10 Best Piano Keyboard Brands in India for an Amazing Musical Journey

If you need to buy a new piano keyboard, you have many alluring options to pick from. That being said, it is as much about the manufacturing brand as the piano keyboard itself. People often get used to buying products from a particular brand. If you want to find the best brand manufacturing the best piano keyboards in India, we can help. There are some famous brands that offer this piece of musical instrument. We have selected the 10 Best Piano Keyboard Brands in India and listed them here. Have a look!

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How Do We Choose the Best Piano Keyboard Brands for You?

In this piano keyboard brands’ list, you will find some of the most well-known manufacturers. You will see that these brands provide keyboards in various price ranges. Some are inexpensive and suitable for beginners, while others are more expensive and suitable for pros. But before making a purchase, you need to take into account a few factors other than the price. 


The piano keyboards are available in a variety of sizes. The mini one (typically with approximately 32 keys) is thought to be the best for novices, while the ones with more keys are better for more experienced players. So, look for a brand according to your requirements.


Lightweight and compact keyboards would be easy to manage, especially if you travel frequently. Hence, choose a brand that manufactures portable keyboards.

Mic and speakers

A good set of speakers and a microphone are also required to operate a piano keyboard efficiently. So, search for a manufacturer that has both, especially if you need a piano keyboard for professional use.

List of the Top 10 Piano Keyboard Brands in India


Casio Musical Keyboard
Casio Musical Keyboard

The Japanese global electronics manufacturing company Casio was established in 1946. Digital cameras, calculators, cell phones, electronic instruments, and analogue as well as digital watches are among its offerings. The business is renowned for producing a wide range of accessible home electronic keyboards for artists.

Notable Features of Casio:

  • Casio offers high-grade, standard and mini piano keyboards.
  • It offers keyboards for amateurs and experienced musicians alike, for usage both at home and on stage.
  • The brand includes a selection of mini keyboards with 32 mini-sized keys that are ideal for children.
  • This brand’s piano keyboards are durable, lightweight, and covered by a three-year warranty.
  • The keyboards have an LCD screen in the middle, which serves as visual support for new players and makes the keyboard more enjoyable and simple to use.
  • Some of the keyboards Casio sells work with the company’s own mobile app, which enables you to learn numerous songs by just plugging your phone into the keyboard with a USB wire.


  • Available in a wide variety
  • Easy to use
  • Rates your performance
  • Portable
  • Affordable

Why We Picked Casio?

Casio offers some of the best piano keyboards for beginners. It has an easy interface, and the LCD display and Casio’s own mobile app make the learning experience much better for everyone. 


YAMAHA Portable Keyboard
YAMAHA Portable Keyboard

As a maker of pianos and reed organs, Yamaha was founded in 1887. It is a global company of Japanese origin and a huge selection of goods and services. It is the biggest manufacturer of musical instruments in the world.

Notable Features of YAMAHA:

  • Yamaha is renowned for its premium keyboards that provide an incredible variety of functions at a reasonable price.
  • The keyboards include a large selection of Indian instrument voices and advanced features that can play a variety of Indian music styles from all around the nation.
  • This brand blends high, pro-grade functionality with an approachable and easy-to-understand style.
  • Additionally, it provides premium mini keyboards with voices for Indian instruments, smart accompaniment styles, and chord functionality.


  • Professional-grade effects
  • Strong bass and amps
  • Offers a wide variety
  • Available in different price ranges
  • Value for money
  • Comes with a digital songbook
  • Easy to carry

Why We Picked YAMAHA?

Yamaha is known to offer some of the best piano keyboards. This company’s digital keyboards provide you with a lot of flexibility to improve your abilities. Its built-in recorder with playback helps musicians and singers refine their playing and singing techniques.


JUAREZ Electronic Keyboard
JUAREZ Electronic Keyboard

Another well-known brand of musical instruments is JUAREZ, one of the major online guitar brands in India. In addition to guitars, it sells a large variety of other premium quality musical instruments, including ukuleles and piano keyboards, at prices that are accessible to everyone.

Notable Features of JUAREZ:

  • This brand creates 61-key, full-range stereo-equipped, compact electronic piano keyboards which also include a stand for you to keep your music sheets.
  • The keyboards’ built-in speakers produce excellent sound.
  • This brand’s keyboards include an easy electronic plug-in operation and enable you to play a variety of piano compositions without any hassle.
  • The keyboards come with a variety of rhythms and demo tracks.
  • They also have rhythm programming capabilities and volume controls.
  • The keyboard’s tempo indicator indicates whether the rhythm or beat is going fast or slow.
  • It produces keyboards with “one key function,” which allows songs to be performed at any pitch or with any key.


  • Affordable
  • Multiple designs to pick from
  • One-year warranty
  • Easy to carry

Why We Picked JUAREZ?

The piano keyboards for beginners offered by JUAREZ are affordable. Plus, it produces high-quality electric piano keyboards that can instantly record and replay sounds so you may evaluate or check your performance.

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Roland Music Keyboard
Roland Music Keyboard

The Japanese company Roland, which was founded in 1872, creates electronic musical instruments, electrical devices, and software. Roland offers a wide variety of products, including professional music development devices and musical instruments like digital pianos, keyboards, and drum machines.

Notable Features of Roland:

  • You may access limitless free internet information thanks to the Bluetooth accessibility of this brand’s keyboards, which makes learning quicker and more enjoyable.
  • Bluetooth enables wireless connection between a smartphone and the piano keyboard.
  • The compact form of Roland keyboards saves space and makes it easy to carry while travelling. 
  • To continue playing while avoiding bothering others, the piano keyboards come with a feature that supports headphones.


  • Offers a wide range of keyboards 
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Bluetooth connection 


  • Expensive

Why We Picked Roland?

More than five hundred readily available sounds from Roland’s renowned professional synthesisers are available on the piano keyboards supplied by this brand, making them powerful devices and putting Roland on the list of best piano keyboard brands.


KORG Electronic Keyboard
KORG Electronic Keyboard

KORG is a Japanese global firm that was established in 1963 and makes electronic tuners, guitar pedals, audio processors, and musical equipment. The brand also produces electric guitars and guitar amplifiers under the Vox brand.

Notable Features of KORG:

  • A cutting-edge piano sound processor with 12 carefully chosen sounds is available on keyboards from the KORG brand.
  • These keyboards feature natural weighted hammer action, which delivers a genuine acoustic piano experience.
  • This brand’s piano keyboards include three different touch control options and simple connectivity.
  • It also provides portable keyboards that are easy to carry anywhere.
  • The piano keyboards have a variety of onboard sounds in addition to reverb, chorus effects, and demo songs.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Volume controls
  • Provides authentic piano experience


  • Limited variety
  • On the expensive side

Why We Picked KORG?

KORG is among the best piano keyboard brands for beginners and experts alike. The features of its keyboards are many. It provides a new generation of digital pianos with an emphasis on usability and accessibility. It provides the ideal keyboard pianos for both new and experienced musicians searching for something they can practice on.


Nektar Keyboard
Nektar Keyboard

Nektar started selling musical instruments in 2009. It is well known for offering a large selection of MIDI controller keyboards and is a decent option for both starting and advanced players.

Notable Features of Nektar:

  • For stage concerts and recording sessions, Nectar provides keyboards with a premium USB midi controller. 
  • The keyboards come with 49 to 88 expressive full-sized, synth-action keys.
  • Nectar offers the best piano keyboards for pc since its keyboards are compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • Also, the keyboards can work with the Apple iPad with a camera connection kit. Hence, it can also be the best piano keyboard for iPad from Apple.
  • It provides keyboards with the ability to “pad learn,” which enables you to just choose a pad, press the desired note or drumming sound on the keyboard, and the task is finished.


  • Available in different price ranges
  • Considerable varieties of keyboards
  • Touch-sensitive pads
  • Many features and software


DOMENICO Electronic Digital Piano Keyboard
DOMENICO Electronic Digital Piano Keyboard

DOMENICO is a well-known brand that sells digital piano keyboards. Along with piano keyboards, this company sells a variety of items and toys for babies and children.

Notable Features of Domenico:

  • Domenico offers piano keyboards with 61 keys. The keyboards come with the ability to record and replay songs.
  • The keyboards come with multiple tones, rhythms and demos.
  • The piano keyboards can be conveniently turned on and charged by plugging in an android mobile phone charger or a USB cord. It can even be charged through a power bank.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use 


  • Limited variety
  • Not much suitable for professionals
  • Only one speaker


RockJam Portable Electronic Keyboard
RockJam Portable Electronic Keyboard

The RockJam brand, which has its headquarters in Manchester, is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of entire entry-level packages for electronic musical instruments. It’s also considered one of the top piano keyboard brands. 

Notable Features of RockJam:

  • The brand provides outstanding keyboards, particularly for newbies.
  • The portable piano keyboards from RockJam are the best choice for individuals with little or limited space available.
  • This brand manufactures keyboards that include 54 full-size keys, which provides the piano keyboard with a more classic piano feel.
  • It comes with the feature of record and replay.


  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Easy to carry while travelling
  • Exclusive content through an app
  • LCD display
  • Headphone support


  •  Limited variety


Alesis Electric Keyboard Piano
Alesis Electric Keyboard Piano

Alesis was established in 1980 and brings studio-quality drum machines, synthesizers, studio monitors, and mixing consoles. The brand commits to delivering the most inspiring and innovative professional audio gear for musicians, producers, and engineers of all levels.

Notable Features of Alesis:

  • The brand provides drum and percussion instruments, keyboards, recording, and live sound accessories.
  • Its piano keyboards are some of the best for beginners.
  • The brand offers feature-loaded piano keyboards with a premium feel and sound.


  • Built-in tones
  • Record your own or play along with demo songs
  • Superior sound on speakers or headphones


  •  A little expensive


Vault Keyboard
Vault Keyboard

Vault is a brand from the Indian company, Bajaao, one of India’s largest online retailers for musical instruments and pro audio equipment. It has a catalogue of over 5000 products available at competitive prices.

Notable Features of Vault:

  • The brand offers various types of keyboards in different price ranges.
  • All products are designed to have a universal appeal, and every component is of the highest quality.
  • Offers a great playing experience.


  • Affordable
  • Available in different types

Final Word

Casio is a well-known brand and can be the best piano keyboard company for you as it offers high-quality piano keyboards at an affordable price. Yamaha piano keywords are also amazing, and they contain a variety of Indian instrument tones. The Nektar piano keyboard may be the best piano keyboard for Mac due to its compatibility with Mac and Apple. All of the other brands, like  JUAREZ and Roland produce excellent piano keyboards as well.


What are the different types of piano keyboards?

Some common types of piano keyboards are Digital Pianos, Midi, Workstations, Arrangers, and Synthesizers.

How many keys does a piano keyboard have?

A typical full-sized piano should have 88 keys. However, you can also go for the 61 key variants, as they are compact and work just as well.

Which company makes the best musical keyboards?

Casio and Yamaha are some of the best musical keyboard companies in India.

Which piano is best for beginners?

The Roland FP-10, Yamaha P-45, and Casio CDP-S100 & CDP-S350 are some of the best keyboards for beginners.

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