11 Best Hair Extensions for Long and Beautiful Tresses

Hair extensions are a quick and easy hair accessory to transform your look. If you wish to add volume, length, or even a pop of colour, extensions come in handy with everything. From straight hair to curly ones, there’s a set for everyone’s needs. That said, not all hair extensions are equal. A cheap, lacklustre extension is the last thing you would want to invest in. The best hair extensions have a close semblance to human hair in texture.

Depending on texture, length, colour, volume, and material, extensions can be of various types. It is important to buy the one that perfectly matches your needs. To help you out, we have created a curated list of the best hair extensions in India. Keep reading to find the perfect one for yourself.

Our Top Recommendations 

How Do We Choose the Best Hair Extensions For You?

Hair extensions quickly give your natural hair volume and length, which boosts your self-esteem and confidence. In India, good quality hair extensions cost anywhere between Rs 200 to Rs 900. Before you jump into our recommendations of the best hair extensions available in India, we suggest you go through the factors that helped us decide on the best products for you.


While buying hair extensions, you should first consider whether the extensions are created with real human hair or synthetic materials. Human hair not only looks like your own hair and lasts longer but it can also be treated the same way. On the other hand, you can also get synthetic hair extensions if you feel uncomfortable using natural hair. Synthetic hair extensions are made entirely of artificial, finely interwoven fibres. However, remember that heat cannot be applied to synthetic hair.


Hair extensions come in a variety of types. However, clip-ins and tape-ins are the most popular choices. For temporary, DIY hair extensions, you can purchase clip-in hair extensions. They don’t have a permanent link with your hair, so you may remove them anytime you like. On the other hand, tape-ins include attaching tiny tape wefts to your hair. Because it doesn’t include any chemicals, it feels and looks like natural hair.


The next thing you should look into while buying hair extensions is the quality. The best quality in hair extensions may be found in those created from real hair. If you take good care of them, human hair extensions may last even a whole year. However, synthetic hair extensions work just as well and are a more affordable option. As long as they are well-cared for, synthetic hair extensions may last for around one to two months.


You have a broad range of alternatives thanks to the many designs and hues of hair extensions. The texture and behaviour of synthetic hair extensions differ from that of real human hair, and they might seem rigid. If you want something that appears really authentic with your original hair, we recommend using human hair extensions.

Styling Options

Human hair extensions can withstand the same style and treatments as natural hair. Whatever you want to do to the hair—colouring, curling, or straightening—you may easily do with human hair extensions. Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. It is delicate, therefore, you must be cautious while applying treatments and styling methods to it.

List of 11 Best Hair Extensions for Women

Pema Hair Extensions

Pema Hair Extensions
Pema Hair Extensions

Made from high-quality Korean synthetic fibres, these extensions are a premium pick on our list of best hair extensions. They weigh 150 gm and are dark brown clip-in curly hair extensions. The 5-clip attachment helps you achieve optimum comfort while staying put.

Prominent Features of the Pema Hair Extensions:

  • Suitable for wavy and curly hair, these 22-inch-long extensions instantly add length and volume to your hair
  • With these extensions, you can try new styles regularly without harming your original hair
  • The extensions can be washed with a mild shampoo, followed by a conditioner
  • To prolong life, you should comb the extensions from Pema Hair softly


  • Fragrance-free
  • Can be washed and permed
  • Suitable for wearing all-day

Why We Picked the Pema Hair Extensions?

The Pema Hair Extensions can be restyled and worn into your favourite style. They provide a secure and comfortable attachment for all-day use, instantly changing the way you appear.

FOK Hair Extensions

FOK Hair Extensions
FOK Hair Extensions

These dark brown hair extensions on our list of best hair extensions are a real find if you looking for beautiful, long extensions. Made with synthetic fibres, they are easy to style and can be used regularly. Since this is a half extension, it can be used only if you have substantial hair to hold the clips in place.

Prominent Features of the FOK Hair Extensions:

  • The FOK Straight Hair Extensions are a versatile product that will surely help you make a fashion statement
  • These extensions are about 24 inches long and add extraordinary length and volume to your hair
  • These hair extensions from FOK weigh 180 grams and are the best bet if you are looking to add some volume to your hair


  • Gives off a feminine and attractive appearance
  • Adds volume and style to your natural hair
  • Easy to style
  • Can be reused

Why We Picked the FOK Hair Extensions?

The FOK Hair Extensions are a gorgeous long hair wig which is excellent for Halloween, plays, concerts, theme parties, weddings, and other events. This half extension is exclusively intended to create a voluminous and stylish look to your natural hair.

Artifice Super Volume Hair Extension

Artifice Super Volume Hair Extension
Artifice Super Volume Hair Extension

Next up on our list of best hair extensions is the curly wavy hair extension by Artifice. Made with high-temperature fibre, these hair extensions are super smooth and silky to the touch at a competitive price. Weighing 150 gm and 26 inches long with 5 clips, these extensions are extremely easy to use.

Prominent Features of the Artifice Super Volume Hair Extension:

  • When maintained properly, these hair extensions can stay in good shape for about three months
  • Heat-resistant fibre gives you almost the same style options as human hair by withstanding the heat from styling equipment
  • With a matte appearance, it seems authentic and can be styled with scissors or a curling iron


  • Can be styled with heat
  • Easy to use and take care of
  • Versatile

Why We Picked the Artifice Super Volume Hair Extension?

The Artifice Super Volume Hair Extension is of made from premium quality synthetic fibres. If properly cared for, the hair extension may be maintained in excellent condition for around three months. Additionally, these tangle-free hair extensions can be washed and heat styled.

Foreign Holics Hair Extensions

Foreign Holics Hair Extensions
Foreign Holics Hair Extensions

Made from heat-resistant fibre, these Foreign Holics hair extensions are a great alternative to managing long hair. The silky, smooth texture of these extensions enables them to merge flawlessly with your original hair to give you enhanced length and volume. These hair extensions on our list of best hair extensions make for a great way to add some temporary highlights to your hairstyle.

Prominent Features of the Foreign Holics Hair Extensions:

  • Easy to manage, these extensions can be worn with the 5-clip attachment and should be washed periodically for a clean, flowy look.
  • The hair extensions are 100% produced from heat-resistant kanekalon fibre
  • The Foreign Holics Hair Extensions naturally blend into your own hair giving a clean, polished look


  • Tangle-free
  • Silky and soft
  • Quick and simple application

Why We Picked the Foreign Holics Hair Extensions?

The Foreign Holics Hair Extensions weigh only 100 grams and can be used to create various looks for various occasions. You can make your natural hair look thicker and stronger with these extensions.

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D-DIVINE Synthetic Hair Bun Extension

D-Divine Bun Extension
D-Divine Bun Extension

Transform your look with this hair bun extension by D-Divine. This bun extension on our list of best hair extensions is great for adding volume to your bun. It is made with synthetic hair and bears a high-quality elastic that makes for a secure fit. It weighs just 40 grams and is perfect for giving an enhanced look to your bun.

Prominent Features of the D-DIVINE Synthetic Hair Bun Extension:

  • This bun extension can be washed easily to maintain the texture and shine
  • The D-DIVINE Synthetic Hair Bun Extension is made from high-grade elastic that is very flexible
  • Change your appearance in a flash with this bun hair extension from D-DIVINE


  • Simple to apply and use
  • Firm elastic
  • Reusable and lightweight

Why We Picked the -DIVINE Synthetic Hair Bun Extension?

The reusable and long-lasting bun hair extensions from D-DIVINE may be worn for proms, weddings, or evenings. The bun instantly transforms your appearance to enhance your look and style.

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Paradise Hair Extensions

Paradise Hair Extensions
Paradise Hair Extensions

These synthetic fibre hair extensions with subtle burgundy highlights can add an oomph factor to your hair. Ideal for parties, concerts, plays, college, or even everyday use, they give you amazing length in just under 2 minutes. These hair extensions weigh around 100 grams.

Prominent Features of the Paradise Hair Extensions:

  • These clip-on extensions can be gently washed and conditioned after three to four uses for a healthier life
  • One of the best hair extensions, these subtly merge in your original hair and add a natural volume with their wavy design
  • Adds length and volume to your hair while blending in naturally and flawlessly


  • Easy application
  • Adds length and volume
  • Blends in naturally

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Bigwave Hair Extensions

Bigwave Hair Extensions
Bigwave Hair Extensions

These black hair extensions from Bigwave are perfect for people with naturally black hair. Their wavy design and high-quality fibre strands help them merge seamlessly into wavy as well as curly hair. With a 5-clip attachment, you can easily wear them to add length and volume to your hair. Blend it with your natural hair to make ponytails, braids, and messy buns.

Prominent Features of the Bigwave Hair Extensions:

  • Provides a secure and comfortable attachment for all-day use, instantly changing the way you appear
  • Easy to maintain, they can be washed, conditioned, and gently brushed for longer life
  • Bigwave hair extensions are incredibly fashionable and offer your hair a fantastic style with colours and volume
  • These extensions are extra-long but easy on weight – weighing just 50 grams


  • Easy to put in and take out
  • Durable and strong fixations
  • Blends in easily


  • May be heavy and not suitable for wearing all-day

Pinaka Hair Extensions

Pinaka Hair Extensions
Pinaka Hair Extensions

With our list of best hair extensions, you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair with heat or chemicals anymore. These hair extensions by Pinaka are 24-inch hair extensions that add instant length to your hair. Compatible with wavy and curly hair, these are made from synthetic fibres.

Prominent Features of the Pinaka Hair Extensions:

  • Weighing 160 gm, these hair extensions have a black colour that merges excellently with the most natural hair
  • These extensions are compatible with hair straighteners and curling irons up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit temperature
  • To keep them tangle-free and long-lasting, they should be washed with a mild shampoo and air-dried on a soft towel


  • Premium quality and silky soft
  • Easy to wash and take care of
  • Increases hair length and volume

SkyHair Hair Extensions

SkyHair Hair Extensions
SkyHair Hair Extensions

The flaunty and fashionable smooth and silky straight hair extension from SkyHair allows you to quickly add natural-looking volume and length. This hair extension does not affect your natural hair since it is made entirely of Japanese heat-resistant fibre technology. It is simple to iron, curl, and style whatever you wish.

Prominent Features of the SkyHair Hair Extensions:

  • All that is required for easy cleaning is a little amount of gentle shampoo and hair conditioner, followed by a lukewarm water wash
  • With only a BB clip, the hair extension may seamlessly integrate with your natural hair without the need for tape, glue, or other damaging materials to the scalp or hair
  • Get a fresh hairstyle every single day and instantly transform your appearance with the SkyHair Extensions


  • Does no damage to the hair
  • Blends in easily
  • Easy to use and take care of

Lush Locks Hair Extensions

Lush Locks Hair Extensions
Lush Locks Hair Extensions

Add thickness and volume to your natural hair with the Lush Locks Hair Extensions. The strong, silicone-coated clips guarantee that clip-in hair stays in place firmly. For stability, many threads are stitched together to create the voluminous hair extension. The clip is simple to put in and remove and matches hair in colour.

Prominent Features of the Lush Locks Hair Extensions:

  • You can use a flat iron or straightener on the hair extension to style it
  • The extension is made from 100% virgin natural hair
  • The hair extension can be styled, permed, coloured, curled, or highlighted


  • Premium quality construction
  • Stays firm
  • Simple to apply and remove

Reecho Hair Extension

Reecho Hair Extension
Reecho Hair Extension

The Reecho Hair Extension will provide you with beautiful luscious hair that is shiny and voluminous. If you want the same result for your hair as the model, use two pieces of one-piece curly clip-in hair extensions with five clips each. The hair extension is made from heat-resistant Kanekalon fibre, which allows for use with curling irons and hair straighteners.

Prominent Features of the Reecho Hair Extensions:

  • Easily style your hair with a curling iron or straightener with the Reecho Hair Extension
  • The hair extension helps add volume and length to your hair to give off a smooth appearance
  • Get a fresh appearance every day with the Reecha Hair Extensions


  • Can be styled easily
  • Easy application and removal
  • Adds length and volume

Final Word

Though hair extensions are not very expensive, they can be used multiple times and are ideally a one-time investment. While getting the right one can be a hit-and-trial method for some, we hope that our list has helped you find the one that will work perfectly for you. Based on our research, the Pema Hair Extensions, FOK Hair Extensions, and Artifice Super Volume Hair Extension are our top picks for the best hair extensions in India. While making recommendations, we also took into consideration factors like material, type, quality, appearance, and styling options. Let us know which one worked out the best for you!


Is Indian hair extensions of good quality?

Yes, Indian hair extensions are of good quality. Indian hair extensions are virgin grade, meaning they only choose hair types that have not been coloured or chemically processed.

What are the safest hair extensions?

The safest hair extensions available are clip-ins. In this temporary hair extension technique, tiny clips are used to secure the expanded strands of the hair. For an important occasion or whenever you feel like changing up your appearance, you may wear clip-ins.

Can we wash hair extensions?

Yes, you can wash hair extensions. We recommend that you only use lukewarm water to wash your hair extensions. Use 2 to 3 pumps of sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair once your extensions are wet. Avoid washing the hair too violently, particularly close to the ties or clip.

Can we use hair extensions daily?

Yes, you can use hair extensions daily. Clip-in extensions will provide you with the extra volume and length you need for your everyday appearance. You may use these kinds of hair extensions daily since they are safe and simple.

What extensions do celebrities use?

Clip-ins are simple to use and do not involve visiting a hair salon. Therefore, it is no wonder that celebrities are so fond of them. Attaching and removing them just takes a few minutes. You just clip them in, and you get a new look instantly!

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Highly experienced and competent researchers at CashKaro work hard to provide you with the finest market suggestions available online. To create a list of products you can trust, we evaluate various products and compare them based on a variety of factors. We considered material, type, quality, appearance, styling options, and other aspects while making our recommendations for the best hair extensions in India. We really hope that this list will assist you in reaching an educated conclusion.

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