8 Best LED Bulbs in India to Save on Electricity Bills

Light Emitting Diode Bulb (shortly known as an LED bulb) is ruling the market today for its energy efficiency, quality, and durability. Switching to LED lighting for your home is the way ahead. So, if you wish to save on energy costs without compromising on brightness, an LED bulb would be the best solution. We bring you our list of the best LED bulbs to illuminate your homes without shelling a fortune on electricity bills.

List Of 8 Best LED Bulbs in India

1. Wipro LED Smart Bulb

Best LED bulbs
Wipro Smart LED Bulb

Wipro Smart Bulb is one of the best LED bulbs out there paired with smart features. It is a perfect addition to your home lighting. This 9W LED bulb can revamp your home decor by offering RGB light in 16 million color shades that can be tuned for your convenience.  It also allows you to adjust brightness and lets you configure automatic switch-on and switch-off times as required.

This smart LED bulb is WiFi-enabled and can be operated through the “Wipro Next Smart Home” app. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

2. Philips Base B22 LED Bulb

Best LED bulbs
Philips Base B22 LED Bulb

Philips B22 9 W LED bulb gives 87% energy savings and is a good idea to cut down on electricity costs. Philips is also known as some of the best LED light companies in India & this LED bulb has a lifetime of about 15000 hours and offers enhanced illumination at a budget price. These LED bulbs go through stringent quality testing to ensure safety.

This 3-star energy rated LED bulb provides the perfect light without flickering and reduced glare. It works on eye comfort technology and has been tested and certified for the safety of your eyes.

3. Syska SSK-SRL Base B22 LED Bulb

Best LED Bulbs
Syska LED Bulb

Syska LED bulb ensures 70% energy savings, and it lasts long as well. Its unique omnidirectional illumination makes sure that every corner of the room is lit. This LED bulb comes in cool daylight colour for pleasant brightness and intensity.

This popular 9 W bulb in our list of best LED bulbs offers top-grade durability and does not contain any lead or mercury, ensuring safe disposal. This pack of 10 bulbs will cover your entire house’s lighting needs.

4. Philips Stellar Bright Inverter T Bulb

LED Bulbs
Philips Inverter Bulb

If you have been looking for the best LED bulbs, this rechargeable LED bulb by Philips is a catch. This 10-Watt LED bulb is rechargeable and extends up to 4 hours of illumination backup with a broader spread of light during power cuts. It automatically recharges during everyday use.

 It gives nearly 50% illumination in battery mode during a power cut. It has a powerful lithium-ion battery that requires about 8 hours to charge fully. This LED bulb is made up of polycarbonate material and is available in white colour.

5. Halonix Radar Base Motion Sensor LED Bulb

LED Bulbs
Halonix Motion Sensor LED Bulb

This LED bulb by Halonix is a homegrown product that boasts a special motion sensor feature. This 10W bulb does not require any switch and is a battery-powered option. It works on an automatic sensor based on and off, making it the perfect lighting solution for stairways, corridors, bathrooms, driveways and storerooms.

Its 360-degree motion detector system switches the light on as soon as it detects motion within the sensor range of 15 feet and switches off automatically when no motion is detected. Well, that’s a smart feature that makes it a rightful entrant on our list of best LED bulbs.

6. Wipro Garnet Base LED Bulb

LED bulbs
Wipro Garnet Base LED Bulb

Wipro Lighting offers this fabulous LED bulb that is long-lasting and bright. This 10-Watt bulb is made with tried and tested LM 80 LED technology. These bulbs are mercury-free and hence can be easily disposed of after use.

One of the best LED bulbs, this LED bulb is designed to deliver a glare-free and broad illumination thanks to its wide beam angle of 240 degrees. Moreover here are some of the best rechargeable emergency lights that can be very useful in times of electric power cut.

7. Crompton Base B22 LED Bulb

LED Bulbs India
Crompton Base B22 LED Bulb

This LED Bulb by Crompton is a highly energy-efficient bulb that lasts for about 25000 burning hours. Rated 3 Stars, this 9 W LED bulb can help save upto 80% energy savings. This bulb emits soft light that conveniently lights up your room without any heat emission.

You can use these Crompton bulbs for general lighting or install them in table lamps, bed lamps, and decorative fixtures to enhance your ambience.

8. Havells LED Bulb

LED Bulbs
Havells LED Bulb

This mercury-free LED Bulb by Havells is a highly energy-efficient bulb that lasts for about 25000 burning hours. Made up of polycarbonate material, this 12 W bulb has a built-in high-performance electronic driver for zero maintenance.

This LED bulb has a curved design that offers maximum illumination and a wider spread of diffused light by 14%.

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