Best Python Courses On Udemy That Can Help You Land A High-Paying Job

Python is one of the most in-demand languages that is used across diverse fields including Web Development, ML, Academic Research, Game Development and more.  

Essential for anyone who wants to inculcate a valuable skillset, Python can help you land your dream job and step up the corporate ladder to get 15 – 25% hike in your salary.  

Check out the best Python courses on Udemy given below and invest in one of these to upgrade your skills. Learn from tutors who have a demonstrated work experience with top tech firms and get insights from their experience, learnings and more. Sign up for a Python course at a price 94% lower than the other websites only on Udemy and an additional 10% CashKaro Cashback above this discount. 

Top Python Courses On Udemy To Invest In

1. Complete Python Bootcamp: Go From Zero To Hero In Python 3

One of the top-selling Python courses on Udemy, this Bootcamp is equally informative for both novices and experts. If you want to learn this language from scratch, this is the best Python course that you can invest in. Simple to understand, this course provides you with comprehensive information starting from a basic overview and setup to handling errors. So, whether you are new to the subject or already familiar with the basic syntax, this course will offer you an in-depth insight into the advanced applications of Python. 

Why Take This Course?

Being an all-inclusive course to understand Python from ground up, this course is ideal for anyone venturing out into the world of programming and knowing all about it in great depth. This course will not just teach you the basics about this language but will also help you get familiar with all the professional level codes to handle uncertainties and create intriguing applications and games.

You can even create your own Python project portfolio and get a high paying job in Data Science or Machine Learning.

Requirements For This Course:

  • Access to a computer
  • An internet connection

What You Will Learn?

  • Learn Command Line Basics and Running Python Code
  • Understand what Strings, Dictionaries, Tuples and Sets are
  • Know how to apply Functions, Debugging and Error Handling
  • Learn Advanced Methods
  • Look at Modules and External Modules, etc.

Effective Price: Rs.12,480 Rs.630 (94% off by Udemy + 10% CashKaro Cashback)

Ideal for: Beginners and Intermediates

Average Salary: Rs.8,60,700/year

Types Of Jobs Available: Data Scientist, Game Developer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Research Analyst, Data Analyst

Key Aspects: A comprehensive course | 20-hours on-demand video classes | Over 100 lectures | 3 major projects | Homework assignments | Practice quizzes and tests | Udemy Python Certification

Top Reviews

Complete Python Bootcamp Udemy Review

2. Python For Financial Analysis and Algorithmic Trading

Financial trading is one of the highest paying professions across the world. But not many people know that they can use Python to start algorithmic trading and financial analysis. This course will help you understand the critical aspects and tad-bits that nobody talks about usually. Learn to visualize data, analyze finances, automate trading, process numerical and many more through this comprehensive lesson plan. If you’re someone who already understands the fundamentals of both – finance and programming, you will be able to connect a lot more to it. 

Why Take This Course?

This course is for people who love to trade in finances or are stepping into the world of stock price trading. As a comprehensive course with lesson plans for financial analysis and algorithmic trading, this course will help you understand the movement in market and stock price. With this course, you will also learn to analyze time-series sequence and make better stock price and market movement predictions.

Other than this, you can also kick-start your career as a Quant in the Py-Finance ecosystem and draw a handsome salary package right after starting out.

Requirements For This Udemy Course:

  • A computer and internet connection
  • Prior knowledge of Python
  • Familiarity with basic statistics

What You Will Learn?

  • Accesslibraries like Pandas, Jupyter and Numpy
  • Create custom plots using Matplotlib
  • Learn how to do Stock Returns Analysis
  • Calculate Cumulative Daily Returns easily
  • Analyze Volatility and Securities Risk and more

Effective Price: Rs.12,480 Rs.630 (94% off by Udemy + 10% CashKaro Cashback)

Ideal For: Those familiar with Python

Average Salary: Rs.10,36,000/year

Types Of Jobs Available: Desk Quant, Model Validation Quant, Front Office Quant, Investment/Asset Management Quant, Research Quant, Quant Developer, Statistical Arbitrage Quant, Capital Quant

Key Aspects: 17-hours of on-demand video | 8 articles | 2 downloadable resources | Udemy Python Certification

Top Reviews

Python For Financial Analysis and Algorithmic Trading course review

3. Python and Django Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

Get twice the benefit at half the price using this Web Development Bootcamp on Udemy. Learn both – Python and its high-level web framework equivalent Django, through this course. Start from the basics of each of these languages and climb up the ladder to build intelligent applications using Python 3 and Django. Learn how to deliver assignments to perfection using Django and Python and open an array of development fields for yourself by taking up this course.

Why Take this Course?

One of the widely acclaimed languages in the programming field, Django is a highly scalable and versatile language to learn. So, is Python. Both these programming languages are in their evolutionary phase and high on demand. If you’re keen to build your career or excel in the field of Web Development, this course can be of great help to you. The Bootcamp will help you learn numerous other front-end languages like HTML, Java, CSS, etc., and write your applications with greater ease.

Build your career as a Full Stack Web Developer or Data Scientist and work with top companies like Accenture, Wipro, etc.

Requirements For This Udemy Course:

  • Download Privileges
  • A computer with stable internet connection

What You Will Learn?

  • Learn HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript
  • Learn to use jQuery and work with DOM
  • Get a hang of Bootstrap 3 and 4
  • Work to master Document Object Model
  • Learn Django from Basics to Admin Customization
  • Learn about Class-Based Views, REST APIs and more

Effective Price: Rs.12,800 Rs.630 (95% off by Udemy + 10% CashKaro Cashback)

Ideal For: Beginners, Professionals and Python Developers

Average Salary: Rs.6,75,000/year

Types Of Jobs Available: Django Python Developer, Django Developer, Web Developer, Stack Python/Django Developer

Key Aspects: 32-hour on-demand video lectures | Access anytime anywhere | Walkthrough codes | Projects and exercises | Downloadable notes | Assignments | Udemy Python Certification

Top Reviews

Python and DjangoCourse Udemy Review

About the Tutor

All the above-mentioned courses are taught by Jose Marcial Portilla, a 4.5-star rated tutor on Udemy. He heads the Data Science Department at Pierian Data Inc. – a Data Science and Programming Education Company. Read on to know more about him.

About Teacher

Well, we could provide you with an exhaustive slew of popular Python courses on Udemy for beginners and experts. But we thought to narrow it down and bring only the best ones for you. Now, read below to know how you can avail discounts on these courses.

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You can even check out other courses like Digital Marketing and Excel offered by Udemy and avail massive discounts on enrolling for them via CashKaro.

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