15 Best Body Sprays for Men in India That Last All Day Long

A refreshing fragrance works like magic in the harsh summer. Sweat accumulation is the number one cause of body odour that can make you feel underconfident in social situations. Body sprays are a quick and easy way to eliminate odour and make you feel refreshed, no matter how hot the weather is. They are similar to an aerosol deodorant and are as effective as a high-priced cologne. They are a lot more subtle than regular scents and perfect for everyday use. So, if you are tired of feeling embarrassed about body odour, we’ve covered you! Here is a list of the best body sprays for men that we’ve curated just for you. Check out the list and feel fresh all day.

Our Top Picks

Body Spray vs. Perfume

Body spray and perfume are two popular fragrance options that people use to smell good and leave a lasting impression. While they may seem similar, there are significant differences between them.

Body Spray

Body spray is a type of fragrance that is typically used as a light, refreshing scent that can be used throughout the day. It is often used as a quick pick-me-up, especially after a workout or during hot weather. Body sprays contain a lower concentration of fragrance oils, making them a milder option for people who do not want an overwhelming scent. They are usually sold in larger bottles and are more affordable than perfumes.


Perfume, on the other hand, is a more concentrated fragrance that is typically worn on special occasions or when you want to make a lasting impression. Perfumes contain a higher concentration of fragrance oils, making them stronger and longer-lasting. They are available in different strengths or concentrations, including Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne.

When Do I Use Body Spray and Perfume?

When it comes to choosing between body spray and perfume, the occasion and your personal preference are important factors to consider. Body spray is ideal for everyday use, especially in casual settings like the gym or outdoor events. The light, refreshing scent is perfect for keeping you smelling good without overpowering others.

Perfume, on the other hand, is best reserved for special occasions. You can wear it to weddings, parties, or dates. It is perfect for leaving a lasting impression and can be a powerful accessory to complete your outfit.

How to Apply Body Spray?

Body spray is often considered a more convenient and affordable alternative to traditional perfume or cologne. However, applying body spray correctly is essential to achieve the desired scent and longevity.

Choose the Right Fragrance

Before applying body spray, it is important to choose the right fragrance that suits your personality and taste. Choose a fragrance that complements your body chemistry and enhances your natural scent. Try different fragrances to find the one that you like the most.

Spray on Clean Skin

It is important to apply body spray on clean skin to ensure that the fragrance lasts longer. Take a shower or a bath before applying the spray to get rid of any odour or sweat. Keep your skin dry and dry yourself off completely before applying the spray.

Hold the Spray Bottle at Right Distance

To apply body spray, hold the bottle about 6 inches away from your skin. This distance ensures that the fragrance is distributed evenly and covers a larger area of your skin. Holding the spray too close can result in a strong scent that may become overpowering.

Spray on Pulse Points

Pulse points are areas on your body where your blood vessels are closest to the skin’s surface, and they emit heat. These areas include the neck, wrists, chest, and behind the ears. Applying body spray on these areas can make the fragrance last longer as the heat from your skin will activate the scent.

Don’t Overdo it

Using too much body spray can be overwhelming and even unpleasant for others around you. Start with a small amount and apply more if needed. It is better to reapply the spray after a few hours than to use too much at once.

Benefits of using a body spray

Body sprays can be sprayed directly onto the skin, providing a long-lasting scent that can make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated throughout the day. Let us explore some of the benefits of using a body spray and why you should consider adding it to your daily grooming routine.

Convenient to Use

One of the most significant advantages of using a body spray is its convenience. All you have to do is spritz a few sprays on your skin, and you’re good to go. The small size of the spray bottle makes it easy to carry around with you, making it perfect for people who are always on the go.


Body sprays come in a wide range of scents, from fruity and floral to musky and woody. Whatever your preference may be, there is a body spray out there that can provide you with a refreshing and invigorating scent. These sprays can help you feel more awake and alert, making them an excellent choice for early mornings or mid-day slumps.

Affordable Option

Body sprays are often more affordable than perfumes and colognes, making them a popular choice for people on a budget. The smaller size of the spray bottle also means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to try out different scents. Therefore, you can experiment with various fragrances without breaking the bank.

Can Help Mask Unpleasant Odours

Another benefit of using a body spray is that it can help mask unpleasant odours. If you’re someone who is prone to sweating or has body odour issues, using a body spray can help you smell fresh and clean throughout the day. Additionally, it can also be a great way to freshen up after a workout or a long day at work.

How Do We Choose the Right Body Sprays For Men?

Body odour is the biggest turn-off for people and is a common problem on hot summer days. To deal with such a situation, body sprays come in handy. They offer long-lasting fragrances and keep you fresh all day long. Unlike other options, they fight body odour quickly and do not leave wet spots behind. In India, you can find a plethora of body spray brands for men on a budget of Rs 90 to Rs 1,200.

Before you dive into the list of best options, have a look at the factors that we considered in making the selection.


This is one of the most crucial factors to take into consideration. Since there are different fragrances and everyone has their preferences, we have covered all. In this list, you will find different fragrances that will help you in choosing the one that suits you the best.

Specification and Features

We carefully looked for specifications and features of the body sprays before adding them to the list. Here you will find top-notch, long-lasting, and scented sprays that deliver excellent results.

Safe for Skin

Some of the body sprays available on the market are loaded with metals and harsh chemicals that might harm the skin. This is why we have listed the options that are safe to use and have no side effects on the skin. All the options are skin friendly.

List of The Top 15 Body Sprays for Men in India

Fogg Royal Body Spray

Fogg Body Spray
Fogg Body Spray

Fogg is one of the top body sprays for men in India. Its Royal Body Spray has a refreshing, masculine fragrance that stays on for a long time. The product also kills the odour-causing bacteria and offers more spray than regular deodorants. Designed with cooling ingredients, this body spray offers a fresh feel and keeps you sweat-free all day long.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 275
Quantity150 ml
Special FeatureLong Lasting, No Gas
Rating4 out of 5

Prominent Features of the Fogg Royal Body Spray: 

  • It is 100% liquid perfume for long-lasting performance with absolutely no gas
  • This body spray is a compact tiny bottle that is easy to carry all around
  • Comes in 7 different variants to choose from according to your preference


  • Rich and alluring fragrance
  • All-natural deodorant
  • Lasts longer than usual
  • Affordable and easily available


  • The fragrance is not too strong

Why We Picked the Fogg Royal Body Spray?

It’s time to say goodbye to age-old gas deodorants and add Fogg Royal, a Perfume Body Spray, to your grooming routine. With a distinct smell, it is a perfect choice for modern-day men to keep unwanted body odour away. It is designed to keep you smelling extremely cool and stay fresh for a long time. Try this spray, and you’ll surely leave a good impression wherever you go wearing it.

Nivea Deep Impact Freshness Deodorant

Nivea Body Spray
Nivea Deep Impact Freshness Deodorant

Another body spray to kick off your day is from Nivea. Its Deep Impact Freshness Deodorant is created with an anti-bacterial formula that prevents unwanted odour build-up on your skin and keeps you fresh all day. This deodorant has an earthy, long-lasting scent and does not contains alcohol for safe usage. The brand also claims that the body spray will linger on for about 48 hours.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 210
Quantity150 ml
Special FeatureAlcohol-Free
Rating3.7 out of 5

Prominent Features of the Nivea Deep Impact Freshness Deodorant

  • It has a power of black carbon that makes it last longer for about 48 hours
  • The deodorant has a woody masculine fragrance with a deep impact on everyday usage
  • It is a dermatologically tested deodorant that is safe to use and does not harm underarms
  • This spray does not leave black residue behind


  • Effective formula
  • Contains 0% alcohol
  • Long-lasting freshness
  • Doesn’t cause irritation


  • Not many variants are available

Why We Picked the Nivea Deep Impact Freshness Deodorant?

Nivea Deep Impact Freshness Deodorant is a fresh active body spray to start your day with the ultimate fragrance. It is formulated with refreshing tones of ocean extracts and leaves behind an impactful woody fragrance. This spray also has superior odor control to make you feel fresh & energetic on long summer days.

Jovan Musk Deodorant

Jovan Body Spray
Jovan Body Spray

Next, we bring to you a deodorant that gives next-level confidence. Jovan Musk Body Spray has fresh notes of peppermint and tea tree oil, offering it a refreshing fragrance. It also has wood undertones that keep you cool and refreshed all day long. If you’re looking for a body spray that leaves a lasting impression wherever you go, Jovan has plenty of products for you.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 2,000
Quantity150 ml
Special FeatureSuitable For Daily Wear
Rating4 out of 5

Prominent Features of the Jovan Musk Deodorant: 

  • It works with the body’s natural chemistry and offers a unique fragrance
  • A perfect harmony of sweet and salty notes, it has a masculine, powerful, persuasive fragrance
  • Available in 5 different variants to suit everyone’s needs
  • This deodorant does not give an itching feeling on the skin and is safe to use by all


  • Low-cost product
  • High-quality products
  • Travel-friendly bottle
  • Unique scent


  • It is not a soft fragrance for unisex use

Why We Picked the Jovan Musk Deodorant?

Jovan Musk Deodorant is a daily wear body spray that is perfect for experiencing a delightful fragrance. Its unique scent is a mix of exotic ingredients, spices and woods that lingers on for a while and upticks the personality. If you are someone who lives strong, musky fragrances, this low-cost deodorant is the right choice for you. Looking for a body lotion? Here is our blog on the best body lotions for summer in India. Do have a look 

Wild Stone Code Chrome Body Perfume

Wild Stone Code Chrome Body Perfume
Wild Stone Body Spray

Wild Stone is a brand synonymous with masculinity, and its premium products say it all. Their Code Chrome Body Perfume Spray has a blend of woody, vanilla, and citrus notes which offer a refreshing fragrance. It gives you an enticing freshness all day long while highlighting your presence wherever you go. If you’re looking for an irresistible fragrance, you must choose Wild Stone.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 825
BrandWild Stone
Quantity120 ml
Special FeatureNo Gas
Rating4 out of 5

Prominent Features of the Wild Stone Code Chrome Body Perfume: 

  • It has aromatic fragrance notes that feel refreshing and soothing
  • This long-lasting deodorant keeps body odour and sweat under control
  • Its distinctly masculine fragrance is irresistibly a romantic one
  • Multiple variants are available, like gold, platinum, steel, etc.


  • Affordable
  • Burst of freshness
  • Safe to use on skin
  • Strong, long-lasting smell


  • Might irritate sensitive skin a bit

Why We Picked the Wild Stone Code Chrome Body Perfume?

Wild Stone Code Chrome Body Perfume is an intense fragrance that is a combination of musky, exotic raw masculine notes with a crisp, fresh and playful amber sweetness. Perfect for everyday usage, this deodorant is refreshing and exotic and will let you leave an impression behind wherever you go.

Engage M1 Perfume Spray

Engage Body Spray
Engage Body Spray

Engage slowly gained a lot of popularity due to its longevity and premium fragrances. Their M1 Perfume Spray range has no added water, making it 10x more effective than a regular spray. The spray is a concoction of earthy ingredients such as wood, cedar, patchouli, and bergamot that creates a fiery scent, ideal for making bold statements.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 225
Quantity120 ml
Special FeatureLong Lasting
Rating4 out of 5

Prominent Features of the Engage M1 Perfume Spray: 

  • It has long-lasting citrus and woody fragrance that oozes masculinity and suaveness
  • This perfume spray accentuates the male aura and exudes confidence and charisma
  • Comes in sturdy packaging containing 120ml of product which is perfect for daily usage


  • It’s a skin-friendly option
  • Lasts long up to 8 hours
  • Built by international experts
  • Affordable body spray

Why We Picked the Engage M1 Perfume Spray?

Having high fragrance concentration, Engage M1 Perfume Spray offers long-lasting results and enhances the masculine personality. This spray has a lavender-infused fragrance that is gently refreshing & gives a great feeling of vitalising freshness. With tantalizing notes, this fragrance for men is just apt for all.

Calvin Klein One Deodorant

Calvin Klein Body Spray
Calvin Klein Body Spray

A brand synonymous with the modern, minimal style, Calvin Klein brings to you the amazing CK One Body Spray. A fragrance that develops on lighter and milder tones, this body spray is one of the best unisex products from CK. It has a blend of special notes like Mandarin Orange, Bergamot, Papaya and Lemon, Cardamom, Fresh Pineapple, Papaya, and Jasmine, which creates a mesmerising fragrance.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 1,700
BrandCalvin Klein
Quantity150 g
Special FeatureRefreshing
Rating4 out of 5

Prominent Features of the Calvin Klein One Deodorant: 

  • Harmony of nutmeg, violet, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, and rose, this spray has an amazing fragrance
  • It is a free-spirited, youthful fragrance that feels cool, clean, and refreshing
  • This accessible, universal and easy scent is perfect for all, both men and women


  • Iconic scent
  • Sufficient quantity
  • Combination of musk and amber
  • Premium Packaging


  • Availability might be an issue
  • Comes with a hefty price tag

AXE Dark Temptation Bodyspray

AXE Dark Temptation Bodyspray
AXE Body Spray

AXE is famous for crafting premium body sprays that smell amazing and are made with unique ingredients. Its Dark Temptation body spray has a sophisticated chocolaty fragrance that intensifies according to your body temperature. Designed with Dual Action technology and with no dyes or paraben, this deodorant is safe on the skin.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 320
Quantity215 ml
Special FeatureParaben Free
Rating3.9 out of 5

Prominent Features of the AXE Dark Temptation Bodyspray: 

  • With sweet, rich, spicy, and dark aromas of chocolate, its fragrance is irresistible
  • This long-lasting fragrance offers an instant cooling effect and makes you fresh all-day
  • The body spray comes in a recyclable can with a twist opening for easy and safe usage


  • Provides odor protection
  • It cools you down by 6°C
  • 48H dual action technology
  • 3 different variants are available


  • It is not so long-lasting

Park Avenue Tranquil Stay Calm Fragrance

Park Avenue Body Spray
Park Avenue Body Spray

Park Avenue produces premium quality fragrances that keep you fresh for a long time. It’s Tranquil Stay Calm Fragrance Body Spray is a blend of refreshing and cooling ingredients that makes you feel awake and fresh all day. Just a few sprays, and you’ll be ready to kickstart your day on a pleasant note.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 199
BrandPark Avenue
Quantity150 ml
Special FeatureLong Lasting Fragrance
Rating4 out of 5

Prominent Features of the Park Avenue Tranquil Stay Calm Fragrance: 

  • It has ambery earthy notes with a deep woody character making it perfect for all men
  • The freshness lock technology makes it last longer than usual body sprays
  • It is safe to use and suits all skin types causing no irritation


  • Fights body odour
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Multiple variants for all
  • Easily available deodorant


  • It is not alcohol-free

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Envy 1000 Rush Perfume Body Spray

Envy Body Spray
Envy Body Spray

Envy has been creating top-notch body perfume sprays and is ruling the Indian market today. Its 1000 Rush Perfume Body spray is perfect for men who want to leave an everlasting impact. The fragrance lasts forever, so you wouldn’t have to worry about reapplying it in the middle of your day. Also, it doesn’t have alcohol, so you don’t have to worry about irritation on sensitive skin.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 220
Quantity130 ml
ScentSpicy, Fruity, Floral, Wood 
Special FeatureTravel Size
Rating3.3 out of 5

Prominent Features of the Envy 1000 Rush Perfume Body Spray: 

  • It is a no-gas perfume with musky, sweet, and spiced fragrance notes
  • This rich French formula has 25% more perfume concentration for long-lasting results
  • This deodorant has a fresh and sensual blend of notes with woody and ambery tones


  • Easily available
  • Affordable
  • Travel-friendly bottle
  • Invigorating fragrance


  • The fragrance does not last for long

Layer’r Shot Deep Desire Body Spray

Layer'r Body Spray
Layer’r Body Spray

The best thing about Layer’r Shot is that it offers long-lasting fragrance in just one spritz. It has a striking and scintillating fragrance that helps you make the right impression wherever you go. When you smell good, you feel confident automatically, and this spray does just that. Also, it is a versatile spray that can be used on either your clothes or your body.

Product Specifications:

Price135 ml
Quantity135 ml
ScentAqua Oak
Special FeatureGas Free
Rating4.1 out of 5

Prominent Features of the Layer’r Shot Deep Desire Body Spray: 

  • It is an exquisite fragrance laced with aqua, oak and moss and is perfect for daily use
  • This body spray is a pure fragrance with no gas or wastage and stays on for a long time
  • Layer’r Shot Deep Desire Spray comes in a unique clear bottle which is easy to carry


  • Fairly priced spray
  • All-day-long fragrance
  • Mild, soothing fragrance
  • Wide range of variants


  • Customers complain about damaged packaging

Yardley London Gentleman Classic Deo

Yardley Body Spray
Yardley Body Spray

Yardley is a London-based brand that produces great fragrances for the Indian population. It has a wide range of sprays for men, which are designed with novel masculine fragrances. They have a blend of citrusy and spicy notes, which concocts to be the perfect smell for your day-outs. If you wish to smell like a fresh English garden all day long, choose this classic body spray by Yardley.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 225
Quantity150 ml
Special FeatureLong Lasting
Rating4 out of 5

Prominent Features of the Yardley London Gentleman Classic Deo: 

  • It is a novel masculine fragrance that has a warm, woody base that lingers on long
  • This spray by Yardley is a seamlessly balanced deodorant that is almost irresistible
  • It offers ultimate odour protection that limits the growth of bacteria
  • There is a complete range of spray collections with 9 different variants


  • Refreshing fragrance
  • Powerful aromatic composition
  • Touch of earthy tones
  • Long-lasting deodorant

Ustraa Black Deodorant

Ustraa Black Deodrant
Ustraa Black Deodrant

If there’s a brand that creates fine products for Indian men, it has to be Ustraa. Its Black Deodorant gives you 24-hour freshness and a revitalising scent. The blend of citrusy, fruity, and woody notes sets the perfect masculine fragrance to keep you confident wherever you go. It effectively controls sweat and body odour even hours after application.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 299
Quantity150 ml
Special FeatureSulfate Free
Rating3.9 out of 5

Prominent Features of the Ustraa Black Deodorant: 

  • It is an exciting fragrance with sweet and citrus top notes and musk and woody base notes
  • This intense fragrance lingers on for a while and offers long-lasting odour control
  • It is a no-gas deodorant that is available in 4 different variants for daily use


  • Intense fragrance
  • Safe to apply on skin
  • 24-Hour freshness
  • Easy availability


  • Little expensive than other options

Zayn & Myza’s Calix Body Spray

Zayn & Myra's Body Spray
Zayn & Myra’s Body Spray

Zayn & Myza’s Calix Body Spray is one of the most long-lasting options for under 200 rupees in India. It has a blend of essential oils and aloe vera to protect your skin from drying out. As it is infused with lavender, rosemary, and basil, you get a mesmerizing scent that makes your presence felt.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 200
BrandZM Zayn & Myza
Quantity150 ml
Special FeatureNo Toxic Chemicals
Rating4 out of 5

Prominent Features of the Zayn & Myza’s Calix Body Spray: 

  • It is a skin-friendly deodorant containing no alcohol or aluminum and is paraben free
  • This 100% vegetarian fragrance is pure, non-CFC, and is also cruelty-free
  • This all-natural body spray fights the body odour and nourishes the skin


  • No alcohol body spray
  • Halal certified deodorant
  • A rich blend of aromatic notes
  • Suitable for all skin types

Miniso Twinkle Stones Deodorant

Miniso Body Spray
Miniso Body Spray

Miniso is a Japanese brand that has a huge collection of fragrances that you can get at affordable prices. The Twinkle Stones Deodorant Body Spray is one of its nest offerings. It is enriched with natural oils and offers an energizing scent that feels refreshing. So, if you have been looking for a signature scent that lasts long, this could be your next purchase. Looking for the best kinds of body sprays? Here is our ultimate guide for you.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 360
Quantity75 ml
ScentFloral Aqua
Special FeatureEasy to Spray
Rating4.1 out of 5

Prominent Features of the Miniso Twinkle Stones Deodorant

  • It is an easy-to-spray deodorant that heals and moisturizes the body
  • This signature fragrance lasts longer and has a high fragrance concentration
  • It is a unisex product that can be used both by men and women and is safe on the skin
  • It is a light-weight, easy-to-carry bottle and is available in multiple variants


  • Extremely affordable
  • Natural, refreshing scent
  • Fights body odour gently
  • 3-layer fragrance notes


  • The fragrance is not too long-lasting

The Man Company Noir Body Perfume

The Man Company Body Spray
The Man Company Body Spray

The Man Company Noir Body Spray has a no-gas formula that makes it long-lasting and appealing to the nose. It has a concoction of lemon, carnation, and sandalwood notes that create a tantalising fragrance. Whether you’re heading out for a party or an office meeting, this body spray will be your go-to choice for all occasions.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 349
BrandThe Man Company
Quantity120 ml
Special FeatureNot Tested On Animals
Rating3.7 out of 5

Prominent Features of The Man Company Noir Body Perfume: 

  • It is a delightful fragrance with high essential oil concentration and long-lasting freshness
  • This body spray is a natural fragrance with no harmful chemicals and is also cruelty-free
  • One bottle of this deodorant lasts upto 1000 sprays and lingers on for long


  • Perfect for daily use
  • Fights body odour
  • Distinctive scent
  • Subtle yet sophisticated


  • Expensive

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Final Word

Deodorants are an essential part of the lifestyle that provides freshness and decent fragrance while preventing sweat and body odour. While they are affordable, they function similarly to expensive cologne and offer great results. From this list of best body sprays for men, our personal favourites are Fogg, Nevia, and Wild Stone, for their great fragrance, easy availability, and affordable pricing. Check out the entire list and let us know which one best appeal to your interests and meets your needs. Also, you can check our list of best long lasting perfumes for men in India.


Which is the best long-lasting body spray for men?

A long-lasting body spray for men is generally water-based and free of alcohol. Nivea and Layer’r have several deodorant body sprays that are completely safe on the skin and last for around 48 hours.

Is deodorant better than body spray?

Deodorants tend to last just for a couple of hours, while body sprays last for a much longer time. Body sprays help reduce odour and sweat formation, which makes them a better choice than a deodorant.

Which body spray has the best smell?

Fogg and Nivea are some of the most popular body spray for men in India. They are known for their quality and longevity.

Which is the best – body spray or perfume?

Usually, perfumes are more potent and more concentrated compared to body sprays, offering better longevity and fragrance. However, some body spray brands have good longevity too.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro’s team of experts meticulous study various products and test them on the basis of different factors to create a list of best recommendations. For this best body sprays for men blog, we have analyzed products based on their fragrance, packaging, ingredients, lasting capabilities, price, and availability. We also consider customer reviews to ensure the right addition to the list.

Megha Agarwal
Megha Agarwal

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