The kitchen is the ‘heart of every home’ and should be decorated in the most beautiful way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while cooking. Adding a kitchen mat is one of the ways to do so. It is an underrated addition to the kitchen that not just adds to the look and feel of the area but also improves traction, reduces slipping, and protects your floors from spills. To help you invest in the right product, we have listed the 10 best kitchen mats in India that make a great investment.

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How Do We Choose the Best Kitchen Mats for You?

There are a lot of kitchen mat options on the market to choose from, making it overwhelming to find the best of all. However, with some research and help, it can be done easily. In the Indian market, you can get a good quality, durable kitchen mat ranging from Rs 400 to Rs 10,000.

While budget is a main consideration, there are several other factors to pay attention to. Here are some important considerations that helped us pick the best kitchen mats for you. 


When choosing a mat for the kitchen, it is important to look for the product’s material. This list includes the brands that offer good-quality mats made of sturdy materials like rubber, high-density foam, etc. Also, they have adequate cushioning and anti-slip backing for support and comfort. You can pick any of these that fits your requirement. 


It is also recommended to check the size of the mat before making a final decision. Here we have listed different dimensions and shapes of mats, and you can select the one that goes well with your kitchen size and preferences. For instance, if you have a long countertop or want the mat underneath your feet at all times, a longer, runner-style mat will be a good choice.

List of the 10 Top Kitchen Mats in India

1. Saral Home Striped Runner

Saral Home Striped Runner
Saral Home Striped Runner

Started by a team of passionate young designers, Saral Home has become a leading e-commerce platform in a short span of 3 years. It designs practical and high-quality mats that are eco-friendly and meet competitive market trends. 


  • Material–  100% Microfiber Yarn
  • Size– 120 L x 45 W cm 
  • Shape– Rectangular
  • Colour options– 7

Prominent Features of the SARAL HOME Striped Runner: 

  • Crafted with highly durable material that feels soft and comfortable 
  • The mat absorbs water instantly while drying it up in no time
  • It has an anti-skid rubber latex backing for better grip on the floor 


  • Sturdy performance 
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Machine washable 
  • Multiple colour options

Why We Picked the SARAL HOME Striped Runner?

If you are looking for a multi-purpose kitchen runner that can also be used in the living room, drawing room, or hall, this one from Saral Home is the best bet. It is a machine-made mat with an overlocked border for better performance and protection against wear-tear.

2. Ishro Home 3D Printer Mat

Ishro Home 3D Printer Mat
Ishro Home 3D Printer Mat

When it comes to modernising your kitchen and keeping your feet happy while cooking, this 3D printer mat by Ishro Home is a great pick. It is a super comfortable mat that is designed in vibrant colours to give an amazing look to your kitchen.


  • Material– Soft Velvet
  • Size– 18 x 54 inches and 18 x 27 inches
  • Shape– ‎Rectangular
  • Colour options– 12

Prominent Features of the Ishro Home 3D Printer Mat: 

  • It is an anti-fatigue gel mat that features an attractive texture
  • Made with premium strength material, it ensures long-term durability 
  • This ergonomically engineered mat is extra thick for better comfort 


  • Easy to clean
  • Finished edges
  • Water & oil resistant 
  • Anti-fatigue mat


  • Thickness is less 

Why We Picked the Ishro Home 3D Printer Mat?

This set of 2 mats is anti-slip, phthalate-free, latex-free, and odour-free. It is made of a high-density pad that reduces stress on your ankles or feet and thus helps improve posture. Also, it is highly versatile and can be used on various surfaces like tile, wood, ceramic, marble, etc.

3. Status Contract 3D Digital Printed Kitchen Mat

Status Contract 3D Digital Printed Kitchen Mat
Status Contract 3D Digital Printed Kitchen Mat

Status Contract is one of the largest floor covering manufacturers in India that offers a range of yarn, area rugs, bath mats, non-woven carpets and wall carpets. All its products are made with high-quality materials and are technically superior.  


  • Material– Polyester
  • Size– 140L x 57W cm
  • Shape– Rectangular
  • Colour options– Single colour 

Prominent Features of the Status Contract 3D Digital Printed Kitchen Mat: 

  • The mat has an anti-skid backing, making it perfect for the kitchen 
  • It is an attractive runner that is designed with the latest stitching technology
  • This kitchen mat is stain, fading, soil and bacteria-resistant for long-term usage


  • Easy to clean
  • Absorbs water
  • Does not slip
  • Highly durable 


  • The print might not be apt for the floor 

Why We Picked the Status Contract 3D Digital Printed Kitchen Mat?

Status Contract 3D Digital Printed Kitchen Mat is a high-quality mat made with soft and thick material for a comfortable experience. This multi-purpose runner adds a striking detail to the kitchen floor and looks great wherever you place it. Also, it is easy to wash and prevents the print from fading.

4. WiseLife Kitchen Mat

WiseLife Kitchen Mat
WiseLife Kitchen Mat

Next, we have a thick and comfortable kitchen floor mat from the house of WiseLife. It is an ergonomically engineered mat that improves blood circulation and posture while relieving the discomfort of standing for a long time. 


  • Material– PVC
  • Size– 71.1L x 43.9W cm
  • Colour options– 3 

Prominent Features of the WiseLife Kitchen Mat: 

  • It is a phthalate-free, latex-free, and smell-free kitchen mat 
  • The non-slip bottom of the mat keeps it in place and offers a perfect grip
  • Features a unique bevelled edge and water-resistant top for greater durability 


  • Cushioned support
  • Prevents slipping 
  • High-strength
  • Non-slip backing


  • Expensive 

Why We Picked the WiseLife Kitchen Mat?

WiseLife brings one of the best kitchen mats that are made with ultra-thick gel foam to protect your feet against cold and hard floors. This mat is easy to clean and leaves no water, stains, or oil traces. Also, it is constructed with premium strength material for extended and heavy usage.

5. NILKANTH Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rugs

NILKANTH Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rugs
NILKANTH Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rugs
Check Prices

For a comfortable cooking experience, we bring you a cushioned support mat by NILKANTH. It is an anti-fatigue, waterproof mat that is highly durable and keeps its shape intact. Also, it is highly versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. 


  • Material– PVC Foam  
  • Size– 30 x 18 inches
  • Shape– Rectangular   
  • Colour options– Single colour

Prominent Features of the NILKANTH Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rugs: 

  • This easy-to-clean mat helps you save time and energy
  • It has an oil-proof and waterproof surface with an attractive texture 
  • The mat has 0.47″ thickness for ample support and relieving pressure from your feet


  • Extra soft material
  • Highly versatile
  • Anti-slip texture 
  • Ergonomically designed 


  • Highly-priced

Why We Picked the NILKANTH Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rugs?

NILKANTH offers one of the best anti-fatigue kitchen mats made of heavy-duty PVC material for long-term usage. Unlike others, they have a unique bevelled edge and slow-rebound feature to prevent dishes from breaking. Also, this mat prevents tripping & slipping for a better experience.

6. FEATOL Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats

FEATOL Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats
FEATOL Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats

The best in the market, FEATOL Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat is a comfortable solution for anyone who is suffering from back, hip, knee, leg and foot pain. This mat combines the advantages of gel and memory foam and hence, provides all-day comfort while in the kitchen. 


  • Material– Polyvinyl Chloride  
  • Sizes– 20 x 30 inches and 20 x 39 inches
  • Shape– Rectangular
  • Colour options– 3  

Prominent Features of the FEATOL Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats: 

  • It has a non-slip design at the bottom to prevent it from moving 
  • Resistant to punctures and tears and lasts longer
  • This eco-friendly mat is made with high-quality material and has no smell


  • Phthalate-free 
  • Multi-purpose usage 
  • Ergonomic design
  • More padding 


  • Highly expensive 

7. HappyTrends Kitchen Mat

HappyTrends Kitchen Mat
HappyTrends Kitchen Mat

If you want a high-quality, comfortable mat that can last for many years, this two-mat combo from HappyTrends is a great buy. These are anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats with adequate thickness and comfort to provide you with cushioned support. 


  • Material– PVC
  • Size– 17.3 x 28 inches + 17.3 x 60 inches
  • Shape– Rectangular 
  • Colour options– 3 

Prominent Features of the HappyTrends Kitchen Mat: 

  • Made with safe and durable high-density material, these mats last much longer
  • The mats are waterproof and oil-proof, making them easy to clean and maintain
  • They are highly versatile and can be used on various floor surfaces, including tiles and wood 


  • Neutral colours
  • Premium material 
  • Thick and comfortable 
  • Quality construction 


  • Not a budget-friendly option

8. AEROHAVEN Super Soft Kitchen Runner

AEROHAVEN Super Soft Kitchen Runner
AEROHAVEN Super Soft Kitchen Runner

AEROHAVEN is a renowned home decor brand that offers quality products. It has some of the best kitchen mats with an abstract cooking design that looks eye-pleasing and goes well with different kitchen decor. 


  • Material– Microfiber
  • Size– 120L x 40W cm
  • Shape– Rectangular
  • Colour options– 8  

Prominent Features of the AEROHAVEN Super Soft Kitchen Runner: 

  • It is a machine-washable kitchen mat that ensures easy cleaning 
  • Crafted with the finest fabric, this mat is super absorbent and dries quickly 
  • The mat features reinforced stitching that lasts longer 


  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Great grip 
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Different sizes available 


  • Might stain or get dirty easily

9. Mattitude Kitchen Mat

Mattitude Kitchen Mat
Mattitude Kitchen Mat

Another kitchen mat recommendation we have for you is from Mattitude. The brand offers a range of ergonomically engineered anti-fatigue mats that are latex-free and phthalate-free. Also, they are made with premium quality material for long-term usage. 


  • Material– PVC
  • Size– 17.3 x 47 inches
  • Shape– Rectangular 
  • Colour options– Single colour 

Prominent Features of the Mattitude Kitchen Mat: 

  • It is a 0.4″ thick mat that provides firm support to let you stand comfortably
  • The waterproof material repels water, liquids, oils, stains, and any spills
  • This mat has a non-slip texture design with strong skid resistance for safe usage


  • Odour-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Stylish pattern
  • Perfect cushioning 


  • High price

10. HomeCloud Kitchen Mat

HomeCloud Kitchen Mat
HomeCloud Kitchen Mat

Ending our list of the best kitchen mats with this anti-slip, soft, and washable mat that is specifically designed for kitchen use. It is made of high-quality material for added comfort and durability. Also, it is provided with cushioned support for a better cooking experience. 


  • Material– Velvet
  • Size– 41 x 122 cm
  • Shape– Rectangular
  • Colour and design options– 16  

Prominent Features of the HomeCloud Kitchen Mat: 

  • It is a 6mm thick mat with a 3D print to compliment different kitchen decors
  • This anti-fatigue gel mat does not collect dirt and is extremely easy to clean 
  • Made with quality material, this mat offers a long-lasting performance 


  • Attractive design 
  • Extra large area
  • Odour-free
  • Finished edges 


  • It is not very stable

Final Words

Mats are a perfect addition to the kitchen to liven up the decor, reduce the pressure on your feet, and keep the area clean. In this blog, we have listed the 10 best kitchen mats that are picked based on their durability, design, comfort, and quality. While we really love the mats from Status Contract, HappyTrends, and SARAL HOME, let us know your favourite ones from the list.  


What is the best material for kitchen mats?

There are different materials of kitchen mats that are considered to be the best, like PVC plastic, rubber, cotton, and microfibre.

What kind of mat is good for the kitchen?

The mats with water absorption and quick-drying capabilities are considered to be the best for the kitchen. 

Where do you put kitchen mats?

While you can put kitchen mats in any area that you prefer, the areas that experience the most foot traffic are considered to be the best. You can also put it in front of the sink to keep the kitchen clean. 

How do I keep my kitchen mat from sliding?

Most kitchen mats have an anti-slip bottom that prevents them from moving on the floor. However, if your mat is not anti-skid, you can attach non-slip stirps or gripper pads on the bottom to keep it in place. 

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro has a team of qualified and passionate researchers who spend hours researching and testing different brands and products to suggest the best available options. For picking the best kitchen mats in India, we have compared numerous options based on a range of characteristics. We hope our recommendations have helped you in making an informed purchase decision.

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