12 Best Attar Brands in India (2024 Edition!)

Attars are used by many on different occasions. Some use them for religious purposes, and others use them as perfumes. It has been available in the ...

13 Best Perfumes for Women in India For 2024

Perfumes don’t just make you smell like a meadow but are often used to make a statement. With a variety of fragrances available in the market, it ...

15 Best Long-Lasting Perfumes for Men in India

‘Good manners and a good cologne are what transform a man into a gentleman’ – Tom Ford. Wearing trendy clothes, keeping a stylish beard, or ...

20 Best Eau de Parfum in India to Smell Amazing All the Time

The word 'Perfume' is derived from the Latin word Perfumare, which means "to smoke through". Perfume or Ittar even has its roots in Indian texts of ...

11 Most Popular Cologne Brands in India

In the intense summer heat, all of us are looking for ways to smell and feel fresh all the time. While you may have a great hygiene and grooming ...

15 Best Body Sprays for Men in India That Last All Day Long

A refreshing fragrance works like magic in the harsh summer. Sweat accumulation is the number one cause of body odour that can make you feel ...

18 Best Perfumes for Men Under ₹1000

Perfumes can add to the charm of any man. And let's face it, if you're dressed well but smell bad, it can turn your game upside down. Today, you can ...

16 Best Deodorants for Women in India

While it's perfectly normal to sweat, the odour can be off-putting to you and to others. So, having a deodorant handy is always a good option. For ...

Best Men’s Deodrant Brands on BigBasket

Personal hygiene is of utmost importance for everybody, and one of the key products to use is deodorant. We find a lot of different brands and types ...

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