8 Best Perfumes for Men for a Long Lasting Fragrance

‘Good manners and a good cologne are what transform a man into a gentleman’ – Tom Ford.

Wearing trendy clothes, keeping a stylish beard, or following the latest hairstyle has become grooming essentials. But smelling great is one of the most underestimated elements of a man’s ensemble. Believe it or not, the best perfumes for men can do wonders for your vibe.

Whether you wish to impress that special someone with your men’s cologne or your colleagues, smelling great can always create a long-lasting impression. Bid goodbye to your old perfumes and say hello to these handpicked 10 best long-lasting perfumes for men in India. Men, we can best assure you that you are going to love these fragrances! Here you can also check some of the best body sprays for men in India.

List 8 Best Perfumes for Men in India

1. Beardo Dark Side Perfume for Men

Beardo Dark Side Perfume for Men
Beardo Dark Side Perfume for Men

Our first pick in this list of the best perfumes for men is an amazing men’s perfume from Beardo. It is said that you can never hide your true self, but with Beardo perfume for men, you can unleash your striking demeanour, thanks to its pleasing fragrance.

Beardo has personified its hedonistic appeal with an all-new fragrance for men, Dark Side. The Dark Side, Eau De Parfum has a unique and tasteful blend of strong woody notes that linger for a longer time. On the other hand, its fresh notes spruce you up instantly for your everyday shenanigans. Dark Side will give you a scintillating head start with its heady notes and keep you prepared for those close encounters.

What’s Good:

  • Ideal for a versatile range of wears
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Can be used for daily wear

2. The Man Company Perfume

The Man Company Perfume
The Man Company Perfume

Stand out in the crowd with The Man Company’s Blanc perfume that exudes a refreshing and intense vibe. This perfume is a blend of soft notes of lemon, birch leaves, cardamom, lavender, and juniper. It has a lightweight formula that can be worn every day to work or get-togethers.

This elegant scent has a non-gas formula that makes it last longer. This perfume fills you with light and refreshing citric notes, keeping you energetic throughout the entire day.

What’s Good:

  • Has a pleasant woody fragrance
  • It can be good for daily use
  • An exotic fusion blend

3. Skinn Men’s Perfume

Skinn Men's Perfume
Skinn Men’s Perfume

Our third pick in this list of the best perfumes for men is a classic fragrance from Skinn by Titan. It draws inspiration from rain on a hot summer day – carefully balancing the fresh with the bold. The lightness of watermelon with upbeat patchouli is the secret to its appeal.

Raw is created with crisp citrus notes that exude vitality and warm woody notes that reflect masculinity. The top notes of this men’s perfume are cool and crisp. Citrus notes such as bergamot and lemon from Italy, with a watery effect, will give you cool freshness to clear your mind.

The heart notes of Raw bring true distinction with floral tones, violet leaves, and geranium. The dry down will rest on your skin all day long and we recommend this for people who like a mild perfume with the perfect blend of fragrances

What’s Good:

  • Pleasing fresh fragrance
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Multipurpose use

4. Engage Men’s Perfume

Engage Men's Perfume
Engage Men’s Perfume

Men give way to the fragrance that matches your personality with this exquisite perfume. Engage Perfume Spray for men defines the man of today. Fresh yet fiery, this is one perfect fragrance, with tantalizing notes, that can take your game up by notches.

Whether a formal event or a jazzed-up night out, this fragrance for men is just apt for all. It defines the storm and passion that rages inside a man, who is a keeper. Spray it on for a day full of vigour. Engage for men is a range of bold and sassy deodorants that are entrenched with notes that define masculinity.

With playful chemistry that is written and embossed, right from the packaging to the fragrance, this is one perfect fit for all occasions.

What’s Good:

  • Ideal for daily wear
  • Has breezy citrus and woody fragrance
  • Long-lasting men’s perfume
  • Loved by millennials
  • Skin-friendly perfume

5. Jaguar Classic Black Perfume

Jaguar Classic Black Perfume
Jaguar Classic Black Perfume

Jaguar Classic Black is an awe-inspiring cologne for men. This is basically a luxurious aromatic fragrance for men, blended with heart notes of lotus flower, spicy ginger and orange. Launched in the year 2009, Jaguar Classic Black for Men is a mix of green apple, mandarin, heart note of orange, spicy ginger, with notes of white musk.

This best perfume for men has sandalwood that brings out the base note, creating a woody feeling. This one is a typical fragrance that is of an oriental Fougera nature and made for stylish me.

What’s Good:

  • Fresh and sensuous perfume for men
  • Enriched with the goodness of several oriental ingredients
  • Classy black bottle

6. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Eau de Parfum for Men

Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Eau de Parfum for Men
Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Eau de Parfum for Men

Wild Stone Eau De Parfum has been crafted to embolden every personality. Whether you are a man who wishes to exuberate elegance, define power, feel stylish or simply unique and modern; there is a fragrance that will captivate your inner you! It has a beautiful blend of mint freshness, lavender, and aromatic notes of patchouli creating an eclectic effervescence that won’t go unnoticed.

Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Spray Perfume is for a man who is aware of his strengths and sensuality and exudes a confident persona. One of the best long-lasting perfumes for men, its minty top notes make it an everyday best perfume for men. It can be used all around the year and has been designed by top international perfumers.

What’s Good:

  • Perfume for every occasion
  • Strong sensual fragrance
  • Budget-friendly perfume for men

7. BVLGARI Men’s Perfume

BVLGARI Men's Perfume
BVLGARI Men’s Perfume

Black is considered a colour of class and elegance, and that is just what this men’s perfume stands for. A long-lasting perfume from BVLGARI, Man in Black boasts a mysterious oozing fragrance. Crafted by Alberto Morillas, this perfume has a beautiful blend of spices, rum, and tobacco.

It is made with the goodness of Iris flower extracts, Tonka beans, and benzoin. A spicy scintillating fragrance, this is the ideal best men’s perfume for a romantic date night or any evening occasion since it is sure to add a touch of oomph to your ensemble. We recommend that you use this men’s perfume during the months of March – November for a better and strong impact.

What’s Good:

  • Strong long-lasting perfume
  • Blend of natural Rum and luminous spices
  • One of the best long-lasting perfumes
  • Evening wear perfume

8. The Body Shop Men’s Perfume

The Body Shop Men’s Perfume

Produced by one of the best cosmetic brands in the world is this iconic and cruelty-free perfume for men by The Body Shop. The White Musk by Body Shop is a luxurious and sensual mix of rose, jasmine, amber, and wood. As the name suggests, it has a musky fragrance that is light and refreshing and leaves the skin subtly scented.

Making it among the top 10 long-lasting perfumes list, this men’s perfume in India comes in a transparent glass bottle packaging, which makes it a good gifting option as well for your guy friends.

What’s Good:

  • Soft and long-lasting perfume
  • Refreshing aroma
  • 100% vegan

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