11 Best Room Heater Brands in India 🔥 (List For 2024)

Do you go for your favourite hoodie and put on your cosiest socks the moment the outside temperature drops a few degrees? For some people, winters may be delightful, but for others, they can be difficult. While everyone has various ways to stay warm and make their homes cosy throughout the winter, utilising a room heater is perhaps the best and most efficient approach to deal with the chilly air. 

Room heaters may assist in keeping a room warm for a long time, not just for one person. However, choosing the perfect room heater for your requirements may be challenging, given the many alternatives, kinds, and brands that are now available on the market. To help you out in your search for the best winter companion, we have curated a list of the best room heater brands in India. So, keep reading to find your favourite choice.

Our Top Recommendations

Types of Room Heaters Available in India

The processes through which a room heater works decide its type, its efficiency as well as the feasibility of its use. Hence, it is important to know the main processes by which different room heaters work. 

1. Convection heaters 

Known commonly as Fan Room Heaters, Blowers or Ceramic Heaters, these contain coils which heat up due to the transformation of electrical energy to heat energy and warm up the air around them. A convection heater can heat a big space within a short period of time because of its quick-heating attributes and because of the fan present near the coils, which disperses hot air instantly. 


  • It’s cheap, and prices mostly range between Rs 500 and Rs 3000. 
  • It heats efficiently for several hours, especially in small rooms. 


  • The fan attached produces too much noise. 
  • The warm air dries the skin of the people occupying the room. 
  • In a big room, the heat dissipates just as soon as the heater is switched off. 

2. Infrared heaters 

Known commonly as Halogen heaters, Quartz heaters or Radiant heaters, they dissipate heat by the flow of electricity through a quartz tube or a ribbon filament. An infrared heater is equipped with a reflector that transfers the heat from the quartz tube to the surroundings. 


  • It can work even with low electricity supplies due to the absence of additional fans or blowers. 
  • It’s good for small rooms where 1-2 people are sitting. 
  • It has instant heating capabilities 
  • It is preferred because of its low operational costs as well as low product prices. 


  • It cannot be used for rooms larger than 150 sq. ft. 
  • It’s not advised to be safe from touch. 
  • It’s not safe for use with children because of infrared radiation. 

3. Oil-filled Heaters 

Known otherwise as oil heaters, these are efficient for long-lasting room heating and also require the least amounts of electricity as they have an oil-based heat reservoir. Oil heaters provide heat to large spaces through a two-step process. First, the oil chamber heats up when the heater is switched on, and then metal walls dissipate the heat to the spaces of the room. 


  • Long-lasting effects on the room temperature, the room is warm even after switching off the heater. 
  • It’s not very noisy, and there is no drying up of air in the room. 
  • No suffocation is possible, as opposed to the common belief that the heating process happens due to the burning of oil. 


  • High product prices, usually above Rs. 3000. 

How Do We Choose the Best Room Heater Brands for You?

The most basic way to define a room heater would be that it’s an electrical appliance that blows hot air into an enclosed space such that the temperature in that space becomes ambient for the occupants. In India, a good quality room heater costs anywhere between Rs 800 and Rs 15,000. Before you go through our suggestions of the best room heater brands that are available in India, we would love it if you first go through the factors that we took into consideration while deciding on the best products for you.

Power and Heating Capability

Check the room heater’s heating capability. The better the heating, the higher the capacity. To give you an easy example, a 2000-watt room heater should suffice if you need one for a 200-square-foot area.

Thermostat Control

When selecting a room heater, it is crucial to be able to set the desired temperature. After all, you want to have the ability to regulate the room’s temperature to your liking. In this situation, accurate thermostat control room heaters are excellent.


Some heaters are lightweight and include a convenient handle, making them ideal for homes that want to transfer the warmer from one room to another. If you share a home with an elderly person, portability is crucial, so they may move the heater as needed.

Automatic Shut-Off

The advantages of using an automated heater are many. To begin with, the user may turn it on and go to sleep without having to worry about turning off the heating. Setting a timer has another advantage in that it allows you to save electricity.

Less Energy Usage

Your monthly power expenditures may increase as a result of using heavy-duty electrical equipment. The energy-efficiency element must be taken into account since it might save you from paying expensive power bills and promote environmental friendliness.

Noise Levels

Dealing with things that generate a lot of noise is a complete turnoff. Imagine getting a heater for your room that disrupts your sleep by making a racket! Modern room heaters are made to operate quietly. Therefore, it is crucial that you know your heater’s noise levels.

Cord Size

When looking for a room heater, be careful to ask how long the power cable is. The longer the cord, the more flexibility you have to position it as you see fit. 


In order to provide warmth, room heaters essentially utilise the oxygen present in space. It’s crucial to remember that this significantly lowers humidity levels, particularly when utilised in smaller spaces. Dry eyes, irritated noses, and other symptoms may result from low humidity and moisture content. Finding a heater that operates while maintaining appropriate humidity levels is the best way to solve this issue.


After examining all the crucial components from a practical standpoint, you can think about contrasting heaters based on their designs. Modern room heaters are available in a wide range of sizes, brands, and colours. They offer you a choice of alternatives to select from based on whether you want to complement the decor of your house or room.

List of 11 Best Room Heater Brands in India

Amazon Brand – Solimo

Amazon Brand - Solimo Room Heater
Amazon Brand – Solimo Room Heater

Welcome to the world of Solimo, where excellent value and top quality coexist. Solimo room heaters are meticulously constructed to provide great quality. The Solimo Room Heater is built to prevent overheating. If the temperature hits 130° C, the motor will shut off automatically. It is a safe alternative for homes and families since the heater’s plastic body is fire-resistant and has a metal grill that keeps the copper element firmly locked in.

Prominent Features of the Amazon Brand Room Heater:

  • The product may be positioned both horizontally and vertically according to your needs
  • The little weight of the room heater makes it portable between rooms
  • Additionally, the room heater has a front grill made of rust-free metal with a plastic body


  • Safe to use
  • Provides optimum performance
  • Versatile functionality

Why We Picked the Amazon Brand Room Heater?

The Amazon Brand – Solimo Room Heater efficiently heats small to medium-sized rooms. The heater has two knobs and a programmable thermostat, giving you flexibility for daytime and nighttime use by letting you control the heat output based on the ambient temperature.


Orpat Room Heater
Orpat Room Heater

The Orpat Fan Heater is suitable for small to medium rooms or up to 250 square feet when set to the 2000-watt heat level. The room heater comes with overheating protection for safety, along with a mesh grill.

Prominent Features of the Orpat Fan Room Heater:

  • The Orpat Fan Room Heater is intended for spot heating, up to 250 square feet of space
  • Features a long-lasting heating element that is non-sagging and stitched
  • Additionally, the room heater has a thermal cut-off for increased security


  • Provides safety protection
  • Perfect for spot heating
  • Durable heating element


  • May make some noise due to the fan

Why We Picked the Orpat Fan Room Heater?

The Orpat Fan Room Heater has advanced safety features along with a durable heating element to provide an amazing experience. The easy application of the room heater makes it safe to use.


Inalsa Room Heater
Inalsa Room Heater

The Inalsa Room Heater features an integrated Turbo PTC Fan that moves heated air throughout the room. It is simple to use and contains safety features, including overheat prevention, which guards against malfunction and instantly switches off the heater. Additionally, the oil-filled radiator is essentially noiseless while running. 

Prominent Features of the Inalsa OFR Room Heater:

  • The model features an integrated Turbo PTC Fan that moves heated air throughout the room
  • Anyone with dust, dander, or pollen allergies would benefit greatly from using a radiant heater as it is allergen-free
  • Additionally, the ergonomic design of the room heater makes it easy to use


  • Allergen-free
  • Ergonomic design
  • Optimum safety features

Why We Picked the Inalsa OFR Room Heater?

The Inalsa OFR Room Heater has 11 oil-filled fins with strong thermal conductivity. They heat the surrounding cold air and create a circulating warm airflow, which helps maintain a constant interior temperature. The room heater is perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, and study rooms.


Orient Room Heater
Orient Room Heater

The Orient Electric Areva Fan Heater has a copper motor for longevity. It has a tonne of safety features, including metal mesh, an ABS body, and five layers of protection. You may arrange it either horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. Purchase one for yourself if you want to enjoy a fireplace’s warmth conveniently.

Prominent Features of the Orient Electric Areva Fan Room Heater:

  • The room heater can be used as a fan in the summer to provide a comfortable airflow
  • 1.3-meter power cord enables simple installation at a convenient location
  • Additionally, the room heater includes a built-in handle for easy transportation


  • Long-lasting copper motor
  • Possibility of mounting both horizontally and vertically 
  • Built-in handle for ease of use

Why We Picked the Orient Electric Areva Fan Room Heater?

There are two Heating Modes on the Orient Heater: 1000W and 2000W. You can select the proper mode for instant heating during the cold winter months.

Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards Room Heater
Morphy Richards Room Heater

The amazing design and fantastic colour scheme of the Morphy Richards Room Heater contribute to the décor of the space. It utilises nine fins to provide even room heating. It has a power selector built in to balance the electric demands. The room heater is lightweight and portable, and it may even be installed on a wall.

Prominent Features of the Morphy Richards OFR Room Heater:

  • Thin fins make it possible for heat to leave the heater and enter the room more quickly
  • The heater helps in boosting the temperature of the room in a matter of minutes
  • Additionally, the heater has an adjustable thermostat to maintain desired room temperature


  • Adaptable thermostat for various heating requirements
  • Tip over switch guarantees security
  • Caster wheels for easy movement


  • May not work in a space which is not airtight
  • Not suitable for large rooms

Why We Picked the Morphy Richards OFR Room Heater?

The Morphy Richards OFR Room Heater keeps you comfortably warm during cold winter months. The 2000W heater provides you with instant warmth if used in a small room.

Furthermore, if you are looking for an air purifier then you can find it through our recent blog where we have mentioned the top air purifiers in India. Do check it out.


Usha Room Heater
Usha Room Heater

The Usha Quartz Heater is a modern improvement of the traditional rod heater. It uses the most recent advances in light technology to make the elements more effective and power-saving. You can adjust heating performance with two power modes and optimise energy savings. This heater is intended for spot heating and can easily heat small rooms quickly.

Prominent Features of the Usha Quartz Room Heater:

  • Features modern light technology that provides a quick, effective, and energy-efficient heating solution
  • Equipped with a built-in tip-over switch to prevent malfunctioning in the event that the heater is unintentionally tipped over
  • Additionally, the superior safety features provide an ideal heating experience


  • Dual power modes
  • Inbuilt tip-over switch
  • Overheating protection


  • Build quality can be improved
  • May break easily


Bajaj Room Heater
Bajaj Room Heater

This 800 Watt heater from Bajaj is ideal for use in compact spaces and delivers immediate warmth throughout the winter. You can choose between two heat settings to suit your heating demands. This room heater’s strong ABS external body is constructed from a solid material that is durable.

Prominent Features of the Bajaj Room Heater:

  • Includes a thermal fuse and a tip-over switch to prevent tilting
  • Absolute safety and dependability are provided by ISI-approved certification of the room heater
  • The silent functioning guarantees comfort without being disruptive


  • Durable structure
  • Quiet operation
  • Dual safety system


  • Build quality can be improved


Havells Room Heater
Havells Room Heater

This Havells room heater will be an excellent option if you’re seeking something that you can transport simply from one room to another. It has wheels at the base, which makes moving it very simple. To keep you cosy and comfortable inside your room, the thermostatic heat control works to quickly and effectively heat up your space.

Prominent Features of the Havells OFR Room Heater:

  • The heater features cord organisation and a back safety cover
  • For safety, it also has tilt-over switches and overheats protection
  • Castor wheels and thermostatic heating are present for simple movement


  • Easily portable
  • PTC Heater with Fan
  • Tilt switch for safety


  • Heats room slowly


Crompton Room Heater
Crompton Room Heater

Crompton’s InstaCozy room heater has extra-long halogen tubes with the newest power-saving technology for great heating effectiveness. Its broad oscillation angle and extra-long halogen rods allow for rapid and effective heating of the whole space. Additionally, It locks the heating element out of children’s reach, making it a family-safe tool to use.

Prominent Features of the Crompton InstaCozy Halogen Room Heater:

  • With the use of temperature selection buttons and halogen tubes, you may adjust the heat level to your comfort
  • Extra-long halogen tubes improve heating effectiveness while using the least amount of electricity
  • It has a safety tip-over switch that turns off the portable heating element automatically to help avoid accidents


  • Oscillation helps distribute heat evenly
  • Cool touch plastic body
  • Tip over protection
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel reflector


Lifelong Room Heater
Lifelong Room Heater

The Lifelong Regalia room heater can efficiently heat your space to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere. Energy-efficient, silent, and ISI-approved, this room heater offers you complete safety and dependability. The advanced features of the heater guarantee you the ideal heating experience.

Prominent Features of the Lifelong Quartz Room Heater :

  • The ergonomic design makes the heater simple to carry and set up in any place
  • The quiet operation of the quartz room heater helps your family sleep well
  • The heater has received ISI approval, ensuring your complete safety and dependability


  • Portable
  • Quiet operation
  • Overheating protection
  • Low power usage


Borosil Room Heater
Borosil Room Heater

The room heater from Borosil may be used anywhere and at any time—in your study while you’re working or in your bedroom while you’re sleeping. The OFR has an internal tilt switch to stop operation in the event of improper installation, as well as a manual and automatic thermal cutoff. Additionally, the heater’s front and rear include a handle to make it easier to move around.

Prominent Features of the Borosil Volcano OFR Room Heater:

  • The built-in fan aids in evenly dispersing the heat across the space while the room heater effectively warms up the place
  • The room heater has an adjustable thermostat and three heat settings, allowing you to tune the temperature to meet your specific heating requirements
  • This room heater is perfect for any environment due to its quiet functioning


  • Noiseless operation
  • Easy to move around
  • Adjustable temperature control

Different Room Heater Designs

Presently, different styles of heaters are available in the market, with individual features and advantages. It is advisable to know about them to ensure that you buy the most efficient one for your home.

Personal heaters: Some people prefer these compact units, which provide warmth within close distances and can be easily placed on a table, nightstand and floor. They are most useful for bachelors who prefer living in one-room apartments. 

Floor heaters: Floor heaters are compact and portable and have a vertical space-saving design. They usually have inbuilt fans so that the heat generated reaches all corners of the room. 

Baseboard heaters: These room heaters are often placed under the windows and offer steady heat, noise-free operation and low installation costs. 

Wall heaters: The wall heaters are best for compact spaces and are used in basements, bathrooms, and cold areas and spots in the home. 

Are Room Heaters Safe to Leave on Overnight?

  • Safety Varies by Heater Type: Some room heaters are designed for continuous use and can be left on overnight, while others are not recommended for prolonged use. It’s essential to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific model.
  • Automatic Safety Features: For overnight use, look for heaters with automatic safety features such as overheat protection and tip-over shut-off.
  • Avoid Fire Risks: Always keep the heater away from flammable materials and ensure it’s placed on a stable surface.
  • Ventilation for Combustion Heaters: If using a combustion-based heater (like propane heaters), proper ventilation is crucial to prevent carbon monoxide buildup.

Final Word

Based on our research, Amazon Brand – Solimo, Orpat, and Inalsa are our top picks for the best room heater brands in India. We also considered factors like power and heating Capability, thermostat control, portability, automatic shut-off, energy usage, noise levels, cord size, humidity, and aesthetics while making our recommendations. We would like to know which one worked out best for you.


Which is the best room heater in india?

According to us, the Amazon Brand Room Heater, Orpat Fan Room Heater, and Inalsa OFR Room Heater are our top picks for the best room heaters in India. They are affordable and efficient, keeping your family warm during the cold months.

Which type of room heater is best?

In India, fan heaters are the most popular kind of space heater. Since they are small and transportable, moving them from one room to another is simple. An electric coil that produces heat and is blown by a fan powers a fan heater.

What type of room heater is most efficient?

Heaters with infrared panels are the best kinds of room heaters. These heaters are very effective for both homes and businesses since they generate all of their heat using infrared warming. They claim a very outstanding 100% efficiency, turning every watt of energy collected from the wall into useful heat.

Which type of heater is the cheapest to run?

In general, Halogen heaters are among the most affordable kinds of electric heaters. They produce immediate heat at close range and have an average power output of 1200W, so you shouldn’t need to keep them on for extended periods of time.

Which room heater takes less electricity?

Oil-filled room heaters are among the best heaters since they are energy efficient and use less power. Oil room heaters are the best option for kids since they don’t burn oxygen or lower humidity, even if they take longer to heat up.

What is the safest heater for a house?

Oil-filled radiator heaters are the most secure kind of heater for a house.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Highly seasoned and qualified researchers at CashKaro work hard to supply you with the greatest market advice accessible online. To build a list of products you can trust, we examine numerous products and compare them based on a range of characteristics. We hope our recommendations of the best room heater brands have helped you out. We genuinely hope that this list will aid you in making an informed judgement.

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