10 Best Matte Eye Shadow Brands In India

Eye shadows are wonderful to play around with when it comes to eye makeup and they can provide an opportunity to express one’s personality through makeup. Since the most noticeable features in the face are the eyes, it is only natural that eye shadows are the most invested makeup products in most cases. Matte eye shadows look subtle and they do not have glitter and sparkles that can draw attention away from the eyes. Here are some of the best brands in the segment with their prices.

Here are the List Of 10 best brands for matte eye shadow

Best Segolike matte eye shadow

Segolike eye shadows are matte but creamy which helps them in gliding on smoothly on the eyes. There are palettes of 24 colors and they range from nudes to smokey, so that one can find the perfect eye shadow shade for every mood. Priced around Rs 800, the palette is sure to match your every mood of makeup.

Best Naked Urban Decay matte eye shadow

The Urban Decay Palette in Nude is one of a kind because of the spectrum of shades available that can make any mood come alive in the eyes. The shadows are creamy and the best thing about them is that they do not settle on to the crease of the eyes after a time, which happens with many products. They are priced around Rs 8000 and is an expensive product to invest in.

Best Maybelline New York 24 K matte eye shadow

Maybelline New York palettes of nudes and rock nudes and the 24 K nudes are what every woman needs. The shades are natural and yet extremely sophisticated and they are what makes a woman go from glam to playful in no time at all. The rock nudes are great for those who want to create the perfect smoky eye look. The palettes are mostly priced about Rs 875.

Best Sivanna matte eye shadow

Sivanna eye shadows have a vast range of colors and they are suitable for women of all age groups. The matte colors are subtle and glitter but are in no way dull and they help in creating the perfect blend of fun and glamour when dressing up for various occasions. They can be had a price point of Rs 600.

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Best Lakme 9 to 5 quartet matte eye shadow

Those who love to stick to the classic shades and do not love to experiment a lot, would feel adequate with just this four classic shades in the quartet. They are not completely matte but they are not overtly glittery as well and they make a perfect combination of bold and beautiful. The quartet can be had around a price point of Rs 500.

Best Beauty Glazed matte eye shadow

Beauty Glazed is a new brand but they are all about providing a wide range of options to the buyers. Those who love eye shadows will love their combination of cool and warm colors and they  are one of the best in terms of the mid range products that are there in the market today. The palettes are priced around Rs 2200 and are completely worth it. The applicator brush is stunning as well.

Best Glam 21 matte eye shadow

The Glam 21 range of eye shadows is just what one needs to turn glamorous instantly. The shades are curated from every end of the spectrum and there a number of unconventional shades as well, those that are not immediately seen anywhere else. They can be bought around a price of Rs 850.

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Best Makeup Revolution London matte eye shadow

An eye shadow palette that is sure to make any girl’s heart skip a beat, the matte shades are perfect for an evening out with friends or to make an impression in the high profile office meeting. Not just the shades, but the applicator deserves special mention as well. Priced around Rs 2000, they are a kit worth having.

Best Mars matte eye shadow

Mars has always known what the women want and their eye shadows contain something for everyone. The shades are curated in such a manner so that they suit every skin tone and they also provide some hydration to the lids, that prevents the colors from caking. The eye shadow can be availed around a price of Rs 980.

Best Hilary Rhoda matte eye shadow

Hilary Rhoda shades of colors are fun and classic at the same time, and be it the nudes or the beiges, the colors are sure to resonate among even the pickiest dresser. The colors are light and matte and that helps the user put on a subtle look. They are priced around an affordable Rs 1599.

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