Best Microwave Brands In India

Microwaves have become an integral part of modern kitchens. Microwaves make cooking simple and easy. It is also deemed as a healthy way of cooking food. Today, microwaves come with many cooking options. Besides baking, you can grill and steam food. Also, microwaves come with different settings or auto cook menus so that you can cook a number of your favourite dishes with minimal oil.

Below are some of the best Microwave brands in India


This is a well-known brand in the home appliances segment. Whirlpool offers microwaves in the convection, grill and solo range. You can bake, grill and cook a plethora of Indian dishes as per the auto cook options in the grill microwave oven.

You can buy your choice of microwave from Whirlpool and get the best discounts on its range of products.


Samsung brand has some of the most stylish and powerful range of microwave ovens. These ovens come in convection, grill and solo range. Samsung has added innovative features such as hot blast, slim fry and tandoor technology to its range of microwave ovens.

Buy microwave oven from Samsung and enjoy good deals on its products.

Morphy Richards

Indulge in a variety of combination cooking using the most trusted Morphy Richards microwave oven. Besides defrosting and reheating cooked food, convection and grill features make a cooking a breeze. Make sumptuous recipes with the multiple auto cook menus which are offered in its microwave oven range.

You can purchase microwave oven from Morphy Richards and avail best discounts on its product range.

LG Microwave

Whether you want to grab a bite on the go, defrost cooking ingredients, bake cookies or cakes or warm leftovers, LG range of microwave ovens can come to your rescue. The brand has some sleek designs and innovative technology that can make cooking more convenient and enjoyable. LG microwaves come LG microwaves have come of age with a wide variety of features such as convection cooking, pizza baking drawer and easy clean interiors.

IFB Microwave

Fulfill your culinary desires with a wide range of features offered by IFB range of microwave ovens. You can choose from simplistic easy to use functions to high end cooking functions, options and menus. With convection, grill/ double grill and solo options, IFB microwaves can help in making healthy and quick meals.

Electrolux Microwave

Enjoy cooking healthy meals for your entire family with Electrolux microwave ovens. These microwaves come in grill, convection and solo options. Electrolux boasts of Smartwave technology which cooks food in a uniform way while preserving its nutrition. Other features such as electronic tandoor and auto cook menus make cooking a breeze.


Enjoy hassle free cooking with the Panasonic range of microwave ovens. These ovens come in the solo, grill and convection and inverter options. The varied features and options vary according to the type of microwave which you intend to buy. You can look for simultaneous cooking combinations as well as auto cook menus especially in the high-end models.

Buy Panasonic microwave ovens and enjoy best deals. Avail handsome discounts on Panasonic products price.

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