10 Best Saree Shapewear Brands in India for Perfect Drapes

Sarees are a classic piece of clothing, and the love women have for them is never-ending. They can make you look beautiful and elegant, and now with more quirky designs coming up, you can style them however you like to look absolutely smashing. Different types of sarees can enhance your look with the right accessories and if styled properly. And another essential thing that can make all the difference is saree shapewear. Saree shapers tone your body while removing the hassle of tight string marks and gathers. You can buy saree shapewear online by referring to our list of the best saree shapewear brands in India. Go through your options and see which one you like the best.

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How Do We Choose the Best Saree Shapewear Brands for You?

You will find saree shapewear in a range between Rs 149 and Rs 1,899. While the price must suit your budget, there are certain factors that you must think about before buying a saree shapewear. Here are the factors to consider before buying saree shapewear online.


Saree shapewear will stick to your body. That is why it is important to go for a fabric that is comfortable and soft on the skin. Lightweight fabrics are also a good option. Also, see if the fabric you are picking is stretchable. That will allow easy movement.


Saree shapewear is designed to be body-hugging. So, there is no need to pick a smaller size for the right fit. Look at the saree shapewear size chart and pick a size that matches your measurements. Saree shapewear for pregnant ladies is also available. It is best to stick to those instead of regular shapewear during pregnancy. Plus, saree shapewear for plus size women is also easily available.


There are designs that have a narrow fit, and there are some with side slits. The side slits can provide better movement. Also, in some designs, the shapewear is more fitted on the hips, and the fit becomes relaxed from the knee below. Select the design you feel most comfortable in.

All brands mentioned below have received good reviews from customers along with high ratings on Amazon. So, you can look into these brands when shopping online for shapewear for sarees.

List Of Top 10 Saree Shapewear Brands in India


Zivame Saree Shapewear
Zivame Saree Shapewear

Zivame was established in 2011. It started its journey with the objective of helping women freely shop for intimate wear. Currently, the brand not only provides a wide range of intimate wear, but it is also building a community for them. With that, the brand contributes to breaking norms and promotes continuous innovation. In its collection, you will find innerwear, sleepwear, and activewear. If you are looking for quality saree shapewear, the brand has multiple choices for you. 

Notable Attributes of Zivame:

  • The brand blends confidence, style, and comfort in its designs.
  • It designs products for every age and body.
  • The brand is always up-to-date with recent trends and continues to bring something new to the wardrobe.
  • It ensures the finest quality.


  • A variety of styles to pick from
  • Tummy shapewear available
  • An array of colours are there
  • Products of different sizes can be found
  • Quality fabric used
  • Easy to wear
  • Value for money

Why We Picked This Saree Shapewear Brand?

Zivame is among the top saree shapewear brands in India because it is committed to serving women. Along with offering high-quality products and multiple options, it is successfully making shopping for intimate wear a better and easier experience for women. 


Clovia Saree Shapewear
Clovia Saree Shapewear

Clovia is another of the top women’s innerwear brands in India. It has taken the style of intimate wear to the next level. It has changed basic colours and styles to a more cheerful and adventurous collection for women. Innerwear, nightwear, activewear, swimwear and loungewear, Clovia has it all. By offering the best quality, the brand has made its name in India and now has a huge customer base. 

Notable Attributes of Clovia:

  • The brand has a feedback-driven approach. It makes a small batch of any item and lets the customers try the item. Only if the item receives positive feedback the brand goes for mass production.
  • Its products are designed based on the different body types of women in India.
  • Its products are as fashionable as they are comfortable.


  • Various styles 
  • Plenty of colours to pick from
  • Quality assured
  • Value for money

Why We Picked This Saree Shapewear Brand?

Clovia has multiple products for you, and all are of good quality. When you shop with the brand, you get to choose from trendy pieces. If you want to buy the best saree shapewear, Clovia is one name that should be on your list. Moreover, here is the list of top saree brands in India, which you can explore to get a perfect saree to style with this Clovia shapewear.


Dermawear Saree Shapewear
Dermawear Saree Shapewear

Boosting the self-confidence of women by offering top-class products is what Dermawear aims to do. The company was founded in 2012. Back then, it only produced shapewear. An amazing response from the customers encouraged the brand to launch activewear and denim. Over time, it has managed to become one of the best saree shapewear brands in India with great products and services. 

Notable Attributes of Dermawear:

  • The brand’s designs are all comfort-focused.
  • A fabric mix of Indian cotton and elastic is used in all products to ensure comfort.
  • The brand has products for women of all ages and with all body types.
  • Its saree shapewear size chart goes up to 3XL.


  • Available in different colours
  • Soft on the skin
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Limited designs

Why We Picked This Saree Shapewear Brand?

When you want to buy a saree shapewear, you look for good fabric, style and comfort. Dermawear offers all three. Its products are genuine and give you a beautiful look. These are reasons why you should consider opting for this brand.

Nykd by Nykaa

Nykd by Nykaa Saree Shapewear
Nykd by Nykaa Saree Shapewear

Nykd is launched by the house of Nykaa. Much like Nykaa, Nykd is a go-to platform for women. The brand wants to simplify the intimate wear experience. For that, it designs an array of stylish, intimate wear, keeping an eye on comfort. It mixes fashion with function seamlessly. Along with innerwear, sleepwear and inner wear accessories, the brand produces attractive shapewear.

Notable Attributes of the Nykd by Nykaa:

  • With Nykd, comfort and style are both assured.
  • The brand uses soft and breathable fabric in all its products.
  • All items from the brand are easy to wear and can be worn for long hours.


  • Soft on the skin
  • Basic colours at hand


  • Not many designs to choose from
  • A little pricey

Why We Picked This Saree Shapewear Brand?

Nykd focuses on comfort while keeping its designs trendy. This is a factor that everyone looks for in any piece of clothing. Whichever saree shapewear you pick from the brand, you can rely on the quality and comfort.

VNH Naidu Hall

Naidu Hall Saree Shapewear
Naidu Hall Saree Shapewear

VNH Naidu Hall is one of the top clothing lines selling on Amazon. The vision behind this brand is to empower women by producing confident and bold garments. The brand is successfully fulfilling its vision. Besides, VNH Naidu Hall is also contributing to social wellness. In its collection, you can find quality intimate wear and clothes for infants too.

Notable Attributes of VNH Naidu Hall:

  • The brand has intimate wear for various occasions and in a wide price range.
  • The quality of products is of high standards.
  • The products are comfortable and wearable for long hours.


  • Quality product
  • Looks trendy
  • Price within reason


  • Few options

Why We Picked This Saree Shapewear Brand?

Although there are few options, VNH Naidu Hall is on our list of saree shapewear brands for the quality it offers. When you purchase from this brand, you will be satisfied with the quality.


Inddus Saree Shapewear
Inddus Saree Shapewear

Inddus is a popular ethnic wear brand in India. The brand started functioning in 2015 as a manufacturer of home furnishing and unstitched fabrics. Later, it shifted to sarees, lehengas, kurtis and so on. Indo-western and fusion collections of the brand are something to look at. Handbags and clutches are also available. Currently, the brand designs shapewear for sarees that you can check out. 

Notable Attributes of Inddus:

  • Inddus is always focused on delivering high quality.
  • The matter of sustainability is given attention as well.
  • Its collections are beautiful. They reflect recent trends.
  • The brand has engaged local craftsmen for its designs to reflect traditional roots. 


  • An array of colours offered
  • Looks beautiful
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable


  • Designs limited


Amante Saree Shapewear
Amante Saree Shapewear

Amante is a great option to check out for finding the best saree shapewear in India. It is one of the top intimate wear brands and has a huge customer base. It understands the needs of modern women and delivers accordingly. Other than innerwear, activewear, swimwear and shapewear are also available. You can consider this a one-stop solution for all your intimate wear needs.

Notable Attributes of Amante:

  • The brand brings together fashion, comfort, fit and thoughtful design in all its products.
  • Its products are tailored to fit the unique style, silhouette and shape of Indian women.
  • High quality is maintained in all its collections.


  • Multiple colours available
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Good fabric


  • Not many designs available
  • A little expensive


Selvia Saree Shapewear
Selvia Saree Shapewear

Selvia is an appealing women’s fashion brand. The brand wants to create new and unique products. It designs pieces that are modern and simple. If you want to dress in the latest trends that are suitable for all occasions but also reflect simplicity, Selvia is your brand. From tops, dresses, co-ords, and kurtis, to sarees and saree shapewear, the brand has it all. 

Notable Attributes of Selvia:

  • Selvia always brings new trends, designs and styles.
  • The brand listens to customers’ feedback carefully and is prompt to act on the same.
  • You can create stunning ethnic as well as western looks with this brand.


  • Multiple colours to choose from
  • Several designs are there
  • Saree shapewear for short height as well as long height is available 
  • Low price


Adorna Saree Shapewear
Adorna Saree Shapewear

Customer satisfaction is the key for Adorna. Hence, the brand has put generous effort into providing the best service to its customers. Its saree shapewear collection is impressive and hence, a must-try option. You can also go to the brand for active leggings, bodysuits, hip shapers and tummy tuckers. 

Notable Attributes of Adorna:

  • The brand makes skin-friendly products.
  • It takes the feedback of the customers seriously and makes changes accordingly.


  • Basic colours can be found
  • Looks great
  • Soft on the skin


  • Few designs
  • Pricey

Jaanvi Fashion

Jaanvi Fashion Saree Shapewear
Jaanvi Fashion Saree Shapewear

Jaanvi fashion has been producing fine-quality sarees in India for the last 35 years. It is a Surat-based brand. Ethnic and elegant designs dominate most of its products. Apart from sarees, the brand produces dupattas, kurtis, and dress materials. If you are looking for the best saree shapewear, Jaanvi fashion has many options for you.

Notable Attributes of Jaanvi Fashion:

  • The brand has a huge collection to provide you with the best ethnic looks.
  • You will find reflections of Indian tradition and heritage in its designs.
  • It is well-informed of the customers’ needs and can deliver the same.


  • Several colours available
  • Different designs to choose from
  • Low price

Final Word

All the options for saree shapewear brands mentioned on our list are fine picks. Quality is something that every brand maintains. While Zivame, Clovia, and Amante are premium brands, brands like Selvia and Jaanvi Fashion offer high quality at affordable prices. Figure out the design and colour you require, and then go for a brand that is best suited for your requirements.


Which is the best shapewear for a saree?

Saree shapewear comes in spandex or slightly stretchable fabrics, which are best for wearing under sarees. They hug your curves smoothly, fit perfectly, are more breathable, and give your sarees a perfectly draped look.

Is saree shapewear better than a petticoat?

Yes, saree shapewear is better than a petticoat because it doesn’t look bulky or form gathers around your waist. It also shapes your body well while offering a beautiful drape.

Does saree shapewear make you look thinner?

Saree shapewear comes in different designs. Some are slightly more fitted around the lower waist and flare up around your legs, while some are fitted throughout and may or may not have a slit on the side. Regardless, they do offer a better fit and can make you look slimmer.

How do I choose a saree shapewear size?

Every brand has different sizes. You can look at the sizing guide of the product to find the size that fits you best.

How do I choose a saree shapewear color?

Choose a saree shapewear color according to the color of your saree. Keep the shade as close as you can to the color of your saree.

Can shapewear reshape your body permanently?

A saree shaper simply works as an underskirt while offering minimal toning of your body. It does not alter your body shape permanently. Other kinds of tighter shapewear might squeeze in a few inches, but wearing them regularly can cause health risks as they constrict your body.

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