12 Best Violin Brands in India

All string instruments produce beautiful sounds, and violins are no exception. Many people all around the world have taken up this instrument on their shoulders and moved along with the bow movements. That being said, if you have a new-found interest in violin or want to add a new one to your collection, we can be of help. Just like the broad range of violins available in the market, there are many violin brands in India producing acoustic, semi-acoustic, and electric violins. Moreover, there are specific products for beginners and pro violinists. To make your selection process more convenient and less time-consuming, we have here a list of the top 12 brands offering violins in India. Have a look!

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How Do We Choose the Best Violin Brands for You?

Brands charge different prices for their violins. When you wish to buy a violin, the price will surely be an important factor that you can choose based on your budget. We have added brands with wide price ranges to suit individual budgets. There, however, are some other factors that you should look for before making the buy. 

Type of Violin

You will mainly find acoustic, semi-acoustic, and electric violins. While some brands may offer you all types, some brands can stick to a particular type of violin. To have maximum options at hand, it is best to go for a brand that offers all three types of violins.

Set-Up Process

A brand that has an easy step-up process is definitely a good pick. Some brands offer set-up instructions to make the process easier. 


The best violin for beginners in India may not be equally suitable for experts and vice versa. The best approach is to go for a brand that offers violins for both new learners and expert violinists. 

List of the Top 12 Violin Brands in India


Kadence Violin
Kadence Violin

Kadence is a musical instrument brand native to India. It is focused on designing high-quality musical instruments and making them accessible to all. The list of instruments Kadence offers includes different types of guitars, ukuleles, percussions, saxophones, digital pianos, and violins. Along with making instruments, the brand also collaborates with many Indian artists every year.

Notable Features of Kadence:

  • The brand offers a wide range of violins, including both acoustic and electric violins.
  • Maple, solid spruce, spruce top, and ebony are commonly used materials in Kadence’s violins.
  • The strings are made of stainless steel.
  • Each violin comes with a good-quality bow and a hard case.


  • Many products
  • best violins for beginners as well as pros
  • Reliable quality
  • Great sound
  • Durable
  • Value for money

Why We Picked Kadence?

Kadence has violins for both experts and beginners, making it convenient for all sorts of buyers. This, along with its impressive range of affordable violins, places it on the list of the best violin brands.



Juarez has been passionately created and managed by a group of musicians. The brand aims to make musical instruments accessible to all. It is one of the top manufacturers of premium guitars, keyboards, drum kits, and ukuleles, and sells them at reasonable prices. It has a nice collection of violins too.

Notable Features of Juarez:

  • You will find full-size violins in shades of brown and black. 
  • Each violin set is accompanied by a bow, oblong case, rosin, mute, fretboard sticker, and bridge.
  • The violins are made of a blend of different woods like blackwood, redwood, spruce plywood, maple, pine, hickory wood and white pine.
  • The violins and the bows are designed elegantly
  • The strings are mostly made with nylon. 


  • Multiple options
  • Complete violin set
  • Suitable design for beginners
  • Affordable 


  • No electronic violins

Why We Picked Juarez?

The key reason for keeping Juarez on our list of best violin brands in India is because it offers many options with affordable price tags. The high quality of all its products is the cherry on top of the cake for the buyers. 



PAL MUSIC HOUSE is one of India’s top musical instrument manufacturers. You will find an array of harmoniums, dhols, dholaks, flutes, bongos, percussions, and many more instruments in its product line.

Notable Features of PAL MUSIC HOUSE:

  • It provides many full-size violins along with a few 5-string violins.
  • Both newbies and experts will find suitable options at PAL MUSIC HOUSE.
  • All violins have solid wood constructions. 
  • The violins are prudently crafted and their designs are quite tasteful. 
  • You will receive a bow, hard case, and rosin with each violin.
  • The violins allow one to play and practice different genres of Classical and Western music. 


  • Wide range of violins
  • Different colours available
  • Reasonable pricing 
  • Classy designs


  • Zero option for electric violins


Each of PAL MUSIC HOUSE’s violins is elegantly designed, adding touches of aesthetics to these beautiful string instruments. Plus, it is one of the very manufacturers to offer 5-string violins. 

SG Musical

SG Musical Violin
SG Musical Violin

The beginning of SG Musical dates back to 1981. It specialises in providing Indian musical instruments. By providing numerous instruments and associated accessories over the decades, the brand has gained popularity among its buyers. 

Notable Features of SG Musical:

  • A number of handcrafted violin and violin accessories are offered by this brand.
  • The acoustic violins are made of solid wood.
  • All the violins come in different natural wood shades. 
  • The violin cases have soft padding for extra protection.


  • Many options
  • Good quality
  • Wallet-friendly prices


  • Not suitable if one is looking for different colours
  • No electric violin is available 

Why We Picked SG Musical?

SG Musical has been a prominent name in the industry of Indian musical instruments for a long time due to its commitment to quality. If you decide to buy from this brand, premium quality is assured. 

Moreover, we have also created an amazing blog where we have mentioned some of the top piano keyboard brands available online in India. Do have a look and let us know if you find it helpful.



SAI MUSICAL has its origin in Chennai, India. Both Indian and Western musical instruments are available at SAI MUSICAL. From a huge line of string instruments, including violins to pianos, drums, and harmoniums, the brand has a lot to offer. Instrument accessories are also added to its product range. 

Notable Features of SAI MUSICAL:

  • The violins are made of ebony, maple rosewood, spruce, and cherry wood.
  • They are in different shades of brown and red. 
  • Each violin comes in a case with a bow and rosin. 


  • Multiple options to choose from
  • Value for money
  • Elegant design


  • Only acoustic violins

Why We Picked SAI MUSICAL?

SAI MUSICAL has many violins to offer in a varied price range on the cheaper side. That’s why its products are easily accessible to all buyers and it is a must-add to this list of the best violin brands.


Salablez Violin
Salablez Violin

Salablez has a huge listing on Amazon. Violins, ektara, harmoniums, dholaks, percussions, dhols and many more musical instruments are offered by this brand. It also provides instrument accessories. 

Notable Features of Salablez:

  • Maple, pine, solid spruce, ebony, and blackwood are some of the materials used in Salablez’s violins.
  • With each violin, you will receive a bow, hard case and rosin. 
  • The bow is made with nylon to provide premium quality sound and lessen hand fatigue
  • These violins are suitable for practising different genres of music, including Western Classical, Carnatic, Jazz, and Pop.


  • Great design and quality
  • Use of flawless wood 
  • Use of best orchestral components 
  • Affordable price range


  • Options limited to acoustic violins

Musical Works

Musical Works Violin
Musical Works Violin

Musical Works is a West Bengal, India-based company that started operating in 1988. Skilled craftsmen with years of experience are on the manufacturing team. To meet its goal of symbolising quality and class, the brand makes sure to put each product through rigorous testing before a market launch. 

Notable Features of Musical Works:

  • This brand works with craftsmen who have been in the business of creating musical instruments for generations. The passion and traditional roots are evident in all products. 
  • It offers many acoustic and semi-acoustic violins
  • Two commonly used materials in all its violins are spruce wood and pine.
  • The violins are available in different shades of brown and black. 
  • A case, bow and rosin are given with each product. 
  • The bowstring is made of nylon. 


  • Plenty of options
  • Premium quality


  • Some violins on the expensive side 



JAPS BIZ manufactures musical instruments of many sorts like harmoniums, dholaks, tablas, violins and chimtas (a type of Indian musical instrument). You will find accessories for your musical instruments as well.

Notable Features of JAPS BIZ:

  • JAPS BIZ’s violin range has many acoustic and very few electric violins.
  • The acoustic violins are mostly made using maple, spruce, ebony, and pine.
  • These are available in shades of brown, black and red.
  • The bow strings are made of nylon.
  • The electric violin can easily be connected with earphones.
  • You will receive a bow, rosin, and hard case when you buy any of its violins.


  • Many options
  • Quality product
  • Well designed
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts


  • Can be expensive

Royal Max 

Royal Max Violin
Royal Max Violin

Royal Max is an Indian musical instrument manufacturing brand. It is famous for its alluring collection of electric violins. 

Notable Features of Royal Max:

  • The brand offers electric, 5-string and 4-string violins.
  • The violins come in different designs and colours.
  • You will find some similar designs in two or more colours.
  • Ebony wood is used in all its violins.
  • All Royal Max violins are featured with a 6-month warranty. 


  • Good options
  • Trendy look


  • Only electric violins
  • Expensive



PERLMAN is an Indian brand offering several musical instruments and a few lifestyle products. It offers some of the best violins as well. 

Notable Features of PERLMAN:

  • PERLMAN offers acoustic violins, each of which is delivered with a hard case, bow and rosin.
  • The violins are all brown in colour.
  • The brand uses a combination of ebony, spruce and blackwood in the violins.  
  • maple


  • Suitable for experts and beginners alike
  • Great sound
  • Great quality


  • Limited to acoustic violins
  • Heavy on the pocket


Havana Violin
Havana Violin

Havana started its journey in 1974 in Chennai, India. The brand produces and sells different musical instruments with a customer-centric, entrepreneurial approach. It has also maintained transparency and honesty in its business. 

Notable Features of Havana:

  • The violins are constructed with maple, ebony and spruce. 
  • The colours available are brown and sunburst.
  • Each set of violins comprises a bow, hard case, and rosin.


  • Good quality
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Limited collection of only acoustic violins


Arctic Violin
Arctic Violin

ARCTIC is among the best violin brands in India. Apart from violins, it offers flutes, drum sets, guitars, and mouth organs. It provides some instrument accessories as well. 

Notable Features of ARCTIC:

  • The brand offers acoustic and electric violins.
  • Maple, spruce, pine, and ebony are used in the violins.
  • The violin kit includes a case, horsehair bow and rosin as well.


  • Compatible with Western Classical, Pop, Carnatic, and Jazz music
  • Great quality product
  • Price within reason


  • Limited options

Final Word

Some brands mentioned here are popular names in the musical instrument industry and have been serving people for many years. There are also some new and lesser-known brands. Nonetheless, all brands ensure top-notch quality. If you want to go for popular choices, Kadence and Juarez are the ones to go for. These two brands are affordable as well. In case you want the best electric violins, Royal Max is the best option. There are some good picks for those who want to purchase 5-string violins as well. Go through this list of India’s best violin brands and take a pick as per your preference. 


What violins do professionals use?

When it comes to violins for professionals, the Lazzaro Zucchi Violin is the top choice. Other professional violins include D Z Strad Violin Model 509, Cremona SV 500 Violin, Cecilio CVN 300 Violin, and others. Professional violins are made from aged wood from spruce, maple, ebony, or rosewood trees. Wood grain is also considered, as it may offer a difference in sound quality. The finishes, bridge, and strings are set carefully by hand, with the frog and bow well balanced. If well-cared for, a professional violin can last generations.

Which violin is best for beginners?

Kadence, Juarez and other brands listed here offer quality violins for beginners. You can pick a brand that works well for you and comes within your budget.

What are the types of violins?

The types of violins are:
1. Classical or Modern Violin
2. The Baroque Violin
3. The Fiddle
4. Electric Violin
5. Semi-Acoustic Violin
6. The Hardanger Fiddle (Hardingfele)
7. Five-String Violin
8. The Stroh Violin

How much should you pay for a good violin?

The prices of violins range from Rs 3,000 to Rs 30,000. You can pick a violin that suits you, depending on your level of expertise.

How do I pick a good violin?

You can pick a good violin by checking its quality, size, craftsmanship and materials, chin and shoulder rest, and brand and budget.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro’s reviews are curated in accordance with strict review policies. Experts with in-depth knowledge in several fields are tasked to find the best products and brands for you. A thorough evaluation of the brands and products is the key step followed by the experts. In the making of this list of the top violin brands in India, the same has been done. Finally, the brands with the finest violins were selected for this list.

Sanskriti Mathur
Sanskriti Mathur

Sanskriti is a creative content writer working as a Senior Content Associate with CashKaro since 2021. She has 3+ years of experience producing buzz-worthy blogs and social media posts. She specialises in writing product descriptions and lifestyle blogs and curating quality brand listicles to help users make the right purchases. She also has great expertise on writing about major appliances, electronics, and is a keen audio tech enthusiast. She completed her graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication from Manipal University Jaipur. Although a full-time content savvy, she moonlights as a metal musician and has a profound inclination toward art, food, and travelling.

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