18 Best Perfumes For Men Under Rs 1000 In India

Perfumes can add to the charm of any man. And let’s face it, if you’re dressed well but smell bad, it can turn your game upside down. Today, you can choose a fragrance for any mood or occasion. Whether you like a sporty, elegant, sexy or subtle fragrance, the options are plenty. If you think buying a perfume can burn a hole in your pocket, think again. We’ve curated a list of some of the best brands of perfumes for men, and that too under Rs 1,000. Don’t believe us? Check out the blog below of the best perfumes for men in India and hoard fabulous fragrances that are extremely budget-friendly. Here you can also check some of the best face creams for men in India.

List of 18 Best Perfumes Under Rs 1,000 for Men in India

1. Biotique Blissfull Lavender Eau De Toilette

Biotique Blissfull Lavender Eau De Toilette

Infusing the fresh scents of Lavender, Mandarin, and Marine, this scent evokes the depth and intensity of the sea. The captivating radiance of musk gives it a sensual, seductive and rich aroma that can appeal to both men and women. Its fragrance lasts all day long and is a perfect option for daily wear. here you can also check List of Car Perfume

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2. The Man Company Perfume

Biotique Men's Perfume

Stand out in the crowd with The Man Company’s Blanc perfume that exudes a refreshing and intense vibe. This perfume is a blend of soft notes of lemon, birch leaves, cardamom, lavender, and juniper. It has a lightweight formula that can be worn every day to work or get-togethers. This elegant scent has a non-gas formula that makes it last longer. This long-lasting perfume fills you with light and refreshing citric notes, keeping you energetic throughout the entire day. Buy the Man Company perfume for men today at the best prices. Simply, visit CashKaro and look for The Man Company coupons to get the best deals and offers.

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3. Beardo Dark Side Perfume

Beardo Dark Side Perfume

Unleash your striking demeanour with this Beardo perfume. It has a unique blend of strong woody notes that are bound to spruce up your everyday shenanigans. Specially created for the daring in you, this versatile scent by Beardo can be worn for any occasion. This perfume has a long-lasting effect. This distinguished perfume is ideal for men who want to experiment with strong and musky notes. Get Beardo Dark Side Perfume at a special price with CashKaro. Go to CK, type Beardo offers in the search bar and find the best offers and deals for yourself.

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4. Super Smelly Hurricane – Zero Toxic Perfume for Men

Super Smelly Hurricane - Zero Toxic Perfume for Men

The first of its kind in India, Super Smelly’s Hurricane Pocket Perfume For Boys has been crafted using the goodness of naturally extracted ingredients such as tea tree oil, witch hazel, and aloe vera. A certified vegan product, it has a refreshing aroma of green grass, mint, musk, and eucalyptus. The ingredients used in the perfume are enriched with micronutrients that help fight bacteria and controls body dour. It also functions as a protective shield against irritation and eases the discomfort caused by rashes. An ideal product for the GenZ boys, Super Smelly’s Hurricane Pocket Perfume is a ‘Made Safe’ product, free of any kind of toxins.

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5. Titan Skinn Men’s Singles Raw Eau De Parfum

Titan Skinn perfume for men

Titan came into being with its range of watches and diversified into eyewear, jewellery and then perfumes in 2013. Titan Skinn Raw is inspired by rain on a hot summer day. Made for a man who loves to live life on the edge, this perfume has a fresh, spontaneous and solid aroma. Its top notes of Bergamot and Mandarin are light and crisp. The heart notes consist of Violet Leaves, Geranium and Pomarose, and base notes of Patchouli, Gaiac wood, Cashmeran and Ambernax. This is one of the best selling perfumes for men.

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6. AXE Signature Gold Dark Vanilla and Oud Wood Perfume

Axe Perfume for Men

AXE is a popular name when it comes to perfumes for men. Its signature gold woody fragrance of Dark Vanilla and Royal Oud Wood is tantalizing, exotic and long-lasting. This perfume is perfect for a suave man when he heads out of his home every day. It has other exciting variants that are a must-try.

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7. Park Avenue Eau De Parfum Harmony

Park Avenue perfume for men

Park Avenue’s Harmony awakens your senses with fresh and tangy top notes of Bergamot, Pepper and Tangerine. The heart and base notes are deeper and calmer with ingredients like Lavender, Patchouli, Tonka Beans, Musk, Amber and Vetiver. It is an ideal choice for both day and evening wear.

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8. Ustraa Eau de Parfum-Ammunition

Ustraa Perfume for men

Ammunition by Ustraa has a suave fragrance that adds to your appeal on any occasion. This long-lasting fragrance has top notes of Plum, Violet and Sage with heart notes of Cedar, Vetiver and Paprika. Intense base notes of sandalwood, oak and spice further enhance the fragrance. If you’re a man full of energy and intensity, this fragrance makes sure you are loaded with ammunition at all times.

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9. Envy Luxure Oud Perfume

Envy Perfume for Men

This luxury perfume has a rich and invigorating aroma. Saffron and spice notes are enveloped beautifully with heart and base notes of Geranium and Cardamom and Patchouli. The woody notes make it a striking masculine fragrance that uplifts your mood any time you wear it.

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10. Ulric de Varens for Men Eau De Toilette

Ulric Perfume for Men

Ulric de Varens for men has a woody, Fougere and oriental fragrance. Strong, fresh and aromatic notes of artemisia, rosemary and mint are interposed by the woody effects of vetiver that soften upon contact with animal musk notes. This soft, at the same time violent fragrance tantalizes your senses and draws all the attention towards you.

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11. Denver Hamilton Pride Perfume For Men

Denver Perfume for men

Denver Hamilton Pride has a vibrant and energetic fragrance that’ll make you the life of any party. Hints of Bergamot and Verbana add to your infectious charm and are bound to get you praises from everyone in the room.

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12. W. O.W. Perfumes Black Jack Perfume 

W. O.W. Perfume for men

W.O.W is a cosmetic brand launched in 2005 in Israel and soon gained worldwide popularity. Its Black Jack perfume has a spicy citrus fresh top note with an intoxicating Patchouli heart note. Base notes of sandalwood and cedarwood add to its strength and make it last all day long. Wear this perfume on romantic evenings and parties to steal all the attention.

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13. Fogg Men Scent Xpressio Eau De Parfum 

Fogg Mens Perfume

Fogg was launched in India in 2011. The brand offers an affordable range of perfumes for men and women. It is based on the concept of ‘no gas and only perfume’ which makes it user-friendly. Fogg Men Scent Xpressio Eau De Parfumhas a fresh clear and strong fragrance. It is one of the best men’s perfumes as it is gentle on the skin and offers anti-bacterial protection against body odour. The brand and its fragrances appeal to men making it a leader in the men’s deodorant market.

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14. Evaflor Whisky Homme Sport Eau De Toilette

Evaflor Perfume for men

Evaflor Whisky for men has a subtle and distinctive scent suited for the day as well as evening events. Top notes of bergamot and lavender are blended perfectly with mid-notes of cedar. The mesmerising and warm fragrance of Vanilla Musk closes this fragrance and adds to your charm.

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15. NewU Pocket Perfume – Violet

NewU Perfume for men

NewU is a Dabur enterprise that brings a range of beauty and personal care products. This Violet pocket perfume has notes of Orange and Bergamot on top.  Jasmine and Rose heart notes with Vanilla, Patchouli, Vetiver and White Musk make its aroma more tempting. It is a unisex fragrance with a universal appeal.

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16. Adidas Pure Game Eau de Toilette

Adidas perfume for men

Adidas Pure Game Eau de Toilette has a woody, spicy fragrance perfect for daily wear. The top notes are of Grapefruit, Mandarin Orange, Basil and Pepper with middle notes of Lavender, Guaiac Wood and Cypress. Base notes of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Incense, and Tonka Bean add to its freshness and spice. Recommended for casual wear, this fragrance suits men who always have their charming mode on.

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17. All Good Scents Urbane Nights Eau De Toilette

All Good Scents perfume for men

This one is an exotic and long-lasting scent with top notes of Peppermint, Mandarin and Grapefruit. Let your presence linger for long as you wear this one. Adding to its sensuality and richness are heart and base notes of Cinnamon, Rose Absolute, Spices, Patchouli, Amber and Blond Leather.

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18. Set Wet Perfume

Set Wet Perfume for Men

If you wish to sport a fragrance, then the Set Wet Studio X must be your pick. Co-created by top celeb stylist Aalim Hakim, this perfume gives you an effortless edge over others. It has an intense fragrance infused with the freshness of sandalwood and citrus. Apart from that, its sweet notes of vanilla and rose are ideal for wearing on special occasions or date nights. This perfume comes with hints of delicious citrus and tantalizing vanilla essence. It is perfect for men who like to smell masculine yet refreshing.

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You can also save a lot of money while buying perfumes online. Use Amazon offers & promo codes to shop the best perfumes for men at a discounted price.

Top 18 Perfumes for Men With Ratings

Best Perfumes for Men in IndiaRating
Biotique Blissfull Lavender Eau De Toilette3.6/5
The Man Company Perfume4.0/5
Beardo Dark Side Perfume4.0/5
Super Smelly Hurricane3.9/5
Titan Skinn Raw Eau De Parfum3.9/5
Axe Signature Gold Dark Vanilla and Oud Wood Perfume3.9/5
Park Avenue Eau De Parfum Harmony3.9/5
Ustraa Eau De Parfum Ammunition3.7/5
Envy Luxure Oud Perfume3.5/5
Ulric de Varens For Men Eau De Toilette3.9/5
Denver Hamilton Pride Perfume For Men3.9/5
W.O.W Perfume’s Black Jack Perfume3.8/5
Fogg Scent Xpressio For Men Eau De Parfum4.1/5
Evaflor Whisky Homme Sport Eau De Toilette4.0/5
Adidas Pure Game Eau de Toilette 3.9/5
Urbane Nights All Good Scents Eau de Toilette 3.8/5
Set Wet Perfume3.7/5
Best Perfumes For Men in India

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  1. My Favorite is Envy Luxure Oud Perfume because of presence of oud. As an Attar enthusiast, I love things related to Oud. Kannauj is widely popular for making natural perfumes out of it.


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