Petticoats are the determinants of the way dresses and sarees appear on you. To wear sarees and dresses in the most graceful way, wearing good shapewear beneath holds importance. A petticoat decides the way the 9-yard beauty falls onto your body. However, India has numerous saree types and patterns and each one of them requires different types of petticoats. The best petticoat will be body hugging and enhancing the gorgeousness of sarees and gowns. In India, many brands manufacture gowns and saree petticoats. We have made a list of the 10 best petticoat brands in India, so you can go through our research and pick the one that’s best for you.

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How Do We Choose the Best Petticoat Brands for You?

An array of brands design petticoats in different styles and shapes. When you plan on buying a petticoat for your saree or gown, check for the following three factors.


Whatever you choose to buy, one thing cannot be compromised and that is the quality of the product. In the case of petticoats, the fabric should be soft and weightless. This is important because the piece of clothing is worn inside the main piece. It should not irritate your skin and should be comfortable. 


Sarees are of many types. Silk, cotton, and georgette sarees are worn by people arbitrarily. So, choosing a versatile petticoat is significant. That being said, a go-to brand for petticoats should be one that offers diversity in terms of shapes, sizes, styles and colours.


Budget is surely one of the key factors. Every brand producing high-range petticoats does not necessarily offer quality products. So, looking for the price tag along with the type of fabric and colour retention capacity is a must-do before buying a petticoat. 

List of the Top 10 Petticoat Brands in India 

1. Zivame


Zivame is an establishment that has aced the lingerie apparel niche in India since its initial days in 2011. The motto of this brand is to help women break barriers of inhibition on buying intimate wear. Besides, the brand conceptualises patterns that haven’t been thought of before. So, innovation is a key driving factor for the brand.

Notable Features of the Zivame brand:

  • All the petticoats are made with the best satin and cotton fabrics.
  • The innovative patterns make the petticoats breathable and flexible.
  • The inclusive design policy of Zivame is strictly followed to make designs suitable for all body types which makes it one of the best petticoat brands.


  • Multiple patterns available 
  • Multiple colour options for different preferences


  • Slightly expensive brand

Why We Picked Zivame?

Zivame has a good range of petticoats to offer. Many patterns are perfect to be worn under sarees while the others suit better with gowns. 

2. Dermawear


The pioneer of shapewear Dermawear designs petticoats and other shapewear with skin-friendly fabrics. The brand came into operation in 2012 and since then, it has come up with numerous unique shapewear fabrics for improving the comfort quotient. The ideology of the brand revolves around empowering women and enhancing their confidence with a positive body image in their minds. 

Notable Features of the Dermawear brand:

  • The saree petticoat range of Dermawear fits perfectly on everyone as the elastic fabric expands according to your size. 
  • The waistband is sturdy and stretchable. So, it allows easy movement without posing any hindrance. 
  • It also has a slit cut on one side for easy movement.
  • All the petticoats come with a removable drawstring that holds the saree with a strong grip. 
  • Dermawear makes the best petticoat for organza saree as the skin-hugging fabric does not add to the puffiness of organza fabric.


  • Good quality cotton and spandex fabrics are used
  • Easily stretches and gets back to normal size when taken off
  • Large variety and colour options


  • Little expensive

Why We Picked Dermawear?

Dermawear is perfect for all body types. It designs shapewear that gives you an amazing fit. The shapewear range in itself is elegant, luxurious, and smooth that is well suited for every woman. 

3. Amante


Amante is on a mission to improve the intimate wear experience of women with thoughtful designs that fit perfectly and go with all fashion trends. It considers the requirements of women in the South Asian belt and crafts unique shapewear fitting and accentuating every woman’s body. The fashionable variety of products includes lingerie, activewear, nightwear, swimwear, and saree petticoat.

Notable Features of the Amante brand:

  • The petticoat range has smooth fabric that flatters every type of body
  • The waistband has a firm grip that inhibits the movement of the saree from where its plates are placed. 
  • You can move freely as the stretchable fabric has a long slit
  • It is the best petticoat for a ball gown as it allows the gown fabric to flow and adds no extra weight, helping you to breathe easily. 


  • Does not require extra care
  • Has a wide range of colours 

Why We Picked Amante?

Amante has the vision of evolving continuously just like fashion. Each intimate wear goes through multiple rounds of quality checks and is brought to the market only after passing all checks. The colours of each shapewear including petticoats are durable and can be maintained easily. 

4. Clovia


Clovia is the lingerie and shapewear brand that is here to bring a change in the intimate wear world by making everything inclusive. Befitting every body type without sagging and protruding parts is the ultimate selling point of this brand. Every part of the innerwear goes through vigorous testing and is then assembled into one fine piece. Their best saree petticoat range goes through the same process to get approved for the market. 

Notable Features of the Clovia brand:

  • The Clovia petticoats have a targetted compression that shapes your body seamlessly. 
  • The medium impact shapewear pushes the skin for the first 30 minutes and then comfortably sits on your body like your second skin. 
  • The waistband snuggles around the waistband and holds the saree effortlessly regardless of the fabric of the saree. 
  • The products are crafted with the finest nylon spandex that gives the best elasticity to a piece of clothing. 


  • Hand washable
  • Many colours options available
  • Best petticoat for ball gown as it amplifies the outfit’s beauty


  • Relatively new brand

Why We Picked Clovia?

Clovia makes your outfit look the best on you by accentuating the right parts. It follows the international trends and makes what goes with the latest fashion. The saree petticoat fabrics are always under evaluation for keeping up with the evolution of the 9-yard elegance. 

5. NYKD By Nykaa

NYKD By Nykaa
NYKD By Nykaa
Check Prices

Nykaa gave a new face to the e-retaining industry by launching the first e-commerce site solely selling beauty and personal care products to Indian consumers in 2012. From domestic brands to high-end international brands, it provides products of different price points to the customers. Presently, the company has launched the Nykaa Fashion app where people can find clothing options from regular brands and designer labels. NYKD is the latest project of Nykaa that provides shapewear of various patterns and types. 

Notable Features of the Nykaa brand:

  • NYKD has great options of underskirts or petticoats that smoothen hip curves seamlessly. 
  • It has an added advantage of flattering focussed compression on one side that perfectly balances the curves and bulges on the lower and middle parts of the body. 
  • The silhouette is well-defined and has no muffin tops. 
  • The side slit enables free movement and the spandex nylon fabric makes it the best petticoat for net saree due to the mentioned features. 


  • Easy washing
  • Available in multiple colours


  • Expensive

Why We Picked NYKD by Nykaa?

NYKD by Nykaa is a trustable brand with thousands of satisfied customers vouching for its quality. The range of petticoats and the body-hugging material help to enhance the beauty of a saree or a gown. NYKD by Nykaa offers the best petticoat for wedding dresses as it is lightweight and helps the dress to fit the body perfectly.

6. Selvia


Selvia is a clothing brand that focuses on manufacturing western garments of the finest quality but on a tight budget. The variety of dresses and skirts is impeccable. The brand works on new patterns and designs continuously to suit everyone’s taste in fashion. With that, it also makes some of the best-fitting cotton petticoats that suit many saree varieties. 

Notable Features of the Selvia brand:

  • The petticoat range of Selvi has a wide variety. The brand offers the best petticoat for sarees regardless of their type. 
  • The petticoats are versatile. They can be worn under a saree, gown, long skirt, or even a lehenga. 
  • It has an 8-inch side slit that allows comfortable movement
  • The waistband is made of long-lasting material and has a good grip. It allows the saree to be in the right place for a long time.


  • Affordable
  • Can be hand-washed as well as machine-washed

7. Greciilooks


Greciilooks has a long list of products in its collection. It provides its customers with an elaborate range of products like watches and accessories along with many personalised products for both men and women. The petticoats produced by this brand are famous for their unique attributes. 

Notable Features of the Greciilooks brand:

  • The petticoats by Greciilooks are predominantly made of lycra, the most affordable skin-friendly material
  • The fabric is breathable and sweat absorbent which helps you to carry your clothing confidently. 
  • It has a side slit that makes your movement smooth and easy. 
  • The mermaid-fit petticoats make it comfortable for fast movements without any obstacles. 


  • Affordable
  • Stretchable


  • Not compressible

8. July


We seek comfort in any shapewear and July provides the same to its customers. The brand predominantly manufactures nightwear with a smooth silhouette that seamlessly falls on your skin. Besides being comfortable, it also uses fabrics that are harmless to nature. 

Notable Features of the July brand:

  • The fabric of July shapewear is sturdy yet soft. It clings to the skin without any discomfort. It is breathable and made out of non-allergic raw materials
  • The mermaid cut provides space for regular movement. The shape of the petticoat takes the shape of your body without highlighting the bulges. 


  • Machine and hand wash
  • Superior quality long lasting elastic is used 

9. Naiduhall


Naiduhall debuted in the clothing business in the heart of Chennai in 1939. MG Naidu, the founder of this brand, started it with a humble beginning and soon was noticed by the citizens of Chennai. It employs advanced equipment for making clothing. Software like CAD is used for cutting fabrics automatically and labelling them. 

Notable Features of the Naiduhall brand:

  • The petticoats are traditional and made of pure cotton fabrics.
  • Naiduhall manufactures the best petticoat for silk saree as it adds volume to the silk sarees and magnifies their gorgeousness.
  • The coolant technology helps absorb sweat and helps carry your outfit well even in harsh sunny weather.


  • Affordable 
  • Many size options available
  • Has a wide range of colours
  • Suitable for any type of saree

10. Desi Dhang

Desi Dhang
Desi Dhang

Desi Dhang covers a broad array of clothing products to cater to the needs of the common Indian citizens. It majorly manufactures clothing items of the traditional kind. From dhoti to traditional towels, the brand makes it all with raw materials of the finest quality

Notable Features of the Desi Dhang brand:

  • The readymade cotton petticoats are suitable to wear with any saree. 
  • Desi Dhang uses 100% cotton fabric that does not shrink even on multiple washes. 
  • The petticoats have a failed bottom enabling untroubled motion. 


  • Affordable
  • Manageable with both machine and hand wash

Final Word

Wearing a saree or gown requires a suitable petticoat beneath. Selecting a good saree shapewear gets difficult when we have tons of saree variations. The factors discussed in the article should be checked before deciding on a petticoat brand. Moreover, choosing a petticoat according to the saree is also important. According to our research based on criteria including product quality, affordability, and versatility, we believe Zivame and Clovia are the best petticoat brands in India right now. However, do go through the brands listed here and know which petticoat suits your choice of saree and dress. 

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