Are you looking to learn coding or want to pick up another programming language? Well, we would like to introduce you to Python – a launchpad for aspiring coders. I, too, had been searching across the web for Python classes near me, but couldn’t get any success in finding the best place or tutorials to explore. So, what is Python? Python is Google’s official language, it also powers your daily social hideout – Instagram, and even runs on the microprocessors or chips that Intel tests. Python is more of a scripting language that can automate every task, no matter how big or small it is. Now I think that you have understood what Python does, so here I have curated an exhaustive list of the top Python Courses available online that can help you learn Python online and shape your career in coding.

1. Python 3 Programming Master Class- Beginner to Advanced

The simplest Python online course of all, yet a very efficient one for the programming language! This Python online course suits all – whether you are a beginner, know basic syntax, or want to gain more knowledge about the advanced features of Python. As the name of the course suggests, you will gain an introduction to Python 3 programming language in this master class.

Python 3 Programming

The Python 3 Programming MasterClass will provide you with hands-on training, every lecture turned into a full coding screencast and all the live coding examples available for download and use. All you need is computer running either Windows, Linux, or macOS and you are good to go.

Become the best Python Programmer with this course and learn one of the most requested skills of 2020!

Key Points related to the Course:

  • Learn basics of Python programming for beginners and eventually reach the advanced level.
  • Create complex real-world applications with Python in easy steps.
  • Learn to use variables, values, objects, and conditional statements in Python 3.
  • 54 lectures + Lifetime Access + Eduonix Certificate of Completion.

Cost: ₹500

Savings: ₹4500 (90%)

2. Computer Vision & Deep Learning in Python: Novice to Expert

Using Python to make a computer classify an image with Deep Learning and Neural Networks was never this easy! Utilizing all these instant bundles and libraries will be a couple of lines of code that will make the procedure a piece of cake.

Computer Vision Deep Learning in Python

You will get to learn the working concepts of image recognition with the pertinent computer vision and deep learning. You will be taught to implement popular algorithms and techniques in easier versions using plain python code.

Moreover, this Python class will guide you on how to use packages and libraries to implement complex deep learning for image classification.

Key Points related to the Course:

  • Learn to implement computer vision and deep learning.
  • Get insights on how the concepts of Machine Learning works.
  • Get closer to the skills of Python for Data Science in a comparatively easier way.
  • 105 lectures + Lifetime Access + Eduonix Certificate of Completion.

Cost: ₹500

Savings: ₹4500 (90%)

3. Python Programming Bible | Networking, GUI, Email, XML, CGI

This one-in-all course is the need of the hour in this fast-paced software industry. Get closer to your employer’s demands of being a Python expert. This course will teach you everything about how Python programming can assist in creating applications and websites.

Python Programming Bible

Gain all the knowledge on using Python and leverage this powerful technology to create amazing and wonderful platforms. A step-to-step process will guide you through the concepts of the features of Python language, GUI & CGI programming, network & email programming, coding semantics and more.

Key Points related to the Course:

  • Learn GUI, CGI programming using Python language.
  • Get insights on the semantics of general programming.
  • Create Email, Network, and XML coding with Python.
  • 84 lectures + Lifetime Access + Eduonix Certificate of Completion.

Cost: ₹500

Savings: ₹4500 (90%)

4. Python Programming for Beginners – Learn in 100 Easy Steps

This extensive yet simple course will help you get started with Python programming language even if you have ZERO Python programming experience. This Python online course will offer you both object-oriented as well as structural programming features so you can have a close introduction to Python and understand the functioning of the language in a much simpler yet practical way.

Python Programming for Beginners

Using hands-on approach with a combination of Python Shell and PyCharm, the instructor will guide you throughout the course illustrating more than 150 Python coding exercises, examples, and puzzles. At the end of the course, you will be in love with Python programming and will be creating your own set of applications with ease. Learn this Python online course free of any prerequisites and start from scratch!

Key Points related to the Course:

  • Learn Python programming for beginners from scratch in 100 easy steps.
  • Understand the concepts of Machine Learning and functioning of Python for Data Science.
  • Step by Step guide with over 200 hands-on coding examples.
  • 135 lectures + Lifetime Access + Eduonix Certificate of Completion.

Cost: ₹500

Savings: ₹4500 (90%)

5. Building Twitter Bot with Python and Tweepy – Python Project

Social networking platforms are a hot topic these days and every organization struggles when replying or responding to queries over social media. That’s where automation comes into the picture! With this course, you will be learning automation by building Twitter bots using Python, Tweepy, and Twitter API.

Building Twitter Bot with Python and Tweepy

This Python online course demands a basic knowledge of Python language and know-how of developing a Basic BOT (automating program) using Tweepy. By the end of the course, you will be building Twitter Bot projects in much simpler way using Tweepy and Twitter Developer API, and you will be deploying the bot online to work 24/7.

Key Points related to the Course:

  • Learn Python and Twitter Automation.
  • Learn to use Tweepy to build Twitter Bot.
  • Understand the functioning of Twitter API and its usage with Tweepy.
  • 18 lectures + Lifetime Access + Eduonix Certificate of Completion.

Cost: ₹500

Savings: ₹4500 (90%)

6. Machine Learning Advanced: Decision Trees in Python

Solving business problems accurately could be a tedious task and involves a lot of pressure, risks, and other collateral damages to the efficiency or functioning of business. Based on three pillars of ‘Know, Do, Review’, this advanced Machine Learning course will teach you the know-how of Excel professionally, make you understand the concepts on practical business problems you face, and the self-feedback by comparing your solutions with the instructor’s.

Machine Learning Advanced

All you need would be a computer which has Python and Anaconda software installed in it to get you started. The Python class will teach you how Python can help with decision tree techniques to solve real-world business problems with high accuracy.

Key Points related to the Course:

  • Gain solid understanding of decision tree.
  • Learn to tune the hyperparameters of a machine learning model.
  • Learn to evaluate a machine learning model’s performance.
  • 28 lectures + Lifetime Access + Eduonix Certificate of Completion.

Cost: ₹500

Savings: ₹4500 (90%)

7. Python + Data Science: Practical Guide

Acquire, test, and master your Python skills with this simple course that will foray you into the world of Python for Data Science. This Python course pushes you with a simple idea in mind, that is, to teach you the basics of the technologies in a practical way. The best thing about this practical Python for Data Science guide is that it is constantly updated and improved with more content relevant to learn the process. Moreover, the course will unleash you into the books of knowledge with new technologies including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Visualization, among others.

Python Data Science

All you need to proceed is a basic knowledge of Python and know-how of scripting, rest is left to the course to take you from the ground to the skies in no time.

Key Points related to the Course:

  • Acquire Machine Learning, Python, and Data Science skills.
  • Learn how to manipulate Variables & String with Python.
  • Learn to use Booleans & Logical Operators with Python.
  • 74 lectures + Lifetime Access + Eduonix Certificate of Completion.

Cost: ₹500

Savings: ₹4500 (90%)

8. Complete Python Developer in 2020: Zero to Mastery

Created by Andrei Neagoie, this course will help you learn Python from scratch with efficiency. Moreover, this exhaustive, project-based course will acquaint you with the entirety of cutting-edge skills of a Python developer (Python 3) and en route, you will work to build over 12 real-world projects that you can add to your portfolio.

Complete Python Developer in 2020

The comprehensive course will be very involved as it will guide you from beginning to the end of turning into an expert Python engineer. This is the undoubtedly the best Python course on Udemy that will teach you the basics and programming fundamentals of Python, and help you choose different career fields so you can get real-life practice and be hired as a professional Python developer.

Key Points related to the Course:

  • Learn to use Python to process images, PDFs, CVs, and other documents.
  • Learn to build a Machine Learning model.
  • Acquire mastery in modern Python 3 fundamentals and advanced topics.
  • 322 Lectures + 48 Articles + 20 Downloadable Resources + Lifetime Access + Udemy Python Certification.

Cost: ₹420

Savings: ₹12,380 (97%)

9. Python for Financial Analysis and Algorithmic Trading

If you are interested in conducting thorough financial analysis and pursue algorithmic trading using Python, then this course could prove to be fruitful. The course demands a few prerequisites such as some knowledge of Python programming, Anaconda software downloaded on your computer, and basics statistics and linear algebra to get you started.

Python for Financial Analysis

This comprehensive course will walk you through all the know-hows of utilizing your Python knowledge for Finance and Algorithmic Trading. With this Python online course, you will learn the essentials of Python and then continue to find out about the different core libraries and functions used in the Python Finance Ecosystem, including Pandas, Matplotlib, statsmodels, NumPy, Jupyter, Quantopian, Zipline and more.

Key Points related to the Course:

  • Learn to use NumPy to work efficiently with Numerical Data.
  • Learn to create custom plots using Matplotlib.
  • Calculate financial statistics including cumulative returns, daily returns, volatility and more.
  • 121 Lectures + 9 Articles + 3 Downloadable Resources + Lifetime Access + Udemy Python Certification.

Cost: ₹420

Savings: ₹12,060 (97%)

10. Learn to Code in Python 3: Programming Beginner to Advanced

If you have just developed an interest or urge in beginning your career as a professional Python developer but don’t know where to start, then this course is designed only for you. This best course of Python for beginners will not only help you with the basics of programming, but you will also learn to do exciting things in Python like working with JSON, sending HTTP requests to APIs and web servers, and more.

Learn to Code in Python 3

This is the best Python course on Udemy for coders that will help you reach the advanced level while also understanding the learning bits of Statistics, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization in Python. The best part of this Python online course is that you don’t need any previous experience in IT or programming and can start right from the absolute beginner level. Learn to code, write your own programs, and think like a professional programmer with this simple yet intuitive Python online course free of any requirements or previous experience.

Key Points related to the Course:

  • Learn the basics of programming fundamentals in Python training.
  • Acquire knowledge on how to efficiently write a computer code.
  • Learn to extract data from external services by working with JSON and sending HTTP requests to web servers and APIs.
  • 41 Lectures + 1 Downloadable Resource + Lifetime Access + Udemy Python Certification.

Cost: ₹420

Savings: ₹5,340 (93%)

11. Complete Python Web Course: Build 8 Python Web Apps

If you have little bit of Python training or another programming language experience and want to learn about development and deployments with Python, then this course is for you. All you need is a computer which has Python2.7 or Python3.5 installed, and you are good to go.

Complete Python Web Course

The Complete Python Web Course will tread you through the path of comprehension and skill that will bring about an income boost or a career change with work and tolerance. This Python class is a one-stop-shop covering all that you must have to begin having ideas and making Python web applications that draw in traffic and provide them value.

Key Points related to the Course:

  • Use Python and web languages to design, develop, and deploy engaging web applications.
  • Get insights on how the internet works from the web development perspective.
  • Learn to create and deploy applications that use MongoDB databases.
  • 161 Lectures + 14 Articles + 3 Downloadable Resources + 6 Coding Exercises + Lifetime Access + Udemy Python Certification.

Cost: ₹420

Savings: ₹6,620 (94%)

12. Design Patterns in Python

As the name may suggest, this Python class is preferably for people who are either software engineers, designers or architects. A completely unique course based on Python programming language, it requires good understanding of Python and object-oriented designing principles, some familiarity with latest Python features, and a computer running the latest Python version and an IDE.

Design Patterns in Python

The course offers more of practical understanding and implementation with 22 coding exercises to help you get hold of the programming. This Python class covers patterns with the use of modern developer tools like JetBrains PyCharm, modern programming approaches like dependency injection and reactive programming, and arguments about pattern variations and alternative approaches.

Key Points related to the Course:

  • Perceive and apply design patterns in Python.
  • Reengineer or rewrite existing designs to utilize design patterns.
  • Understand the need, application, and use of design patterns.
  • 107 Lectures + 1 Downloadable Resource + 22 Coding Exercises + Lifetime Access + Udemy Python Course Completion Certificate.

Cost: ₹420

Savings: ₹5,980 (93%)

13. The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications

The most practical course available anywhere on the web is the Python Mega Course which will help you build real-world applications using Python 3. During this Python class, you will not only learn to build apps even with this Python for beginners course, but also progress your skills by creating some awesome Python programs.

The Python Mega Course

This practical course will let you learn by doing, all thanks to the modern Python training approach. Even if you start from scratch and are once done with the basics, the course will help you build 10 real-world applications on your own. This Mega Course contains it all what you would need to become an all-round Python programmer who creates professional applications.

Key Points related to the Course:

  • Learn to create a desktop app to store data for books, create a web scraper, a database app, a website blocker and more using Python training.
  • Learn Python Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Schedule programs based on computer events using Python.
  • 264 Lectures + 69 Articles + 44 Downloadable Resources + 70 Coding Exercises + Lifetime Access + Udemy Python Certification.

Cost: ₹420

Savings: ₹12,380 (97%)

14. Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python

Artificial Intelligence is a world in its own and Reinforcement learning has recently stepped into the picture. With supervised machine learning capabilities, one could do wonders that AI simply doesn’t boast of. From beating video games at a superhuman level to self-driving cars, AI has done it all and with this course you will be exposing yourself to the future of this technology that is going to increase exponentially.

Artificial Intelligence

Reinforcement learning will open up a whole new world of possibilities and this is the perfect time that you make use of this opportunity and enrol for this advanced course and challenge deep machine learning in Python. To begin, you need to satisfy a few prerequisites – calculus, probability, object-oriented programming, Python coding, NumPy coding, linear regression, and gradient descent.

Key Points related to the Course:

  • Understand AI reinforcement learning at a technical level.
  • Apply directed gradient-based machine learning strategies to reinforcement learning.
  • Learn to apply different reinforcement learning algorithms.
  • 102 Lectures + Lifetime Access + Udemy Python Course Completion Certificate.

Cost: ₹420

Savings: ₹11,100 (96%)

15. Python Network Programming for Network Engineers (Python 3)

Created by David Bombal, this Python online course for Network Engineers demands basic knowledge of networking (CCNA level) and basic understanding of GNS3. If you have been tired and confused on where to start with network programming without only theory, this course is perfect for you. This is a completely practical course which will help you kick start networking automation.

Python Network Programming

This Python online course will help you learn how to quickly and easily get started with network programming using Cisco IOS, GNS3, and Python. You will also get to learn tools like NAPLAM and Netmiko that will make it even easier for you to configure and communicate with network devices through API or using SSH.

Key Points related to the Course:

  • Get familiar with Netmiko and use it for SSH connections to switches & routers.
  • Automate network by leveraging NAPALM.
  • Learn to automate the configuration of network devices using Python.
  • 170 Lectures + 1 Article + 67 Downloadable Resources + Lifetime Access + Udemy Python Course Completion Certificate.

Cost: ₹420

Savings: ₹2,140 (84%)

Here you go with the top Python courses available online which can help you explore the coder inside you. Above is the list of the most popular Python online courses and we will keep on adding more such courses including Coursera Python classes, Udemy Python courses, and Eduonix Python courses among others.

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