10 Best Glitter Eye Shadow Brands - Complete Guide With Price Range

There is nothing better and more interesting in makeup than experimenting with eye looks and there is no dearth of the looks one can create. From playful to smoldering, from fun to intense, eye makeup can help you bring out the various shades of your personality like nothing else. Glitter eye shadows are just what the fun loving, modern woman needs and here is a list of some of the best brands with their prices, so that you can select the very best for yourself the next time you go out.

Here are the best brands for Glitter Eye Shadow

1. Best Wet N Wild Glitter Eye Shadow

The glittery eye shadows from the brand lend the classic Hollywood shimmer and they are one of the best in this segment. The colors are available in individual packs so that one can pick exactly the color they want, since glitters are not for everyone. There are blues, greens and gold to choose from, along with a number of other shades. They are individually priced around Rs 150.

2. Best Miss Clair Glitter Eye Shadow

Miss Clair eye shadow palette in glitters is a wonderful option who love to play up their eyes and are not afraid to take the glamourous turn every now and then. There are large and small palettes, both with warm and cool colors, which can be used to dramatic perfection. They are priced around Rs 350 and Rs 600.

3. Best PAC Glitter Eye Shadow

PAC is a well known brand that knows how to work with glitters very well indeed. Their shades are very modern and the glitters stay on for hours, making a night out makeup really stay on for long duration. They come in quite a few shades and are suitable for all age groups. The eye shadows come at a price range of about Rs 500 to Rs 700.

4. Best Bourjois Glitter Eye Shadow

For those who want playful eyes and do not mind splurging for them can try out the palette from Bourjois. Available in 24 shades and more, these shades ensure that there is something for every kind of sensibility. The colors are bright and fun, and partying would never be the same again. They are priced around Rs 1654 and Rs 4580.

5. Best Bella Terra Glitter Eye Shadow

Bella Terra is a brand that comes highly recommended by celebrities and nor do they come very cheap. A single shade can cost anywhere between Rs 5000 and Rs 8000 and this is because the shimmer in the eye shadows come from natural minerals, which makes them absolutely safe to use and even nourishes the eye area.

6. Best MAC Glitter Eye Shadow

For those who would not settle for anything else but the best, MAC is the way to go. MAC glitter eye shadows are a staple in runways and they are frequently used by celebrities. A single eye shadow shade can cost upwards of Rs 1800 and anywhere between Rs 5980. The products come with organic minerals which lends them their characteristic glow.

7. Best Miss Rose Glitter Eye Shadow

Miss Rose products are extremely in demand because of the plethora of shades they have. There is a glitter version of every color which makes mixing and matching really fun. The products are also very easily applicable because of their unique formula and they are priced at around Rs 1780 and Rs 3629.

8. Best Kleancolor Glitter Eye Shadow

Kleancolor is a good brand to go by in the mid range segment and they are hence much preferred by the youngsters. The colors are rich and warm, and the glitters add extra sparkle and variation to the eyes. The colors are super fun and they are easy on the pockets as well, being priced around Rs 130 to Rs 300 for a single shade.

9. Best Soledi Glitter Eye Shadow

Soledi is a glitter eye shadows come in their traditional box packing as well as in a pencil form for easy application. The eye shadows can be applied with a single swipe and can stay put for hours at a stretch. They are priced around Rs 500 and Rs 1200 but are worth every penny.

10. Best Zink Color Glitter Eye Shadow

Zink Color shades are rich and glamourous at the same time and nothing can transform a dull day look to an interesting night look better. The shadows are very sparkly and those who want to go all out with their makeup are sure to love it. The products are priced around Rs 700 and Rs 1700.

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