11 Best Non Stick Cookware Brands in India

Cooking is an art form that involves creativity, passion, and the right tools. Among the various cooking utensils available today, non-stick cookware has gained immense popularity due to its convenience and ease of use. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen, non-stick cookware offers numerous advantages that can enhance your culinary experience. To help you out, we’ll explore the best non stick cookware brands in India. So, keep reading!

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How Do We Choose the Best Non Stick Cookware Brands for You?

Non-stick cookware is a popular and common choice for your kitchen. Non-stick cookware on Amazon is available within a range of 1,400 and 9,000. To help you get a proper overview, we have rounded up the essential factors we took into consideration when choosing non-stick cookware that suits your needs.

Quality and Durability

When selecting non-stick cookware, it is crucial to prioritise quality and durability. We recommend that you look for brands that have a good reputation for producing long-lasting and reliable products. Consider the materials used in the construction of the non-stick cookware, as they play a vital role in durability and heat distribution. High-quality non-stick coatings, such as those infused with ceramic or aluminium, are preferred for their durability.

Heat Resistance

Ensure that the non-stick cookware you choose can withstand high temperatures without compromising its non-stick properties. We recommend that you look for cookware that has a high heat resistance to prevent the coating from peeling or degrading. 


Next, you should ensure that the non-stick cookware you choose is safe to use and easy to maintain. Look for cookware that is free from harmful chemicals such as PFOA and BPA. 


Consider the type of cooking surface you have in your kitchen, such as gas, electric, or induction. Ensure that the non-stick cookware you choose is compatible with your cooking surface. 

Additional Features

Additionally, there are a number of other features you can consider. You can opt for cookware that has sturdy and securely attached handles. You can also choose ones with heat-resistant handles that provide a comfortable and safe grip. For ease of cleaning, we recommend that you select dishwasher-safe cookware, as it saves time and effort.

Benefits of Non-Stick Cookware

Non-stick cookware has revolutionised the way we cook, offering a host of benefits that make our culinary adventures more enjoyable. Below, we have discussed some of the amazing benefits that nonstick cookware provides.

Easy Food Release

The primary advantage of non-stick cookware is its ability to release food effortlessly. From delicate omelettes to sticky caramelized sauces, non-stick surfaces ensure that your culinary creations slide out of the pan with minimal effort. This feature makes cooking and cleaning up a breeze.

Healthier Cooking With Less Fat

Non-stick cookware requires less oil or fat compared to traditional pans. The non-stick surface reduces the need for excessive amounts of oil, promoting healthier cooking and reducing overall calorie intake. It also helps in maintaining the original flavours and textures of the food without leaving a greasy residue.

Quick and Even Heating

Non-stick pans are excellent conductors of heat, ensuring quick and even distribution across the cooking surface. This feature allows for efficient cooking, preventing hot spots that can lead to unevenly cooked meals. Whether you’re searing a steak or sautéing vegetables, non-stick cookware helps achieve consistent results every time.

Versatility and Durability

Non-stick cookware is compatible with a wide range of cooking methods, including frying, sautéing, boiling, and simmering. It is also generally dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a hassle-free task. With proper care, non-stick cookware can last for a long time, providing you with a reliable cooking experience.

List of 11 Best Non-Stick Cookware Brands in India


Wonderchef Royal Velvet Non-Stick Cookware Set
Wonderchef Royal Velvet Non-Stick Cookware Set

Wonderchef is one of the top manufacturers of kitchen appliances and cookware in India. The brand encourages its customers to cook healthy and tasty food comfortably. With this cookware set from Wonderchef, you can add a dash of vibrant colour to your kitchen. This cookware set makes daily cooking easy and convenient. Even after repeated use, the interior wall’s seamless construction prevents food residue from building up and keeps it clean.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 6,000
Included Components5-piece Cookware Set: Wok (Kadhai), Tawa, Fry Pan, Mini Fry Pan
MaterialAluminium with Non Stick Coating
Dishwasher SafeYes
Warranty2 years

Prominent Features of the Wonderchef Royal Velvet Non-Stick Cookware Set:

  • Made from virgin aluminium and it cooks more quickly, uses less energy, and is a great heat conductor
  • The soft-touch handles provide you with a secure grasp so that you can cook comfortably
  • Long-lasting durability and high thermal stability allow healthy cooking
  • Can be used on any kind of cooktop, including ceramic, induction, gas, and stovetops


  • Ergonomic soft-touch handles
  • 5-layer non-stick coating
  • Works with numerous cooking surfaces


  • Quality of the coating can be improved

Why We Picked the Wonderchef Royal Velvet Non-Stick Cookware Set?

Cooking with minimal oil is possible with this cookware set from Wonderchef because of its superior non-stick coating. Its high-grade virgin aluminium construction facilitates quicker cooking and even heat distribution. This non-stick cookware set provides exceptional performance, beauty, and durability.


Carote Non Stick Pan with Lid
Carote Non Stick Pan with Lid

Carote is a cookware and kitchenware company that is committed to offering high-quality products to its customers so they can eat healthily. The Carote Non Stick Granite Fry Pan is composed of durable granite and has an anti-slip bottom, making it possible to withstand frequent use in everyday cooking. Additionally, it is 100% free of substances like PFAS, PFOA, APEO, and lead, making it perfectly safe for you and your family.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 2,019
Included ComponentsNon Stick Fry Pan
MaterialNon Stick Granite
Dishwasher SafeYes
Warranty1 year

Prominent Features of the Carote Non Stick Pan with Lid:

  • Made of durable, imported granite so that food does not stick to the pan
  • Meets EU regulations and cooks with less fat and oil
  • Easy to hold and needs less water to wipe clean


  • Free from harmful substances
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable


  • Quality of the glass lid can be improved

Why We Picked the Carote Non Stick Pan with Lid?

You can cook meals fast and evenly in this non-stick frypan from Carote, which has a three times longer lifetime than conventional frying pans. With this fry pan, you can cook numerous tasty dishes, making it an ideal choice. 

Amazon Brand – Solimo

Amazon Brand - Solimo Non Stick Kadhai with Glass Lid
Amazon Brand – Solimo Non Stick Kadhai with Glass Lid

Solimo is an in-house brand of Amazon that provides high-quality products at affordable prices. The Solimo Non Stick Kadhai is a food-safe cookware surface since it is composed of 100% virgin aluminium. It has an imported, food-grade coating and three non-stick coating layers to prevent food from sticking at the bottom. It comes with a glass cover that keeps steam from escaping, reducing the amount of time you need to cook. Additionally, you can use it to keep your food warm before serving. 

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 1,440
BrandAmazon Brand – Solimo
Included ComponentsNon Stick Kadhai
Dishwasher SafeYes
Capacity4 litres

Prominent Features of the Amazon Brand – Solimo Non Stick Kadhai with Glass Lid:

  • Food will not stick, thanks to a three-layered, imported, food-grade non-stick coating
  • Glass lid absorbs heat and keeps meals warm, making it ideal for everyday cooking
  • Cool-touch handles provide a firm and secure grip


  • Easy maintenance 
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Keeps food warm for a long time
  • Durable

Why We Picked the Amazon Brand – Solimo Non Stick Kadhai with Glass Lid?

The Solimo Non-Stick Kadhai is deep and roomy, with the ability to cook up to 4 litres of food. The thick sides of the kadhai prevent spillage, so you can sauté veggies or shallow fry puris without creating a mess in the kitchen. You won’t feel any heat or discomfort when cooking, thanks to the cool-touch Bakelite ear handles. 


Prestige Omega Select Plus Residue Free Non-Stick Kitchen Set
Prestige Omega Select Plus Residue Free Non-Stick Kitchen Set

One of India’s leading kitchen appliance manufacturers, Prestige serves the demands of the nation’s homemakers. The brand has been at the forefront of innovation in the kitchen appliance industry. The Prestige Omega Select Plus Non Stick Kitchen Set is designed to make cooking easier. The ground-breaking Teflon coating guarantees that there is no collection of residue, which makes the cookware healthy and durable.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 3,520
Included ComponentsKitchen Set: Fry Pan, Tawa, Kadhai
Warranty1 year

Prominent Features of the Prestige Omega Select Plus Residue Free Non-Stick Kitchen Set:

  • The kadai has a stainless steel cover to accommodate your diverse cooking demands and preferences
  • The tawa offers even heating and a non-stick cooking experience since it is made of high-quality aluminium
  • Has excellent scratch and abrasion resistance technology, so it can survive frequent usage and last for a very long period
  • Features three-layer non-stick coating and uses less oil to cook tasty food


  • Metal spoon friendly
  • Durable handles
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Why We Picked the Prestige Omega Select Plus Residue Free Non-Stick Kitchen Set?

This kitchen set from Prestige features a frying pan, tawa, and kadhai, which allows you to cook all your favourite meals with ease. Additionally, you can maintain a firm grasp on the cookware while cooking with the Bakelite handles that include grip spots.


Hawkins Futura Non Stick Dosa Tava
Hawkins Futura Non Stick Dosa Tava

Hawkins is a popular cookware brand known for its high-quality pressure cookers, which are preferred by families all over India. The Futura Non-Stick Dosa Tava is created using a one-of-a-kind method that securely locks the premium non-stick material onto the sturdy hard anodized surface underneath. This tava will last longer than regular non-stick when used appropriately. The dosa tava also works with electric and gas cooktops.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 1,740
Included ComponentsDosa Tava, Cookbook, Wooden Spatula, Scrubber
Dishwasher SafeNo
Warranty2 years

Prominent Features of the Hawkins Futura Nonstick Dosa Tava:

  • Made with the ideal curve and thickness for the best cooking outcome
  • The 4.88 mm heavy gauge metal guarantees quick and uniform heat transfer and good heat retention
  • Can be used with gas, electric, ceramic and halogen stoves


  • Sturdy handles
  • Retains heat well
  • Compatible with multiple cooktops

Why We Picked the Hawkins Futura Non Stick Dosa Tava?

With this non-stick dosa tava, you can make a huge dosa, multiple uttapam, or cutlets. The tava is sufficiently flat so that you can spread your batter effortlessly. Additionally, it comes with a wooden spatula and scrubber so that it is easy to clean and maintain.


Pigeon Basics Non Stick Aluminium Cookware Set
Pigeon Basics Non Stick Aluminium Cookware Set

Since 1999, Pigeon has been providing Indian housewives with a high-end selection of cookware. The brand has a strong reputation among customers for being high-quality and cost-effective. The Pigeon non-stick cookware set is made with German technology, ensuring durability for a fun and healthy cooking experience. It is ISI and PFOA certified, implying you can cook healthy and nutritious meals for your family.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 3,295
Included ComponentsCookware Set: Dosa Tawa, Kadai With Glass Lid, Frying Pan
Dishwasher SafeYes
Warranty1 year

Prominent Features of the Pigeon Basics Non Stick Aluminium Cookware Set:

  • Comes with five layers of non-stick coating, which makes it quite strong and long-lasting
  • The bakelite handles provides an ergonomic grip to prevent overheating
  • Enables cooking with a minimum amount of oil, ensuring that your food is healthy


  • 5 layer non-stick coating
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Free from harmful substances


  • Not scratch-resistant
  • Not compatible with induction


Lifelong Induction Base Non Stick Aluminium Cookware Set
Lifelong Induction Base Non Stick Aluminium Cookware Set

Lifelong was founded in 2015, and the brand makes products that aim to improve lives. It offers a wide selection of kitchenware that will help you make tasty food. For practical daily cooking, this three-piece cookware set contains a nonstick kadai with a glass lid, a nonstick flat tawa, and a nonstick frying pan. You can make sabzis, rotis, stir-fried veggies, and more. The Lifelong non-stick cookware set is very durable and scratch-resistant, as it can withstand frequent usage and last a very long period.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 3,499
Included ComponentsCookware Set: Kadai With Glass Lid, Tawa, Frying Pan
Dishwasher SafeNo

Prominent Features of the Lifelong Induction Base Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware Set:

  • Made of high-quality aluminium, which guarantees even heating and non-stick cooking
  • The consistent heat distribution due to the heavy gauge construction helps food retain nutrients and minimises burning
  • The bakelite handles provide a comfortable grip and prevent overheating
  • Additionally, the cookware set is durable because the Teflon covering prevents residue buildup
  • No additional butter or oil is required, allowing for lower-fat cooking alternatives 


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy and ergonomic grip
  • Free from BPA


  • Quality of the lid can be improved


Cello Prima Induction Base Non-Stick Aluminium Pan Cookware
Cello Prima Induction Base Non-Stick Aluminium Pan Cookware

Cello is one of the most trusted kitchenware companies in India. This cookware set from Cello can be used to prepare a variety of snacks and meals. Both induction and LPG stoves are compatible with this cookware set. The set helps you in cooking with less oil so that you can cook healthy food for your family.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 2,799
Included ComponentsCookware Set: Tawa, Kadhai, Fry Pan
Dishwasher SafeYes
Warranty1 year

Prominent Features of the Cello Prima Induction Base Non-Stick Aluminium Pan Cookware:

  • Features a robust Bakelite handle with ergonomic grips that make it possible to grasp the frying pan firmly
  • The tawa and pan can be hung on the wall thanks to a unique loop on the handle
  • Can both be washed manually by hand or by dishwasher
  • Constructed from high-gauge aluminium, which rapidly warms the cookware


  • Scratch and abrasion resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for both induction and LPG


  • Quality of handles can be improved


Tosaa Popular Nonstick Cookware
Tosaa Popular Nonstick Cookware

Use this Tosaa nonstick cookware set to swiftly and conveniently prepare nutritious meals. The cookware set will surely bring charm to your kitchen collection with its wonderful appearance and vibrant colours. The pieces are made from high-gauge aluminium, which is used for cooking to increase efficiency. Additionally, the bakelite handles are perfect for an ideal cooking experience.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 4,100
Included ComponentsCookware
Warranty1 year

Prominent Features of the Tosaa Popular Nonstick Cookware:

  • These non-stick cookware sets are made with Weilberg German C2+ coating, which adds to their excellent appearance
  • Less oil is required, which helps to keep your meals healthier
  • Suitable for LPG stoves and includes a strong bakelite handle


  • Convenient cooking experience
  • Vibrant colours
  • Compatible with gas stove


  • Quality of handle can be improved


Butterfly Rapid Non Stick Cookware
Butterfly Rapid Non Stick Cookware

The Butterfly Rapid Non-Stick Cookware Set has a 5-layer greblon coating which retains the natural flavour of the food. The coating is food-grade and PFOA-free, making it a healthy choice. With the bakelite handles, the cookware is easy to hold while preparing a variety of foods hassle-free.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 3,349
Included ComponentsCookware set: Kadhai, Fry Pan, Small Fry Pan
Dishwasher SafeYes
Warranty1 year

Prominent Features of the Butterfly Rapid Non Stick Cookware:

  • The bodies are composed of premium, high-quality aluminium, which distributes heat evenly and swiftly
  • With the sturdy bakelite handle, you can prepare a variety of foods in a hassle-free manner
  • Due to the non-stick coating technology used, the nonstick cookware set is exceptionally simple to clean
  • A high-grade glass cover is included with the non stick kadhai, which speeds up cooking by dispersing uniform heat


  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Spreads heat evenly


  • Does not work with induction


Nirlon Ceramic 2-Piece Non Stick Induction Cookware Set
Nirlon Ceramic 2-Piece Non Stick Induction Cookware Set

Nirlon is known for its extensive line of kitchenware that is made from materials of the highest quality. The Ceramic Induction Cookware Set boasts a sleek and modern design that adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen. The smooth finish not only enhances its appearance but also ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, each of the utensils has a substantial and sturdy base that prevents the item from warping or wobbling.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 9,380
ProductCookware set: Two Casserole
Warranty1 year

Prominent Features of the Nirlon Ceramic 2-Piece Non Stick Induction Cookware Set:

  • Healthy cooking is encouraged by the strengthened 4-layered ceramic non-stick coating
  • The cookware’s exterior is made of high-grade aluminium and stainless steel
  • To prevent burns, the handles are sturdy and well-insulated


  • Quality materials
  • Strong handles
  • Enables cooking with less oil


  • Quality of the coating can be improved

Final Word

With its sleek surfaces and effortless cooking experience, non-stick cookware has become a staple in many households. We think Wonderchef, Prestige, and Hawkins are the best non-stick cookware brands in India. We also considered various factors, such as quality, heat resistance, safety, compatibility, and more, while making our choices. So, which one turned out to be your favourite?


What is the most durable non stick coating?

The most durable non-stick coating is typically considered to be the one made with ceramic. The coating can withstand high temperatures and is known for its longevity and resistance to scratches.

Which is the best non stick kadai?

Based on our research, the Hawkins Futura Non Stick Kadai is the best non stick kadai in India. The kadai features a durable non-stick coating, sturdy construction, and a comfortable handle for easy handling.

Which non stick cookware is safe in India?

When it comes to non-stick cookware that is safe in India, it is important to look for brands that comply with food safety regulations. According to us, Wonderchef, Prestige, and Hawkins produce some of the best cookware and kitchenware in India. Their products are PFOA and PFOS-free and are made from high-quality materials.

Is ceramic non stick safe?

Yes, ceramic non stick is safe. Ceramic non-stick coatings are generally considered safe as they do not contain PFOA or PFOS, which are potentially harmful chemicals found in some traditional non-stick coatings. Additionally, they are free from heavy metals, polymers, coatings, and colours, along with being dishwasher safe.

How long can we use non-stick pan?

The lifespan of a non-stick pan depends on several factors, including the quality of the coating, frequency of use, and maintenance. With proper care and usage, a non-stick pan can typically last for about five years. However, if you notice signs of wear and tear,  you will need to replace the pan for safety reasons.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Our team of diligent and knowledgeable researchers at CashKaro works relentlessly to bring you the most reliable market advice online. We conduct thorough evaluations of numerous products and use a range of criteria to compile a list of reputable options. We trust that our recommendations for the top non-stick cookware brands in India have aided you in making an informed decision.

*Prices are subject to change

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