some of the common drawbacks:
– Comes at a high cost
– Upper compartment is a bit narrow
– Door bins space is often less
– The wider size of refrigerators usually requires less space

Is the French door safe or not?

Yes, French-door refrigerators are safe to use. They come with several features like child lock safety, temperature control, etc., that add to the safe usage.

Does a French-door fridge consume more electricity?

No, French-door fridges do not necessarily consume more electricity. Their dual cooling system, LED lighting, inverter compressor, temperature sensor, etc., saves less electricity.

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