14 Best Punching Bags in India

A punching bag will enable you to practice at home if you love boxing and working out. Regular usage will assist in enhancing your core strength and building your knuckles, hands, shoulders, legs, and calves. A punching bag might be useful if you find it tough to get to the gym to exercise. You can start working out in the comfort of your own home since they are simple to set up.

However, with the wide variety of options available nowadays, it might get hard to figure out which one would work the best for you. To help you out, we have scoured the internet and curated this list of the best punching bags for you! Read on.

How Do We Choose the Best Punching Bags for You?

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For most combat sports, a punching bag is an essential part of the training regimen. You’ll need a punching bag to hone your technique, whether you’re doing boxing, MMA, or Thai Jutsu. A good quality punching bag in India costs between Rs 550 and Rs 9,300. Below, we have discussed some factors that helped us make our recommendations for the best punching bags in India.


The most important factor to take into account while buying a punching bag is its size. Your kick size and the sport you play will determine this. A typical MMA or Muay Thai Jutsu practitioner will need to practice several kicks in addition to punches. They will work best with punching bags that are 5 to 6 feet tall.

On the other hand, sports like boxing that just involve punches need a relatively modest size of 3 to 4 feet for effective training.


The durability of the bag is often determined by the building material. Punching bags are typically composed of two different sorts of materials: PU and synthetic leather. Investing in a leather punching bag would be the best move.

They have the stamina to endure demanding training sessions, especially when prolonged. On the other hand, punching bags constructed from PU are excellent water-repellent materials.

Filled vs Unfilled

The cover is often all that is included with punching bags. As a result, you may need to add the fillings. Depending on how hard you exercise, they may be clothing, sand, or sawdust. We recommend that you purchase a bag that has been pre-filled with a combination of cotton and sand.

Hanging Chains

The majority of the bags do have steel chains to secure them from the ceiling. The chains are often constructed from rust-proof stainless steel that is robust enough to retain bags even when they are loaded down with large objects.

List of The Top 14 Punching Bags in India

1. Aurion Strong Synthetic Leather Punching Bag

Aurion Strong Synthetic Leather Punching Bag
Aurion Strong Synthetic Leather Punching Bag

You may set up a home gym in your comfort zone with the Aurion punching bag. Shredded textile material is layered evenly across the punching bag. This lessens the possibility of breaking your hands and injuring your wrists.

Prominent Features of the Aurion Strong Synthetic Leather Punching Bag:

  • To survive extreme wear and tear, polyester is employed as the inner layer
  • The coating on synthetic leather is durable and water-resistant
  • The bag is filled with shredded, non-toxic, soft, shock-absorbing textile material, which aids in maintaining the bag’s ideal round form and hefty weight


  • A high-quality inner layer of polyester
  • Water-resistant synthetic leather
  • Comes in a variety of colors

Why We Picked the Aurion Strong Synthetic Leather Punching Bag?

This amazing set from Aurion includes a variety of items, including swivels, tether straps, hand wraps, and steel chains. The heavy and durable punch bag has been properly sewn. Synthetic leather provides a barrier to prevent liquid absorption.

2. Hard Bodies Classic Punching Bag

Hard Bodies Classic Punching Bag
Hard Bodies Classic Punching Bag

The Hard Bodies Classic Punching Bag may be used inside and outdoors, in the yard, or on the terrace, thanks to the sturdy and durable fabric. This enables you to exercise anywhere you choose. The punching bag is ideal for the finest training outcomes in martial arts, fitness, or for your own personal exercise.

Prominent Features of the Hard Bodies Classic Punching Bag:

  • The textile infill is designed to withstand the heaviest hits and the most rigorous training
  • Durability is guaranteed by unique seams that enable the punching bag to hang securely
  • The tear-resistant nylon fabric provides the required strength, and the zipper lets you choose the ideal filling level


  • High-quality material
  • Remains dimensionally stable
  • Zipper for ideal filling

Why We Picked the Hard Bodies Classic Punching Bag?

The Hard Bodies Classic Punching Bag is perfect for martial arts, boxing, MMA, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and full-body training. The punching bag serves as a dependable sparring partner. Therefore, you can train with it without any worries.

3. Rmour Punch Bag 

Rmour Punch Bag 
Rmour Punch Bag 

The Rmour Punching bag is a Muay Thai boxing bag that is soft and shock-absorbing. It can shield you from injury in the event of an accident. No matter how intense the workout, the bag’s quality PU construction provides a long life for the bag.

Prominent Features of the Rmour Punch Bag:

  • This boxing punch bag is comprised of a premium, lightweight, and long-lasting PU material
  • The Rmour Punching Bag is appropriate for usage both indoors and outside.
  • You may use this very sturdy punching bag to practice or develop your Karate, Taekwondo, Kick Boxing, or MMA.


  • Sturdy PU material
  • Soft and absorbs shock easily
  • Versatile and can be used both inside and outside

Why We Picked the Rmour Punch Bag?

The Rmour Unfilled Black Punch Bag is ideal for kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA sparring. It also comes with a hanging chain to make your training easier.

4. Prospo Punching Bag

Prospo Punching Bag
Prospo Punching Bag

Both boxing and mixed martial arts have shown to be fantastic sports since they provide you with a wonderful cardio exercise. This punching bag and glove set can sustain intense and demanding workouts since it is made of very durable material.

Prominent Features of the Prospo Punching Bag:

  • The bag contains a layer of coated fabric that aids in cushioning blows and is constructed with professional workmanship
  • You may choose to fill the bag with whatever material works for your fitness requirements since it is empty inside
  • The bag also comes with strong chains that can support the bag up to 6 feet


  • Push-pin design
  • Three-way movement
  • Triple chrome plating provides increased durability

Why We Picked the Prospo Punching Bag?

Get your at-home boxing exercise started with the Prospo Punching Bag for the best results. The bag is made from high-grade steel and nylon for durability. The bag also includes gloves, which can be used for both light and heavy sparring.

5. Body Maxx Boxing Filled Punching Bag

Body Maxx Boxing Filled Punching Bag
Body Maxx Boxing Filled Punching Bag
Check Prices

This Body Maxx punching bag can be the ideal exercise buddy. It is a punching bag that seems simple yet is sturdy and long-lasting. The punching bag comes in red, blue, and black colour options.

Prominent Features of the Body Maxx Boxing Filled Punching Bag:

  • Includes a very durable and high-quality PU outer layer that produces a soft surface
  • Effectively absorbs impact and guards against wrist bruises during exercise
  • The punching bag may be hung from the ceiling using the sturdy steel chains


  • Comes filled with cotton
  • Features a variety of color options
  • Durable material


  • Stitching quality can be improved

Why We Picked the Body Maxx Boxing Filled Punching Bag?

The Body Maxx Boxing Filled Punching Bag comes in three sizes and three color options. Additionally, the bag weighs just approximately 14 kg and is already packed with cotton. Therefore, you may save the effort of filling it.

6. Kore Ultimate Heavy Punching Bag

Kore Ultimate Heavy Punching Bag
Kore Ultimate Heavy Punching Bag

The KORE Ultimate Heavy Punching Bag is constructed from premium PU material. Due to its double-stitched construction and reinforced design with heavy-duty D-shackles, the bag is exceptionally robust.

Prominent Features of the Kore Ultimate Heavy Punching Bag:

  • Shredded textile material is arranged in even layers within the bag for protection
  • The punching bag is strengthened with strong duty d-shackles and double stitched
  • A protective water-resistant coating on the leather prevents any water from penetrating the bag


  • Contains recycled ingredients, making it gentler on your hands 
  • Water-resistant outer coating
  • Rust-proof hanging chain

7. LEW Punching Bag

LEW Punching Bag
LEW Punching Bag

The LEW Punching Bag Set includes all the essential tools you need to start a boxing exercise. The kit includes a 29-inch punching bag, boxing gloves, punching pads, hand wraps, a steel chain to hang the bag from, and a skipping rope.

Prominent Features of the LEW Punching Bag:

  • The bag is lightweight and waterproof since it is constructed from Maya skin leather
  • It is both robust enough to endure for years and soft enough to take all of your punches without hurting your hand
  • The bag is composed of a premium material that is waterproof, lightweight, and strong


  • Premium quality material
  • Durable and resistant
  • Absorbs shock for protection

8. Byson Punch Boxing Bag

Byson Punch Boxing Bag
Byson Punch Boxing Bag

The punching bag set from Byson is made out of very sturdy material. The punching bag is made from leather that has been rubberized and is, therefore, very durable. The Byson Punching Bag includes hand gloves and hand wraps as well to give you an amazing boxing experience.

Prominent Features of the Byson Punch Boxing Bag:

  • The punching bag is sent empty, but it may be easily filled with used clothing, cotton waste, or industrial cotton
  • Uses premium double-stitched high-quality materials for durability
  • The extra shock-absorbing capacity of the punching bag protects your wrists


  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Good shock-absorbing quality
  • Ideal for beginners

9. Lycan Boxing Bag

Lycan Boxing Bag
Lycan Boxing Bag

The Lycan Unfilled Boxing Bag is ideal for beginners who are into MMA and boxing. The bag comes without filling so that you can add old clothes, rags, sand, and more. 

Prominent Features of the Lycan Boxing Bag:

  • The Lycan Boxing Bag is made from premium quality materials so that it is long-lasting
  • The punching bag is suitable for both children and adults to train
  • Additionally, the bag is of ideal length, so you can perform a variety of movements without any worries


  • Sturdy material
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Features a variety of colors

10. Tima Heavy Duty Punching Bag

Tima Heavy Duty Punching Bag
Tima Heavy Duty Punching Bag

The Tima Heavy Duty Punching Bag is strong and long-lasting, with good durability. The dimensions are 18 inches wide and around 48 inches long with chains. This allows you enough horizontal and vertical surface area to experiment with punches, kicks, uppercuts, and other moves.

Prominent Features of the Tima Heavy-Duty Punching Bag:

  • Keeps your hands from getting rashes while you’re hitting the bags
  • You may choose to fill the bag with whatever you like, such as sand, used clothing, stiff cotton, or other materials
  • The Tima Heavy Duty Punching Bag features a steel chain that can support the bag


  • Affordable
  • Excellent for boxing training
  • Durable and strong


  • Height may be short

11. Leosportz Punching Bag

Leosportz Punching Bag
Leosportz Punching Bag

The Leosportz Punching Bag is perfect for practicing precise throws, strikes, knee strikes, straight punches, uppercuts, submission grips, and chokes. With this sturdy punching bag, your complete family can practice all their boxing and fighting methods without worrying about hurting themselves or their young ones.

Prominent Features of the Leosportz Punching Bag:

  • High-quality double stitching and high PU leather construction for long-lasting usefulness and durability
  • The bag is more sturdy, and durable thanks to the high-density stitching used to withstand the powerful impact
  • The boxing bag has four safety buckles and 360-degree rotating mounting chains, which will save you a lot of time and money compared to buying an additional hook


  • Ideal for practicing MMA, karate, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and BJJ
  • It can be used by both children and adults
  • Good-quality stitching provides durability

12. Genric4 Feet Unfilled Canvas Punching Bag

Genric4 Feet Unfilled Canvas Punching Bag
Genric4 Feet Unfilled Canvas Punching Bag

The Genric4 Feet Unfilled Canvas Punching Bag can withstand any force, whether you are delivering punches or hitting kicks. The bag provides enough room for you to practice your combinations at various levels.

Prominent Features of the Genric4 Feet Unfilled Canvas Punching Bag:

  • The materials used to construct the Genric4 punching bag are robust and long-lasting
  • Since the bag is sent empty, you may pick what to put within it to determine the workout’s level of difficulty
  • The punching bag absorbs shock efficiently to protect you


  • Premium quality material
  • Absorbs shock well
  • Heavy and durable


  • Does not come with a steel chain for hanging

13. Sapphire Unfilled Heavy Punching Bag

Sapphire Unfilled Heavy Punching Bag
Sapphire Unfilled Heavy Punching Bag

The punching bag set from Sapphire includes every kind of boxing accessory you could possibly need to start throwing punches in order to put you right into a training mood. This amazing set includes a variety of items, including swivels, tether straps, and hand wraps with steel chains. 

Prominent Features of the Sapphire Unfilled Heavy Punching Bag:

  • Anyone may use this very sturdy punching bag to practice or develop their karate, taekwondo, kickboxing, or MMA movements
  • The punching bags made of synthetic leather are twin-layered and hand-stitched for long-lasting toughness
  • This punching bag will keep its form evenly thanks to the shredded textile material


  • Good quality sewing
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Absorbs shock well

14. Amazon Brand – Umi Inflatable Punching Bag

Amazon Brand - Umi Inflatable Punching Bag
Amazon Brand – Umi Inflatable Punching Bag

The inflatable punching bag from Amazon Brand becomes 5 feet tall when inflated. It can endure the force of kicks and punches while continuing to bounce. Sand has been shown to be more beneficial for bigger youngsters and may be used in place of water to stabilize the foundation.

Prominent Features of the Amazon Brand – Umi Inflatable Punching Bag:

  • The fitness punching bag’s pattern uses as targets, which are set in key spots
  • With each punch, it rocks back and forth, making it perfect for kickboxing training as well
  • Non-hanging heavy bag design allows for any time, anywhere exercising, and is excellent for both indoor and outdoor settings


  • Suitable for adults or children
  • Includes a repair patch for an easy fix
  • Helps with hand-eye coordination and agility
  • Ideal for kickboxing

Final Word

According to us, Aurion Strong Synthetic Leather Punching Bag, Hard Bodies Classic Punching Bag, and Rmour Punch Bag are our best choices for the best punching bags in India. We also took into consideration factors like size, material, filled vs unfilled, and presence of hanging chains while making our suggestions. We would like to know which one worked out the best for you!


Is a heavier punching bag better?

Heavier punching bags will allow for better strength gains, assisting you in developing powerful blows. On the other hand, uppercut punching bags are much smaller and lighter. They are perfect for practising combo punches.

How do I choose a punching bag?

The usual guideline is that heavy bags should be around half your body weight if you’re unsure about what weight and size heavy punching bag is suitable for you. A 45kg bag can be adequate for usage by a 90kg individual. To be comfortable for most people, hanging bags need to weigh at least 36kg.

Can punching bag build muscle?

Yes, punching bags can build muscle. It’s a wonderful exercise for increasing strength and power since it concentrates on training as many muscles as possible. A heavy bag training session works the arms, shoulders, chest, legs, back, and core simultaneously, making it an efficient full-body exercise.

Is a punching bag better than a speed bag?

The majority of boxers make the error of believing that heavy punching bag training is the sole way to increase punching power. Speed bag training does, however, have an overall effect. You’ll be able to deliver powerful blows more quickly after engaging in speed bag training, making you an invincible force.

Is it okay to hit a punching bag without gloves?

The truth is that you can punch a heavy bag while wearing hand wraps, MMA gloves, or even without any hand protection at all. In fact, it’s recommended to strengthen not just your knuckles but also the muscles in your wrist and forearm. However, if you are a beginner, we recommend that you wear gloves for safety.

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