15 Best Room Freshener Brands for Fragrant Homes

Neutralising malodours is a breeze with the right room freshener at hand. You may not realize the importance of a room freshener unless you are battling the unbearable smell of mildew, dirty laundry, sweaty gym wear, or leftover food lingering in your breathing space. Ranging from easy push sprays to block, room fresheners effectively eliminate bad odour within minutes.

The choice of fragrances is no longer limited to jasmine, rose, and sandalwood, with brands offering a range of fragrances inspired by nature, herbs, scents of flowers, fruits, and more. To help you find the best, we have enlisted some of the best room freshener brands we love and recommend.

Our Top Picks :

How Do We Choose the Best Room Fresheners for You?

We all want our homes to smell pristine whenever we walk in. Good-smelling homes are also much more welcoming to guests and can instantly soothe your senses. In India, you can get good quality air fresheners ranging from Rs 80 to Rs 399 or more. Here are some basic factors we considered before creating this list for you.


The number one step is to choose the kind of fragrance you want in your spaces. A lot of people are allergic to certain smells so be sure of that before purchasing one. Here, we have added hit fragrances such as rose, lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, orange, lemon, floral, and fruit. All of these options will complement your homes and are perfect to be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.


When buying an air freshener, it’s necessary to know if it’s long-lasting or not. We added air fresheners that have a long-standing fragrance and will mask bad odour instantly.

List of the Top 15 Room Freshener Brands in India



Godrej is a multinational company founded by Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej in 1897. It manufactures electronics, home appliances, kitchenware, and homeware products that are loved by millions in India. The brand is headquartered in Mumbai and runs multiple subsidiaries in different segments of the market.

Prominent Features of the Godrej Ezee Aer Power Pocket:

  • One of the best air fresheners you can grab at a very affordable price
  • Has a unique power gel technology that makes your bathrooms smell good all the time
  • It effectively fights bad odour and keeps your spaces fresh
  • Comes in five different fragrances, including – Lavender Bloom, Sea Breeze, Fresh Blossom, Floral Delight and Berry Rush
  • The fragrance lasts for up to 3-4 weeks


  • Easy to use
  • One packet will last you for almost a month
  • Comes in an assorted set


  • The fragrance might dull down after a week or two

Why We Picked the Godrej Ezee Aer Power Pocket?

An assortment of 5 delightful fragrances, Godrej Aer Pocket, is a valued addition to your list of best room fresheners. Super easy to use – these natural air diffusers keep your rooms and bathrooms fresh and fragrant for 3-4 weeks without any effort.

Simply unwrap the packet and hang it with the hook provided and witness the magic every time you step into your bathroom. These room fresheners are based on a unique power gel technology that ensures the even spread of fragrance in every corner of the room.



Founded in 1943, Airwick is a popular air freshener brand from the US which is owned by Reckitt Benckiser. The brand began by selling air fresheners in America, received a great response, and is now a worldwide seller with loyal customers. You can find great quality sprays and diffusers under this brand.

Prominent Features of the Airwick Freshmatic Automatic Air Freshener:

  • Smart automatic air freshener that runs on two batteries
  • Has up to 2600 sprays per refill
  • Has a mesmerising blend of white florals, sweet melon and subtle vanilla fragrance
  • Has a dual action formula that eliminates bad odour
  • High, low, and medium fragrance intensity settings


  • Has three fragrance intensity settings – high, medium, and low
  • Last up to 60 days
  • Comes with batteries


  • Some people might not like the fragrance

Why We Picked the Airwick Freshmatic Automatic Air Freshener?

Indulge in the freshness and fragrance of fresh white florals, sweet melon, and subtle vanilla with the Airwick Freshmatic air freshener. Its refill guarantees a whopping 2400 sprays that last for up to 60 days in low-intensity settings.

This device comes with three fragrance intensity settings – high, medium, and low. Switch it on, adjust the intensity and keep the bad odours away. This is one of the best room fresheners working on a battery-operated machine that constantly adds fragrance and neutralises bad odours.

Mangalam CamPure

Mangalam CamPure

Mangalam Campure is a one-of-a-kind brand that extensively uses camphor to make its products. It has become quite a hit in the Indian market as many use camphor in religious rituals on a daily basis. The products are super safe and do not harm your body, unlike regular air fresheners on the market today.

Prominent Features of the Mangalam Campure Camphor Cone:

  • A unique camphor cone that refreshes your room
  • It also has insect-repelling properties that keep mosquitoes away
  • Made without any fillers or additives, these are safe to be used at home
  • Come in a pack of two


  • Pure organic product
  • Free from fillers, additives, and bases
  • Safe alternative to aerosols


  • Fragrance may vanish quickly

Why We Picked the Mangalam Campure Camphor Cones?

Mangalam CamPure brings you the fragrance of natural camphor that serves the dual purpose of a room freshener as well as a mosquito repellent. This camphor-based fragrance comes in micron-sized granules packed in a cloth, enabling the scent to spread and quickly neutralise unpleasant odours.

Best room freshener for its eco-friendly nature, it is also chemical-free and thus a safe pick if you have children and pets in your home. Hang it in your car, bathrooms, kitchen cupboards, and closets, and keep them protected from mould and malodours.

Also if you are looking for a humidifier, then you might not wanna miss our list of best humidifiers in India. Do check it out and let us know if you find it helpful.



Solimo is a sub-brand of Amazon and has garnered a huge clientele in India. The brand mainly retails homeware, foods, kitchenware, etc that are affordable and made with high-quality materials. Although a relatively newer brand, Solimo has been successful in attracting a huge customer base in the country.

Prominent Features of the Solimo Home Air Freshener:

  • Make your home smell pleasant all the time with the Solimo Home Air Freshener
  • Easy to use, this spray bottle instantly eliminates bad odour from your spaces
  • It is also free of CFCs
  • The sprays come in multiple fragrance options
  • Weighs 300 ml each


  • CFC free
  • Comes in six divine fragrances
  • Premium quality


  • Fragrance might not be long lasting

Why We Picked the Solimo Home Air Freshener?

Solimo air freshener brings a whiff of fragrance that not only keeps your breathing spaces fresh but also eliminates bad odors. This room freshener is based on a CFC-free formula. It comes in a convenient spill-proof pack of two with a single purchase.

This room freshener will fill your room with an earthy, refreshing, and relaxing fragrance of sandalwood. It is one of the best room fresheners to calm your senses and spread a pleasant scent in your room.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a good quality agarbatti, then don’t forget to check our list of some of the most trusted agarbatti brands in India. Do have a look.



Odonil is a sub-brand of Dabur, which is a popular ayurvedic and natural products company based in India. The brand has received a great response from Indian consumers and continues to grow even further with its unique range of products.

Prominent Features of the Odonil Air Freshener:

  • This pocket air freshener keeps your rooms smelling good all the time
  • Its tantalising fragrance lasts for about 30 days
  • Each sachet has a hook so that you can easily hang it anywhere you want
  • This pack of 4 fragrances weighs 48 grams

What’s Good

  • Assorted pack of four
  • Last up to 45 days
  • Has Odour Buster Technology

Why We Picked the Odonil Air Freshener?

Enliven your home and office bathrooms and rooms with the powerful blast of fragrance by Odonil. With an aroma that lasts up to 30 days, this room freshener fights malodours and ensures a light lingering scent in every corner of your room. The room fresheners are packed in separate sachets and provided with a hook to aid in easy placement.

Each pack has five packs of different scents of jasmine, lavender, citrus, daffodil, and rose. With all this variety, each room in your house can smell different. It is one of the best room fresheners for people who prefer a constant lingering aroma in their spaces.



Miniso is a low-cost products company founded in 2009 by Ye Guofu. It is a one-stop destination where you can buy homeware, skincare, makeup, and accessories that are affordable and very long-lasting as well. The most striking thing about this brand is its adorable packaging and presentation of products that make it a top choice in the Indian market.

Prominent Features of the Miniso Modern Collection Air Freshener:

  • This Solid Air Freshener comes in a small tub container and small patterns on its lid to let the scent diffuse in your surroundings
  • It comes in a variety of flavours, such as lemon and apple, that are super refreshing and long-lasting
  • This is a very user-friendly product, as all you need to do place it somewhere in your room, and the freshener will keep working on its own


  • The solid form makes it long-lasting
  • Refreshing fragrances
  • Comes in cute packaging


  • It might not be very effective in large spaces



Rubaru is an interesting air freshener brand that has garnered a lot of attention for its state-of-the-art products. The brand makes dispensers that can be used again and again with refill jars.

The unique combination of fragrances is a pleasure for many people and you can experiment with its wide variety of scents.

Prominent Features of the Rubaru Herbal Dispenser:

  • A pleasant fragrance that not only refreshes your home but also eliminates bad odour
  • Has a combination of herbs and oils that have a soothing effect
  • Each refill has around 3000 sprays
  • Weighs 300 ml


  • Refills available
  • Mitigates bad odour quickly
  • Great fragrances


  • Some people might not like the fragrance

Why We Picked the Rubaru Herbal Dispenser?

This Herbal Dispenser by Rubaru is perfect for people who like calming fragrances. It has a combination of great herbs and oils that ensures that your spaces are free of any unwanted odours.

You can easily get another refill from this brand and keep using the diffuser while enjoying different fragrances at home. Every refill gives you around 3000 sprays which makes the freshener last for a very long time. With this product, a little will surely go a long way.



Pour Home is a leading home care and self-care company in India that has also launched big brands such as Vanesa, Denver, and Envy. The brand has always been in limelight for its outstanding fragrances that are affordable and long-lasting. It has a wide range of air fresheners under its belt that you must give a try.

Prominent Features of the Vanesa Pour Home Room Freshener:

  • This combo of Lovely Lavender and French Fusion is enough to keep your home smelling pristine all the time
  • The whiff of lavender will make your house more welcoming and mask any unwanted odour without any trouble
  • Although the fragrances are effective, they aren’t too strong, so you won’t get a headache after spraying them on your houses
  • Each bottle weighs 270 ml


  • Long-lasting scent
  • Numerous fragrance options
  • The spray form makes it easy to use


  • Some people may find the fragrance unpleasant
  • The fragrance may dull down after a while



Lia is one of the most popular indoor freshener brands in India. The company has decades of experience in creating a fragrance that suits Indian climates and matches perfectly with your needs. You can find a great quality car and room fresheners under this brand that are priced affordably and deliver long-lasting fragrances.

Prominent Features of the Lia Lavender Aerosol Spray:

  • This Lavender Aerosol Spray by Lia is one of its best-selling products on the market
  • The subtle lavender scent will tantalise your senses and make your homes smell amazing all the time
  • When you have guests coming over, spritz this freshener a couple of times and be ready to take all the compliments
  • Lavender is great for your mental health as well, so this will keep you calm and composed all the time
  • Weighs 160 grams


  • Good for your overall health
  • Subtle yet impactful fragrance
  • Comes in multiple fragrances

Park Avenue

 Park Avenue
Park Avenue

Founded in 1986, Park Avenue is one of the most popular men’s apparel brands in India. The brand majorly retails clothing, accessories, and fragrances for men that are loved all across the country. It is owned by Raymond and has gained a massive customer base in India today.

Prominent Features of the Park Avenue Premium Room Freshener:

  • It has the refreshing scent of lemon in it, which makes your house smell clean and fresh all the time
  • The lemon flavour tones down any bad or unwanted smells from your house, leaving a fresh and calming scent all over
  • Lemons work great in removing bad odours so you can go for this one without any second thoughts
  • Comes in a bottle and weighs 125 grams


  • Refreshing fragrance
  • Affordable room freshener


  • Not very long-lasting



Febreze is a super popular air freshener brand from the US. It was founded in 1996 and is now owned by Procter & Gamble. The brand came to light after releasing its plug-in oils, scented disks, and fragranced candles that were unique and exciting for many consumers.

It exports to several countries in the US, Asia, Europe, and New Zealand. You can easily get your hands on its products online via Amazon.

Prominent Features of the Febreze Blossom and Breeze Air Freshener:

  • This room freshener does exactly what it claims, it makes your house smell like you’re in a field of blossoms
  • The burst of floral fragrance neutralises bad smells from your indoors so that your home smells great and welcoming
  • The bottle is very user-friendly and you only need a couple of sprays to make your house smell fresh and floral
  • Weighs 300 ml


  • Long-lasting
  • Floral scent
  • Comes in a variety of fragrances


  • The fragrance might dull down quickly



Glade is an American air freshener brand that is completely dedicated to making your personal spaces smell incredibly fresh. It was founded in 1956 and is owned by SC Johnson & Son. The brand majorly exports to Asia and Canada and has a stellar customer base in the US. It produces scented candles, oils, plugins, glass scents, wisps, etc.

Prominent Features of the Glade Jasmine Air Freshener:

  • This Jasmine Air Freshener Gel by Jade has the mesmerising scent of jasmine flowers
  • The fragrance is infused in a gel that slowly diffuses in your atmosphere
  • This gel freshener is super affordable and lasts for a very long time
  • If you’re concerned about the musky odour coming due to mould in your house, this will effectively reduce it and make your homes smell fresh all the time


  • Long-lasting gel form
  • Fresh and floral scent

Ambi Pur

Ambi Pur
Ambi Pur

Ambipur is a prominent air freshener brand from Spain that was founded in 1958 by Cruz Verde. The brand was later acquired by Procter & Gamble and is sold worldwide today.

Prominent Features of the Ambi Pur Room Freshener:

  • This amazing spray room freshener will mitigate unpleasant odour instantly
  • Its Odourclear technology traps odour-causing particles and replaces them with fresh fragrance
  • It has a 95% water-based formula that makes it non-flammable
  • Weighs 275 grams


  • 95% water-based
  • pH neutraliser


  • Longevity might not be very good

Why We Picked the Ambi Pur Room Freshener?

If you want to keep your home smelling like a fresh field, this is the best room freshener for you. Ambi Pur room freshener is developed with a double-strength formula, ensuring your room smells good for longer. It has a strong floral scent that masks foul smells and creates a relaxing and uplifting ambience.

Its patented Odourclear technology traps malodorous particles in the air and leaves behind a delightful and refreshing scent. It has a water-based formula that makes it a non-flammable formula, making it extremely safe for use.



DynaFresh is a popular air freshener brand in India that retails pocket fresheners to keep your houses fresh all the time. You can use it in your living rooms, wardrobes, bathrooms, and bedrooms without any issues.

Prominent Features of the SynaFresh Air Freshener:

  • This pack of Pocket Air Fresheners by DynaFresh comes with 8 fresheners, each lasting for about a month
  • It has gel technology that keeps the fragrance lingering on for a very long time
  • It ensures that you come home to a fresh-smelling house all the time
  • Each pack weighs 10 grams
  • Can be used in bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms


  • Gel technology for long-lasting fragrance
  • Lasts for up to 30 days


  • Might not be suitable for cars



Founded in 2007, Rosemoore is a popular fragrance brand that retails air fresheners, scented candles, diffusers, fragrant oils, etc. The brand is quite popular in Europe and has a booming business in India as well.

Prominent Features of the Rosemoore Seville Orange Home Room Scent Spray:

  • The blend of oranges with hints of lemon and grapefruit gives the spray a citrusy fresh fragrance
  • The spray can be used in your bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, etc
  • Comes in a bottle and weighs 300 ml


  • Has attractive packaging
  • Has a refreshing fragrance that lifts your mood instantly
  • Long-lasting


  • It might not be easily available in local stores

Final Word

Making your homes smell good does not have to be difficult anymore, as air fresheners can do that for you instantly. In this article, we have listed some of the best air freshener brands in India on the basis of their fragrance, ingredients, and longevity. We really love the products from Godrej, Febreze, and Airwick. Let us know which ones you love the most out of the lot.


What are the best room freshener brands in India?

Godrej, Odonil, Airwick, Ambi Pur, Febreze, and Ru Baru are some of the best-selling room fresheners in India.

Which fragrance of room freshener is best for homes?

Lavender, lemon, peppermint, and floral fragrances are best for use at home.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

We have a team of category-specific researchers who take the time to study and try several products before curating these lists. For the air freshener blog, we considered factors such as fragrance, variety, longevity, etc to create a truly useful list for you. Since our goal is to offer you the best shopping advice, you will never find a shady product/brand here.

Sanskriti Mathur
Sanskriti Mathur

Sanskriti is a creative content writer working as a Senior Content Associate with CashKaro since 2021. She has 3+ years of experience producing buzz-worthy blogs and social media posts. She specialises in writing product descriptions and lifestyle blogs and curating quality brand listicles to help users make the right purchases. She also has great expertise on writing about major appliances, electronics, and is a keen audio tech enthusiast. She completed her graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication from Manipal University Jaipur. Although a full-time content savvy, she moonlights as a metal musician and has a profound inclination toward art, food, and travelling.

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