10 Most Popular Cologne Brands in India

In the intense summer heat, all of us are looking for ways to smell and feel fresh all the time. While you may have a great hygiene and grooming regime, sometimes that’s just not enough. Colognes are a fantastic way to form an everlasting impression and amp up your confidence in a spritz!

Today, you can find a huge variety of fragrances in the market and choose one depending on your budget and preferences. So if you are looking for the right note to enhance your attractiveness even more, here are the most popular cologne brands that you should definitely check out!

1. Ustraa

Ustraa Cologne
Ustraa Cologne

Ustraa has been creating some of the most outstanding fragrances in the market, and there’s no stopping. Its Ammunition Cologne is perfect for evening parties and is sure to make heads turn with its mesmerizing fragrance. The top notes have plum, violet, and paprika, adding a fruity essence to the cologne. While violet, cedar, and musk add to the longevity of this product. So all you need to do is spray it on a few times, and you’re set for the night!

2. Muelhens

Muelhens Cologne
Muelhens Cologne

Muelhens is one of the oldest and most iconic cologne brands in the world. Its 4711 cologne comes in a premium bottle that screams luxury. The formula of this fragrance is still a guarded secret, and no brand has ever been able to come close to creating a similar fragrance. It has vitalizing notes of lavender, orange, and lemon to make an enchanting scent. The combination of neroli and petitgrain in the base emphasizes the fragrance to another level.

3. Aramis

Aramis Cologne
Aramis Cologne
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Aramis’ Country Devin Eau de Cologne is one of the finest fragrances out there. It is a classic scent suitable for men and can be worn daily. The concoction of citrus and herbs creates an irresistible scent that keeps you refreshed all day long. It also has spicy, amber notes in the heart and base, making it an ideal choice to wear when heading out during the day. So if you are deeply fond of the old-school fragrances, Aramis is the one to go for!

4. Enchanteur

Enchanteur Cologne
Enchanteur Cologne

Enchanteur creates classic French fragrances, which are sold all over the world. Its Fashionista Cologne is a great choice for a strong and independent woman. The blend of fruity and floral notes brings out your feminine side in the best possible way. You can use this daily for any occasion to feel fresh all the time.

5. Davidoff

Davidoff Cologne
Davidoff Cologne

The Davidoff line of perfumes belongs to the Swiss-based Zino Davidoff Group. The company sells fragrances under the popular Cool Water, Horizon, and Blend Collections. Its Cool Water Aquaman is hands down one of the best-selling products by Davidoff. Crafted with black pepper, mandarin, and guaiac wood, this fragrance is an infusion of freshness that lingers on for a long time.

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6. Premium

Premium Cologne
Premium Cologne

Premium Eau de Cologne is an innovative fragrance idea crafted by Raymond. This is a multi-purpose product that you can use while bathing, sanitizing, and apply directly on your skin. The cologne has a refreshing fragrance that lasts for a long time and even alleviates headaches.

7. Hermès

Hermes Cologne
Hermes Cologne

Hermès is a French brand that creates top-notch fragrances and is one of the leading sellers worldwide. Its Eau de citron noir is a fruity fragrance with beautiful woody base notes that stay on your skin for a long-long time. The sleek bottle looks premium and is very convenient to carry anywhere.

8. Tabac

Tabac Cologne
Tabac Cologne

Tabac is a men’s grooming brand based in Germany and supplies products to every corner of the globe. The Maurer & Wirtz Original Eau de Cologne is a beautiful fragrance with spicy notes rounded by a musky base. It is probably a scent that you’ve never smelled before due to the interesting blend of unique ingredients. If you like exclusive perfumes, this might just be your signature scent.

9. Jovan

Jovan Cologne
Jovan Cologne

If you like musk and woody fragrances, Jovan has numerous products to satisfy your needs. The Jovan Musk Eau de Cologne is a long-wearing scent that is crafted with beautiful musk, woody, and spicy notes. The fragrance is masculine, which adds more to your powerful aura and makes you feel confident.

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10. Royal Mirage

Royal Mirage Cologne
Royal Mirage Cologne

Royal Mirage’s Eau de Cologne has a luxury fragrance with the top notes of bergamot and hyacinth, creating an intense citrusy fragrance. The heart notes of rose and jasmine are beautifully complemented by vanilla and musk base notes. It is a long-lasting fragrance so you don’t need to worry about reapplying after every few hours.

List of the Best Cologne Brands with Price List

Best Cologne Brands in IndiaPrice*
UstraaStarting at Rs 799
MuelhensStarting at Rs 3,900
AramisStarting at Rs 4,000
EnchanteurStarting at Rs 599
DavidoffStarting at Rs 4,750
PremiumStarting at Rs 199
HermesStarting at Rs 9,100
TabacStarting at Rs 1,050
JovanStarting at Rs 1,299
Royal MirageStarting at Rs 850
*Prices are subject to change


1. Which is the best cologne in India?

Some of the best colognes in India are available in Ustraa, Jovan, and Davidoff’s range. If you want to buy a luxury fragrance, you can also try Hermes’ Eau de Cologne.

Most regions in India experience warm weather, making it essential for people to wear refreshing and long-lasting perfumes. Some popular perfumes in India are from brands like Adidas, Fogg, Axe, Park Avenue, Nike, and Jaguar.

3. Which perfume is best and long-lasting?

If you are looking for a fragrance that lasts long, you should go for Eau de Parfum, as they have 20-40% of perfume oil. Wild Stone’s Ultra Sensual Perfume and Set Wet Studio X Perfume are known for their enhanced longevity.

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