Digital Marketing is an effective way to attract, engage and delight customers by leveraging search engines, social media, email, app, browser notifications and websites.

Amplify your chances of earning a high salary by taking up Digital Marketing as a profession. Hone your skills with Udemy, a digital learning platform with over 150,000 courses on its website. Here, the teachers provide practical knowledge rather than just theories. Get upto 95% off on Digital Marketing courses on Udemy along with a 10% CashKaro Cashback. Simply enroll in the preferred courses via CashKaro to get these benefits.

Here is a List of 3 best Digital Marketing Courses on Udemy that can pave your way to a successful career:

1. Ultimate Google Ads Training 2022

With this course you can get an insight on how clients have transformed their sales using Google Ads. Google Ads is a platform where advertisers pay to display their ads, service offerings, product listings etc. to a network of users.

Ulltimate Google Adwords Course on Udemy

Why is this Skill Critical for Work & Growth?

Tapping your audience, building loyalty and increased sales is all a company wants. It is the world’s most powerful and popular platform and building your knowledge about it can be a huge plus in your career.  If you are truly interested to venture this field, taking this course is a must. It’s a plus if you have a website, a landing page or a Facebook page that you want to send traffic to. If not, you can still register for the course and learn pay per click advertising.

What You Will Learn

  • How to set up AdWords account from scratch
  • How to write and A/B test your ads
  • Drive consistent traffic to your website or landing page
  • Create, develop and optimize your own AdWords Campaigns
  • Effective advertisement
  • Boost traffic and increase sales
  • Understand traffic conversion to determine value of campaigns
  • Remarket to previous visitors
  • Monetize more than 6 Billion searches on Google

There is so much more you can learn from this course to get an in-depth understanding and become an expert in the field.

Effective Price: Rs 12,800 Rs 770 (Flat 94% off + 10% CashKaro Cashback) 

Ideal For: Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced 

Average Salary: Rs.50000 Monthly

Types of Jobs Available: Digital Marketing Manager, Content Strategists, SEO and SEM Specialists, Data Analysts, Social Media Markerter

User Testimonials:

Google Adwords Udemy Course Review

About Teacher:

About Google Adwords Course Teacher

2. SEO 2022: Complete SEO Training + SEO WordPress Websites

This course helps you master SEO techniques, reduce your website load time, get indexed by search engines faster and much more. A blogger, business owner, online marketer, or an SEO beginner or expert can take this course. You will also get a Udemy Digital Marketing certificate with this SEO 2022 course.

Complete SEO Train ing Course on Udemy

Why is this Skill Critical for Work & Growth?

SEO skills are essential if you need to work in the online domain. It not only enhances your website’s visibility but also improves user experience and usability. Search engines serve millions of people daily looking for their answers on the internet. Therefore, if you have a complete understanding of SEO, you can improve the presence of your website by making it appear in the top positions. This in turn, brings more traffic to your website and thus improves sales.

What You Will Learn

  • SEO Training on 40+ factors
  • Improve ranking on Google Search Engine
  • Learn all SEO factors
  • Bring in more organic traffic
  • Improve page speed
  • Improve user experience
  • Which backlinks matter
  • Immune website against negative SEO
  • Decrease the website bounce rate
  • Get indexed by search engines faster

These are few of the many benefits of this course.

Price: Rs 12,800 Rs 700 (Flat 95% off + 10% CashKaro Cashback) 

Ideal For: Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced 

Average Salary: Rs.40000 Monthly

Types of Jobs Available: SEO and SEM Specialists, Digital Marketing Manager, Content Strategists, Data Analysts, Social Media Markerter

User Testimonials:

SEO Training Course Udemy Review

About the Teacher:

About SEO Training Teacher

3. Advanced Google Analytics Course

With the help of Google Analytics, you can track and report website traffic. This allows you to analyze the behavior of visitors on your website in-depth. By using valuable these valuable insights, you can shape the success strategy of your business.

Advanced Google Analytics Course on Udemy

Why is this Skill Critical for Work & Growth?

As mentioned, with Google Analytics you can make growth strategies for your business. It helps you deliver better results and identify with your users. Depending upon your analysis, you can also make effective changes to improve the performance of your website. Understanding bounce metrics and optimizing your site can all be done if you have a good hand on Google Analytics. The age, gender, interest, device and location of the user, there is almost nothing that can be hidden from you.

What You Will Learn

  • Advanced GA concepts like assisted conversions and calculated metrics
  • How attribution works
  • Reports, dimensions, metrics, channel grouping, alerts & other custom attributes
  • How regular expressions can save time
  • How to easily automate reports outside GA

Price: Rs 12,800 Rs 710 (Flat 94% off + 10% CashKaro Cashback) 

Ideal For: Advanced 

Average Salary: Rs.50000 Monthly

Types of Jobs Available: Digital Marketing Manager, Data Analysts, Content Strategists, SEO and SEM Specialists, Social Media Markerter

User Testimonials:

Google Analytics Course Udemy Review

About Teacher:

Google Anaytics Course Teacher

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