A power bank is one of the handiest smartphone accessories today to keep your phone charged in case it runs out of battery. Power bank offers instant juice to most of your devices, including smartphones, wireless speakers, earphones, and more without you having to rush to power sockets to charge them.

Nowadays, power banks are portable and some are even smaller than your smartphone. Though small, they are packed with enough power to charge your phone 2-3 times at least. If you are looking for a power bank for your smartphone or other smart devices and are unsure which one to buy, these options will help you choose the best one. Check out the list of some of the best power banks for Vivo Mobiles in India.

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How To Choose the Best Power Banks?

Power banks are designed to make your lives easier and keep your phones juiced up all the time. In India, you can get good quality power banks ranging from Rs 599 to Rs 1,799. When purchasing one, considering a few factors can help it make it easier for you.


Battery capacity is one of the first things that you should look out for when buying a power bank. Make sure that it has at least a 10000 mAh battery so that you can charge your devices completely at least couple of times. You should also check if the power bank supports fast charging to save on time.


Gone are the days when power banks used to have a single port for charging. Go for a device with at least dual charging ports so that you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. Also, ensure that it has USB and Type C ports.


Build quality also plays a huge role in defining the durability of your power bank. Go for metal bodies instead of plastic as the latter tend to get damaged pretty easily. A power bank should also be lightweight, compact, and easily portable.

List of Top 15 Power Bank Brands in India

1. Xiaomi


Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company and is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. It was founded in the year 2010 by Lei Jun and has garnered a lot of attention for its top-grade products. One of the highlights of Xiaomi is that it offers high-quality tech products at very reasonable prices so that everyone can enjoy the experience. It is a big name in the Indian tech space today, and you will find numerous outlets selling hundreds of Xiaomi devices across India.

Prominent Features of the Mi 10000mAh Power Bank 3i:

  • It is an innovatively designed power bank having superior quality and high output capacity
  • The power bank supports quick two-way charging and offers up to 18W fast charging to your gadgets, so they are charged efficiently and quickly
  • The slim and lightweight design of the Mi Power Bank 3i makes it extremely portable while offering 9 layers of circuit protection.
  • Comes equipped with dual USB output ports so you can charge two devices simultaneously.
  • Has a metal frame that makes it look stunningly premium


  • Double USB output
  • Metal frame
  • Fast charging
  • Several colour options


  • Charging might be slow on certain devices

Why We Picked the Mi 10000 mAh Power Bank 3i:

Xiaomi has some of the best selling power banks in the world today. This particular product features a powerful battery of 10000 mAh and dual charging ports so that you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. The metal frame adds a premium feel to this device, making it a true value for money!

2. Ambrane


Founded in 2012, Ambrane became one of the first few brands to launch and manufacture power banks in India. The brand uses innovative technology and premium material to create unique and reliable products. Over the years, it has become the number one choice for many users across the country. If you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality power bank, you must check out Ambrane.

Prominent Features of the Ambrane 10000mAh Power Bank:

  • It is crafted with a compact and portable design
  • It is designed with 9 layers of advanced protection. The durable and robust body of the power bank gives it a premium finish while offering resistance against scratches
  • It comes with two USB output ports that allow you to charge two devices at the same time
  • Comes with LED indicators that indicate the battery status of the power bank, so you can check whether it needs a recharge or not


  • Dual USB ports
  • 10,000 mAh Polymer Battery
  • LED charging indicator
  • Matte finish


  • Plastic body which is prone to scratches

Why We Picked the Ambrane 10000 mAh Power Bank?

If there is one budget power bank that we truly love, it is this one by Ambrane. The brand has excelled in terms of quality and affordability. This device has a lightweight yet durable ABS plastic body and a lithium polymer battery of 10000 mAh which will charge your phones multiple times.

3. Realme


Every Indian is aware of Realme, and millions use its products every day. From dynamic smartphones and watches to top-grade power banks, this brand has been making headlines for amalgamating quality and creativity. It was founded in the year 2018 by Sky Li and Madhav Sheth. The company’s headquarters are located in Shenzhen, China and operate pretty smoothly across nations.

Prominent Features of the Realme 10000 mAh Power Bank:

  • It is designed using a polycarbonate frame, making it lighter and more durable than most of its counterparts
  • Features dual USB output ports to charge two devices simultaneously
  • It is Power Delivery (PD) compatible that can even charge your laptops
  • It comes with 12 layers of protection against overheating, overvoltage, and more to deliver the best safety standards for your gadgets
  • The power bank is designed in a curved fashion that makes it look premium yet funky


  • Dual USB ports
  • Can charge laptops too
  • 10,000mAh Li-Po battery
  • Colour variants available


  • Plastic body makes it look a little less premium

Why We Picked the Realme 10000 mAh Power Bank?

The Realme 10000 mAh Power Bank fulfills your battery needs wherever you go! It has a lightweight body with a supreme matte finish all across which protects it from scratches and drop damage. It is also compatible to charge laptops, earphones, tablets, etc.

4. Syska


Syska is a prominent name in every Indian household, majorly for its LED bulbs and tube lights. It was founded in 1989 as the SSK group, and there has been no looking back ever since. The brand not just retails LED lighting solutions but also sells grooming products and electronic accessories such as power banks.

Prominent Features of the Syska 10000 mAh Power Bank:

  • It comes in a compact design that easily fits into your pocket or a small purse
  • It is built with an intelligent multi-protection circuit that disables the current output whenever it exceeds the safety levels to protect your gadgets
  • Features a type-C input and dual USB output ports that offer multi-device compatibility
  • Its high-density Li-polymer battery is designed to provide an efficient and fast charging performance


  • Safe for travel
  • Dual USB output
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Fast charging


  • Outdated design

Why We Picked the Syska 10000 mAh Power Bank?

This power-packed device is perfect to keep your phones juiced up all the time. It features dual charging ports so you can charge two devices simultaneously. It also has an in-built overload protector which prevents the battery from getting affected even if you forget to take it off charge.

5. iBall

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iBall is one of the leading electronics manufacturing companies based in Mumbai, India. The brand was founded in the year 2001 and has gained a loyal customer base with its great quality tech products. The brand majorly retails speakers, computer accessories, smartphones, and peripherals at super affordable prices.

Prominent Features of the iBall 10000 mAh Power Bank:

  • It is an efficient charging device with a 10000 mAh battery and a 2.4A fast charging output
  • The power bank features dual USB output wherein you can charge two devices at the same time
  • Its dual input ports let you charge the Power bank with both the Type-C and Micro USB chargers
  • The power bank takes about 6 hours to charge


  • Dual USB output
  • Dual input ports for Type-C & Type-A chargers
  • 10000mAH battery power
  • Colour variants available


  • Metal frame makes it a little slippery

Why We Picked the iBall 10000 mAh Power Bank?

Encased in a premium metal body, this power bank will feel like pure luxury in your hands. It features dual charging ports and undergoes multiple tests to ensure safety and quality. It is also compatible with most devices so you can buy it without any worries.

6. Intex


Intex is a popular Indian tech company that ventures in smartphones, DVD players, home theatres, and other electronic accessories. The brand was founded in the year 1996 by Narendra Bansal and is currently headquartered in New Delhi, India. All of its products are super amazing and are priced on the affordable side.

Prominent Features of the Intex 20000mAH Power Bank:

  • This is an easy to use portable charger for your electronic devices, especially mobile phones
  • It comes along with a micro USB cable for a seamless and quick charging experience
  • It is a lithium polymer power bank, is lightweight, and has a micro USB input and output


  • Supports all devices
  • Dual USB port
  • Pocket-sized
  • Travel compact


  • Takes significant time to charge fully because of the high capacity

Why We Picked the Intex 20000 mAh Power Bank?

This 20000 mAh power bank will make sure that your phones are fully charged at all times. It has a beautiful 3D curved body with a rubber finish for enhanced grip. The LED indicator works well to inform you about the battery levels. Even after being a 20k mAh device, it is quite lightweight and sleek.

7. Redmi


Redmi is another really popular and top-selling mobile brand in the country. It is a subsidiary of Xiaomi and sells top-grade electronic products today. The brand was launched in 2013 and has its headquarters in China. Redmi phones create a massive hype in the Indian market and still continue to be the numero uno choice for a lot of tech enthusiasts here.

Prominent Features of the Redmi 20000 mAh Power Bank:

  • This power bank features a Li-polymer battery that makes it durable and offers efficient charging
  • The 18W power allows you to charge your phones instantly
  • Designed with dual ports, this power bank lets you charge two devices simultaneously
  • The buffed build with curved edges adds a nice feel to this gadget


  • Fast charging
  • Dual USB output


  • Does not support fast charging in some phones

Why We Picked the Redmi 20000 mAh Power Bank?

This 20000 mAh power bank by Redmi features a 12 layer advanced layer circuit protection which prevents short circuits and any damage to your phones. It supports 18W fast charging so you can quickly charge your phones on the go. It is also compatible with earphones, neckbands, and smartwatches.

8. Philips


Philips is a prominent name when it comes to electronic items in India. This Dutch company was launched in the year 1891 by Gerard and Anton Philips. The brand started off by producing tube lights and slowly expanded its business into other electronic products. Today, Philips hair styling tools and grooming products are some of the highest selling in their categories. With headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the brand exports its products to various parts of the world.

Prominent Features of the Philips 10000 mAh Power Bank:

  • Powered by a Lithium-ion battery and features three USB charging ports for simultaneous charging of three USB powered devices
  • It also has a built-i torch and comes with a small white micro-USB cable for charging devices that support micro-USB cables
  • A stylish device, the entire body is covered by a white leather sheet which is immaculately stitched at the edges to give it a sleek look
  • The seven-segment display LED is blue in colour and displays the current battery percentage of the power bank while charging and lights up when a device is connected to the power bank


  • 3 port charging
  • LED screen to display charging
  • Built-in torch
  • Sleek design


  • Battery backup may not be satisfactory



URBN is a brand by Acetron Technology LLP, which was founded in the year 2012. The brand boasts of using high-quality material and the latest technology to create outstanding tech products. With great reviews on Amazon, URBN has become of the fastest growing brands in the country today.

Prominent Features of the URBN Power Bank:

  • It features a dual USB output and has an ultra-compact body with a smooth touch finish giving the Power Bank a premium look
  • Apart from the main device, the box also contains 1 Micro USB Cable and 1 User Manual
  • It has a micro USB input and takes about 5-6 hours to recharge the power bank after it is drained out


  • Travel friendly
  • Dual-port
  • LED indicator
  • Safe charge

10. Lenovo


Lenovo was founded in 1984 by Liu Chuanzhi and is one of the finest electronic brands across the globe. It is prominent for top-notch laptops, hard disks, and has now ventured into power banks as well. The brand has its headquarters spread in China, Hong Kong, and China today. If there is one brand that never stops evolving its range of products, it has to be Lenovo.

Prominent Features of the Lenovo 10400 mAh Power Bank:

  • The power bank can supply power to your smartphone, tablet, MP3/MP4 player, laptop PC and more for repeated charging rounds
  • It is also universally compatible with most brands of mobile handsets, tablets, and audio players
  • Built using a swift charging technology, the dual USB charging ports are enabled with rapid charging abilities and can charge up to two of your mobile handsets in one round
  • It features built-in protection features that allow you to avoid overcharging/discharging, short circuits, and damage from voltage surges


  • Universal Compatibility
  • Portable design
  • Dual device charge
  • Lithium-ion battery


  • Users report a faulty USB cable

11. pTron


pTron is an Indian electronics manufacturing company that is run by Palred Electronics Private Ltd. The brand was founded in 2014 by Ameen Khwaja and had its headquarters in Hyderabad, India. pTron majorly retails Bluetooth headphones, wireless chargers, earphones, and similar electronic categories. Although a relatively newer brand, pTron has made its position in the Indian market for its high-quality products.

Prominent Features of the pTron 10000 mAh Power Bank:

  • This 10000mAh power bank allows you to charge your devices multiple times
  • The slim and sleek design is super convenient to carry around wherever you go
  • It comes with Type A and Type C USB ports, making it compatible with a wide variety of devices


  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • LED indicator


  • Average battery backup

12. Oneplus


Oneplus is one of the largest electronics companies in the world today, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be. The brand excels at creating state-of-the-art devices that are revolutionary and dependable. It was founded in 2013 by Carl Pei and Pete Lau and has its headquarters in China. When shopping for electronics, Oneplus is a brand that you can trust with your eyes closed.

Prominent Features of the Oneplus 10000 mAh Power Bank:

  • This 18 W power bank by Oneplus features a 10000mAh battery capacity which allows fast charging of your devices
  • It has a premium built quality and a lightweight design that makes it travel-friendly as well
  • Designed with dual USB ports, this gadget allows you to charge your Bluetooth earphones, mobiles, and tablets very easily


  • Dual USB Ports
  • Lightweight design
  • Fast Charging


  • May take 5-6 hours to fully charge

13. Croma


Croma is a renowned name in the Indian electronics industry. It is one of the fastest-growing retail chains in the country and has a loyal customer base here. Croma is a subsidiary brand of Tata Group and has its headquarters in Mumbai, India. It was founded in the year 2013 and generated a revenue of more than Rs 3,813 crores in the year 2017-18.

Prominent Features of the Croma 20000 mAh Power Bank:

  • This top-notch power bank from Croma features a massive 20000mAh battery that allows you to charge your device several times
  • The superfast charging inputs offer quick and easy charging to keep your devices juiced up all the time
  • Since it has an aluminium casing, it makes the power bank much more durable.


  • Almuminium Casing
  • 20000 mAh battery


  • May not work well with some devcies

14. Anker


Anker is one of the best selling electronics brands on Amazon, and its product quality only keeps on getting better with each release. The brand uses the latest technology and creativity to design the most user-friendly products that are loved by all. With its head office based in Dubai, the brand operates across the continent and exports its products to several countries, including India.

Prominent Features of the Anker Powercore Power Bank:

  • The power bank is a super strong and sturdy gadget, perfect for people who like rough and tough accessories
  • It has a 20100mAh battery that keeps your device full-on battery while travelling or heading out
  • The Multi-protect safety system helps protect you and the devices while charging


  • Multi-Protect Safety Systems
  • Sturdy Design
  • 201000mAh battery


  • May get scratches easily

15. Portronics


Portronics has over 1600+ successful product launches and innovations from Bluetooth speakers, earphones, car accessories, hubs, cables, power banks, and other trendy and affordable gadgets.

Prominent Features of the Power Pro Power Bank:

  • Portronics Power Pro is equipped with dual USB ports and a micro-USB port to charge the devices
  • This power bank allows you to charge smartphones, headphones, cameras, and other devices like fit bands
  • Its fast-charge technology can charge every device within 5 hours
  • Supports USB and Type C


  • Dual output
  • Lightweight
  • Great battery backup


  • Build quality is not that great

Final Word

Power banks are an essential need for people who are always out and about. Here we have mentioned some of the best power banks in India so that you can pick whichever suits your needs and budget the best. Our personal favourites are Xiaomi, Realme, Redmi, Oneplus, and Lenovo. Don’t forget to check them out and make the right purchase.

Top 15 Power Bank Brands in India With Price Comparison & Rating

Best Power Banks in IndiaPrice*Rating
XiaomiStarting at Rs 1,6994/5
Ambrane Starting at Rs 1,4994.5/5
RealmeStarting at Rs 1,4994/5
SyskaStarting at Rs 2,4993.8/5
iBall Starting at Rs 6994/5
Intex Starting at Rs 1,7994.2/5
Redmi99Starting at Rs 9994/5
Philips Starting at Rs 2,4994/5
URBN Starting at Rs 2,4994.6/5
LenovoStarting at Rs 4,2493.5/5
pTronStarting at Rs 2,4994/5
OneplusStarting at Rs 1,2994.5/5
CromaStarting at Rs 1,300 4/5
AnkerStarting at Rs 5,1994.5/5
PortronicsStarting at Rs 7994/5


Q. What are the best power bank brands in India?

You can use power banks from Xiaomi, Ambrane, Syska, Samsung, Lenovo, and Oneplus. These brands

Q. Do power banks ruin your phone?

A. It is common to find many mobile phone users worry about the potential damage that can be caused to their mobile phone battery if they use power banks. To ease out all concerns, there has been no scientific or technological claims stating that power banks can cause damage to mobile phones. Power banks have been designed to recharge mobile batteries at specific voltages and power ratings by following standard ratings that the device already uses. Hence, using a power bank will not damage your mobile phone battery.

Q. Which is the best power bank in 10000 mAH?

A. Smartphones or any other electrical appliance such as tablets, iPads etc come with a decent size battery and many of them have an in-built fast-charging system. Power banks are useful for those moments when you’re on the go and either do not have the time to quickly charge your phone or for all those moments when you can’t find a socket. Power banks are handy, portable, and some of them support fast charging as well. On the same lines, some of the best power banks in 10000 mAH are:

  • Realme 30W Dart Charge Power Bank
  • Redmi Power Bank
  • Intex Power Bank
  • Urbn Power Bank
  • Mi 10000 mAH Power Bank

Q. It it okay to charge iPhone with power bank?

A. Most mobile phones, be it Apple or Android, require a wall charger or a portable charger that often uses a lot of time. With wear and tear, it is common to find phone batteries discharging very fast and that is when power banks come in handy. It has not been stated technologically or scientifically that using a power bank causes damage to a mobile phone, even for Apple products.

Q. Can I use my phone while charging on power bank?

A. Mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives that even a few minutes of being away from it can cause delay in professional or personal commitments, especially when it’s put on charge. However, using a mobile phone while it is on charge can be hazardous and life-threatening not just for the phone but also for the one using it. Irrespective of the phone being charged through a wall socket or power bank, using it during that period is something that must be avoided.

Q. Which are the best power banks?

A. Power banks are a saviour for all those moments when charging your phone through a wall socket becomes a hassle and time-consuming affair. An extremely handy and essential utility product, some of the best brands for power banks are:

  • Mi Power Banks
  • Ambrane Power Banks
  • Realme Power Banks
  • Philips Power Banks
  • Urbn Power Banks

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