Best Power-Saving Double Door Refrigerators for Your Home

Best Double Door Refrigerators

Double door fridges come in contemporary designs and offer more space to stock up your essentials. These refrigerators also offer better door clearance, are energy efficient, provide enhanced cooling effects, and can help you stay much more organized than single door refrigerators. Some double door refrigerators also have the option of converting the freezer section into the regular fridge. Ideally, a double door fridge is the best option for a family of four or more people. So, if you want to bring home a power-saving refrigerator, pick your favourite one from our top recommendations.

Top Picks from Double Door Refrigerators

1. LG Double Door Fridge

An energy-efficient home appliance, this fridge adjusts the cooling power with the amount of food stored in it. By consuming only 194 units of energy per year, it helps you save energy and adds to your savings. This model comes with an auto-defrost function and the Jet Ice technology helps you get ice at a very short notice. The humidity control feature balances the air inside the fridge and the deodorizer prevents foul smells. This double door fridge is made of sturdy stainless steel with high gloss exterior, metallic handles, and tough interior shelves. With a space of up to 260 liters, this refrigerator contains 3 shelves of spill proof toughened glass, double twist ice tray, an ice cube box, freezer shelf, removable gasket, egg trays, door bin and door shelves.

Energy Efficient

This refrigerator is endowed with a smart inverter compressor for energy efficiency and multiple cooling vents to keep food fresh.

Popular Choice

Other Features of LG Double Door Fridge

  • Smart diagnosis feature to troubleshoot issues
  • Auto smart connect with a home inverter
  • Moisture balance
  • Express freezing
  • Eco-friendly

2. Samsung Double Door Fridge

Ideal for a family size of 3 – 6 people, this double door fridge, is a frost-free model with an energy rating of 3 stars. This durable appliance is made with strong steel, plastic, and a tough glass interior. The top mount freezer is convertible. This fridge is a good option if you face frequent power cuts because it has a cool wall that keeps the food chilled for longer. In terms of capacity, this double door refrigerator can hold up to 253 liters of food distributed between 2 shelves, door pockets, and a fruits and vegetable drawer.

Impressive Cooling

The cooling retention capacity of this refrigerator can keep the food chilled for up to 12 hours in case of power cut.

Most Loved

Other Features of Samsung Refrigerator

  • Digital inverter compressor
  • Stabilizer free
  • Prevents electrical damage
  • Cool pack and wall for maximum cooling retention
  • Works for long hours
  • Energy-saving alarm
  • A moist fresh zone for veggies
  • Deodorizer to keep pungent odor away

3. Haier Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Available in 2 beautifully blended colors – Silver and Black Silver, this double door refrigerator features side by side closure. Even though it is a bulky free-standing model, this refrigerator consumes only 0.98 units of energy, thus saving the cost of electricity per day. It also has a smart holiday function that helps maintain a stable temperature in case you plan to go out of town. This noise-control model is made with durable steel and contains shelves made with toughened glass, a freezer box, egg tray, vegetable & fruit case, and door pockets. It is ideal for bigger families.

Slim Design

This slim refrigerator is designed to offer 66% fridge space and 34% freezer space for all kinds of food – packed, fresh veggies, frozen food, etc.

Premium Choice

Other Features of Haier Refrigerator

  • Child lock
  • Inverter compressor
  • LED ref light
  • No-frost cooling
  • Energy-saving twin inverter technology
  • Super-fast cooling
  • Digital control panel
  • 2X big veggie box

4. Whirlpool Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Made with sturdy steel, this free-standing refrigerator has a beautiful grey exterior. The refrigerator has a capacity of 245 litres and is spacious enough to store vegetables, dishes, bottles and other essentials. Featuring multiple toughened glass shelves, pull out drawers and door pockets, this refrigerator also has a Dairy Fresh room which can be used to keep dairy products like curd, cheese, tofu, and milk. If you’re looking to bring home a compact refrigerator, this model is a perfect choice. This refrigerator is suitable for a family of 3 – 4 people.

Faster Bottle Cooling

This frost-free double door refrigerator can offer 40% faster bottle cooling, thanks to its FreshFlow AirTower with Flexi vents that allow uniform cooling everywhere.

Next Best

Other Features of AmazonBasics Refrigerator

  • Deep freeze
  • Antimicrobial and anti-odour
  • Honeycomb design with moisture control
  • Chilling gel
  • Freshonizer to keep veggies fresh

5. Godrej Double Door Fridge

With a capacity of 260 liters, this double door fridge from Godrej comes with a frost-free technology. This model is highly energy efficient and comes with an intelligent inverter technology which uses variable speed drive compressor to adjust the cooling and save energy. This double door refrigerator has wider shelves, 2.25 liters of aqua space, a large vegetable tray and door pockets.

Environment Friendly

The fridge is 100% environment friendly and can ensure quick cooling post power cuts.

Best Budget Buy

Other Features of Godrej Refrigerator

  • Door lock
  • Anti-bacterial removable gasket (door-seal)
  • Temperature cool
  • Aroma lock
  • Thick insulation
  • Energy-efficient

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