10 Best 10000 mAH Power Banks in India Under 1500

Smartphones these days are packed with amazing features but as the number of features goes up, the battery performance also decreases. Smartphones are not just limited to calling and texting anymore, people are constantly glued to their screen for work purposes, carrying out important tasks, leisure activities such as watching movies. In the midst of such important tasks, looking for a charging socket isn’t always easy and wastes a lot of time. A 10000mAH power bank is your handy best friend that saves the day by being a powerful and compact device. If you’re wondering if you’ll need to shell out a bomb for getting a good power bank, this curated list of the best 1000mAH power banks under 1,500 is here to bust the myth. 

10 Best 10000mAH Power Banks In India Under 1,500

1. Mi 10000mAH Power Bank 2i

Mi 10000mAh Power Bank 2i is an innovatively designed power bank having superior quality and high output capacity. The power bank supports quick two-way charging and offers up to 18W fast charging to your gadgets, so they are charged efficiently and quickly. The slim and lightweight design of the Mi Power Bank 2i makes it extremely portable while offering 9 layers of circuit protection. It comes equipped with dual USB output ports so you can charge two devices simultaneously. One of the best 10000mAH power banks, this product comes in a metal frame that makes it look stunningly premium.

Mi 10000mAH Power Bank 2i

What’s Good:

  • Double USB output
  • Metal frame
  • Fast charging
  • Colour variants available

What’s Bad:

  • Compared to other Mi power banks, this one is a bit heavy

2. Syska 10000mAH Power Bank P1016B

Syska 10000mAh power bank comes in a compact design that easily fits into your pocket or a small purse. It is built with an intelligent multi-protection circuit that disables the current output whenever it exceeds the safety levels to protect your gadgets. The Syska power bank features a type-C input and dual USB output ports that offer multi-device compatibility. Its high-density Li-polymer battery is designed to provide an efficient and fast charging performance.

Syska 10000mAH Power Bank P1016B

What’s Good:

  • Safe for travel
  • Dual USB output
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Fast charging

What’s Bad:

  • The power bank does not have a torch LED

3. Ambrane 10000mAH Power Bank

The Ambrane 10000mAh power bank is suited to have a compact and portable design. It is designed with 9 layers of advanced protection. The durable and robust body of the power bank gives it a premium finish while offering resistance against scratches. One of the best 10000 mAH power banks, it features two USB output ports that allow you to charge two devices at the same time. This power bank comes with LED indicators that indicate the battery status of the power bank, so you can check whether it needs a recharge or not.

Ambrane 10000mAH Power Bank

 What’s Good:

  • Dual USB port
  • 10,000 mAh Polymer Battery
  • LED charging indicator
  • Matte finish

What’s Bad:

  • The power bank does not have a flashlight

4. Samsung 10000mAH Power Bank

Samsung 1000mAH power bank comes with a dual USB port to let you charge two devices simultaneously. The power bank has a sleek design and can be carried easily along with you for travel and outings. It is compatible with all smartphones and tablets which support USB 3.0 ports and features fast charging for devices.

Samsung 10000mAH Power Bank

What’s Good:

  • Fast charging power bank
  • Dual-port
  • Metallic finish
  • Colour variants available

What’s Bad:

  • It is advised to charge the power bank only via the charging cable provided with it else it may charge

5. Intex Power Bank 10000mAH

Intex 1000mAH power bank is an easy to use portable charger for your electronic devices, especially mobile phones. Sleek and simple, the power bank comes along with a micro USB cable for a seamless and quick charging experience. A Lithium Polymer power bank, it is lightweight and has a micro USB input and output. One of the best 10000 mAH power banks in India, this product is ideal for those who want to use it on a daily basis and have sufficient time in hand to let the device get charged completely as it takes a little longer than usual.

Intex Power Bank 10000mAH

What’s Good:

  • Supports all devices
  • Dual USB port
  • Pocket-sized
  • Travel compact

What’s Bad:

  • Once the device is fully charged, it does not cut-off from the power supply automatically

6. Redmi 10000mAH Power Bank

The Redmi 10000mAH power bank is a portable powerhouse that features 10W fast charging to charge your devices quickly, especially when outdoor and on the move. It also features a dual-port input (Micro-USB/USB-C) and Dual USB output with two-way fast charging without compromising on size and quality. It charges a 3000mAh phone battery 2.1 times and a 4000mAh phone battery 1.75 times. This 10000mAH power bank, on an average, takes 7.5 hours to get fully charged.

Redmi 10000mAH Power Bank

What’s Good:

  • Dual USB output
  • Fast charging
  • Temperature resistance
  • Universal compatibility power bank

What’s Bad:

  • Compared to other options, this power bank is slightly heavy. It weighs 450gms

7. Portronics 10000mAH Power Bank 235 Indo 10D

Portronics 235 Indo 10D power bank comes with a 10,000 mAh and features dual input charging options of Micro USB and TYPE C. There is 6-level protection from short circuits, current and voltage overloads, and protection against overheating and wrong insertion. It has a sleek built-in display to find the status of charge ensuring you exactly know the juice left in the power bank. A compact device, it sports a rugged look with a gloss finish. This power bank can charge iPhones, all Android devices, tablets, cameras, iPods and headphones.

Portronics 10000mAH Power Bank 235 Indo 10D

What’s Good:

  • 6-level protection
  • Dual input port
  • Fast charging power bank
  • Digital indicator

What’s Bad:

  • When kept idle, the power bank may get discharged

8. Realme 10000mAH Power Bank

Realme 10000mAH power bank features an 18W two-way fast charging mode to quickly top up your device’s battery, especially when on the move. This feature lets fast-charge your phone and power bank at the same time. It also has USB Type-C and Type-A dual output, you can charge 2 devices simultaneously. With the power delivery function, it can even charge your laptop. This power bank boasts 12 layers of security and sports a trendy fashionable design, great for those who like a dash of vibrancy in their electronics.

Realme 10000mAH Power Bank

What’s Good:

  • Strong power backup
  • Laptop charging power bank
  • Two-way fast charging
  • 12 layered protection

What’s Bad:

  • The size of the 2 in 1 charging cable is small

9. iBall 10000mAh Power Bank

iBall 10000mAH power bank is an efficient charging device with a 10000 mAh battery and a 2.4A fast charging output. It is ideal for making sure that your devices are powered up at all times. The power bank features a dual USB output wherein you can charge two devices at the same time. Not just that, its dual input ports let you charge the Powerbank with both the Type-C and Micro USB chargers. The power bank takes about 6 hours to charge.

iBall 10000mAh Power Bank

What’s Good:

  • Dual USB output
  • Dual input ports for Type-C & Type-B chargers
  • 10000mAH battery power
  • Colour variants available

What’s Bad:

  • The charging time of the power bank maybe a little more, hence not ideal for last-minute usage if the battery is drained out

10. URBN 10000 mAH Power Bank

The URBN 10000mAH power bank is one of the smallest power banks on the block but packs an entire day’s power inside. No matter the situation, you can powerhouse your devices seamlessly so that at the end of the day, you hit the bed before they do. It features a dual USB output and has an ultra-compact body with a smooth touch finish gives the power bank a premium look. Apart from the main device, the box also contains 1 Micro USB Cable and 1 User Manual. One of the best 10000 mAH power banks in India, this product has a micro USB input and takes about 5-6 hours to recharge the power bank after it is drained out.

URBN 10000 mAH Power Bank

What’s Good:

  • Travel friendly
  • Dual USB port
  • LED indicator
  • Safe charge

What’s Bad:

  • The USB charging cable length is short

Top 10 10000mAH Power Banks in India under 1500 – Full Comparison with Ratings (2020)

Best 10000mAH Power BanksBest FeaturesRating
Mi 10000mAH Power BankFast Charging Power Bank4.4/5
Syska 10000mAH Power BankMulti-Device Compatibility4.3/5
Ambrane 10000mAH Power BankDual USB Port4.3/5
Samsung 10000mAH Power BankFast Charging Power Bank4.0/5
Intex 10000mAH Power BankDual USB Port4.1/5
Redmi 10000mAH Power BankFast Charging Power Bank4.0/5
Portronics 10000mAH Power BankDigital Display Indicator4.0/5
Realme 10000mAH Power BankTwo-Way Fast Charging4.0/5
iBall 10000mAH Power BankDual USB Port4.0/5
URBN 10000mAH Power BankDual USB Port4.0/5


Q. Which power bank is good 10000mAH or 20000mAH?

A. 10000mAH power banks are considered to be the standard version of power banks. These are thinner and lighter compared to the 20000mAH version. 2000mAH power banks are a bit bulky since the battery capacity is doubled. If you’re looking for a lighter power bank which is easy to carry then 10000mAH power banks are your best bet.

Q. Is 10000mAH power bank good?

A. 10000mAH power banks have become extremely popular as it a perfect blend of portability with adequate battery capacity. Typically, a 10000mAH power bank will charge a smartphone 2-3 times. These are ideal for those who want a power bank for travel purposes or simply for outdoor usage as mostly these can easily fit into a pocket.

Q. How many mAH is a good power bank?

A. Those who want to opt for a portable power bank, mAH between 2500 and 20000mAH is considered to be good. While 20000mAH power banks are typically bulkier, they have a more powerful charging capacity. For basic usage and a good blend of power and portability, 10000mAH power banks are a good choice.

Q. Do power banks damage battery?

A. It is common to find many mobile phone users worry about the potential damage that can be caused to their mobile phone battery if they use power banks. To ease out all concerns, there has been no scientific or technological claims stating that power banks can cause damage to mobile phones. Power banks have been designed to recharge the mobile batteries at specific voltages and power ratings by following standard ratings that the device already uses. Hence, using a power bank will not damage your mobile phone battery.

Q. What should I look for when buying a power bank?

A. When choosing a power bank for your electronic devices, typically a good power bank for mobile phones, there are some important factors that come into play and it is important to take them into account. These are:

1. The capacity of the power bank

Mobile phones can be charged using a 3350mAH power bank but for a 10000mAH power bank is ideal for smartphones. This is due to the fact that compared to a basic mobile phone, smartphones are packed with a lot of features and that tends to drain out their batteries faster than a basic mobile phone.

2. Price and quality

With so many options easily available in the market, opting for a genuine product is always advised. Products, especially electronic devices such as a power bank, can overload and damage your mobile phones. These days, all the best brands selling power banks have reasonably priced power banks which don’t require you to burn a hole in your pocket.

3. Size

The whole idea of having a power bank is to save the hassle of looking for a wall socket, especially when not at home. Buying a compact-sized power bank which is lightweight and easy to carry makes the situation ideal. Mostly, all 10000mAH power banks are equipped to fit a pocket or handbag without occupying too much space.

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