10 Best Organic Sanitary Pads for Periods in India

Regular sanitary pads are a significant contributor to toxic waste globally. Usually made from plastic and other non-biodegradable material, they take years to decompose and are a menace to the environment. If you’re as convinced about switching to a safer option, here’s a quick reckoner of some of the best pads for periods from the top sanitary pad brands in India that are eco-friendly and safe for regular use. These eco-friendly sanitary pads are made of plant fibres that are skin-friendly. Some of them are made of cotton and can be reused after proper washing and sterilisation, while others may be easy to dispose of after single use. So, check out the list and get yourself one!

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How Do We Choose the Best Organic Sanitary Pads?

Women are slowly switching to biodegradable sanitary napkins to address their hygiene needs. Bio-degradable sanitary pads are made from natural raw materials that are far less damaging to the ecosystem and promote more hygienic well-being. In India, you can find one of the best pads for periods that are organic and environmental-friendly in a price range of Rs 120 to Rs 600.

Some of the factors we considered while choosing the best available options for you are mentioned below. Have a look and keep them in mind while making a purchase.


While many brands claim to offer organic sanitary pads, they are not actually organic. This is why it is critical to examine the composition of the pads. We carefully looked into the material used in the making of the pad and ensured that they were skin-friendly as well as environmental-friendly.

Length or Size of the Pad

It is imperative to choose the brand that offers multiple sizes or lengths of pads. Women use different sizes of pads during the cycle and as per their flow. We tried to pick the best pads for periods that are organic and are available in different lengths.

List of The Top 10 Organic Sanitary Pads in India

Giocare Reusable Cloth Pads

Giocare Reusable Cloth Pads
Giocare Reusable Cloth Pads

If you’re looking for the best pads for period comfort, these washable and reusable pads from Feelfree are a must-have. These cotton pads are unscented and free from any chemicals. Each pack contains 4 quick-drying pads and comes with a mini bag which can be used to store the used pads when away from home.

Prominent Features of the Giocare Reusable Cloth Pads:

  • The inner material is Polyurethane Laminate Fabric or PUL, which is leak-proof and offers great protection
  • The overall pad is made of cotton, which ensures no rashes after long hours of wearing
  • Dimensions: Length 32 cm x Width 24 cm


  • Reusable and washable
  • Affordable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Dries quickly
  • Unscented for an irritation-free experience


  • The fit of these pads is not the best

Why We Picked the Giocare Reusable Cloth Pads?

A perfect alternative for disposable pads, Giocare Reusable Cloth Pads are economical as well as eco-friendly and are designed with extra care to be used as a night pad and on heavy flow days. These pads have additional length at the back that prevents leakage and provides peace of mind to wearers. They are also used to manage postpartum bleeding.

PEE SAFE Organic Cotton Pads

PEE SAFE Organic Cotton Pads

One of the most reliable brands in terms of intimate care, PEE SAFE offers one of the best sanitary pads that are organic and natural. Their reusable, biodegradable pads are made from 100% organically grown cotton and are free from harmful chemicals, bleach, and fragrance that might harm the skin. They are a perfect choice for environmental wellness and a rash-free experience.

Prominent Features of the PEE SAFE Organic Cotton Pads:

  • It comes with a plant-based leakage barrier and bamboo core that is 300% more absorbent and perfect for heavy flow
  • They are 315 mm long and come with individual biodegradable disposable bags for hassle-free usage
  • The outer box of the pads is reusable, which makes this product less harmful to the environment
  • Unlike plastic pads, they start degrading in 18-24 months in a composting facility


  • Highly absorbent
  • Extra-long
  • Prevents infections and rashes
  • Disposable, biodegradable packets


  • Being made from natural fibre, it starts coming out of the pad after prolonged.

Why We Picked the PEE SAFE Organic Cotton Pads?

Pee Safe Biodegradable Sanitary Pads are 100% cotton pads with FSC-certified bamboo core. These pads feel really soft on the skin and ensure proper absorption for comfortable sleep. To ensure safe and secure usage, they are made with a natural process without using any chemicals or fertilisers. Also, they are chlorine and fragrance-free to avoid allergies and infections.

Sirona Natural Biodegradable Super Soft Black Sanitary Pads

Sirona Biodegradable Black Sanitary Pads
Sirona Biodegradable Black Sanitary Pads

These ultra-thin natural black sanitary pads from Sirona are made from a compressed layer of natural resources such as corn, sugarcane, cassava and straw bale, making them bio-based biodegradable products. One of the best sanitary pads for teenagers, they are designed to be drip-resistant and prevent leakage, staining, and menstrual odour.

Prominent Features of the Sirona Natural Biodegradable Sanitary Pads:

  • The natural fibres soak all the menstrual flow, providing a fresh, airy, and dry sensation throughout the day
  • Free from harmful chemicals, chlorine, paraben, toxic, and other artificial colours
  • Pads have a soft and breathable surface with complete rash-free protection to eliminate the uneasy wet feeling
  • Comes in different sizes as per the flow and offers wider coverage for leakage-free periods


  • Free from toxins and chemicals
  • Anti-bacterial and ultra-soft top
  • No leakage or odour
  • Gentle on skin
  • Anti-bacterial


  • The black colour makes it difficult to figure out the need to change the pad.

Why We Picked the Sirona Natural Biodegradable Sanitary Pads?

Made with nature’s love, Sirona Natural Biodegradable Black Sanitary Pads are perfect for saving you from looking at both menstrual blood stains and ordinary white pads. These ultra-thin pads are super absorbent and made with all-natural ingredients, which will help you save on your carbon footprint. Also, they are extremely breathable that will offer you a fresh and dry sensation all day long.

Sanfe Ultra-Thin Sanitary Pads

Sanfe Sanitary Pads
Sanfe Ultra-Thin Sanitary Pads

Switch to an eco-friendly sanitary napkin that is ultra-thin and safe for your skin with Sanfe. Made from 100% pure plant-based biodegradable fibres, these pads are gentle on both the skin and the planet. These pads come with a bamboo fibre core, are super absorbent, and keep you feeling dry throughout your period.

Prominent Features of the Sanfe Ultra-Thin Sanitary Pads:

  • These pads come with a hypoallergenic leakage barrier that is super-soft and breathable and perfect for sensitive skin
  • Sanfe organic pads are 100% natural with no artificial fragrances, rayon, synthetic super absorbents, chlorine, bleach, or colour additives
  • It has a feather-soft, breathable sheet on the top, which is non-irritant and has multi-layer absorption technology


  • Organic
  • Super absorbent
  • Keeps you dry and light
  • 12 bleach-free pads
  • 100% bamboo fibre core


  • Premium pricing

Why We Picked the Sanfe Ultra-Thin Sanitary Pads?

Sanfe Ultra-Thin Sanitary Pads is a good pack to consider if you are looking for biodegradable, eco-friendly pads. They have plant-based waterproof backing with organic cotton top-sheet and leakage-proof wings for greater safety. Also, they are dermatologically tested, which makes them a good choice even for women with sensitive skin.

Carmesi Eco-Conscious Sanitary Pads

Carmesi Sanitary Pads
Carmesi Eco-Conscious Sanitary Pads

Carmesi brings a range of eco-friendly sanitary pads with a 100% plant-based composition. Each pack has 30 incredibly thin and soft pads that are super comfortable and made of corn fibre. These pads are highly breathable, remain dry, and help prevent rashes. Also, the wide wings of the pads provide extra coverage, so you get maximum protection and have a comfortable period.

Prominent Features of the Carmesi Eco-Conscious Sanitary Pads:

  • They are amazingly soft on the skin and contain no irritants or chemicals
  • These are incredibly thin pads with wide wings for extra coverage and complete protection
  • Available in two sizes: Large (290mm) and XL (330mm), making it easy to choose as per your flow
  • Comes in a paper disposable bag to ensure a hygienic and hassle-free period with convenient disposal


  • Incredibly thin and soft
  • Disposable bag
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Free from scents and chemicals
  • Resealable paper disposable bag


  • It needs to be changed more frequently

Why We Picked the Carmesi Eco-Conscious Sanitary Pads?

Carmesi Eco-Conscious Sanitary Pads are all-natural and fully biodegradable pads that are made of corn starch, bamboo fibre and compostable bio-plastic. These premium pads are naturally soft and rash-free and ensure a worry-free period. They come sealed in eco-friendly packaging and have no harsh synthetics and chemicals. They are a perfect choice for making your menstruation a hassle-free experience.

ReliefPad Reusable Sanitary Pads

ReliefPad Sanitary Pads
ReliefPad Reusable Sanitary Pads

If you’re looking for a reusable eco-friendly sanitary pad, this ReliefPad set might be the one for you. Each pack of 4 pads contains 3 maxi pads and 1 super maxi pad for those heavy flow days. These cushioned pads are made of highly absorbent fillers from the inside, have an outer liquid-resistant material to prevent leakage or wetness, and a button to keep the pad in place.

Prominent Features of the ReliefPad Reusable Sanitary Pads:

  • These pads provide comfort and hygiene that lasts for about 24 menstrual cycles
  • They have anti-bacterial properties that protect the women against rashes or any other infection
  • With snap-button on the button, these pads stay in place all the time
  • These eco-friendly pads are made of high-quality and leak-proof fabric that is super absorbent and breathable


  • Reusable pads
  • Soft cushioning
  • Odour and rash-free experience
  • Added comfort
  • The soft, smooth, anti-bacterial top layer


  • Takes a long time to get dry

Eco Femme Reusable Sanitary Pads

Eco Femme Sanitary Pads
Eco Femme Reusable Sanitary Pads

These reusable and washable sanitary pads from Eco Femme offer a rash-free experience with their smooth cottony surface. Made from 100% certified organic cotton, these eco-friendly alternatives will last you for as long as five years and can be easily washed and dried for each use for a safe and hygienic experience. One of the best pads for periods, these come in a curated kit to last you the entire cycle.

Prominent Features of the Eco Femme Reusable Sanitary Pads:

  • They are coloured pads that are dyed in organic colours, which makes them safe to use
  • Each pack of 7 pads includes full-day pads, night pads, and panty liners for a complete cycle
  • They are breathable and leak-proof pads that will keep you dry and ensure rash-free periods


  • Reusable
  • Long-lasting
  • Economical
  • Excellent absorption
  • Varied sizes for different flows


  • Material is not of a great quality

Heyday Natural Sanitary Napkins

Heyday Sanitary Napkins
Heyday Natural Sanitary Napkins

A safe alternative to non-biodegradable plastic pads, these plant-based napkins from Heyday offer ultimate comfort during periods. They are specially designed with a delicate top layer and a super absorbent core made from organic fibres of corn and bamboo. These pads have a soft top sheet, broad wings, and hip guards to lock the fluid and keep you tension-free all day.

Prominent Features of the Heyday Natural Sanitary Napkins:

  • They are free from plastics, perfumes, and dioxins that cause rashes and other skin problems
  • This sanitary pad also comes with a cornstarch cover that decomposes within two years of disposal
  • They have anti-leakage side barriers, wide wings and a hip guard to lock the fluid and prevent leakage
  • Available in different absorption tendencies, i.e., medium, high, and very high for different flows during the cycle


  • Biodegradable cover for disposal
  • Made from organic fibres
  • Toxin-free
  • Broad wings
  • 2 years degradability

Anandi Organic Sanitary Pads

Anandi Sanitary Pads
Anandi Organic Sanitary Pads

Anandi Pads take a step toward environmental sustainability while keeping in mind feminine hygiene needs. These India’sia’sInd’ first eco-friendly sanitary pads are made of 100% organic and biodegradable material. They also use the first-in-industry bio-SAP (sodium polyacrylate) to promote higher absorbency and hygiene.

Prominent Features of the Anandi Organic Sanitary Pads:

  • Each pack contains 15 ultra-thin pads of extra-large size with multi-layers of protection to prevent leakage
  • They are certified to disintegrate within 3-6 months of decomposing in a compost environment
  • The top layer of these pads is super soft, free of harsh chemicals, and gentle on the skin of the intimate area
  • Comes in a fully compostable disposal bag that can be carried easily anywhere and ensures odour-free, safe disposal


  • Organic and chemical free
  • Ultra-thin for maximum comfort
  • Decomposes quickly
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Breathable layer


  • Absorption might not be the best

Saathi Organic Bamboo Biodegradable Sanitary Pads

Saathi Biodegradable Sanitary Pads
Saathi Biodegradable Sanitary Pads

These are other biodegradable sanitary pads that are thoughtfully designed with natural, locally-sourced material for safer and environmental-friendly periods. Saathi Biodegradable pads are made out of banana and bamboo fibre that ensures no harm to the planet as well as to the skin of women. It is undoubtedly one of the best pads for periods that you must consider.

Prominent Features of the Saathi Biodegradable Sanitary Pads:

  • They are safe on the skin with no chemicals, plastic, perfume, and bleach
  • Made with multi-layer bamboo fibre and non-woven organic material using eco-friendly glue-free technology
  • With highly absorbent properties, these pads are extremely comfortable even on days with heavy flow


  • Ultra-thin pads
  • Unbleached pads
  • Compostable @ 152 days
  • 7 Layers of Absorbent
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Gentle on the skin


  • They are not as breathable as other pads

Final Word

In India, sanitary pads are one of the primary contributors to plastic pollution. Tdon’ton’td’ decompose and contaminate soil, water and air. Along with harming the environment, they also harm the women by causing rashes and other infections. This makes it important to switch to organic, eco-friendly, biodegradable pads. The above-mentioned are some of the best pads for periods that tend to decompose quickly and are safe for both environment and skin. While all are great options to consider, we love pads from PEE SAFE and Sirona because of their excellent quality and availability of a variety of sizes. Let us know which one you like the most and are planning to purchase.


Which organic pads are best in India?

Pee Safe, Sirona, Carmesi, and Sanfe are amongst the best pads for periods that are organic, natural, and eco-friendly.

Are organic pads better?

Yes, organic pads are good for both environments as well as skin. These pads, unlike plastic pads, get decompose completely and do not harm the environment. Also, they are made up of natural ingredients that make them skin-friendly. Using these pads, you can enjoy rash-free, allergy-free periods.

Do organic pads shorten your period?

No, organic pads don’t have any effect on women’s menstrual cycle. They will neither shorten nor increase your period.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

At CashKaro, we have a team of highly-qualified, curious researchers who look through different products and test them to provide you with the best recommendations. For this organic sanitary pads blog, we have considered multiple factors like quality, composition, sizes, availability, and more. Our aim with this blog is to encourage you to switch to a safer and more environmental-friendly solution and make purchases easier.

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